September 22, 2008

Why do i blog less nowadays.

FYI, my last 10 entries was from July to current, of which last time, there would bemore than 10 entries in a fortnight.

And my English is worsening, due to I'm no longer be able to speak English to anyone, as I do much of the talking to my laptops, cameras and cars and not forgetting all my musical instruments.

Back in the year of 2006, most of my time was spent on reading other people's blog. I read Zetty's blog almost everyday, and at that time also, I forced Taiko to also start his own blog. He did it, and he did it very well.

Back in 2008, errr.. currently, I spend most of my time facebooking until today, when I realised that I've been wasting most of my time there. But I closed most of my photography deals from facebook. Thanx to facebook but Battle of The Band, Mob Wars and Real Time Racing has definitely made me out of focus.

And plus, I'm spending most of my brain idling time to think about photography. I even dreamt of photographying my 2 nephews while they're playing on my tummy. (How's that uh? Heheh)

Pardon for all those 'just created' vocabs as you know I always did.

All my Canon and Nikon gears are scattered all over the house. Not to mention all the other accessories and lightings. Gosh! My 3 rooms apartment that seems too big for me to live alone last time is sooner becoming a small hut for me and all my things.

I have yet bought a set of Drums as I wish but I do think that I need a bigger house to put all my things together. Thanx to Omen who sold my first Strat Fender, to Amat who are so happy to own and sold the guitar I won during the Maxis U2 song singing competition, to Ikhwan who broke my RM300 Samick Acoustic guitar and to my cousin for keeping my RM80 Kapok guitar.

Other wise, those guitars would be such a burden in addition to my Les Paul, another Fender Strat, a Samick Electric Acoustic, an Ibanez bass and my first ever Yamaha Classical Guitar. Not to mention the Marshall amp, Roland amp, Laney amp, Ibanez amp and that cheap Woodtree amp that I'm still keeping.

I have this problem on focusing on what I want to do.

Seriously I'm gonna start with one thing. I think I spent too much time on Facebook last time. It's time to quit playing all those stupid (but addictive) games.

I wanna read blogs again. Today I did visited a few blogs and I realized that I miss reading nice and funny blogs. Again, I read Taiko's, Zetty's and just found The Blog of Anak Mat Nor of which I think is very sincere and colourful.

The key of being a good readable blog is again being sincere of what you write.

Let's get sincere again....

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