January 28, 2006

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4 jobs I had in my life:

1. Job at the car wash.
Just finished my SPM. I've just had my driving license and one day, i sent my father's car off to wash and i asked the manager whether is can get a job there. RM12 a day. So the next day, which happened to be the 1st day of puasa, i started my job there. My father only allowed me to work for a month as i'm not anymore allowed to go to work as my SPM result was not as good as he expected it to be.

2. Malicious Email Tracker and Maliscious Website blocker,
When i was in the university, despite of my naughtiness on the NET, the IT head of the university offered me to do the job. It was fun, it turns up to be some war between me and some people.

3. IT jobs.
Been to a few IT jobs. It's tiring and sickening. 1st with Amstek, then The Rockets Ave., then Telekom Research and lastly EDS International.

4. Biz?
I started with joining people for the metal scrap biz. Then i slowly ventured into what i'm doing now. hehe.. just stay at home and do some work a few days in a week.

4 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:

1. About a boy
2. Memoirs of Geisha?
3. Braveheart
4. Anything with Hugh Grant or Mel Gibson in it.

4 TV Shows I Love (d) To Watch:

1. Everybody loves raymond
2. Pasion de Gavilanes
3. Pimp my ride
4. Whose line is it anyway

4 Places I’ve Lived in (in order):

1. Johor Bahru
2. Kuala Pilah
3. Kulim
4. Shah Alam and all over malaysialah!

4 Places I’ve Been On Vacation To:

1. Arab Saudi hehe
2. Tanjung Pinang
3. Singapore
4. Canoeing to Pangkor hahaha. Kantoi!

4 Places I Would Rather Be In:

1. Seremban, get myself busy looking at my brothers and sisters doing work at home.
2. Kampung, if i can ever get to swim in the cold river and relax under the bamboo trees. I miss my cousins.
3. KL, go lepak with a lot of good friends there. Just sit and do nothing!
4. Pangkor Laut, just stand in the clear water and looking into the crystal clear water. It's so amazing!

4 Of My Favourite Foods:

1. My mom's fucuk and suhun soup.
2. my mom's mee goreng
3. my mom's masak lemak cili api.
4. Sushi

(how good i am as a cook, i still love the loves my mom pour into her cookings)

4 websites I visit daily:

1. google.com, search for my name and click my name form there. I dun have to type the full address. easy huh?
2. All the blogs i've put a link in my blog
3. all the newspaper websites.
4. discovery

The 4 victims to do this TAG:

malas nak fikir.. who wanted to be tag, then u tag urself lah, just like abby, who always wanted to get tagged! hehehehehe..

January 27, 2006

Ops Sikap

Last night, when i was driving back from Taman U to home, i was driving slowly at around 80-90 km/h when the cars were all slowing down as there was a road block ahead. Waiting for my turn to pass, it was clearly seen that a lot of cars were not queueing properly and i wonder how come these people were so dare to do such things.

I was shocked as the traffic office stopped my car and ask me to wait. There's an officer greeted me, asking for my ID and Driving License. Handed 'em over to him, he walks around while mumbling on something. I told him that i was driving at around 90km/h and was wondering was I exceeded the speed limit. He said that the speed limit was 80km/h and i've exceeded the speed limit.

Worse, this is the OPS SIKAP operation and who ever stopped and being summoned will have to pay the full amount of RM300 on the spot.

I was really in a bad shape. I was having a bad fever and flu and told the oficer that i was sorry for driving a lil bit faster but i need to go to the clinic as i am on fever. My voice really shows!

I was asked about my job. I told him that i was just about to start my own business with some friends. He seems to wander around the car and suddenly he returned my ID and the driving license and said,

"I'll let you go this time Mr. Izham. If I am to catch you some other time, i won't let you go."

Well, i'm so lucky right. Anyhow, i feel like crying. I was about to get out of the car and hug the police officer. He was so considerate. It's really hard to find someone like him, especially in the authority department.

Thanks a lot to him as I can safely drive home.

To all the drivers out there, avoid from being stopped by the police during the OPS SIKAP as you will have to pay the maximum fine of RM300 of any offense ON THE SPOT. I don't carry that much cash everywhere i go.


I went for the movie preview of BULI BALIK by afdlin. It was ok, I would give the movie the rating of 3 stars out of 5. Well, it's not easy for me to say this, I was so sad of the end of the movie. It's not really about the movie, but i can feel my warm tears running down my chubby cheek. Luckily, no one was ever looking at me wiping my tears as i was sitting at the most behind seat of the cinema hall.

It's about friendship. The friendship value that was shown in the movie had really touched me deeply in the bottom of my fragile heart.

January 24, 2006

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The Rules:

1) Write an entry of between 100-200 words, with these words have to be included once, and only once:
- I
- me
- blowjob
- grapes
- random
- power
- loneliness
- water
- robot
- blue

2) Out of the 10 words, you can only change 2 words.
Not a problem at all.

3) Your essay must make some kind of sense. If it’s not cool, then it won’t get published!
I'll try

4) Tag to 5 people
1. Zamil
2. Sarimah
3. Elly
4. Langsuir
5. Chika


Even i'm very far away, I could hear the loudness of the cars stereo and engine revving high to signon of their existence as I was walking down the street. Those sounds definitely shivers me as i've been laying myself low as i've been tracked, both by the police or by the street racer. That simply explains the loneliness of me, other than losing my so beloved girlfriend in one of the street race that i've lost by cheating. Well, it is of knowledge of everyone that no one else would have the power of influencing me to be getting back on the street even my very best buddy "Eric of the Grapes".

A little pain in the bladder, i unzipped my fly and while pushing myself towards the wall near the downpipe of the building, i could see random jots and writings on the wall. Not being distracted by the urine smells which shows the obviousity of the place as the back-of-the-building urinal place and water dropping from the waste pipe of an air conditioning compressor, i look closely at one of the writing on the wall which i picked by random.

"Blowjob service, call 014-3038303, swallow guaranteed"

Out of the blue, i was wondering what blowjob is. Being a very innocent guy who only knows how to play with the steering wheel, gas, brake and clutch pedal, has actually left me far behind my buddies. As all of them had been 'do'ing a lot of girls, i was always been loyal to my late girlfriend, even winnings entitled me to have girls more than i need. I'm just so in love with her.

No wonder i was called "Slash with a Robot dick"

Out of my curiosity, i zipped my fly, walked away and start dialling. 014-3038303.


It's the beginning of my new life.....


