June 30, 2005


I hate being demotivatively worried. I like bumps but it seems that now I've to find 'em. My life is so boring without challenges. So here I come, challenges!

But where are the challenges of my life?

I've a lot of things to be considered as to continue with my freakingly empty life.

Went to the cinema yesterday (and the cinemas in JB are not as great as those in KL, especially Mid Valley; I love Mid Valley's cinema very2 much!)

It was the Initial-D that I watched. Adapted from a Japanese comic, and the chick inside the movie was really like the chick in the Manga. They are actually chinese but looked like the japs.

Especially the chick :: from the face, the body, the breast.. lalala..

But I'm badly wanting to quote a sentence from that movie.

"What else a man would sweat for except money, woman or car?"

So, I do think that I'm in that group of men as mentioned above.

And a quote from the Tuesdays with Morrie, "Forgive anything and anyone while you still can"

Not exactly sounds but it does mean as it is.

So now, I've been thinking of my life. What should I do with it. Broke. No money. Business is stuck. And I'm still crave of doing a lotsa things to my car. The petrol price increased by 30 sen tomorrow. This is crazy!

I've a few options in mind. Should I open a Laundry shop? Or should I just proceed with an Ikan Bakar Stall, as I was always dreaming of doing so?

Actually I've been fanatasizing myself of having a coffee shop just like in the Gilmore Girls drama, as I would like to let people have the best of the taste I would serve.

But an Ikan Bakar stall would be nice enuf. There's no superior Ikan Bakar Place in JB as to compare with Tanglin's in KL. Simply grilled with turmeric and salt. Served with a plate of 'Air Asam', a mixture of tamarind juice with slices of onion and hot chillis. Sold at a very cheap price.

Laundry shop is a good option too. You know what. This big city of JB had only one laundry with Dry Cleaning Facility. What a shame!

While I'm still continuing the timber thingy, I think I should be doing all this side stuff to actually create more opportunities, for myself and for jobless people. And more option for people to spend their money.

I've been thinking of doing tour and travelling business too. Get an MPV, like a KIA Pregio, and have let say 10 passengers, drive them to any place they want. Establishment of good contact at those hotels is very necessary as they can actually promote my service. Not only I'm getting money, I would be able to travel and join them for holidays. So everyday is a holiday. And luckier, if there are happen to be japanese chikies using my service, imagine they servicing me at nite later.

Owh my bad imagination. How could I still have such an imagination at this critical moment of broke!

So what's next.. I can't think of anything to do with my qualification. Information Technology? I can just use it to get more information and to gain more contact. I've been so closedly narrow thinking of doing business, which I have only exposed on the ordinary kind of business.

I've tried to be geniusly thinking about things can be done with my qualification. Zero!

Lalala.. what's next.. what's next....

June 28, 2005

How to make a living?

To live is to die" - ... And justice for all (Metallica)

"Ulat dalam batu pun boleh hidup" - A malay proverb which means "even an insect can make a living in a stone".

I'm alive and still kickin. Been travelling around on the last weekend to Perak. Driving from home at JB at 5.30 pm, arrived in KL at around 8pm. Waited for my sister, we exchange cars. So, I'm driving up to Perak in her car. Stucked in the jam for about an hour plus. Reached Kuala Kangsar at around 1am.

Been visiting not less than 9 sawmills. There were a lot of illegal sawmills.

But they were a bunch of craps. Nothing I can put hopes on.

Going back to JB with a hope to sell ready Rubberwood timbers with a very good price.

When I came back here, the price they're getting is very much lower..


I'm gonna chat with Hemsem... he's online..

June 21, 2005

What's wrong with people?

Recently, a lotta people had been asking me about a picture in my friendster account.

It's the picture of a friend, Tasha.

Some people had mistaken her as my girlfriend, or at least a special girlfriend or what ever.

As a matter of fact, yes, she is, but not as a lover.

She's a very good friend of mine, been helping and supporting. It's all about having a good friendship and helping each other.

And I can't keep bearing people acting/treating me differently nowadays. It sucks, despite of my busy days doing this and that.

And the biggest thing about me is that now I'm badly broke! I have used up all my money on my job.

Whether it's a wise big step or not, I'll leave it to time.

I even had to ask my mom for petrol.. sob sob :p

June 16, 2005


So, tell me, myth or real?

It was so told as Cinderella is a true story, and it was not as bitter, or as magically, as we're told or read when we're still young.

There were more drama, more sweet things, more magic from the heart and the most is.. a real sweet heart..

