December 28, 2005

Masuk ke hutan bakau

Aku memang dah lama tunggu nak masuk hutan bakau ni sebenarnya. Sebab yang paling best boleh naik bot. Aku pun tak tau kenapa lah aku suka sangat naik bot padahal aku bukannya boleh tahan sangat pun naik bot ni. Silap2 mabuk, di mana kebanyakannya aku mabuk.

Hutan bakau atau dalam bahasa inggerisnya, mangrove, hanya ada lebih kurang 11 ke 13 spesis. Kalau hutan biasa ada banyak spesis, termasuk la semalu. Tapi semalu bukan balak la sebab dia jenis kecik aje.

Dalam hutan bakau ni, ada sejenis siput yang sedap. Aku pun dah lupa apa ke namanya. Tapi aku pernah makan masa kat indonesia dulu. Dia rebus aje. Pastu rasa dia memang lemak manis disukai ramai. Yang aku tau, yang suka pungut mende alah siput ni memang tak lain tak bukan orang asli jugak la. Orang asli lagi. Bestkan sebenarnya jadi orang asli. Kalau aku jadik orang asli sure aku merayap sepanjang masa. Cari itu cari ini. Tula, aku ni melayu, so kenala pegi sekolah.

Kalau tak sekolah sure best, sure aku dah kawin sekarang ni hahahahaha! Mungkin aku ada 2-3 bini sebagai orang asli. Boring aje tukar... boring aje tukar..

Inilah liszam, kawan yang bawak aku masuk hutan bakau.

Jadinya aku masukla ke dalam hutan bakau tu. Takde benda sangat pun. Bukannya ada apa-apa pun. Aku seronok layan naik bot aje sambil tak mabuk. Tengok pemandangan. Enjoy ketukan angin yang menerpa ke muka. Sure muka aku herot berot masa tu. Sure muka aku macam muka Mr. Bean.

so bila dah slow sikit, aku pun amik la gambar lagi.. Opps.. bateri kamera aku dah habis pulak.. bosan bosan.. tapi aku masih sempat lagi amik gambar ni tadi..

Aku sedang duduk di hujung belah depan bot kecik tu. Memang pemandangan dia best. Takde yang indah melainkan yang indah2 belaka.

Walaupun di hati kecil aku agak sedih memandangkan kayu-kayu bakau ni semua nak dibuang, tapi apa faedahnya bila semua kayu2 bakau ni siap diclearkan nanti?

Sebab utamanya ialah untuk pelebaran kawasan Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas. Apa yang lebih best?

Kita boleh curik customer2 pelabuhan singapura. Hatta, bertambahlah peluang pekerjaan rakyat setempat dan sebagainya. Kehidupan kita akan menjadi lebih makmur. Negara lebih maju. Lebih ramai orang akan ada duit.

Bila ada duit, boleh la beri pendidikan yang lebih untuk anak2. Hantar ke kelas sana sini. Hantar ke kelas muzik, atau pun sukan. Masuk karate ke. Semua tu membantu dalam pembinaan minda kanak2.

Aku pun dah nak ciao ni. Nak cari kelas muzik untuk si Farah. Aku pun nak cari GYM. Kalau boleh nak masuk GYM bagi fit sikit. Aku dah makin boroi. Tak lama lagi mungkin aku akan seboroi Muhammed Romdzi Ahamed Rahimi atau Hazril Ibrahim (YEM). Sorry kutuk, saje pun nak kutuk hehe..

Oh tidak.. lari sepupu2 dah anak2 buah aku tengok aku terboyot2 macam tu hehehe..

Wonders, ponders, tickles..

The Change Time & Date option.

Some of you might wonder how to change the date & time. Recently has updated their posting page so that the Change Time & Date option was hidden. I just don't care, I'm admitting that it took me two days to figure out where does it gone to?

In fact a lot of people asked me the same thing. So here it is how to have it back on your screen.

Look at the posting page, there's a Post and Comment Options down there. I've circled it for the convenience of you guys.

