February 28, 2005

My Weekend

Last nite I was watching try 17. Frodo Baggins acted as the main character. He is surrounded by two pretty girls by his new apartment, Lisa who stays opposite his apartment and Jane, which is to the left of his apartment.

Both Lisa and Jane seemed to be fancying for him. Gosh, I wish I'm him, a so called 17-year-old young boy (Frodo is 17) was seduced by 2 hot ladies. For me, I would favor Lisa, she seems to be hotter than Jane. Well, it's his first love and Jane is always the most beautiful woman on earth.

As it goes to a friend of mine, BAHA! He's married now with two kids.. opsss.. sorry. He's just married. I went to his wedding reception on last Saturday in Dewan Jubli Perak Intan in JB.

But as a single and lonely human in JB, my friend coming down to JB is the most happiest thing for me, at least for the month. Gee and his wife Mel, Hemsem, Sam, Labu and so on. After the wedding, I took Gee and Mel to Holiday Plaza and she (Mel) spent a 100 bucks to buy DVDs!

Later at nite, took them to Danga Bay, where I met Jawa again there and later, fetched Hemsem in Bandar Baru Uda and we all met in Restoran Singgah Selalu, plus my Bro, Rizal Bulat and his wife to be (maybe), and enjoying ourselves the good and cheap food there. Slurrrrpy! As usual, Gee is our object to be made fun of.

Sunday, I went jogging then took Hemsem to Baha's house. Then off to the hospital to visit Hemsem's relative and took him to Duty Free complex. There he went off back to KL at 4.

The love of Music

I'm born with the natural liking of music. Is it inherited?

My father wasn't a musician but he is a talented singer, he used to have an accordian, no matter what, i know that he loves music too, as his talent shows that.

I always fancy to play organ or piano whenever i i saw one when I was small. I used to listen to Francisca Peters song and sing along when I was small. I like singing Sudirman's, Alleycats and so many more.

I started learning to play instruments in standard 4, when we are properly taught music in school, at that time I just know how to play recorder. Luckily, I wasn't about to be performing a singing performance like in the 'About A Boy' movie. There's no Hugh Grant in Malaysia.

I'm into rock when I was 11 or 12. There were Wings, Search, May, Gersang, BPR.. so many rock groups! I remember my kiddo days when I can sing any of Wings or Search songs without having any problem with the high pitch.

At 13, I started to learn playing organ and understanding the formation of chords. At 15, i learned playing guitar from friends and seniors, plus my very good understandings in chords, it's much easier for me though.

At 16, i started to play classical. I first hold on to an electrical guitar when I was 16 too, and it's quite hard for me to play one. When I was about to be 18, i was able to play drums with at least a true beat, and of course at this time, I was able to play bass too, as I was having my own band, Me, My Bro and Kimi.

I would salute my sisters to able to sing as good as I am. haha!


Now we talk about Malaysian music.. errr specifically Siti Nurhaliza..

Siti Nurhaliza is and still a big name and a leading singer in Malaysia. Known very well for her good attitude, even though there's a lot of grapevines telling about her misbehaves (which I was believing at first), she's already there.

She's going to perform in Royal Albert London Hall, UK.

It's not only an achievement, it's a recognition of her, and Malaysian music itself.

I was once having a bad perception about her. Lacking of Music knowledge, lacking of English or whatsoever that I've really regretted for feeling so.

She worked hard to be in where she's standing now. She's still Siti Nurhaliza that we knew back in 1995, when she won Bintang RTM and I've heard her name since then. I first heard her song, on radio when I was in my kampung, even though she didn't sound so nice to me, because of her prettiness and it was quite a promotion of her in the Radios and TVs, I told myself,

"She's gonna be big"

At first I regret saying that, but now I regretting myself to regretting saying such a prayer. She deserves it. She's so humble on TV, as usual, and I wonder why people get irritated by her kindness and humbleness.

Sometimes, I feel like crying listening to her songs.

That's bad now...! I'm a rocker!

