March 17, 2004

Video Format :: How to convert from WMV to VCD format???

Last Friday Nite :: I've decided that, during the final stage of processing the movie, I would be actually saving the movie from Windows Movie Maker into the Digital Video Camcorder and then recapture it back using the Sony Image Mixer so that the movie will be later on captured as MPEG and easily can be burnt into CD to be the VCD. I was so confident that we can do that since there are no other easy way to convert from WMV to MPEG

Sunday Nite Later:: That nite, I was still on the editing of the movie clips. Finalizing which part of the clips that should be used in the movie, at last in the morning, I'm ready with the final movie that is supposed to be used for the VCD. Later in the Monday morning, I saved the movie into the Digital Camera Camcorder with proud and confidence :: it's gonna be a kewl VCD, it seems so easy to produce a VCD hehe..

Monday Evening :: I went back early that day. Thinking of it wouldn't make me to sit/stay still. So at around 5, I ran back home. Captured the movie from the DV. ALERT!!!!!! The video was badly saved into the Digital video, some part of the music lost, sounds are sometimes on abnd sometimes not, I'm started to panic and sweat are all over my body........

The Art :: I was trying all I can to do it. Talked to Bob about it and he asked me to try to save it back into the DV. I tried it at first but half way i stopped. I remembered I bought a cd with all sort of video softwares from the converter and what sort. I tried so many video converters but since it's all unregistered, functions are mostly disabled. But i was roughly choosing to stick to EO video version 1.312 since it looks kewl. Tried to connect to the Internet but it also fails. Yeah knew it. It must be the system was so jammed even to connect to the internet also is impossible. Later then, a friend with Jaring username & passwd smsed me her account information and i tried. Yeah. CONNECTED Browsed through and look for the crack. Wow it's there. Downloaded it, run the crack, register and YES!!! Now we are on business. I tried to convert a short wmv clip and it's there. The WMV movie is now converted to MPEG movie. FYI, it's directly into the VCD format!!! And it's the fastest conversion process EVER i've seen!!!!!!

The state of the ART :: Let's cut the crap by straight dig deep into the fuckin' points!!!

Have a good internet account. If you have Streamyx is better, but for some people, jaring dial-up account is good for you (this applicable only in Malaysia.

Know what aer good software. Always visit the nearest pirated CD shop to get to know the latest software available in the market.

Stick to a kewl looking software. Normally they are as kewl as they look like. So in this case, the conversion software is EOP Video Version 1.312.

A CD burner is essential.

Always visit It's not my website but it's the search engines for cracks.

SO be it. Now I'm a great Movie producer. Wait for my next Video Clip... Paint my ass populared by GraveSlave....

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