I will fall in love with Drew Barrymore everytime she appeared on screen for no reason. No words would explain how I fancy her appearing on my TV, and I would hold her if she's in front of me.

I don't know why.. I just love her so much.. Especially when she ahppens to be acting in the EverAfter movie, the one I watched twice on the Star Movie this week.

It was about Drew Barrymore who acted as Danielle de Barbarac, a daughter of a French Baron who likes to read books. All the father doing was to be away from home for few weeks. She has never met a mom as her mom died while giving birth to her. So, just like the cinderella story.

One day, the Baron returned home with a surprise. He has got married with a widow with 2 daughters; Margarite and Jacqueline. As she stepped off the wheels, I knew it, she would be the bad stepmother as in the cinderella story, because, she has got the evil look, just like the Queen in the Snow White story.

That night, b4 she went to sleep, the Baron had talks with her. She displayed her pleasure over the well-mannered sisters she's gonna be with. She loves the way they had dinner. And the Baron told her that he's gonna be away.

Tomorrow morning, the Baron left with a horse. Danielle insisted everyone to wait for the "TRADITION", which is the wave just before passing the entrance gate. But the Baron fell down and passed away.


So after 10 years, Danielle had become "Drew Barrymore" :p. Which means the grown up Danielle is played by her, and both of the step sisters has grown up too.

At one fine morning, Danielle was picking up apple for breakfast. She was treated like a servant since her father died but she just wouldn't care about it anymore. All the people around her is all the happiness she wanted. As she heard someone's taking her father's horse from the stable, she quickly ran and throw the apple to the robber but unfortunately it was Prince Henry.

She beg for forgiveness and let the prince took the horse away. The prince pour gold coins on her back, and ask her to promise not to let anyone know about it. It was 20 gold coins and she went back happily.

At home, one of the loyal servants has been sold to pay the tax. She decided to use the money to buy the servant back. As it was already late for breakfast, the Baroness called her.

The stepmother, Baroness de Ghent has only one goal; to make her first daughter, Margariteu de Ghent to marry Prince Henry. All the cartiers in Paris is very well informed of the irresponsible and immatured Prince Henry. The king decided to arrange his marriage with the Spain Princess.

Earlier in the morning, Prince Henry ran out of the castle and that's why he went to steal Danielle's father horse. While he was still runinng, he passed through a travelling group that was being robbed by the gipsy. As he gets nearer the gipsies went away as they saw a group of soldiers pursuing something, as they are actually chasing the prince.

An old man, was crying loud as one of the gipsy has taken his great drawing. Sympathized, Prince Henry chased the gipsy till he get the drawing back. He returned it to the old man and realized that the old man was Leonardo da Vinci!!!!!

As he gets back to the castle, the funny looking King was way too mad. Prince Henry not to be the King if he is to be forced to get married with the Princess of Spain.

By the way, Danielle was dressing like a cartier and heading towards the castle to let the servant free with the money she got. The Baroness was buying brooches with her two daughters.

When the Baroness were home, Prince Henry returned the horse. The Baroness was mad when she was not informed of the Prince's arrival earlier this morning. The prince has displayed his pleasure for being well treaten by the girl who let him to steal the horse. The Baroness mentioned that the girl is a mute but the Prince said she is very good at talking and seems to be very knowledgable. This has made the Baroness to become way much more mad than before.

As Danielle saw the servant that was about to be taken to the port to be sent to America, she asked the guardian to release the servant but the guardian yelled at her. Prince Henry has just arrived and saw the guardian yelled at Danielle. Not recognizaing Danielle in a better dress, she asked how dare the guardian yelled at a cartier.

Then again, Danielle displayed her words of wisdom in front of other cartiers. The Prince agreed to release the servant. As Danielle walked away, Prince Henry followed her and arguing about matters. Danielle introduced herself with her mother's name, Nicole de Lancret. Henry has obviously showed her interest towards her but when he was about to ask more, the Queen was around and while Henry was busy with her mother, Danielle ran away.

As she gets back home, Margariteu sarcastically singing "Someone in trouble" repeatingly. The Baroness pushed Danielle towards a reasting chair and warned her not to again see the Prince ever, behind her back.


It's gonna be long. Look for EVERAFTER movie and watch it!

June 15, 2005

Latest Mod & Repairs !!

Sounds like i did a big mod over my car. No, it's not, but still, i'm quite happy about it.

1. It's been quite a year, and only now it was fully tinted. I've put on a Silver Sungaard tint for protection from the heat. At a freakingly cheap price!