By the way, i would like to thank everyone who had wished me on my day of turning to 25th for the 5th time. Thanx a lot. I will always love u guys. So much!



*grin* :)

January 20, 2006

Kereta Volkswagen 1973 dah siap bikin!!!

Mesti ada yang jeles. Aku memang harap ada yang jeles pun pasal lepas korang jeles aku boleh bangga hidung kembang kuncup. Takpun aku bangga sambil tutup hidung, sebab taknak kasi dia kembang. Takpun aku pegang bontot aku, takut seluar aku koyak bila dia kembang. Dahla aku tengah kembang macam kembang semangkuk ni. Berat aku dah 73. Lagi 32kg nak kejar taiko. Dengan te aku ingat dah lebih kurang samala, cuma aku belum jadik tong macam ter atau busung macam taiko.

Dulu2, inilah rupa asal kereta ni. Warnanya merah. Sport rims warna hape entah, aku pun tak tau tapi takla burok sangat. Walaupun kereta ni nampak aje cantik, tapi dia uzur, bukan uzur syarie tapi uzur macam dah nak tercabut itu ini. Cantik tu pasal adik aku hari-hari dok gosok kereta tu. Mana tak cantik? Yang jadik halnya, dia macam dah takde keja lain asyik gosok kereta, cuci kereta sampai aku pun naik marah. Pernah aku nak gaduh dengan adik aku tu pasal aku sound dia asyik nak basuh kereta je hari2. Hehehe. Nasib baik tak gaduh. Adik aku tu siap dah sepak baldi lagi hahaha. Aku buat bodo aje. Dah tau dah adik aku sure bengang punya hehehe.

Bila dah siap, jadik la macam ni. Tengok rims dia. Jauh beza wa cakap lu. Rims dia punya kilat kalah keter aku. Sejak volkswagen tu kat situ, keter aku nampak burok plak. Eric yang hantar volkswagen tu pun siap sound, 'Ini honta chivic pun talak bleh lawan ini keleta'. Aku jolok lubang hidung tu kang. Nasib baik masa tu aku tengah korek hidung sendiri so dua2 tangan dah pakai.

Ini pandangan dari sisi. Berkilat giler kan? Aku pun wonder macam mana la boleh berkilat sangat. Kalau aku suluh lubang pusat aku kat situ dan cari ulat atau apa2 yang boleh aku korek kat dalam lubang pusat aku tu pun boleh nampak. Semalam ada pakcik india ni dok suluh gigi dia kat bonet tu cari cili terselit kat cecelah gigi dia.. hehehe.. acah je.. pakcik tu tengok cat je sebenarnya. Aku je yang terfantasi lebih-lebih.

Kereta ni memang solidlah. Kalah myVI. Keter aku belum kalah lagi. Memang tak kalah pun sebab malam tadi masa balik dari singgah selalu, aku potong keter tu dengan jayanya tanpa sebarang tentangan. Hehehe.. bodoh aku ni. ada ke lumba dengan volkswagen. Sebenarnya aku saje je nak buka VTEC, dah lama tak test VTEC. Rindu pulak bunyik VTEC sebenarnya. Keter ni yang buat mahal sebenarnya, dia punya chrome tu banyak sangat. Aku sebenarnya kalau boleh tak nak la chrome2 ni. Aku kalau boleh sumer chrome2 tu aku nak buat jadik hitam. So nampak macam kereta moden sikit. pastu aku nak buat sticker merah. Sure cantek punya.

Ni memang aku punya feveret view kalau nak amik gambar kereta. Aku siap pegi pusing stereng kereta tu just nak dapatkan view macam tu. Aku teringat dulu aku pernah tengok satu keter US pun amik gambar macam ni, siap jatuh cinta lagi kat gambar tu. Hmm jangan salah faham yerk, bukan aku jatuh tersungkur ke atas gambar tu, lagi pun mana nak muat, kecik aje gambar tu. Aku cakap jatuh cinta tu, maknanya suka la. Suka banget kat gambar tu, so aku pernah abadikan gambar tu kat akaun frenster aku. Tapi manatah. Aku dah buang kot, sejak aku ada gambar honda civic aku sendiri.

Ni pun lawa. Goreng pun sodap. Kereta aku pun nak menyelit sekali dalam gambar ni. Takpela, bagi la chance kan? Relax la civic, nanti petang aku bawak kau pegi cuci. Pastu kilat baru la boleh dok sebelah2 dengan kereta VW nih! Sekarang cuci pun tak pulang modal la. Pasal asyik hujan panas hujan panas. Boleh rosak kereta aku ni. Tu pasalla BAPAKKK aku nama yang nama dia CHE ROS takde 'E' kat hujung nak bawak balik seremban. Kalau bawak balik pun ok. Tiap kali aku naik KL dah tentu aku boleh drive sambil satu jari aku dalam lubang hidung setiap kalu aku lalu depan awek2 kat KL tu. Yela aku ni kureng hemsem so kenala cover sikit, tutup hidung. Nak cover satu hidung nanti sesak nafas pulak.

Kereta ni dah ada aerial, so nanti pasang player boleh la dengar radio. Apa2 hal pun, kereta ni memang cantik. Dah tentu aku takkan malu ke mana
VW gathering lepas ni. Sebab bukan setakat satu tapi dua bijik volkswagen yang comel dan cantik. Dua-dua dah ada radio pulak tu. Pergh mesti best! Aku harap kereta aku tu boleh muatkan taiko dan romdzi serentak!

* Gambaran lanjut, sila jengah ke http://izham-miyake.blogspot.com

January 19, 2006

The preview of a rebirth.....!

With that sleek design, it has always been regarded as the sportiest car model of it's time. A chromed emblem is truly a symbol of passion. Given to a right person with the right hands and right skills, this old bug would turn to be a luxurious antique ride or simply a super fast monster. Properly put on it's place on top of the hood, the circled emblem with 'VW' easily understandable as a short form of VolksWagen. Followed by a long chromed piece of metal which set the standard of what we call as 'Beauty' of it's class. That is the pimp my ride look sports rim. A mixture of chrome and black paint, it gives the wheel a bigger look, plus the beautiness made this car way very kewl compared to the rest. The rare original VolksWagen rim has been matched to the 114.2 PCD 4 lugs wheel screw lock of the car. The whole 4 four wheels were on this 15 incher wheels. It is more or less comparable to Herbie, as the wheels fit the whole wheel arch of the car.A rare item of the original steering wheel, gives the sporty look and feel while driving this about to be a monster. It supports the already superb handling of the car which gives more control over turning, given that it's driven the proper way that it is supposed to be. It gives quick response as drifting is perhaps, possible with this car. Rear wheel drive but with mid mounted engine. It's way challenging!The bucket seat suits the sporty need of this car. Functioning to hold the body while driving fast or tackling corners, it was properly being covered with leather look PVC that blends both beige and brown colors with black flooring carpet. It rejuvenates the look of the internals of this car. You'll be comfortably sated while riding in this car. A side front look of the fender, a very well blended view of the fender paint job, the chromed bumper plus the esthetical sports wheel.A view from the car's rear bumper. It even has the reflection of my own car on it.

