September 24, 2008

Something to ponder....

I was about to write an entry since yesterday as while I was waiting for the Subuh prayer in the morning, I watched about the Muslim community in Albania, which was once a communist country.

In 1964-1967, as the communist rules, religious groups and any related activities with religion is being prohibited. The muslims there had to pray and preach in silent. Mosques were turned into something like social clubs or something, how sad.

The Islamic awareness has raised back in 1994, since the fallen of the communist empire. The islamic community was being fully supported by the businessmen all over Albania.

They sent their potential scholars to study in the Middle East and coming back managing their Islamic madrasah (spelt madraseja) to be ran as any other ordinary schools providing all sort of religious to modern education to the students.

They don't have to wear any uniform and yet they can perform well in their studies and yet become a very good muslim. They started their classes by reciting al-quran first before getting into the conventional classes.

I envy them for being able to emphasize Islam as a way of life rather than just being a muslim for the sake of inheriting it from the ancestors. They have never called themselves a Muslim country, and being a Muslim means being a minority in their own country.

Comparing to us?

Sorry lah.. We're not there yet.. as I've been to the accessory shop for the 2 days (yesterday and today), most Malays who come to the sho didn't fast. They smoke as they like, bought drinks from the neighbouring mamak shop like nobody's business and eat in front of me like it's just a normal day.

It's more humiliating actually to see a malay woman who is not fasting, not only eating but also freely smoking in the shop.

And today, previously, I went to the same shop to do some minor headlight and foglight repair, an aged malay who was not fasting, asked the wife or the girlfriend to buy him a pack of dunhill cigarette and a can of drink from the mamak shop next to it.

And I felt more humiliated when the shop's staff asked me to have my lunch. They said, nowadays it's okay not to fast, not like before.


September 22, 2008

Why do i blog less nowadays.

FYI, my last 10 entries was from July to current, of which last time, there would bemore than 10 entries in a fortnight.

And my English is worsening, due to I'm no longer be able to speak English to anyone, as I do much of the talking to my laptops, cameras and cars and not forgetting all my musical instruments.

Back in the year of 2006, most of my time was spent on reading other people's blog. I read Zetty's blog almost everyday, and at that time also, I forced Taiko to also start his own blog. He did it, and he did it very well.

Back in 2008, errr.. currently, I spend most of my time facebooking until today, when I realised that I've been wasting most of my time there. But I closed most of my photography deals from facebook. Thanx to facebook but Battle of The Band, Mob Wars and Real Time Racing has definitely made me out of focus.

And plus, I'm spending most of my brain idling time to think about photography. I even dreamt of photographying my 2 nephews while they're playing on my tummy. (How's that uh? Heheh)

Pardon for all those 'just created' vocabs as you know I always did.

All my Canon and Nikon gears are scattered all over the house. Not to mention all the other accessories and lightings. Gosh! My 3 rooms apartment that seems too big for me to live alone last time is sooner becoming a small hut for me and all my things.

I have yet bought a set of Drums as I wish but I do think that I need a bigger house to put all my things together. Thanx to Omen who sold my first Strat Fender, to Amat who are so happy to own and sold the guitar I won during the Maxis U2 song singing competition, to Ikhwan who broke my RM300 Samick Acoustic guitar and to my cousin for keeping my RM80 Kapok guitar.

Other wise, those guitars would be such a burden in addition to my Les Paul, another Fender Strat, a Samick Electric Acoustic, an Ibanez bass and my first ever Yamaha Classical Guitar. Not to mention the Marshall amp, Roland amp, Laney amp, Ibanez amp and that cheap Woodtree amp that I'm still keeping.

I have this problem on focusing on what I want to do.

Seriously I'm gonna start with one thing. I think I spent too much time on Facebook last time. It's time to quit playing all those stupid (but addictive) games.

I wanna read blogs again. Today I did visited a few blogs and I realized that I miss reading nice and funny blogs. Again, I read Taiko's, Zetty's and just found The Blog of Anak Mat Nor of which I think is very sincere and colourful.

The key of being a good readable blog is again being sincere of what you write.

Let's get sincere again....

September 18, 2008

Sabun basuh Breeze

1 pack of 125g of breeze washing powder is RM1.00

4 pack of 125g of breeze washing powder is RM4.00

That's a total of 500g for RM4.00

But breeze in 500g pack is sold at RM4.80.

I thought it's gonna be cheaper than RM4.00.

Or maybe those sold in RM1 pack is crap powder.

heran ya?

September 17, 2008

Today I realize that...

Last time when I searched for 'Izham' on the net, the results were pretty few pages.

Today, all of a sudden I found out that there are so many people named Izham. And the drama producers were also using Izham as the name of one of the character in that drama.

Izham is always being portrayed as someone gentleman enough, nice and an absolutely an ideal boyfriend.

Of which I think is not. Most Izhams are bad and irritating (that includes me).

When I was still schooling, I managed to find only one Izham, that was when I was in standard 2. His name is Mohd Noor Izham.

Now, Izham is almost everywhere.