2. And I've changed the rear speaker to a real MID speaker. No more trebling sounds from the rear.

3. Rewired the tweeter and now tweeter sounds come direct from the amplifier with the help of a capacitor.

4. Sound proofing (not everything) especially the sound that comes from the door. It's really irritating, and now it's gone!

5. Repaired the bended sport rims. No more trembles when speeding.

6. Redone the cambers. The car is no longer 'senget'. The steering wheel is satifyingly well-centered.

7. Replace the front grill (with the HONDUH emblem) with an empty aluminium grill. (Very RICE)

8. Replaced the plastic grills of my front bumper to an aluminium racing grill.

9. At last, a lip of my dream. It's hard to get a PU lip rather than a fibre lip.

Erkk.. that's a lotta money.. 1k++

Materialistic or Moneylistic?

I used to heard materialistic, as directly translated as "Kebendaan" in malay language.

Materialistic is a theory that physical matter is the only reality and that everything, including thought, feeling, mind, and will, can be explained in terms of matter and physical phenomena. It also explains an attitude that physical well-being and worldly possessions constitute the greatest good and highest value in life with great or excessive regard for worldly concerns.

So to be frank. Is it the material that you need, or the money? There's no such thing as moneylistic though but a friend used it and it actually ignited my desire to write a blog about it. I had a big thought over it.

The main concern is actually the love. To girls, are you willing to fall in love with someone without a job or a poor someone? To males, are they ready to love a jobless girl, or a girl that you have to spend a lot of money with?

What's actually actuated the love instinct inside someone, or in a couple? The heart of each other OR the materials around 'em?

For me, to fall in love with someone is to love the family as well; as well as she has to get along well with my family too.

But before that, what is the consideration to fall in love. As I'm growing older, plus past experiences, the criteria list is becoming longer, day by day.

1. On the physical :: Not to mention the very-must-asian/latina-look, pretty or cute :: at least at my own sight, average figure, not too thin but shouldn't be fat at all, a lil flab at the stomach would be fine, kissable pair of lips, non-smelly breathe, fine skin (and this is why i'd prefer girls with tanned/darker skin), a pair of visible handful breast, good command in english, at least a lil trendy or stylish, nice smell of body and hair. I don't care whether the hair is straight or curled, as long as it suits her well.

Which is all around us.

2. On the attitude :: What about to find an honest girl. I don't mind an outspoken and rough girl (Huhu I love it). She should be able to trust and understand me. She can respect me and my family. I don't mind the way she talk, as long as I know she loves me. If she could talk non stop, that would be better because sometimes I'd just keep quiet because I don't know why.

Which I think the combination of these two criteria is still okay to look around.

3. On the family :: What about the girl with a sporting family, I can talk to her mom, her father, her siblings, her grandma, all her family members.

Okay this is quite hard now to combine all these three.

4. On the financial :: She would be able to buy things for herself. At least. And not to be stingy, a girl who can share expenses. And a girl with a family without financial problems. I'm not asking much as I don't really fancy for presents from a girl. Presents are just objects and it might be lost, forgotten or ruined. I'd prefer a treat for an ice-cream, cake or food. I'm not stingy at all, but i'll be stingy to those people who are stingy!

So my preference is the combination of all 4 items above, on the physical, attitude, family and financial.

FINDINGS (as in Malaysia)

1. Most girls has the look, without the attitude, family and financial criteria.

2. Girls with good attitude and good family, normally come without the look.

3. Girls with financial ability also doesn't come with the look, and their attitude depends on the family, if the family is good, they will behave good.

4. There are girls with look and good attitude, but have family and financial problems.

5. Worse, a non-good looking girl with bad attitude. This is just totally unacceptable. I just don't care of their family and financial.

6. Girls with all the criteria of look, attitude, good family and good financial standings is actually a lot. But I don't know where they are.

7. Mathematically there should 16 combinations (4x4). I can't list everything in here..


The most lenient consideration would be on the look and the attitude, because at least i can love her not the family. Money is something we can work for.

But still, I don't wanna end up financing people for the rest of my life.

Is that still considered as MONEYLISTIC?

* Money is not everything. If you have a lot of money but unhappy, still useless. I should start spending on someone rather than just on my car.

June 13, 2005

I've been to the most southern tip of Asia!

Yesterday I've been here. The most southern tip of Asia. It was near Pontian. I was there for a wedding. And right afterward, I went to Kukup and had dinner. Bad, the crab we ordered was too slow so I decided to take it home as I should chase the Akademi Fantasia show on TV.