* More pictures at my Malay Blog

In a week time...?

Surprisingly, my blog peaked it's visitor numbers on the last Monday and Wednesday. Both ticked 167 and 156 visits perday. Why eh?

FYI, I've already changed the tag-board scrollbar color, which the pink color has gained a lot of complaints. It was supposed to be somekind of 'Mugen' red.

For the past few days, i'm again experiencing the viral flu disease. Most of the body joints, especially the finger joints were aching. And last night, both my sister and bro, Farah and Izzat, were having quite a bad fever, both were being taken to the clinic by my father. I've made them a drink that was purposed for cooling 'em down but i don't know whether if it's the correct mixture. Well it tasted good to me.

It maybe caused by the on anf off raining, which had only started on the last Monday, till yesterday. When the raining starting, what i know in 5 minutes later, the rain was off and the weather is back hot again. 5 minutes later, the rain came again.

I was having my bad sleep nights. My body was badly aching that i cannot find myself a good sleeping postur on my bed. I'm the kind who is not fond with the medicinal drug supplied by the doctors, as it is not actually strengthen our antibody towards the diseases or viruses.

While all that, I was busy transferring my old blog entries in tBlog to here. Not so easy though, as tBlog is not using standard html syntax like blogspot is doing. Especially with pictures and any other html tags, i have to check over and over again. It's slowing my tranferring process.

On news and papers, there are a few things that keep boggling my mind, especially the rape and murder case of a pretty young lady in Sungai Petani who was found dead at 2.35 A.M. She was reported for not returning home after the jogging session with her sister in the afternoon previously. She used to jog on the same route every single day and i think the rapist/murderer has actually planned for the thing for long before he found the chance. Even though the murderer is found, she's dead. Nothing we can do about it.

Then again, the authority and power has been used to 'enable' violence towards people. Somewhere in the northern region, a 16-year-old student fell off his motorcycle after a chair was thrown over him by the officer of the Transportation Department. The officer said that they had to throw the chair as the boy was actually trying to avoid the road block.

What the hell was that? It is totally uncivilised. There must be a better way of stopping the boy. There was a well revenge incident. The villagers hit them right away. It's fair. Uncivilised Officers vs Forced-to-be-uncivilised Villagers. It pays.

Padan Muka.

There was an incident in the Pasir Gudang Highway of JB where the JPJ officers tried to stop a full load trucker by doing an emergency break in front of that trucker which caused the trucker to be flipped and the loads were scattered all over the road. Not to mention the damage, a pregnant lady died as she was trying to take over the truck.

I wonder what was their base of jurisdiction while doing their work? They must have forgotten an organ that we call brain.

As in other countries, people were always being fooled by the politicians. They're the law maker and they think they can just say anything to cover up what they did wrong. The politician here are even worse. Badly, the people has got no initiative to find out what was the actual thing.

In TV3 last night, logging activities was found in certain reserved forest in Ulu Langat, Selangor. When the media asked Khir Toyol, he said that the reserved forest was approved by the Forest Department and they should ask the Forest Department about the approval.

I'm very sure that it's noteasy for the Forest Department to gazette the Reserved Forest as the loggable area, especially when the area had been announced by Najib Razak as the reserved forest himself. Unless it's an area of:

1. To be developed
2. Private owned land

then the government will issue the license for the logging activity.

The Reserved Forest area is the most sensitive issue. In this case, the approval of the Reserved Forest to be released as a loggable area is not in the hand of Forestry Department.

It's in the hand of the Dewan Undangan Negeri.

Toyol is always Toyol.

January 16, 2006

Of the word KEWL (again... thee hee hee)

I went to http://www.dictionary.com. I look out for the word 'KEWL' and i found this!

Main Entry : kewl
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition : excellent, wonderful
Etymology : humorous spelling of cool
Usage : slang

Source: Webster's New Millennium™ Dictionary of English, Preview Edition (v 0.9.6)
Copyright © 2003-2005 Lexico Publishing Group, LLC

God! Who says the word 'KEWL' is not in the dictionary? To 'THEGUY', I've found the word in the dictionary already, hehe..

I'm testing a new color scheme for my blog. I don't know, if you guys think that it's not as good, I'll change it back to normal.

Please guys, i want your says...!

January 15, 2006

Tagged by zetty.

Person I want my Santa to be:
Anantha Krishnan

The 5 gifts that I wish to get:
1. An IKEA store in front of my house where i can get things for free.
2. A free cinema at the right side of my house
3. A lake where i can spend my free time by sitting by the lakeside at the left side of my house.
4. A moderate sized garage complete with all-that-u-need tools to become a tuner that can fit in my modded Civic, Toyota AE86, my jazz, my satria GTi and my BMW with the skyline engine, which is just behind my house.
5. A complete studio for jamming sessions and recording, which located at the underground level of my house..

Wah.. my life so complete la like that.. And on top of everything, the Top 5 Weird Things About Me:

1. I'll easily get sleepy. Anywhere any time any occasion. Especially in a class or while driving.
2. Sometimes i do sniff stinks that came out of my body parts, for example, my feet, my armpit, scratch my head and smell my finger and so on. Kinda addicted to it.
3. I cannot stop myself from teasing people.
4. I'd prefer to take people for a lunch/dinner treat rather than giving them presents.
5. I'd prefer to memorize the melody of the song, the instruments sounds, rather than memorizing the lyrics.