And today, I've got a joke sms telling that Anwar Ibrahim has swore upon the picture of DYMM Yang Di Pertuan Agong in Segambut to become the Prime Minister. Yeah. He was supposed to be the PM by 16 Sept, but what has gone wrong eh?

In the Tyra Bank show today, a mom loses her baby for being addicted to drugs and alcohol.

And it's pretty sad to see the policemen patrolling around like nobody business nowadays.

That means what?

It's either the crime rate is getting higher... or?

The economy is so bad that the policemen has to go out more often so that they can pow more and more people as people nowadays are unable to pay them as much as they used to be paying before.

But I'm quite happy with the movement of the global oil pricing. We should by now lessen our dependencies on the petroleum based products.

Even though, (yeah even though) prices of the other products has never gone down even though the oil price has gone down, and the local currency has gone better towards the USD.

And I realize one thing that, by days, I would prefer to stay at home more than before. I spent almost RM20 per day compared to those who went out.

I've gotta be a cheapskate too. My civic rather needs more money than anything that I own right now. Hehehe.

Not to mention amateurs who managed to embarassed themselves whenever they were flashing their high beams when they are about to reach my car.

So long dudes... ciao..

September 3, 2008


  1. Gua ada sepupu yang bernama Ramadhan. Dia dinamakan Ramadhan bukan sebab dia dilahirkan di bulan Ramadhan atau dia tak kerja lain selain berpuasa. Dia dinamakan Ramadhan sebab dia ada abang nama Syawal, Rejab & sebagainya..

  2. Masa kekecik dulu gua teringin nak makan kuih tepung pelita untuk berbuka puasa. Gua mintak la duit lebih kat mak gua. Masa tu gua tak tau apa namanya kuih tu tapi gua bilang sama mak gua, kuih tu sedap giler. (Cemana gua tau sedap? Ha kan dah kantoi! hahahaha, kawan gua cakap... Burrrpp opss). Esoknya gua ke sekolah berbekalkan duit yang agak lebih. Pastu masa rehat gua kena denda pulak sebab gua tertumbuk muka kawan gua sebab dia minum air depan gua. Pastu rehat keluar lewat. Gua pegi cari kuih tu dah habis. Sebagai gantinya gua beli la PISANG GORENG.

    Mak gua marah giler kat gua. Dia kata setakat pisang goreng baik takyah beriya mintak duit. Gua macam kecik hati. Gua telan goreng pisang tu semua sorang2. Geram gua...

  3. Gua suka banget kalau mak gua bikin sirap sirap selasih. Gua dulu suka ngada2 nak suruh bapak gua pujuk gua kalau gua tak tahan puasa. Last2 dia malas nak pujuk dia sua je air sirap selasih kat mulut gua. Hehehe.. Tersipu2 gua masa tu. Langsung gua dah tak ngada2 lagi dah lepas tu.

  4. Bulan Ramadhan selalunya orang ambil peluang untuk jadi kurus. Jadi kurus ni maksudnya mengurangkan berat badan, bukan menukar nama jadi Encik Kurus. Tapi ada jugak orang yang kurus, lagi nak kurus, contohnya gua. Hahaha. Adakah gua kurus? Tapi seriousla, skrg gua rasa macam gua nak cari awek kurus pulak. Senang nak masuk dalam poket.

  5. Dulu masa zaman sekolah, budak2 yang tak puasa kena public caning. Bukannya diorang malu pun, tapi siap buat muka bangga lagi. Antara salah seorang yang kena public caning itu ialah abang angkat gua, Zaaba yang dah jadi pilot sekarang ni. Sekarang ni sure dia dah puasa sebab dah kawin. Kalau tak puasa pun mesti sebab kantoi tak tahan dengan bini dia yang cun. Hehehehe..

  6. Masa zaman sekolah jugak, gua sudah mula menjinakkan diri dengan wanita. Maklumlah, gua sekolah asrama, mak takde, so carilah wanita nak tumpang kasih mak. Bapak takpe sebab warden yang ada tu dah lebih pulak dari bapak gua. Masa di bulan remdan inilah awek2 akan selalu beli makanan untuk balak2 dia. Gua? Macam dah lupa la. Tapi yang pastinya, kalau ada balak2 yang dapat makanan, sure gua akan tumpang sekaki, 2 kaki atau 3 kaki. Berkat kan? Banyak pahala awek tu. Hehehe. Gua? Manjang je xde duit.

  7. Masa zaman lepas SPM, gua kerja cuci kereta di bulan puasa lagi. Yang gua tak tahan sekali kalau kena cuci motor polis trafik. Dahla susah. Pastu polis tu tak puasa, minum dan isap rokok depan gua. Skrg ni dengar cerita polis itu (Leman) dah menjawat kerja2 awam sahaja sebab banyak laporan salahlaku dibuat ke atasnya.. Ujang pun pernah buat cerita pasal mamat ni dalam katun dia. Punyalah orang menyampah dengan dia.
Nanti sambunglah... malas la.. nak type lagi.. hari nak hujan ni. Kono samba potir kang, tergelincir otak den....

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