June 10, 2005

The big day!

Pictures is proven to talk louder than words. We went to Parit Buntar by 3 cars, an Accord, an Estima and a Kia Spectra (hehe, the car of my sister's boyfriend, I insisted him to go with us as I want him to learn, especially because his turn is next!). I wasn't driving at all as I'm bloody exhausted from the Friday's hell day of working!

And I've sent my first container to Taiwan too. A big congratulations to myself!


I dropped by at Taiping, and suddenly I remembered I was once wanted to go there with someone but it did not happen at all. Taiping is a very hell damn nice of a place. I told my sister that at taiping we can get 5 kuih for RM1.00 but she didn'e believe it till we see a sign board by the roadside:-

"SATE 20 sen secucuk"

which means, 20 sen for a piece of satay. In JB, the satay price is 40 sen, in KL, it varies from 50sen to 90sen.

So now she believed me. And of course I wanted to go to the Doli Koay Teow, and for your information, the taste wasn't as good as it used be.

At night, we went to Uncle Malik's House, and of course I wanted to be there because he has got beautiful daughters, except for the last one. The mother, Auntie Milah is young looking, just like how she looked like when she was young. later at night, Zaini, my Rugby Mate in MMU came over and we went to a Kedai Mamak for long talk and few cup of coffees.

And the Day.. here it is..



A moment when everyone of the ladies was looking to the left, for I don't know why!

My granma putting the ring to her finger. (it's my granma's 2nd time doing this hehe)

The recital of the prayers! That's her!

From Left: Farah, Ina Adik.

From Left: Adik, Farah, My mom, Father, Granma.

From Left: Farah, Ina, Wani

Both Engagee: Haira and my brother, Ikhwan.

And I was on holiday for 2 days. I went to KL on Monday! Tuesday I just stayed at home! Wednesday I get back to work. And now I know how hard it is to align myself back to work after a very long and enjoyful holidays!

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