And now I am tagging the following people:
1. Mazuien
2. Chikanoz
3. Nashrex
4. Zamil
5. Langsuir

Tagged by Abby & Sarclover

The Final Five

The Rules

Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom spot. My case, i've got two person tagged me with the same tag. Hahaha. U really love me huh guys?

this is for abby,

1. 23 Seconds to Circulate
2. deep intellectual philosophical ramblings
3. 29 Going 30
4. The Cosmic Abyss
5. Izham ~ The Way Life Should Be

and this is for sarclover,

1. 29 Going 30
2. The Cosmic Abyss
3. Purple Ink Tumbles From My Humble Pen
4. Between Lambs & Muttons
5. Izham ~ The Way Life Should Be

Then you select five people to pass the love on to. Pick anyone you like to start with..

1. Taiko
2. Nadya Shahabuddin
3. Tinidewi
4. Gee (X Ngaku yer gee.. Tak nak buat takpe..)
5. Rahimah

After that you should do these questions.. I put this in purpose as at first i thought i don't have to do these. Now, on to the questions!What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was 19, in 1996, I was in Taiping, studying at the ITTM. I celebrated my birthday with Romdzi at the McDonalds, we treated everyone who came. That was fun. Staying in Taiping would cost u a little. I was always have spares from my scholarship for the 2 semesters. Romdzi always came to my room to sleep and we keep talking until one of us went asleep. Hahaha!

What were you doing one year ago?
I've just moved to JB, and started my first business in Metal Scrap, which was a failure. In the beginning I wasn't really excited as one of the partners, I really hate him. Bloody fucking stupid old man who was an ex-police and still think that he still have his power on the police force.

Five snacks you enjoy
1. Cornflakes, coco crunch, honey stars, honey gold roast.
2. My own made potato salad with the eggs and mayo, or my burger salad in olive oil.
3. Maggi
4. Bread with butter + honey
5. My mom's kuih raya.

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics off your head right now:
1. Konya Tsuki No Mieru Okani - B`z
2. Tragedy Night - Wands
3. Whiskey in The Jar - Thin Lizzy, repopulared by Metallica
4. To Be With You - Mr. Big
5. Gemilang - Jac

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
Should i tell u guys? Later u guys copy me. Hahaha.. Well...
1. Pay all my debt, get another 2 cars i wanted to buy other than my Civic which is the Toyota AE86 and Satria, complete their modification and keep.
2. Buy a house in KL that can fit in my 3 cars, and complete the whole house with things from IKEA.
3. Give money to my siblings to start their business, so that they can pay for my living later. Easy life huh?
4. Get married, take myself, my wife anf my parents to do haj.
5. Give the rest of the money to my parents. My life is completed. I have a good house, a good wife, 3 good cars (which are my next 3 wives hahaha) and my siblings were paying for my living. Kewl eh?

Five bad habits
1. Being Lazy
2. Eat
3. Sleep
4. Being a bully
5. Do nothing

Five things you like doing:
1. Drag!
2. Street race
3. Drift
4. Enjoying the groove of the bass in my car
5. Meeting people and eat.

Five things you would never wear, buy, or get new again
1. Carrot Cut <- gave me stupid and idiotic look
2. Big sized shirt/t-shirt
3. Small lower cut pants
4. Underwear
5. Anything not comfy

Five favorite toys:
1. My Car and the stereo.
2. Laptops, Internet and CD Burner <- KEWL
3. Astro's remote
4. Food blender/mixer
5. My Guitars

January 13, 2006

Friday the 13th?

Today is Friday, 13 Janua..

What? Today is Friday the 13? Hahaha..

"Friday 13th is unlucky for some. The risk of hospital admission as a result of a transport accident may be increased by as much as 52 percent. Staying at home is recommended."

Paraskevidekatriaphobics — people afflicted with a morbid, irrational fear of Friday the 13th — must be pricking up their ears just now, buoyed by seeming evidence that their terror may not be so irrational after all. But it's unwise to take solace in a single scientific study — the only one of its kind, so far as I know — especially one so peculiar. I suspect these statistics have more to teach us about human psychology than the ill-fatedness of any particular date on the calendar.

The most widespread superstition is that the sixth day of the week and the number 13 both have foreboding reputations said to date from ancient times, and their inevitable conjunction from one to three times a year portends more misfortune than some credulous minds can bear. Some sources say it may be the most widespread superstition in the United States. Some people won't go to work on Friday the 13th; some won't eat in restaurants; many wouldn't think of setting a wedding on the date.

Well, that's ridiculous. Well, on this so unlucky day, it's the birthday of my ex-boss's wife, SALLY.

Happy birthday SALLY!

I'm just up to update left out birthdays as well! Hei guys, say welcome to the new number of your age. Come on, it's just a figure!


2 Jan - Ezlin
8 Jan - Omen
11 Jan - Siti Nurhaliza!!!
13 Jan - Sally
16 Jan - Suzane
22 Jan - Lim Jan Nee, Yassin
23 Jan - Romdzi!
28 Jan - Tina Zuriana
31 Jan - Anis

Guess Tina's birthday is in January also. Would u please tell me ur birthday tina? And who else?

And for those who i missed,


1 Dec - Erein
7 Dec - Omei
15 Dec - Fixa
18 Dec - Mat Kent
22 Dec - Izzat
28 Dec - Imee
31 Dec - Muna


7 Nov - Mazuien Petronas
9 Nov - Ija Vogue
10 Nov - Khalila
20 Nov - Wanie & Nurul Jannah
26 Nov - Tasha
27 Nov - Elly and Sazuan
28 Nov - Zahid
30 Nov - Kamat

Happy belated birthday to you guys..

Kewl... <- this word like.

IKEA friends..

Have u registered yourself as an IKEA friends?

Today the IKEA friends card has just arrived to my doorstep. A guy driving a POS MALAYSIA's van with a sad face had ringed my house door's bell. I went out and it's for me!

When i opened it, i was surprised that the Member card got the VISA hologram on it. Hmm. I didn't apply for a credit card anyway. My mom were about to start nag when the she saw the card with the visa thingy. I didn't want to anyway!

So i called them up. It's actually a debit card, the only difference is i don't have to have an account with them. I will just have to debit the money, just like the e-purse etc.

With membership cards, you can get points. Can get discounts as well. I remembered there was an item, w/o the membership card the price is RM59. With the card, the price is RM29.

And can get discounted price for swedish meals at the cafe. Free drink everytime. Isn't it kewl? The drink is refillable as much as you want. What you can do, ask all your friends to come over to IKEA, go to ikea, rest at the cafe and have that one drink. Share! After one another, pass the cup to another friend.

Free coffee for the whole group of friends!

Kewl isn't it?

And talking about IKEA, i've just got an email, sending me a video clip, showing a furniture showroom with a waterbed. It was just a container than contains water, and they put a pile of matress on top of that water, and this is somewhere in Germany.