Click on it. So it reappears. So I know u guys were looking for this. A lot of people asked me where does it goes too? So enjoy guys!

A lil bit on the current wood/timber pricing

It has definitely gone up! I've got a lot of calls for the last few weeks. I've not getting any large transaction this month. Was hoping that i'll be getting good things in the New Year that is coming.

Ah yeah, what's going to be my next resolution eh? Get a new project car? A turbocharged? Turbo or Trubo? hehehe..

A continuation of my previous post, To be Jealous or not to be Jealous?

I'm very interested with the comment given by Sarimah.

"if he's not good looking.. then keluar la."

Hahaha.. Don't you think that's a violation of her 'rights' to choose who she wanna go out with by stopping her going out with someone good looking? I don't know. We are living in the free world. We are free to choose. We are free to hurt someone we love. But it is our choice to do so.

For me, er i don't really mind going out with someone not pretty, because a lot of girls nowadays are not pretty though (imagine me saying this with a serious face and hidung kembang kuncup, tahan gelak) hahaha! Was joking actually. Don't take it so hard girls! I just wanna make up a point here. No significant point, just a point of joke.

Well, if i have a jealousy GF one day, it would cause me a lot of trouble. I've a lot of pretty good looking friends from the opposite sex, and a few good looking male friends as well. I used to have a GF who used to be so jealous me being so close with OMEN. Do I look like a gay? Come on..!

And should i be jealous. I don't know. Jealous should be there if and only if i think my position of affection is being jeopardized, but once i love someone, i will trust her. There's nothing to worry. She won't do anything bad if she loves me. And she will always have the special place in me (quoting sarc's comment).

But for a guy like me, i do not know what would happen, girls are just irresistable but on a principal base, i wouldn't let myself crossing over the border as easy as that, if and only if i am with somebody. Even though i'm a fair and square person (quoting beachbabe). If i'm with somebody and I'm still doing stupid things, she should know where she stand. Sounds cruel but that's the truth fact!

Does jealousy related to heartbreaks?

And what with the old flames?

Some people they just don't care, but for some people it does matters a lot!

At this stage of life, i have a lot of other things to do. I've to admit that i might not to be able to cope with a fancy lalaland love life. I just want a simple life. Why should i make it so complicated by incorporating such complicating emotional elements..?

Messy... (rimas)

December 26, 2005

As I woke up early today!

First of all, remember it's christmas and I'm wishing everyone Merry Christmas!!

Driving on Malaysian Highways before/during/after festivals

Pathetic huh?

Yesterday, as I was driving down-south, I can see the opposite direction of the highway was jam-packed. What was the problem with one of the most expensive highway in asia?

1. Traffic was crawling, from Kajang exit towards the Sungai Besi exit.
2. The traffic moved suckingly slow even before the Pedas exit towards Seremban exit. I cannot imagine it at night.

The traffic going down-south was ok but not as smooth as it was supposed to be. It's okay to have too many cars on the highway, but the problem occurs when:-

1. Car driven slowly at the right lane. Yesterday, there was a proton iswara XXX YYYY, cruising at the speed of 70-80 km/h on the right lane, and refused to move to the left lane after I flashed my headlight. I have to overtake him by using the left lane.
2. There's a lot of heavy transportation as well. As they were moving crawlingly, the overtaking vehicles, either buses or cars, drive at the same pace/speed of the vehicles they were overtaking. As sometimes i can see that, in front of the most front vehicle was so empty!

These are attitude problem! They didn't care about other people, especially the iswara driver. Did he realized that he had cause a long trail of vehicles for driving so slow at the right lane? I'm thankful that there's a lot of good drivers who didn't want to overtake using the left lane, and just wait for the Iswara driver to move to the left lane but that has caused long long trails!

That caused a lot of people overtaking using the left lane. Not to mention those who use the emergency lanes. I really don't mind the drivers driving on the emergency lane. They have the right to do so. What's the main purpose of building the highways anyway?