February 24, 2005

Are we all born crazy?

Have u ever heard someone talking but he or she was alone all the way? Or, have u ever talk to yourself so loud without realizing it might be heard or was already heard by someone else?

I was always teasing my lil sister Farah as nuts! As I was always finding her playing around and talking like there were her friends around. I did asked her not to talk all by herself to herself. What she was always doing was to play roles of 3 to 4 person at once in her conversation, like this evening, when I was watching the TV, she was drawing on her paper and suddenly I heard,


"Yes Farah, owh, u did a very good job on that piece of paper.."

"Yeah Farah, I do like your drawings!"

"Thank y'all, i can teach y'all how to draw like me"

So guess, how many roles were there, at least three roles, herself, her teacher and her colleague. All by herself, while drawing something unidentified object on that sheet of paper. Hahaha..!

I just wonder why myself was a lil bit of uncomfortable with surroundings, with my ownself, with just everything in the world, and I found myself was talking to myself for so long when I was busy filling in my free time playing the spider solitaire in the office.
fThen I asked myself, am I crazy too?

Nah, let's just watch the American Idol. Everyone seems to be a singer nowadays, agree?

February 23, 2005

Nothing Much Interesting

I've just watched 'I do but I don't.'

Not really a good movie but I'm easily touched with sweetnesses. It was sweet. How I wish, just like the girl in the movie to self-experience all the sweetest moment I could see other people is doing.

I have a problem..

I'm not able to trust anyone. Now..

Just like when the 'superman' told the girl that they're not supposed to see each other again as the girl can't trust him.

True.. it's just really true... no trust, no love...

It's much worse when I started to imagine or think about all the cheatings that might happened without me knowing..

But I'm good at persuading people to trust me.


February 22, 2005

When u stop....

How do we people live up our life. Why there are people with different style, different level or standard of life too? Why some people drive a BMW or a Merc, but some people were only driving a Kancil.

How do we define our life to be? How we are determined to have such a life that u wished for?

It's your dream! I strongly believe in dream. I'm always dreaming to have a good life with a good wife, good children, pretty decorated house and driving a good car as well. And I dream of myself living happily at home amongst my children. I wanted an underground room so that I can jam or karaoke as I like without having to disturb the neighbours. Full stop! The rest u imagine your self.

Life ends when you STOP dreaming...

So, live up your dream because without dream you cannot determine who are you going to be. You better believe me, because, if you believe, there's a hope...

So then why do we believe in something? Why do we really have to believe in something? Because when there's a believe, there's a hope! Why do we believe in GOD? So that we hope that the GOD will treat us with blessed life, happiness and most important, to be going to heaven with all other good people, at least for me, i don't want to be surrounded with bad people. Being within the bad people in this world life is badly enough!!

When you believe, then only come love. We can only love GOD if we believe in GOD. Same goes to people, how could you love someone you cannot believe, or in an easier word to describe, the TRUST! I love GOD but I hardly love people because I seemed to be, not to be trusting people easily, and not everyone would appreciate the love and the belief I had put on him/her.

Hope ends when u stop believing, but do you know that love ends when u stop caring?

When we care, we share! That's why I'm here to share everything I've got with all of you people. Simply, friendship ends when we stop sharing.

In a FRIENDSHIP, we SHARE everything we have to show we CARE. And it's LOVE when we CARE for everything. It's BELIEVING, when we HOPE that everything will go fine, as we want other people's LIFE to be going fine as what they DREAMT of.

Life ends when u stop dreaming,
Hope ends when u stop believing,
Love ends when u stop caring and
Friendship ends when u stop sharing...

And it was a full of life weekend. I know how much my family love and care about me as I introduced someone to them yesterday, hoping that it will just fulfil everyone's dreams and hope, which I believe is towards me, as to make the life much better, to share what I felt and gone through.

It wasn't easy, especially to me, as I'm actually having the dream, but start not to believe in myself and just everyone, as i lost hope to just everything that I have, even though I will not stop caring and sharing.