As to actually show that people will try every single bed in the furniture showroom like bashing themselves on the bed, can u imagine what happened when they do that on the so called 'water bed'?

If you want to have a copy, email me at mohamad.izham(at)gmail.com and i'll send u one copy. I had a blast!

I hope that wouldn't stop you from being an IKEA friend. You know what? The hotdog that were being sold at the check out is not as good as it was still the 'babi hotdog'. So does the curry puff, but the ice cream is goooood! (GEWD? hahahaha)

Ikea is always kewl. You can date there too! Or test your date sense of home deco and design as well. Hmm.. Maybe u guys were having something in mind? Haha.. Carry on!

Well, talking about the last entry, i was still figuring out what was the message he was trying to deliver.

Right now I'm back again in JB.

Nothing much as for now. I'm going to work afterwards. Cya guys. (am i going to work? erkk.. )

January 12, 2006

Raya Korban Yang Menghimbau Nostalgia


Mementangla Raya Qurban, terpaksala pulak aku mengurbankan hari Isnin. Isnin tu aku kena kerja. Bukan kerja apa sangat, setakat jalan2 pungut check dan bank in. Boring gak la, tak mencabar minda langsung tapi terpaksala aku buat pasal kalau aku tak buat macam tu sure aku takde duit nak makan nanti. Bila tak makan aku lapar la. Bila lapar sure la aku kurus. Sure taiko dengan ter jeles giler tengok aku kuros dan main futsal dengan terelnya.. Dah la minggu dulu aku main futsal terel. Siap score lagik...

Bagus jugak kalau aku tak makan. Boleh la aku mengkuruskan badan nanti. Mak aku dah bising dah, badan aku dah straight macam batang balak. Dulu ada la sikit macam pasu. Bukan pasu bunga yang mak korang tanam pokok bunga tu, pasu sarawak yang buat hiasan tu ler.. Kalau korang tak tau, sure mak korang tak tanam bunga.

Pagi2 buta tu aku pegi berak dulu. Pastu baru aku breakfast. Kalau aku tak berak nanti breakfast tak muat dalam perut aku. Aku makan banyak giler sekarang ni. Pastu tiba2 hujan. Itu pun aku kena berak sekali lagi sebab taik aku dah ready kat hujung rektum sebaik sahaja aku siap makan breakfast.

Tapi aku tahan aje. Biasala tahan macho. Aku pegi makan breakfast kat rumah orang, pastu nak berak pulak. Sure nanti tuan rumah ingat aku nak tinggal tanda macam kucing la plak. Aku pun pegila beli tiket kat Larkin. Nasib baik aku dapat tiket kol 3 kot? Aku pun dah lupa.

Pastu aku balik la. Time tu hujan memang lebat. Masa dah nak dekat2 time aku nak naik bas tu, aku teringat la keter tak alih lagi. Aku kena masukkan kereta volkswagon dalam rumah. Akupun pegi la alihkan. Hujan giler lebat, aku terpaksa mandi dan tukar baju balik. Habis lenjun basah badan aku. Boring betul. Pakai payung pun tak guna, sebab bila aku tutup payung aje, hujan dia turun punyalah banyak macam orang siram sebaldi air. Giler..

Aku telefon teksi, pastu naikla teksi pegi larkin. Sampai2 aje bas pun dah ada, jadi aku naiklah bas tu.

Dah ditakdirkan, hari tu memang hari lenjun aku. Aku ingatkan kat luar aje hujan. Dalam bas pun hujan. Ish. Boring betulla. Air cond dia punyalah sejuk sampai berair-air. Air meleleh-leleh dari atas tu kena kat aku. Mula-mula aku ingatkan apa benda la yang menitik-nitik ke atas paha aku nih. Aku tido jelah. Malas nak layan. Sampai separuh jalan, aku rasa seluar aku, terutamanya di bahagian kelengkang aku basah.

Padan la aku rasa adik aku tu kecut aje. Tak guna betul. Tapi kecut time tu jela. Jangan la ingat kecut sampai biler2 hahaha..

Mungkin disebabkan 'hujan' dalam bas tu, driver bas tu pandu laju gila. Bayangkan dari JB ke Seremban tak sampai 3 jam pun. Hahahaha. Tapi sama jugak. Adik aku sampai lambat, jadinya aku sampai rumah pun lambatla jugak. Buang masa betul. Buang masa ni maksud dia, masa aku telah dibazirkan. Bukan aku buang masa tu masuk ke dalam tong sampah atau aku tuang masa tu macam tuang air. Harap faham. Bukan apa, aku rasa ramai yang membaca sama loyar buruk macam aku jugak. Korang jangan nak tipu la. Yeke? Korang tak loyar buruk? Sumpah? Hehe.. jangan sumpah-sumpah. Nanti kena makan dengan sumpah. Ke kena makan dengan sumpah-sumpah? Sumpah-sumpah tu boleh makan manusia ke? Sumpah-sumpah tu apa ek?

Sampai di Seremban, lepak-lepak jap, pastu malam tu aku gerak pegi KL. Maksud aku gerak tu macam memulakan perjalanan ke KL la. Adala satu manusia tu bila aku ajak gerak aje dia gegar-gegar kat kerusi dia je. Ada ke. Itu bukan gerak. Itu gegar la bodoooohhh!!! Nasib baik aku tak bagi penampo kat muka tu. Aku tampo nanti, Hancooooooo!!!!. Hehehe.. sape-sape yang ingat Haji Zambrose, mesti ingat dialog di atas. Hahahaha.. Mana dia ek? Hidup lagi ke orang tua tu.

Kalau nak tau, Haji Zambrose ni dulu, trainer kat Telekom. Dia jugak adalah bekas atlit malaysia. Dia ada penyakit pelik. Kalau tak isap rokok, dia sakit. Hahaha.. macam la aku nak percaya cakap dia tu. Tapi memang betul. Kalau dia berenti isap rokok, badan dia jadi menggigil macam demam kura-kura. Nasib baik tak jadi kura-kura. Kalau jadi kura-kura aku tangkap masuk dalam kolam ikan kat rumah aku kat seremban tu.

Pegi KL pun ada hal penting. Bukan saje-saje je nak pegi.