Pay to the service of the highway to shorten the length of time and distance of travelling

I've jotted some of my radical and crazy ideas in Zetty's Comment Page once. Someone was really opposing my idea, i think in a very bad way, but nevermind, i was just not so interested to get myself to long in an argument that's going nowhere!

And the problem with the highway providers are:-

1. They are highly in debts, but still manage to pay bonuses (what kind of business is this?)
2. The highway they built expensively never stand for long. There must be a rebuild after few years. That cost a lot of money!
3. They do the rebuild thing when there's a lot of cars! Can u guys do it at night?
4. The number of cars keep increasing every year, and the providers keep increasing the toll fees. They made a lot of money out of people's toll fees but still they cannot keep the highway as good as it should be!
5. They mistakenly provide the number of tollgates at the exits. That caused jams.
6. When the highway is jammed, they NEVER let the highway users to use the ALTERNATIVE ROADS! That is greedily sucks!

A lot more, i cannot remember everything but i'll add it up here once i figured 'em out. And i do think that the speed limit should be eliminated. You can see why i said that in the link above. (scroll up dears, scroll up for the link)

As i do think that the highway providers won't be reading my entry, i think we as the user should do something about it. What we can do to improve things?

1. First and foremost, spend a lil bit to buy the touch 'n' go and the smart tag thingy. Every highway is using it now, so it saves us a lot of queueing time. Not to mention the 'pride' when you passed through all the queueing cars at the exit tolls hahahaha!
2. Be a good highway driver! Do not keep yourself in the right lane if there's no car in the left lane even u're driving at the speed of 110 km/. A fast car might approaching behind and let them go! A single braking lamp flash would affect the whole queueing trail to slow down. It will cause accident for those less concentrating drivers too!!
3. Do not brake too often. Keep a very good distance.The effect is like the above!
4. Drive a good car with good picking up ability! It helps to overtake better!
5. When overtaking, please drop gear or press the accelerator a lil bit more. You should overtaking at faster speed than the car you overtaking! If you cannot overtake, just slow down and take ur place at the left lane and let other people go!
6. Do not get pissed off when people flash at you when you're slow. If your car is slow, get to the left lane! If your car is powerful, just drop your gear and press the pedal! Show them that it's not worth flashing your car. Up to you.
7. If someone is blocking the right lane, please flash your lights! I would normally drive very closely to the right of the car's right back and flashing my lights!
8. Just be someone wise enough. Don't so stupid things that will cause inconvenience to others. Be alert enough to sniff the possibility of accidents. If you are not confident, than don't do it.
9. If the highway stuck, learn to use the alternative roads. Take the map with you. You won't be lost in Malaysia. It such a small country! It sounds weird when people actually can find their ways in the foreign country but lost in their own country.

* to avoid casual jam between the Simpang Ampat toll exit and Seremban exit on the highway, simply exit the highway, and just head to Seremban using the normal road. There's a lot of sign boards. You won't lost at all.

December 24, 2005

Jalan2 ke Jerantut

Jerantut. Kelakar pulak bila disebut. Macam bunyi kentut aje. Jerantut, jekentut. Sebenarnya Jerantut ni terletak di dalam negeri Pahang. Dulu Bapak aku, mak aku dan aku pernah duduk di Jerantut, masa tu aku kecik giler lagi. Aku ingat air liur pun dok meleleh lagi. Kencing pun belasah dalam seluar je kot.

Tapi bila sebut Pahang aje, aku dah terbayangkan muka orang2 asli tapi omen tak macam orang asli pun. Ter ada la sikit macam orang asli. Takla macam orang asli sangat pasal orang asli biasanya kurus cengkiak, tapi ter badan dah macam tong, boroi habis. Jadinya, ter memang dah tak layak nak jadi orang asli secara automatik. Eh Tina Zuriana pun orang Pahang ek, lagi la tak macam orang asli.