Now I have my life, friends and love, even though I won't get it back from people, as I have lost hope.

At least for now...

Have you people watched Constantine? It's a good movie, as keanu reeves always played as a mystical and futuristic hero.

Just be careful with your belief, as why it's being banned in Brunei

February 20, 2005

Life is...

I went to work today and i'd finished all my stalled lousy job. Be home, slept and went jogging to Hutan Bandar.

For dinner we just had salad I made myself. Simple and easy but caused me to be farting all the time and it stinks big time!! Yucky!!

Watched TV, and it was a movie about someone who married two girls and once. It was ridiculously unacceptable at first but the movie is just too good in claiming sympathy form the audience... and I wished that I could marry two girls at once and live as harmony as they did.. hahahaha.. my wish...

Then I watched one of the most beautiful movie I've ever known, again this time. The Phenomenon. Starred by my favourite dude, John Travolta. The movie is so beautiful. It carries life values, about how we people should feel and think about life. About we have things which is u think is good for everyone and u wanted to share it badly.

Told ya, life is about sharing...

February 19, 2005


Tonite I was watching Anugerah Planet Muzik on Astro Ria. As usual, I'm always waiting for my dear sweetheart Siti Nurhaliza to make her appearance.

Nowadays, I just can listen to her song. I don't know why, all her songs are all just fit my ears. I bought the CD of Siti Nurhaliza, for the first time of my life, after I lost all my original CDs when I lost my Satria GTi 4 years back (the car lost on 27 March 2001). Even though I can find MP3 over the Internet, I really love her and so I bought all her CDs to be put in my car. That sounds ridiculous, actually for me.

Sometimes, I feel like crying listening to her songs. That's pathetic!

I'm back active nowadays as I jog around my house's compound 5 rounds now. I started with 1 round, 3, 4 and latest 5. That's a pain in my ass. Really!

Going to work, I do all the labour job of sorting the metals. Believe me, doing this is much more sweat-producing than jogging. Sometimes, we have supplies to be taken from the customers. I drive the lorry myself, drive the forklift to unload the things form the lorry. Back to the office, i prepared all the necessary documents, get them signed and delivered it to the customer.

This week, for the first time of my life, I've experienced the feeling of being cheated. It's a big time cheat! Well, anything happen, i'm so used to be cool (except for anything to do with the police), so as today.

We're about to sell all the much more valuable metals we've been keeping since the last few weeks such as copper, brass, aluminium and stainless steel, instead we found out that, as a beginner, we're so easily being cheated. Well it's not my fault or other partners fault. It's our agent's fault who have been so trusting towards the people we but the metals from.

Anyway, thank god, we still made money within all the losses. Alhamdulillah!

And keep in touch with someone I've been trying to contact since the last 2 nights. I did called Ogy in US but she didn't pick up the phone. And at last, I called Azrina, as at last she gave me her number after refusing me so many times. Fiza also did called me yesterday, wondering about what had happened to her PC.

I'm so happy today. Just so happy!!!!

February 16, 2005

First Anniversary of "Simply a Blog" - by Izham

Happy First Anniversary to my blog..

It has been a year. For only a year, imagine if all my writings is to be published into a book, how many pages it would be?

When i was still a small boy, i fancy myself to be a journalist or a news reporter. I was always picturing myself to be reading news on TV. I used to be playing news reading, sitting on a chair, with a table, with a few sheet of papers and start reading.

In 1984, I was in standard one, and TV3 has just started their new service as the third TV channel on fthe country. I was there, when rumours of TV3 is going to be aired soon. When my father reached home, he told us that a new channel is going to be aired and he adjusted the tv. We managed to view the channel, initially, TV3 was just airing songs with slideshows of pictures. And as I remember, there was no Powerpoint (yet) at that time (even windows hehe)

TV3 comes with a totally new concept. Differs in everything, the montage, the music, and it does even have their own theme song. Initially, they borrowed TV1 news at 8 o'clock, but as time goes, they started to air their own news. I found it very welcoming and nice.