Pagi tu kol 6 pagi baru aku sampai rumah kat seremban. Aku tido banyak kali masa drive tu. Tak larat woo.. memang tak larat. Giler tak larat. Kaki aku menggigil-gigil masa bawak kereta. Aku dah tak fit la. Maklumlah dah boroi sekarang ni. Terpaksa la boroi, nanti Taiko dengan Ter terpaksa merendah diri bila keluar dengan aku. Kalau sama2 boroi, boleh la pakat gelak sama-sama hahahahahah!

Pagi tu, aku dikejutkan oleh bapak aku. Jom pegi KL. Pegi KL lagi. Pegi dengan bapak aku pulak lah. Pegi MPOB, malaysian palm oil board. Nak cari maklumat pasal tanam kelapa sawit. Aku ingat, tanam kelapa sawit pun bagus la. Boleh relax dan kaya dengan mudah.

Bayangkan, kalau ada tanah seluas 50 ekar. Cukupla tu. Satu ekar, pokok kelapa sawit boleh berbuah secara puratanya, 15 tan ke 20 tan. Tapi ada rekod menunjukkan boleh dapat 30 tan lebih untuk satu ekar. Jadi, kita kira 30 tan ajelah, kalau kita consider yang pokok dari jenis baik, ditanam dengan baik dan tanah subur.

1 tan biasanya kita dapat untung dalam 50 ke 100 ringgit. Ambil RM50 aje dahla. Kita kira satu ekar dapat berbuah 30 ekar. 1 ekar, RM50/tan x 30 tan = RM1500 tan. kalau ada 50 ekar? Ada Rm75000. Tapi jangkamasa dia aku ingat dalam setahun la. Biasanya diorang kira 30 tan seekar setahun. Tapi katalah keuntungan satu tan rm100? Setahun dapat RM150,000. Banyak tu. Gaji sebulan lebih kurang RM12,500.

Kalau seribu ekar? Patutla orang tua yang kena rompak kat kelantan tu kaya giler sampai sehari duit dia masuk RM60,000. Berapa luasla agaknya ladang kelapa sawit dia tu ek.

Okay, habis citer tu, jom balik kampung amik mak aku dengan adik2 aku.

Besoknya raya. Pagi tu aku bangun lambat. Macam biasala aku ni pemalas. Aku rasa aku ni antara manusia yang paling malas dalam dunia sejak aku dah tak kerja ni. MAsa kerja pun aku selalu malas curik tulang. Sama je macam ex boss aku rosli.

Semayang raya kol 8? Gila ke apa? Nasib baik aku sempat la sampai. Itu pun tumpang motor ada mamat tu yang begitu baik hati offer aku naik motor dengan dia.

Lepas semayang. Konon nak melapah. Hampas tebu betul. Pastu nenek aku dan ahli2 keluarga di kampung pun sampai. Bagus, ada orang nak tolong kat rumah.

Habis je keja2 melapah, daging di bawa balik ke rumah, aku buat steak aku yang special tula. Aku campur semua jenis bahan, dan yang paling penting, teriyaki marinade sauce. Tak sempat nak serve dah habis. Best giler. Hehe.. biasala kalau aku yang memasak, tak caya tanya Lego.

Petang tu, tido dan lepas tu aku naik komuter pegi KL la, dengan niat dan tujuan untuk bermain Futsal. Kebetulan pulak, sepupu aku pun menghantar tunang dia balik ke KL, so aku pun offer dia dok sebelah aku. Masa naik Komuter tu, di stesen Nilai, tiba-tiba aku rasa aku nampak Fiza. Sebijik. Dari tepi memang macam dia, style pun sama. Style tulis sms pun sama. Dressing style pun sama. Tapi apa dia buat time-time raya haji macam ni naik komuter dari nilai pulak?

Entahla.. mula la aku rasa lain macam. Aku bagitau kat tunang sepupu aku tu, pasal budak yang aku nampak tu, dia suruh panggil aje. Aku panggil-panggil jugak la.. tapi dia buat tak tau aje.. bukan lah tu kot. Pastu aku ternampak muka depan dia. Macam Fiza jugak tapi lain sikit.

Macam mana ek, boleh ada orang yang muka sangat serupa, saling tak tumpah macam orang yang kita kenal? Ni bukan cerita Pasion de Gavilanes di mana Ruth yang sungguh cantik itu mukanya seperti Libia Reyes yang telah ditemui mati itu. Last-last dia pun turun dekat KL Sentral.

Aku pun turun gak. Memang aku nak turun gak. Turun punya turun, aku pun jalan la. Tengok dari belakang, heheh gemuk dan kaki dia pendek sangat. Sah bukan Fiza. Pastu dia ni pun ketot sikit, tak macam Fiza yang aku kenal, Fiza tinggi sikit dan nampak langsing. Ni badan straight macam Kayu balak atau Tracy hehehe..

Tapi pelik la macam mana muka dia boleh sama giler babi. Mulut sama, hidung sama, mata pun sama..Ke aku je yang tak kenal tapi entahlah..

Aku pun dah start rasa pelik. Aku pun tak tau apa sebenarnya terjadi pada diri aku lepastu. Yang aku tau, aku amik teksi balik rumah aku kat Taman Desa, dan keluar balik. Pinjam kereta Iwan. Nasib baik dia ada kereta. Susah juga takde kereta ni.

Ahh.. lantakla.. aku nak memulakan percutian pendek di KL. Nostalgia itu sungguh brengsek... Buat aku tak senang duduk aje.

Maybe aku rindu kat Fiza tapi aku tak nak mengaku..

January 8, 2006

An act of annoyance...

Because of the word 'KEWL'?

theguy: pagi-pagi buta baru nak online ehhh
tunazif: hi
tunazif: sape ni ?
theguy: ****** di sini
tunazif: ok
tunazif: kenal ke?
theguy: tak kot
tunazif: ok
tunazif: so how's life?
theguy: cuma kenal ko melalui blogs

One fine night, someone msged me at the Yahoo Messenger.. I don't even know him and he doesn't know me as well, claiming that he was once a student of my secondary school. He was just 3 years younger but i don't think i know him, maybe he was admitted when he was in form 4, and he claimed to know me from this blog. LOL.

Without reciting 'SALAM' or even a 'HI', he sarcastically questioned my availability only at night time, and honestly, it was because i've been busy the whole day, but i do think that it's my problem.

tunazif: kewl
theguy: efine
theguy: kewl?
theguy: apa tu
tunazif: sounds like cool kan
theguy: ooo...penyalahgunaa bahasa betul la ko ni
theguy: hehe

Maybe in his attempt to be annoying, he questioned my usage of the word 'kewl', which i used as to substitute the word 'cool'. I think it doesn't really matter, if u do not understand, you can always ask. But i was accused for being a 'Language Pest'. I think most of my friends were using the word 'kewl' too. It is among the earliest internet words, being used either in the IRC or BBS.