Bapak aku punyala lama dia plan nak pegi Jerantut. Semuanya bermula bila pada masa adik aku kawin 4 Disember yang lepas, Pakcik Rosdi yang aku hanya kenal ikut gambar aje datang ke majlis perkahwinan adik aku. Buat pengetahuan korang Pakcik Rosdi ni lah yang dulu-dulu suka dukung aku masa kekecik. Suka peluk cium aku, agaknya taik aku pun dia tercium sekali, maklumlah masa kecik2 dulu, berak dalam seluar ni kira hobila jugak.

Pakcik Rosdi ni masa aku kekecik dulu, punya la macho. Misai dia gila tebal. Dan aku dapat rasakan yang dia sangat sayang dan rindu sama aku masa dia jumpa aku di majlis perkahwinan adik aku tu. Dipeluknya aku, diciumnya, dan diajaknya ambil gambar bersama. Dah tentunya aku rasa agak terharu, tapi takla sampai menangis cuma terasa sikit kat dalam hati aku ni, yang dalam dunia ni, ramai yang kenal dan sayang aku walaupun tak pernah berjumpa.

Dalam perjalanan tu aku tidur aje. Tidur2 ayam la kot. Tapi tak berkokok pun. Cuma tidur2 yang macam ayam tu sebab kepala aku asyik terpatuk-patuk ke riba aku sendiri. Sampai aje di Jerantut, aku terdengar bapak aku cakap dengan pakcik rosdi melalui hensetnya. Pastu pakcik Rosdi jemput kitorang kat stesen minyak. Terus aje kitorang pegi tempat nak nikah. Tapi nak dijadikan pasalnya, orang yang nak bernikah tu tak sampai lagi. Jadinya aku pun ambik gambar seperti di bawah.

Aku dah tentu la yang muka nerd tu. Aku punya contact lens dah rosak so terpaksalah aku menyeksa diri memakai cermin mata. Dahla panas. Memang nampak nerd. Pakcik Rosdi cakap aku masa kekecik macam jepun. Makcik yang hujung tu pun cakap aku pun nampak macam jepun sekarang ni? Yeke? Jepun taik kucing lah. Sebelah aku ialah Pakcik Rosdi. Kuat betulla dia tu isap rokok. Tak berenti-renti.

Sampai-sampai aje kat rumah orang kawin tu, keluarga aku seumpama selebriti. Semua orang dok tengok kat kitorang. Sorang-sorang sanak saudara Pakcik Rosdi keluar. Soalan yang sama bila ternampak aku, "Ni Zam ke?". Ada jugak seorang nenek ni yang terus memeluk cium aku bila ternampak aku. Rindu sangat agaknya. Dulu-dulu, kalau diikutkan ceritanya, aku ni macam buah hati semua orang. Semua orang suka dukung dan manjakan aku (heheheh.. bangga bangga), dan itu jugak menjelaskan kenapa sampai ke besar aku masih nak duduk dengan mak aku. Hahaha.. Pendekkan citer, semua orang peluk aku, dan kenal aku, walaupun aku tak kenal diorang.

Inilah rupanya kenduri tu. Ada orang lari-lari pulak. Aku ingat dia kena kejar dengan kerbau la. Oh yer, masak2 di rumah kenduri tu banyak menggunakan daging kerbau. Bukan Mail Kobau tu, tapi kerbau bebetul la. Kerbau tu sebenarnya nampak aje macho, tapi bila dia berbunyik, sure korang nak tergelak, bunyik dia "Nguak Nguak". Giler tak macho! Muka aje macho. Teringat pulak aku kat ada satu mamat india yang baru lepas gunting rambut aku 2 minggu lepas. Muka memang giler hemsem, aku ingat kalau berlakon kalah M Rajnikanh tu, tapi bila dia bercakap, tergelak besar aku. Dia pun tanya aku apsal aku tergelak, aku cakap aku geli, padahal aku tergelak dengar suara dia. Bisu punya suara pun lagik macho!

Ni mak aku tengah makan. Mak aku memang cun so jangan banyak tanya. Tu sebelah dia tu ialah Farah yang tengah membosankan diri dia. Hahaha. Farah ni la sumber buli aku kat rumah. Aku takleh hidup tanpa membuli dia walau sehari pun.