From there, I developed the interest to be a news reader.

Well, I find myself very hard to utter the news just like how they do it on TV. I don't have any idea about the screen that was provided to them when they read the news.

Well, as the time goes by, it was just something that how I wish I could be, but there's a lot more interesting things to be ventured in.

Proudly, I could a watch a very good friend of mine at school, Rosmanizam Md. Dali, grown up to be a News Reader at NTV7, who has a Master Degree of Mechanical Engineering. Kewl, isn't it? She used to help me a lot, we worked together in a theatre titled Aladdin. We shared a lot of hard moments, in realizing the dream of everyone of us to stage a theatre. We made it! It was such an unfogettable moment of my life.

SImply, I just love any form of performance art; say music, theatre, live performances, gigs, live bands and so on.

Life is not always heading to the path that we wish for, as in my case, I'm now doing something that I've never thought before.

I used to list Lawyer, Doctor and Navy as my ambition. I realized none of them. And what ever work I was doing vefore as in IT, was never been thought when I was small.

Now, even worse..but at least, someone is believing in me to do this job and promise to be with me whatever happens.

Happy Anniversary to my blog..

Share our prayers!!

My dearest baby Rosie's mommy is now hospitalized for stroke.

Let us all recite our prayers, so that her mom will survive the stroke and get back to normal when she walk off the hospital.

I just can't let the same thing happened to my Pak Lang happen again to other people. Here are some helpful information when you face someone attacked by stroke.

1. Don't ever try move the body to somewhere else. Just help the patient to get to a proper position.

2. As the blood circulation is going too fast and the blood clots in the brain caused it, try to release blood from the end of each fingers. This will help A LOT!!!!!!

3. Send to the hospital.

4. Contact me for the bee sting treatment. Insya-Allah, the patient will get back to normal then, we all pray!!

Dinner for two???

What would be happier than being with someone u really love?

I'm not that pretty sure but I would say pumpin up my adrenaline by high revving my car's engine on the street would make me crazily maddy happy.


Be at home, tease my lil Farah till she cries.

The actual reason is, I love both my car and Farah.

What else in the world would make me smile?

I would say, watching Stephen Chow Sing Chi's Movie or all the phreakin funny series on TV.

Everyone would have their very own kind of happiness. I have mine. Even a simple thing, you wouldn't even think of it, would make me happy.

I was watching Friends. It's quite saddening to see your close friends, or even ur ex lover seeing someone. And also irritating at some points.

Worse, when I talk about someone fessed to me, thanx for the joy i could feel from far, just because someone we do not know doing that, people are telling me I'm such a lucky guy what so ever.. What if I say, it was Britney Spears.. or Angelina Jolie or.. oh yeah I like Hillary Duff so much.. or JLo.. You would say I'm just a nuts.. a dreamer...

Does it really necessary to describe two people went out for a late so called 'Valentine Dinner' as in a relationship?

In fact I did.. err last nite.. hahahaha!

(even though I am, or we are, not in a relationship, I'm more than happy.. at least)

February 14, 2005

It's Valentine's Day!


Happy Valentine's Day!!

I can feel alotsa love around. On TV, shops, the weather. In JB, it's such a nice weather! On TV, even Frodo is acting in a love story, in love with a girl taller than him (he's a hobbit remember?)

So where's the luv, people?

The answer :: It's in the air.

On the radio too, people are talking about valentine. There's top 5 list of what to buy or not to buy to the girlfriends. One of them that I can still remember was a dress, which says, one size fit it all.. haha..

Wish u people out there, a happy Valentine's day, and wish u guys a lot of luck for love!

Mwachxs!!! Lotsa hug and kisses..! And thanx to all the smses wishing me for the Valentine!

February 13, 2005

Valentine :: What do we have in here.. is... Love!!

February :: A unique month with the smallest number of days. It may varies from 28 to 29 days, depending on the year it's residing.