He questioned whether it's in the dictionary. Of course it is not, i lied to him that there are words being used that were not listed in the dictionary, but he says that it's an exclusion. When i asked about why it's an axclusion, he gets back to the word 'kewl'.

He wonder why shouldn't i just use the word 'cool' instead of 'kewl'. He says that his pretty teacher maybe forgotten to teach him that. I asked him whether the teacher taught him the word 'F*CK' (in a sarcastic way...:p). He said he knew because the word is in the dictionary. I mentioned that it was like a styling in writing or speaking, just like having a dialect. I asked him to read or venture more into this.

He asked again whether the word 'kewl' is acceptable in the exam? I told him to try it out first, even i told him that we're having a brit's english education, so it might not be accepted.

theguy: takderla..kita kan kan malaysia
theguy: gunakanlah bahasa yang sesuai
theguy: bahasa yang sennag orang paham
theguy: maybe ko dah biasa
theguy: kalau aku anak duta lainla
theguy: tau sleng english luar
theguy: kalau ko nak betul-betul english sleng ambil 1119
tunazif: dah amik dah
theguy: dapat berapa
tunazif: i failed bro
tunazif: that was 12 years back
theguy: aku pun dapat 6 jek tau
theguy: bukan senang tau bro
<- huiyo...! tak tau nak kata apa...

Trying to be a nice sarcastic annoying hated #^^%$##%$#@ friend, he advised me to be a good Malaysian, use only words that other people understand. I don't really care, because for me, there's nothing wrong to ask if u do not understand. I have a lot of other words that people might not understand like boron, bodol, ciboi, mangkak and so on. I used them even when i'm conversating in english. So what? There's no english words for those words. I told him if he cannot understand, and don't wanna ask, then maybe he may not have to understand a thing (or buzz off in a slightly bad way haha)

He complained, if he cannot understand, how to interact with me? I don't care, i don't need an interaction with him. For me, it doesn't really matters, but it matters to him. And he was even complaining about his unlucky life for not being an ambassador child, who normally would be able to speak english fluently. For reasons i cannot figure out, he asked me that if i've really got english with 'slangs', i should take up the English 1119 paper!

I did! I failed! So? And, i took it as he was trying to show off with his 'C6' pass grade.

theguy: so..ko buat apa sekarang
tunazif: i ain't as good as you
theguy: maksud aku carrier ko
tunazif: carrier?
theguy: job
tunazif: i don't need a carrier
tunazif: i can carry myself..
tunazif: obviously hehe

He asked what am I doing as 'What is you carrier?' (muahahaha LOLSM), I told him i need no carrier as i can carry myself very well. Jokingly (sarcastically) i told him my money comes down from the sky. I told him that it's not important to know what am I doing. I just told him that i'm jobless, as you all know. I just do sales to get money. And he asked me if i'm staying with my parents. And proudly i say yes, because that's the best thing i would do for my parents right now.

theguy: u live with ur parents?
tunazif: yes
theguy: whay don't u try to live by urself
theguy: get marrie
tunazif: i have to take care of them
theguy: have children
theguy: then u can said working does not important
tunazif: hmm
tunazif: not the time yet

Again, as he was trying to be a santos, he advised me to live by myself, getting married and have children. Well, i just don't get it. Even my father didn't say that to me. My mom even worried if one day i'll be out of the house. She'll be bored as no one will actually accompany her at home.

I've been living away from my parents since i was 11, till I was 28, when i suddenly decided to stay close to my parents or maybe stay with them. And deep from the bottom of my heart, i really think that this is the time i want be close to them, and take a very good care of them. If anything happen, i would want to be the first to know.

It's not an easy decision. I sacrificed my job, just to be with them. Would u guys, actually do that?

Lemme include the most crucial part here. It's really pathetic.

theguy: thinkla bro
theguy: how old are u now?
theguy: 29?
tunazif: hold on
tunazif: i got call
tunazif: yes 29
theguy: be a person please
theguy: 29 years old is not the time to take care of ur parents
theguy: think about u
theguy: about ur life
theguy: do u think ur life now is ok?
theguy: sorry
theguy: just to make an opinion
theguy: to a friend
theguy: no offence ok


What's the problem of me taking care of my parents?

Maybe he was so mad that his parents did not turn out to be the ambassadors, so he decided not to take care of them. Not to mention the siblings. He is so 'jual ikan' (sell + fish), or simply very the 'self-centered'.

Someone was really getting on my nerve as a very 'kewl' (again LOL) person. I wonder what kind of person is this 'so-called-friend'...

January 5, 2006

For the love of...

For the love of Cats

I like cats but i just cannot love them. If i love cats, i think i would be the one who die first. Yeah, love means die for it. If i love a girl, i would die for her (uwek) even though i'm not supposed to.

So i would only be able to like them. When I was small, i love bullying cats. Hei, that was when i was really small, not even 4 years old.

I was once watched a movie where they buried people in the ground. I wanted to try it, so i dig a hole and put a cat inside it. It manage to climb out and rescue itselves. After a while, i recalled that, in the movie, the person who buried the dead man knocked his head with a hammer first.

Yeah I did. So don't ask! So i manage to bury the cat into the hole successfully. Yeehaa!

When i grow older, i actually starting to love cats. Even though they were always like scratching my hands, i love it when they were cuddling with me, but my mom always prohibits me from playing with the cats, because of the furs. I even cried to myself when my father hit my granma's cat.

After a while, especially when i started to drive, i know why my father didn't really care for hitting a cat. I knows he love me so much!

Case 1 :: Early 1997, on the 3rd day of Raya, I was involved in an accident, my car turned upside down, when i was about to avoid a black cat crossing the road in the middle of the night.

Case 2 :: Taiko ( i don't know when), hit a signboard when he was about to avoid a cat. As trying to show the love for the cat, he wasn't only risked his life, he has to pay for the ruined signboard. (owwwhh... so this is one of the musibah la.. hehe..)

Case 3 :: When I was riding my TZM, 2 cats were by the side of the street when one of it tried to cross when my bike is passing. Trying to show some lovelah at least, because my ex was driving behind me, the cat was actually crossed at the same time my bike passed the point the cats were standing by the street. I was nearly fell down (anyway, by the help of my powerful legs, i managed not to fall down). I was scared to death, i don't remember what happened to the cat but i have to repair my bike. As a student, that costs me a lot!