And today I went to textile shopping with my mom and dad as the textile shop, the Jakel is having their last day of sale. My mom bought curtain clothes and made it there as well. The best thing was, we bought 5 pieces of Belgium Wool Carpets. 2 of the 10x7 size, the rest three were smaller which cost us just RM1800++.

Freakingly Cheap!

June 10, 2005

Happy Birthday Abah!

Yesterday was a shitty day for tBlog. I can't even get in to update my blog.

Well, yesterday 9th June 2005 is the 53rd birthday of my father!

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to ABAH!
Happy Birthday to you!

We love u so much!

I bought him a cake at the Secret Recipe. It was way too large and the we can't even consume at least half of it.


And only yesterday I found that, I used to love someone that was also being loved very much by my mom.

The big day!

Pictures is proven to talk louder than words. We went to Parit Buntar by 3 cars, an Accord, an Estima and a Kia Spectra (hehe, the car of my sister's boyfriend, I insisted him to go with us as I want him to learn, especially because his turn is next!). I wasn't driving at all as I'm bloody exhausted from the Friday's hell day of working!

And I've sent my first container to Taiwan too. A big congratulations to myself!


I dropped by at Taiping, and suddenly I remembered I was once wanted to go there with someone but it did not happen at all. Taiping is a very hell damn nice of a place. I told my sister that at taiping we can get 5 kuih for RM1.00 but she didn'e believe it till we see a sign board by the roadside:-

"SATE 20 sen secucuk"

which means, 20 sen for a piece of satay. In JB, the satay price is 40 sen, in KL, it varies from 50sen to 90sen.

So now she believed me. And of course I wanted to go to the Doli Koay Teow, and for your information, the taste wasn't as good as it used be.

At night, we went to Uncle Malik's House, and of course I wanted to be there because he has got beautiful daughters, except for the last one. The mother, Auntie Milah is young looking, just like how she looked like when she was young. later at night, Zaini, my Rugby Mate in MMU came over and we went to a Kedai Mamak for long talk and few cup of coffees.

And the Day.. here it is..



A moment when everyone of the ladies was looking to the left, for I don't know why!

My granma putting the ring to her finger. (it's my granma's 2nd time doing this hehe)

The recital of the prayers! That's her!

From Left: Farah, Ina Adik.

From Left: Adik, Farah, My mom, Father, Granma.

From Left: Farah, Ina, Wani

Both Engagee: Haira and my brother, Ikhwan.

And I was on holiday for 2 days. I went to KL on Monday! Tuesday I just stayed at home! Wednesday I get back to work. And now I know how hard it is to align myself back to work after a very long and enjoyful holidays!

June 2, 2005

Of Singaporean Chicks...

As a kewl response from "Of Malaysian Girls" published by a kiasu in Singkapoh...

Why you should date Singapore Chicks

1. If u marry her, if u're lucky enough, they will support the whole marriage, as they only spend half of what they're suppose to spend, considering the conversion of SGD to RM.

2. If u marry her, especially if u're from the upper part of Malaysia, it's a good reason not to go back to her kampung during festivals. Save a few pages of your passport too.

3. If she's the city type, it's a very good reason not to take her back to kampung. Saves your money too.

4. They speak odd english (stupid singlish), so that would be a very good reason to marry them, as when u go out, don't take them along. The reason, they speak bad english so, it's so embarassing to take her along. Then u can go date another girl instead. hahaha...

5. It was said that their driving skill is good, plus a very good behaviour as a driver. Whenever you go out driving, she can be your obedient driver. You can sit beside and look at the other chickies.

6. They're so generous! They don't mind spending as when they converted SGD to RM, they still gain a lot. Save a lot of your money then!

7. They're good at fashion though. If she can speak properly, it's worth to take her out to show off!

Why you shouldn't date Singapore Chicks

1. They are well known of their ugliness and being proud of it. Singaporean malays looked like the Orang Laut and the chinese looked like Mainland chinese. I'm not saying all of them are ugly, but maybe 1 out of 100 girls is pretty.

2. They're so used of behaving so nice in singapore. But they may behave instead in Malaysia. One of the reason, maybe they're too far apart from their parents! And in Malaysia, no one will ever give them tickets for littering.

3. As if u date 'em in Malaysia, u don't have to worry of quiet sex. Do it as loud as you can! But I bet u won't. They're not as expressive as Malaysian girls do! Dead fish!