On the 14th :: Valentine's Day

I used to refuse it, but I'm learning to be a much passionate and better person. I have a lot passions in my life. It's just that valentine doesn't really mean anything to me except, the price of the rose raises from rm1.50 per piece to rm5.00 per piece.

On the 16th :: 1st Anniversary of my blog.

I did my first entry, last year 16th February, about the incident in the lift, which happened to me and eric. Initially, i was having 3 blogs, this blog which is about my life, second was about the things at my work and the third one was about people i knew, especially girls, which meant to be just for my eyes and a few others.

Well, it's not worth to share things that is not worth to share, right? Haha.

And love is all about sharing, caring and trust!

So sharing my thoughts is about love. My blog started on the 16th February, just 2 days after the valentine's day. I don't remember the exact reason, but I'd like to emphasize that the existence of this blog is all about my passions.

Love and sharing is so related, can't u see it? And I have a lot of passions too. Life is so beautiful I can't let myself not to love every single beautiful things i see.

I have my own opinion about love.

Love is sharing what we have, caring and trust. Loving means create and make someone we love HAPPY. Love does not mean that you have to have or own something you really love. To own is a desire. Love would provide happiness, life motivation and hope.

I just can't wait for this monday, who knows, something new will happen to me. It's Valentine's Day!!


February 12, 2005

A visit to Melaka!

So, two celebrations in a row, and I was doing fine at home.

After getting few hundreds of Ang Pows (walla, thank god) yesterday, i was settling up the problems of the house i've rented out. That stupid tenant hasn't paid 5 months of rental.

And today, I went out, to Melaka.

Out at 9.35am, back in home at 10pm.

We went to KLIA, bought tickets, and drove down to melaka, to MMU, I went to Friday prayer (alhamdulillah) and MMU is still reading two languages of khutbah, first in malay and second in english.

Lunch at the lovely Warung Anda in Ayer Keroh.

Then to Banda Hilir, Mahkota Parade, sitting on the couch and enjoying ice blendeds in the newly opened Starbucks. Went shopping, bought a pretty dress at the EIC, a few cute pillows and 5 newly picked roses.

Went to Pdg Pahlawan, to the St. Paul, ride the Trishaw (Beca) took pictures and then headed home..

On the way back, I bought the Banana Royale at the Baskin Robbin with the best mixture, the Butter Pecan and Strawberry Kids.

I was smiling and thankful all the way back home, for this precious outing. And I've said and done what i wanted to.

I've never been this happy for so long..

Awwal Muharram

Yesterday was awwal muharram. I went to the mosque and i understand nothing from the talk given by the mufti of N9. I was tracking his 5 unfinished major stories and a lot more sudden stories in the middle of any story, just popped in his mouth from nowhere.

I can conclude that, i got nothing from the talk. He was talking about his experience of doing his duty. Not about maal Hijrah. Plus, it was in his Negeri Sembilan's dialect!

There's one thing anyway, we have in common. We love to share!!!! Bravo!!!

Anyway, happy Maal Hijrah...!!! Happy have a new wish for the new year!

(awwal muharram is the new year celebration of muslim's calendar)

February 9, 2005

Happy Chinese New Rooster Year

First of all, I would like to greet everyone, especially chinese, a very happy and prosperous chinese new year!!!!!

I was so glad, to be in a country with a lot of such festivals. A few weeks ago, Hari Raya Haji.

Been so bz for the last 5 days. U know, 12.30am in JB, 3.30am in melaka and 6.15am back in JB. I was diving all the way. The whole saturday I was flat on my bed till 10am.

And my sister brought me the New Digi Prepaid Simpack, which is bought in KL using KL number. So now I'm using 3 mobile lines, Maxis, Celcom and Digi. I'll provide you people with the Digi phone number at the right bar of this page later. Haha!! This is just hillarious. I sen persms!!!!!

Later I went shopping and bought myself a pair of boots, with iron-strengthen head. It was kewl man. I hit the floor with it and the floor broke!

So at night, as usual took my bro to the bee sting treatment. There were times, when I enjoyed watching him suffer and I just laugh. But mostly, I was scared if anything bad will happen to him.