Not to mention, all the cost that must be beared by the government to pay the firemen to save a cat (what the heck).

So my conclusion :: If you were about to hit a cat, just hit it. You may be able to avoid the cat but would you be able to avoid a big truck that suddenly come into your way?

Good Luck or die!

For the love of Kids

I recently went to a rhythmic gymnastic class where i can see only a few malays joining in.

I was wondering, why less malays would have interested to send their children for extra activities like sports, music and so on?

As I went to Mid Valley, there was a quartet of young musicians playing the new year songs, and all of them were chinese. Why can't we have the malay playing the songs?

Most of the malays who play music were actually those who quietly learn how to play instruments without any proper training (and that includes me). It is very rare to see that they were being properly trained. Like me, i can play music but i can't read notes.

And the malays were only busy sending their children to the tuition classes. But the chinese were sending their kids to the tuition as well. Why?

As I talk to one of my father's friend, the malay folks actually do not really believe other than getting a good certification or qualification and later to get a good job.

And as i talk to another friend of my father, parents sometimes want to determine their children's life by saying they are putting extra high hope to the children to become what they want their children to be, and which happened to most of us!

And they just want their children to be well-surviving in the future. Security is the most important.

And these children end up got nothing to do in their free time. They went doing something wrong.

And sadly, i knew a few kids who were being scolded by their parents for playing music in a band. That is a lot much better than involving in drugs. Not to mention parents who prohibit their children from getting involved in the sports. It happens to myself.

When i was in standard 3, i was really a very good table tennis player. I can just beat anyone older than me. I can play with my both hands. Why not? Because i trained myself every single day and night, just to become the very best.

For the final exam, i did my best and i only managed to get the 2nd place in the class. My parents were pissed off for nothing (hei it's quite good enough, others do worse than me) and they actually hide my table tennis bads.

In standard 4, there was a table tennis competition. Behind my parent's back, i took part and managed to get to the quarter final, which i was beaten by a standard 6 student, in a rubber set, who later happened to be the champion of the school and managed to become the state player. I was the only standard 4 who manage to enter the quarter final where the rest was all the standard 6 students, not to mention the state players. He even congratulated me for playing so good back then but i was crying just after the game. He end up trying to stop me from crying much further.

I was so sad back then. I cried for what my father did, not for my losing. I know i can beat him as in the rubber set we were tied in the deuce. Imagine what would happen if i'm the one who win the game?

Later, i switched to soccer and badminton.

When i was still small, my passion is all for the things i love to do. I experimented things to learn about it. Same goes to badminton. As I was chosen as the school player, i trained badminton every single morning. It indeed has turned me into a very damn good player. Again, i can play with my both hands. I can beat the teacher anytime.

Yeah, just because i've got the 2nd in the class, my uncle asked me to stop playing badminton. He prohibited me from attending the training in the early morning.

There goes another chance of me to get involved in sports.

Yeah, i was really interested in playing music as well. Whenever i wanted to play with my Auntie Aizan's organ, my mom will always like having this one kind of look at me that will probably stopped me from doing so. How i wish my parent will send me to the music classes just like Auntie Aizan did with her children.

So at school, i started to learn music myself by playing the school organ, then slowly piano. In form 3, i started to learn to play guitar, and as i learnt some tricks of chords formations on the electric organ, i became a very fast learner as by the end of the year, i was selected to play the guitar together with the others in the performance for the form 5 students.

At least i've got a lot of better things to do (even though i was quite a setan/devil) at school.

There are 2 factors that caused the malay children for not to be interested in doing anything rather than just wasting their time.

1. The parents were not providing the environment of interest to their children plus they were so busy doing things.
2. The children themselves were not interested.

And the chinese or the indian excel in what they were doing, we talked about a lot of things about them.

I think it's simply because they were trained to manage their time since the beginning. Extra classes, music classes, karate/sports/gymnastic classes, and their time is just exactly the same as ours.

And the malay children were trained to waste their time at home with parents, which later caused the children to become boring and end up going out of the house doing nothing. That happened to my lil sister Farah, which i think she is a total SPOILT!

I think children whould be given their freedom to choose what they wanna do by providing them with a good environment to start with. They should be trained to do things all by themselves when they were still kids. Their time should be occupied by activities.

I've once heard a mother of a malay friend who sarcastically said to her son, "Playing squash won't do you any good, it won't take you anywhere" as i went to his house for a break after a squash training session. He was the best player among us, but as pressured by her mom, he left.

Nicol David has become the world no.1 player in squash. She was paid RM200k for her achievement.

Who are going to give you RM200k as easy as that?

January 4, 2006

A very warm welcome to 2006!


I wasn't around for at least a week.

I spent the whole 'wasn't around' period doing.. errr I don't know what am I doing back then.

Right now, in the middle of the night, i'm spending a lil bit of my time, going to a cybercafe, to actually checking out something on the Internet, and actually, i missed my blog so much!

It's already the new year and I've yet achieved anything in 2005. At the end of 2004, i lost 2 significant people of my life, which was my Pak Lang and my colleague, Chang Ye Yann. I quit my job to gamble, for doing things that i myself was very unsure about, which later i passed, as i do think that i have better things to do rather than just being there for nothing.

Then, I do nothing, do nothing and do nothing much.

Just now, I spent some time to visit blogger fellas, wishing them belated New Year greetings.

There are a few people tagged me to do this and that. I'm really happy and thankful for all that, i promise i will do that once i'm back!

I've checked out my visitors for the 3rd January, and there are visitors from Hong Kong, Johor Incubation Centre, Arcnet ISP, AT&T Global Network Services from Tokyo Japan, Kolej Damansara Utama, United States (eds.net), British Telecommunications plc UK, Gaoland France, Nildram Ltd. UK, Indiana University Indianapolis United States, Deutsche Telekom AG Germany, JPNIC Japan (this is a wow!), PCCW Computasia Ltd. Hong Kong S.A.R, Citi Corporation United States, Unibase United States and everyone else from Malaysia and the rest of the world that might not be listed in my statistic site!

Thanks for your support to my blog. If you are reading this, I'm actually waving to you, saying a big thank you and i'm gonna give u a real big hug! A hug with the manteras of charms and blesses for a good start in the year of 2006!

I just love hugs. Mwachs!

And now, my mind is tired.


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