4. They're not independent.

5. If she doesn't want to support the marriage, YOU ARE A DEAD MAN! All the expenses is multiplied by 2.27 times.

6. If you have to go back to singapore, the expenses is MAD!

7. They're just f*ckin materialistic. I'm not denying that Malaysians are materialistic, but they are too far away up!

(taken from myself)

June 1, 2005

Today as per 1st June 2005

It's been 3 years.. exactly today...

So . It's the 3rd anniversary..

If I have my own kinda "Hari ini dalam sejarah" (Today in history), a documentary of important events happens around the country, I would have a lot of things to be told.

For the past 28 years of living, 1st June is always my favourite date, and I don't know why. Since when I was small, 1st June was like a 'magical' date.


When I started to remember things i experience and see, i think it would be somewhere in 1980, when I've my sister, Fadhlina was just borned. She was borned on the 25th May 1980, and a few days after that, which is on the 1st June 1980, I was able to see her for the first time..

She's so beautiful, and i still remember how I was longing for a sister as I was always had fights with my brother Ikhwan.

I had never been apart from my sister. Every chance I've got, I'll kiss her on her cheek. And if my brother wants to kiss her, i'll push him away or i'll just kick his head off her. Haha..

And on that day also, as she was just came home for the first time, my grandfather was also there. He was sleeping.

Previously, my brother was playing with all the adjustor of the television. My father bought a big TV, with wood frames, and the screen, I estimated to be about 21", coloured, and quite "glamourous" at that time.

So the TV, with all the adjustment lever put to the maximum (there were 6 levers, Volume, bass, treble, brightness, contrast and color), i switched on the TV and suddenly i heard..


Guess who?

It was my grandfather who was shouting at me... Hahaha... Of course he was waken up by the loud TV as he slept next to the TV on the floor..


There was once, the Eidul Fitri was on the 9th June. I don't remember which year. And 9th June is my father's birthday.

As this is so special, I was wanting to give my father something special, but not as special or heartily like other people does. At that he was still smoking. So, I decided to buy him a carton of cigarette. (at that time, it was just RM20 or something, I collected all the coins in the house to but the cigarette). I bought the carton of cigarettes on the 1st June.

Afraid of being caught, and if I was caught, they'll misunderstood me as smoking, so I hide the cigarettes somewhere near my grandma's store. You know, previous malay people had a small house to store all their things that is not being used daily. It was used also to store the dried corn, to be given out to all the chickens.

I hide 'em below the corn. It was nicely packaged. I bet my father will like it.

9th June :: As it was the Eidul Fitri, everyone was seeing each other, forgiving and shaking hands. I was busy looking for the present for my father.

It was gone! Someone must have been taking it away!

I feel like i'm going to die. I was hoping that i can give something big to my father.

My mom told me, " Along, today is abah birthday, have u wished your father..."

I was ignoring her as I was busy packing mailing stamps into an envelope together with the birthday card.

I can only replace the cigarettes with mailing stamps. I know he wouldn't appreciate it much. But I was so sad at that time..

I even sealed the birthday card with my tears!


1st June 1990 :: For the first time of my life, I have a girlfriend, at the age of 13, and the best thing was, I shared her with 3 other boys. WTF..!


At school, I joined the military cadett. I'm so lucky as the school's cadett team was supervised by the soldiers from the Commando Regiment.

So, during form 4, all the senior cadettes are required to lead group of students from other uniformed society to take part in a marching competition.

1st June 1993 :: I lead a group of "GIRLS" for the marching competition. I was appointed as the leader but I decided to let other friend to lead the group during the competition day as I think i've had enough. The team was the Pasukan Puteri Islam.

We won the first place! We've beaten out the scouts and even the military cadet


1st June 1995 :: There's something happened to me.

I knew someone who is so sweet.

But I was a chicken.


1st June 1997 :: Just started the classes in Unitele (Universiti Telekom) It was a freaking long period of studying, no rest after the diploma.

Me & Eric were so famous. My and his face were scattered all over in the first ever prospectus of the university.


1st June 2000 :: I started to work "Officially" with Amstek Sdn. Bhd. My first ever company I've been working. I work like there's no tomorrow. I was not paid. There are a lot of hardships I've been going through with Hemsem, Farok, Asmadi and Nur Zakri.

Experienced being bullshitted by MRCB. Plus the Prime-Minister -To-Be stole our idea of Halal Food Hub. (and he's now realizing it after failing our initial program)

I even lost my Satria GTi when I was working with Amstek.

So sad.


1st June 2002 :: I was engaged for the first time in my life..

For some people, they might be engaged just for once, but there will be the 2nd time for me hehe..

Or even the 3rd, or 4th or whatever..


So for those who were asking when's my turn, I already did.

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