Sunday, went to supermarket. Took my mom and sister to the shopping mall, Plaza Pelangi, and I bought myself a pair of running shoes. Yahoo!. I can start jogging tomorrow.

Monday, was watching the workers packing the scraps properly and get home jogging, went sleep early, and forgotten to remove my lense.

So tuesday, my eyes were aching really badly, i pushed myself to go to work, and went swimming after work. At nite, drove the family back to Seremban and was having fun at home. Everyone is here.. haha.. so happy i am.

And to all muslims, tomorrow is Awal Muharram. I'm going to the mosque afterwards...

February 4, 2005

It was such a hectic day.

Reached office late got a call mentioning a delivery is coming. Helped with unloading the metals, went to had my breakfast and chit chat. Ah Tee came and hand me a bundle of cash to pay the things we bought.

The best was, I drove the 3 tonne lorry all by myself. My bad, I missed my jumaat prayer.

Unloaded the empty container, hand the customer the cash, signed few documents and we drove away. Reached at another place and we are going to transport mostly 10 tonne of scrap metals. 2 trip of a 1 tonne and 3 tonne lorry.

As we reached the office, I was busy unloading and preparing documents. Later on we've had meeting. Drove off the office and headed for dinner together with all the colleagues.

9.30 I reached home and enthusiastically, took bath and ready for a drive back to Melaka tonite.

But my mom asked me to get a rest.

Yeah now, I'm resting and i'm tired. It was different when i was not ready tp get a rest. I was so energetic.

And I've the so-waited call everyday now. Guess, I'm just more than happy about it...

I'm sharing and mind to share anything you would?

This is just so un'me' but I just have time to write few blogs at once rather than writing blogs everyday...

At last, after being in JB for about more than a month, I went out with Adzni, a son of my father's friend, as he just moved to JB, TONITE!

But someone gets so disturbed, when adzni called, as I was having a phone conversation. Good sign, but hard for me to accept such doubt, as we're so distancely parted. I'm in a wait and look state, not like some people who can easily WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). Let's see whether it's really worth the wait..!

Now, I'd love to share a few things I've read and thought of, but this is so incrediblious, at least to me...

Bloggervation :: Think of suffercation, reservation, it can be an adjective and a noun. It's an adjective when we describe tha hardships of doing blogging, like problem with the server, lost of ideas, lost of the content and worst, you lost everything u've submitted as the connection with the server was truncated (and this is why I've always write everything in the notepad first!). Noun when we describe about, the experience itself, eg; I'm so used of bloggervation, especially when dealing with the truncated data.... argh... what ever..

Blogskrieg :: just like blitzkrieg, I don't know what does it mean or what it's supposed to mean, i just thought about it.

Blogatomy :: This sounds kewl right? What does it supposed to mean? Anatomy of blog?

Bloggazoid :: Haha, phreakzoid, bloggazoid, hahaha.. it just came crissed through my head.

Those are what I can think of now, till next time.

And the worst news today is that the price of metal dropped 3 times this week, and the prices were half the prices I paid.

Well this is why I miss blogging. I can say things and get a relief. Words heal, uttering words is blessing and posting words to the world is a charm for other people to enlive their dreams, and if you really know what I meant.

Live your dreams your way and who knows, you'll get lucky and something might worth the wait and patience.

My mom and I...

As I was watching the TV, it's airing a movie starred by the 'BENNIFER', (Ben Afflleck and Jenifer Lopez). They were quarelling in the movie and now they are history, as Jennifer get married to someone else.

The point is, as I saw they quarelling, I was actually had a big quarrel with my mom today.

It was about the house I've rented to a son of my father's friend, based on trust, I'd never have any paper for that rental. My bad, they've always delayed the rental payment and caused so much trouble to me. I've myself went down and begged for the delayed payments of 2 months in October, and they've never paid. I've asked them to empty the house so I can rent it out to other people.