Lepas habis makan, kitorang pun pegilah ke rumah Pakcik Rosdi. Oh, tadi tu bukan rumah dia, tapi rumah adik dia rupanya. So kitorang pun pegilah ke rumah Pakcik Rosdi. Walaupun sederhana, aku rasa selesa sebab Makcik Ila (isteri pakcik Rosdi) pandai padankan warna untuk dinding rumah dia. Aku siap tertidor dan siap boleh mandi lagi. Hahaha.. Giler best! Makan goreng pisang pastu balik.

Sebelum balik tu, kitorang pusing-pusing nak tengok rumah lama kitorang dulu. Jadinya, gambar di atas inilah rumah lama kitorang masa duduk di jerantut.

Bestnya kalau aku dah besar masa tu dan boleh ingat semua perkara... Pakcik Rosdi, terima kasih daun keladi, nanti saya datang lagi. :)

December 23, 2005

A beast monster that is confused!

Ahha.. at last i've got something to write about. I've been writing this without having a title for it.

And only tonite i realized that i'm still very disturbed once my father scold me. Just now i was jokingly trying to step on Farah's tummy but my father stopped me and in a very angry tone he told me that I'm actually teaching her to be disrespecting people.

I'm kinda disagree, and in a very low tone i told my father, it's nothing and i leave, took bath and actually thought of it as a good start for me to write the entry for today! I was so free but i wasn't in journaling mode until just now. Haha!


Monster Mode

It's been a few weeks since i've been in this monstrous mode. Why? I'm craving to munch on anything, most of the time. I have a serious problem of big tummy. My weight has reached 70kg recently and I just can't stop myself from eat and eat and eat.

I can hardly fit into most of my pants. The size of my tummy has become so obvious even an auntie who has been not seeing me for quite sometimes noticed me being a lil bit chubby.

Should I blame my mom for cooking good food that I cannot resist? I admit that I'm a lil bit happier this last few weeks for over certain things but does that count? I admit also that I will eat a lot when I'm happy! Gosh! There's a lot of contributing factors.

The only thing that I don't wanna admit is that, it's me that caused me to gain a lot of weight. My eating habit and a lot of other things.

Used to be this fat when I was a lot happier.


Soborrhea of Scalp

I'm having a very serious scalp problem, as it's known as Soborrhea of scalp, a problem that is genetically inherited, that comes out of the blood, that will cause the scalp to be drying and producing a lot of dandruffs.

It's kinda irritating but there's nothing i can really do to stop it. The solution provided was to slow down the rate of the drying skin accordingly.

I was thinking to clean shave my head but, my mom especially will hate me if I do that. I'm suffering a lot with the itchy head and everything.

How i wish i can peel off the skin/scalp and live happily without the scalp skin. Arghh!!


Matters that confused me..

Before I'm proceeding with this post, I would love to quote a quote from Sharida's Blog,

"Good or Bad, Hard to say"

When it comes to the turn for me to jot my thoughts on this matter, I'm really already sleepy.

Well, it's just as simple as this. Imagine you go out with someone, either it would be a BF or GF, or just a companion, a BF/GF to be or whatsoever, asking your opinion on going out with someone else.

My ex once asked me how would I feel if she go out with someone else, I told her that I'll be fine because i really trust her so I believe there's nothing will happen. I know she's the kind of loyal type, and she's the kind of won't be looking for trouble girl, which saves me a lot of hassles but then she came up with this trap question,

"Are you saying it's okay because you wanna go out with someone else too?"

I was trapped, confused and deadlocked!

Someone had just came out with the same question which I answered that I'll be fine, I won't be jealous because it's just not me. She insisted with the idea that some people would say there would be a lil need of the jealousy, while rephrasing the whole thing that should sound something like this,

"What if you're going out with someone, both of you are quite close to each other, but suddenly she asked your opinion on going out with someone else, who are very good looking, very macho, and know what does it take to make a girl feel good, and that someone may end up being with him, what would you feel and do?"

