March 16, 2018

GA-Z77-DS3H with Intel Core i7-3770k 3.4 GHz Ivy Bridge Running High Sierra [Success]

This is an update I am supposed to publish like almost a month ago.

Yes, I managed to finally run an El Capitan on my machine. Successfully! But I took the challenge to get High Sierra. The usual installation method, Verbose mode, setting all those switches during the reboot didn't work at all. I read some articles telling to remove Signature & MATS section in the config.plists in the EFI partition. I did but to no success.

I had almost given up attempting when I purposely wanted the installation to fail when I let the USB installer run by itself; without turning on any boot switch and I didn't even want to see the Verbose messages.

Surprisingly, it gets to the loading bar, flickers, calibrates the screen and proceeded with the loading bar till it loads the installation screen?

That easy??? That's it. I just proceed to install High Sierra from that point and kept a backup in case things went wrong.


OS: Mac OS X High Sierra 10.13.3 64 bit
Processor: Intel Core i7-3770k 3.4 GHz Ivy Bridge
RAM: 8 GB Corsair RAM 1600 MHz x 4 = 32 GB
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA Z77-DS3H Rev 1.0 with latest bios f11a
Graphics Card: Gigabyte NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 2GB DDR3 RAM Rev2.0
Optical: ASUS DRW-24D3ST
Storage: Western Digital WDC WD30EZRX-00D8PB0 3 TB
Power Supply: Corsair RM Series 850W


  • Unibeast
  • High Sierra Installer
  • multibeast 5.4.3 (for audio only)
  • Latest clover installer for EFI boot loader

There's a part in the config.plist in the EFI/CLOVER folder which I removed



Graphics - works OOB. No configuration needed. I have it running with 2 monitors connected through DVI ports. I have 1 more port for HDMI and the other for VGA, unused. 

1. Installed ALC887/ALC888 Current driver from multibeast 5.4.3 
2. Run audio_cloverALC-130_v1.0s10.command and restart

Sleep - Works with keyboard delays. It will respond after 3-4 minutes. 

Boot - I copied the whole EFI content of my USB bootloader to the Hard Disk bootloader. Easy peasy.

I just needed those things to work. In fact I disabled the sleep function so I don't have to deal with the delays after waking up. 

Thank you @Apple! This is the easiest installation ever. 

February 10, 2018

Goodbye Mountain Lion, Hello El Capitan...!

When your GAZ77DS3H desktop failed to start

My Mountain Lion hackintosh had been running smoothly and very stable for the last three and a half years. Even though it runs superbly, many things has gone outdated and no longer receiving updates.

Most apps work like nobody's business but I admit that some crucial features like security and apple compatibility had becoming unfavorably pain in the ass.

I have this kind of habit to download any of the Mac OS new release if they are available for download. Previously I had Maverick, and after a while Apple Apps Store allows me to download El Capitan Installer.
Having that, I did install Maverick but I didn't proceed with the settings as it doesn't differ much from my Mountain Lion. My father wanted a new PC so he bought a machine and I managed to run Maverick on that machine; stable and without issues.

Things started to get itchy when Chrome is no longer getting updates from Google. That was when I was looking into getting new Mac OS to run on my machine and I had been On and Off doing it on that Z77DS3H machine of mine.

Just recently, I managed to buy 3 USB flash drive from Lazada, just for the purpose of doing this upgrade. I might want to

1. Install El Capitan
2. Upgrade currently running Windows 7 to 8 so I can do UEFI installation

I even bought a 1TB flash disk, aside from the 3 flash drive. I hope I was scammed but amazingly I'm not. Imagine a 1TB flash drive priced at RM50?? *Update: Yes I was scammed - The disk displayed 1TB but after certain threshold, it's no longer able to be updated.*

So for the past few days, I managed to setup the USB installation disk for El Capitan and installed it a few times. Tested out many things; including software updates and multiple device installation. Mostly failed especially sound device till I found this solution to
1. Install ALC887/ALC888 Current driver from multibeast 5.4.3
2. Run audio_cloverALC-110_v1.0s10.command and restart

The audio works like a charm. The only thing left is the IDE LAN i bought which is supposedly working with OSX but work with none of the OS except when I accidentally run Maverick version one day. So i must figure out how.

The only thing was, I cleanly reinstalled and gets all the available updates from Apps Store, and rerun the sound solution.


My GT640 cards become undetected. Damn. I rebooted a few times and it is still undetected until I decided to reset the BIOS numerous times, reinstall the new f11a BIOS for my mobo and still undetected. That was for 4 hours.

I tried to recall to set the graphic card to
1. Set Peg to Gen1
2. Initial display set to PEG
3. Disable the internal graphics card
and did that for many many times till I almost give up. I went to the kitchen and started to help my wife with the house chores until I remembered why I had 2 graphics cards last time.

I had to set the graphics card settings as above and get another card as a dummy, let it detect the other graphics cars, run the OS, shutdown, and swap with GT640.

Walla it works!!!

There goes 6 hours of time which I should have spent with kids, and perhaps to spent this superb time with my wife when all the kids already went to bed.

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