Out of nowhere, a concert was held there last night, to the shock of the agent I've asked to manage the process of getting a new tenant. As she was shocked, I was deadly shocked and terribly mad as this is really too much! Up to now, they've been living there for free for 6 months. GOSH!

I'm trying to sort things out by calling the agent and planned of what to be done. Everything seemed to be fine till my mom called me in the office and relate the incident of me asking the tenant out with the 'cold' relationship of the father's friend to our family,

I was so far had never been triggered this much, I was so mad at her and I yelled at her. F*ck, I've been so terribly rude and f*ckin ridiculous. I felt too bad about it, I did mistakes at the workplace as this thing had really affected me (gosh, i've never been this disturbed even if I had big fight with my girlfriend).

Mom is the most precious thing in the world, I just can't wait to get back home and apologize.

I know she'll be fine, I was home, went sraight to my room, bathed, and went to sleep. Then I went out, chit chat with my mom, and I apologize, as no one was there, my father and my bro went for his next bee sting treatment.

And yeah, I'll still have to listen to her mumbles and nags, but the most important thing is, I can have and talk to my mom as usual, and do things she always wanted me to do for her.

I love her so much, and tonite I realized again that she likes Siti Nurhaliza so much. I didn't expect her to turn to channel MTV, as MTV is having the MTV award show, we heard that Siti is going to perform in the MTV Award show! Kewl.

As I was having a long phone conversation, I passed the 10 o'clock time and when I went out, it's just a programme airing the nominated songs for the award. So no Siti Nurhaliza for her tonite. I asked mom, won't u like to go for her concert, as it touched my heart (again), she won't go as she dislikes the noise, with TV, she can control the volume up and down, and most importantly, my father won't go.

This may sound so ridiculous that, how I wish I can get married to Siti so that she will sing to my mom just anytime my mom likes to.

JUST FOR MY MOM, because I'm in love with someone else...

But then I'm so in love with my mom so much much more!


The ART :: Apologize!

The state of the ART :: Nothing to lose. Some people would hate if someone keep apologizing but for me, it's really hurt to see someone you love hurted. People will tend to 'fireback' when you apologize, but if you can let your ego to apologize, why can't you just keep quiet for a few minutes of 'fireback'. At least u've apologize, and if possible with someone you love should u say, "I'm sorry and I love you so much!"

I'm flying without wings.........!

A few interesting things had happened to me yesterday.

Beside my brother was experiencing the worst treatment of his life, as he was nearly broken my hands. He begged Mr. Lau, to slowly stings him all over his face and head, he was shivering, twisting, squeezing his head from being stinged, his tears was all over, he grabs and clawed my hands and crying for help and mercy.

As a brother, I persuaded him to relax and try to absorb the pain by not thinking about it but he seems to be so in deadly pain. One the way back home, i was holding his hands, just like I hold my girlfriend's (even though I don't even have one now).

Well, it lasts for less than an hour, back home, he smiled like nothing.

Earlier, I've got a call from someone i've always been waiting for, and later, I was asked to return the call.

What does it mean when someone was actually admitted to me, fessing that I was the 'ONE'. I'm a person that someone was waiting and looking for.

It's worth waiting, for me and that someone too. I don't know that wether this is really me despite, I've been so understanding and I always told myself, if i like someone, just let everything happen, and if I love someone, 'LET GO!'

Sometime found that I was not really myself, being so kewl, being so soft hearted, I have a lotsa thoughts just before I do everything, that was so not me!

I let everything goes out, i say everything I wanted, I'm just so irritating, i love teasing people, make fun, laugh at people, what ever thing that has gotta do with getting other people down-to-earthly irritated and sick!

All the time, I'm just being nice, instead of actually just do what I desire, I think for the best, of what I should do.

People like me for not being myself, we will turn the world wrecked upside down for being so self centered, just to show to people that 'I'M BEING MYSELF'!


The 'ART' :: Be nice..

The state of the 'ART' :: Be nice and people will be nice back at you, and then even to realize that u're so nice that it's hard to let you go eventually.

Am I in love?

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