I GULPed! This is the most heartbreaking thing will ever happened to me though, but being me, I would say that it's still okay, because the initial idea was just to go out together, me insisting on the idea of 'ONLY GOING OUT', that is still fine with me, because, hei, I'm pretty good at trusting people eh?

But if she will still end up with him, i'm admitting that, that would be the most heartbreaking thing will ever happen to me, but it's still good though, at least i know that she went with someone else, rather than leaving me for nothing (yeah I'm kinda 'a loser' sometimes hehe), and i cannot do anything about it as feeling is something you cannot force. I used to do something last time but it's useless as then I learnt that 'We cannot force feeling'

Well, again she regarded that as being irresponsible as I will just let it go, just like that. Hmm, that's wrong as I believe that, if she loves me, she won't do such thing.


And if she doesn't love me, why should I wait for her any longer? Hehehe.

December 21, 2005

Snatching and the toilets!

Wattaaaa!! Let's kungfu! My mom has just signed up for a tai chi group. The group will actually assemble every morning, monday to friday, at the playground field in front of my house. So IZHAM, watch out, your mom might be 'kuntau'ing you if you're being naughty with Farah or any of your siblings who you've always bullied.

And i've just did something to my very own car. You can see it here

Snatching and the toilets!

The title has no relation to each other, it's just that i've 2 things to highlight tonite. It has been boggling my head for the past few days, it was that the time was always jealous of me for being so free actually, but currently i've been keeping myself busy with things.

I've seen a few snatchings that happens in front of me. One that I've always remembered was the one happen in the area of The Mall or Pan Pacific KL, where two motorists were snatching a handbag of a lady. The traffic police was there, but they did nothing as they were busy catching people who were doing the U-Turn wrongly in front of the Mall (so drivers out there, be careful with the No-U-Turn sign because the police might have waited for you there). I was there, only got a chance to ran to the middle of the road and kicked the motorbike but it wasn't powerful enuf to fall 'em down. So there goes the bag with the whole thing inside. The traffic police was still there, looking, and only after a few minutes coming over and tell the lady to be careful with the handbag next time.

What? Just that?

No, not only that. They even blamed the lady for nor being careful some more. I was about to be mean to them but i was still being able to control my anger. Policemen, I don't know what to say but that's the fact.

Another one was in Kajang, where i saw a few people chasing a guy holding a handbag, which one of them managed to fall him down by catching one of his leg. So, u must be expecting the people then beat him up right?

Yes, you are smart. But the policemen there was trying to be even smarter by actually holding people from beating him up and unexpectedly, the snatcher managed to runaway, together with the handbag.

What was actually happening? I do not know. I'm still thankful people were there to help but who was culprit to cause the snatcher to run away? I was so frustrated that I walked away and had a cendol nearby. It was so refreshing to enjoy cendol after the chasing scene while the rest of us were talking about it.

A few of close friends had also been the victim of these poorly inhuman snatchers. A few years back, a friend, Helena was struggling to protect her handbag from being snatched by the snatcher, in the middle of a lot of people, in the Brickfields, but annoyingly, those a lot of people has never done a thing about it, except for watching it like it was a movie shooting was in progress. Gosh! Helena fell down on the road and still no one helped her! Were these people human being? Even a monkey will protect their own-being if it was being attacked.

Latest, my friend CKin (she's the friend of Elly, and she used to be commenting a lot in my blog) was being snatched on the last Friday, when she was on her way back home after work. Sadly, it was done by school kids.

CKin was hit on her head by the helmet. Hit on the body, on her hand and so on. She lost her spectacles initially that causes her to be unable to do anything at all. She cried for help (oh i cannot imagine myself in her situation). Luckily, the traumatic event was seen by a kid who actually manage to shout 'HOI!!!' to the bullies that caused the bullies to dropped the bag somewhere, and the kid returned the bag back to CKin.

She is really traumatized. I hope she'll be doing well. Just pray to god.


For males (I'm not so sure about females), what would expect when you get into public toilets?

When I was schooling, to be frank, sometimes i'll be aroused reading the things my seniors was doing to the toilet walls. You know why? They even draw in detail to picturize everything they've been imagining. There's one particular senior girl who was so popular inside the toilet. Her name was so everywhere, especially the 2nd toilet from the left. I don't know what so special about that toilet, but what I know was the particular toilet was always clean and everything was working in a very good order. I was always trembled when we bumped to each other.

Not only those pervert things, there some about the anger towards the teachers, especially the principal. I was always had my laugh of the day when they came up with the new joke of 'Cokman', the principal of my school at that time. Not to mention about the joke of 'Cikgu Yamin', and some other teacher. There were teachers who was sex-symbolized on the walls of the toilets as well.

Years gone, then when it come to the public toilets, there were a lot issues were being brought up. Not only sexual, there are also political sketches, as well as religious and racism jots in the public toilets. I don't know, if we're having something like the berlin's wall, what would our people actually write on it?

As years gone by, the toilet scratches has become more advance, which people now, dare themselves to leave their contact numbers as well.

And the most popular is now, the GAY Service.

December 20, 2005

Motokar saya JDM kah?

Ni bumper baru ni. Baru je beli di kedai potong. Kedai potong ni kedai potong kereta, bukan potong kek atau potong manusia. Yang paling bukan sekali potong kucing atau lipas.

Oh, ni gambar lepas cat. Yang putih-putih tu disebabkan air polish. Malas aku nak basuh. Kalau susah sangat, aku hantar je kedai tu balik suruh cat. Patutnya nampak lampu aku tu macam smoked sikit. Bukan lampu tu hisap rokok, atau hisap curut, smoked tu macam digelapkan sikitla. Baru la cantek!

Tengok lah bumper belakang tu. Tak semenggah je. Dahla siap ada lubang hidung kat tetengah tu. Patutnya kena letak lambang Honda. Tapi aku tak fikir lagi masa tu nak letak apa. Maybe aku patut letak lambang hippies, tak pun letak ajela gambar nenek aku. Hensem sikit kot.

Dah cat dah. Last-last aku tak letak lambang apa-apa pun. Aku simenkan aje pastu cat aje. Biarkan kosong. Siap letak lambang mugen lagi tu. Mahal tu. Aku beli dalam rm60 sekeping. Import dari jepun ma. JDM (Japan Domestik Market)

Target seterusnya ialah untuk menampakkan lagi kereta aku adalah dari jepun, kira JDM punya kereta la. Maybe lepas ni apa yang aku boleh buat, tukar bumper depan dengan 99 spec punya dan catkan mende alah chrome kat tepi pintu kereta tu kepada hitam.

December 18, 2005

Luxurious Wedding :: to appreciate or to boast?

As i've been not watching the prime news for so long, so I did just to get myself updated to the things locally happening.

I was munching on something when suddenly my two cousins were exciting over something on the TV screen. It was the expensive wedding of one of the local artist with a son of some rich guy.

I choked myself to hear the amount of the 'hantaran'. Why does it need to be so expensive?

Some facts about the wedding;

1. The bride is 26 years old but the groom is 32.
2. The groom is not that handsome (my mom said) but the bride is not that pretty.
3. The bride is a struggling artist but the groom is a son of someone rich (car importer)
4. The amount of the 'hantaran' was RM77,888.77
5. Luckily the dowry was just RM22.50

I cannot stop myself from having negative thoughts towards the bride. Does she really love this guy?

To get to know the amount of the 'hantaran' made me think, is it for money or for love? Why don't they just spend another RM10,000.00 for the dowry?

And why should a 32 years old guy, and being rich, why should he go over such an ordinary girl like that, and he's a divorcee with a kid. I think he should be able to look for such a better woman for his life. Is it for love or for the popularity? She's not that popular though, not as popular as Afdlin Shauki or Siti Nurhaliza.

If she got to 'charge' that price, how much you think Siti Nurhaliza would ask? I hope not, because Siti Nurhaliza is a very good girl ;p hehe.

Let us now be kewl, take a deep breathe and ponder about these questions.. (think think [!])

1. Which one is important, the wedding or the marriage?
2. What's the importance of spending a lil bit too much on the wedding?
3. How could we ensure the high price of the hantaran can ensure the happiness or endurance of the wedding?
4. What does the media gotta do with the wedding?

I wish, i can have a cozy wedding reception ceremony in a garden, where everyone is wearing casual clothing, with a rock band playing music. The kompang team would be wearing suits, just like me. I would only invite the close relatives and friends, and i would mingle with everyone of them. I would not want the 'lauk pengantin' for myself. The most important thing for me during the wedding is to mingle with the guesses. The food would be of like the high tea buffet, it doesn't really need to have nasi minyak with all those heavy dishes. And I do really think it's cheap.

But.. guess what...!

My parents, my uncles/aunts and my granmas wouldn't allow such thing to happenlah! Unless i do a separate reception for all my close relatives and friends. Customs or social traditions are still there. But i may do a lil bit of modification over the current method of the wedding being done.

I just want a simple wedding, with not so much hassles, which will actually cause headaches, and my mom nagging because of not doing this and that. Which will cause my sisters to be working extra hours doing this and that for the wedding. And everyone would be happy. It doesn't have to be big. Small wedding is still a wedding but, it has to be unforgetful and memorable.

The most important thing to me is the marriage itself. I just wanna get married once and for all and forever.

Wah i really sounded like a girl today, but even today i'm talking about how my wedding is gonna be looked like, i don't know when am I gonna get married. Maybe 5... or 10 years from now?

Currently, there's a few ongoing breaking ups of the celebrities marriage. How would it feel if once everyone knew about how big the wedding was, but later, people knew about how the great wedding doesn't really endure the marriage.

What i can't understand most is, even if you have problem in your marriage, why do you have to do a press release?

December 16, 2005

The problem with being 'Loyar Burok'

I was always regarded as Loyar Burok since I was just 11 years old. Loyar Burok (Burok not as faizin's mother name, but burok as ugly) can be simply defined or described as being unserious, and trying to fool, make fool and to be funny most of the time.

Schooling in town formerly, with a lot of students, students were then divided into a few classes, which normally will accordingly be grouped by the exam's result ranking. I was put in the 'Smart Kids' class, which the kids are more so-called-civilized, over-behaved and never know how to be funny. The only funny things to them is when I was gossipped with a lot of girls, which of course made me embarassed till I cried!

I was schooling in my hometown back then, when I was introduced to a bunch of 'Kampung' (sub-urban) kids who taught me of cursing and being funny in the class. I'm going to tell that it's really fun being uncivilized. A lot of new words, beside situated on the border of Melaka and Negeri Sembilan's additional vocabularies. For Malaysian, I hope u know how Melaka people would do the curse in 5 minutes non-stop. I used to that, when I was schooling. Hehe, I'm sure Taiko and Omen also know.

I was so civilized back then, even when someone said 'PUKIMAK KAU', (it's a curse, means mother's cunt, in a bad way of saying it to humiliate the mother of the cursed) I was just smiling and say 'MEMANGLAH' (yes indeed) and followed big LOLs among the rest.

Tell you, I was very really innocent. When I was in Terengganu, I used to be canned in front of the class just to say 'CELAKA' (U ARE CURSED).

In my hometown, even the teachers cursed the students using those dirty words, which reminds me of my late uncle who was a teacher at the same school. So it was curses anywhere. I guess, if it was allowed, they will have a poster like "SIAPA BUANG SAMPAH MERATA-RATA ADALAH BABI YANG DILAKNAT" (litterers are cursed pigs), but luckily they don't.

Back to being LOYAR BUROK.

Yes I learnt to fool the teachers at school too. Of course, being so young, the things I do at school, I took it home. My mom was so mad at me when I was joking about what she said and making fool of her. I don't know I just love it, especially when she gets mad.

The fact is, I can't face people who gets mad at me. So I tend to be Loyar Burok or I just LOL so that i can avoid any emotional involvement with the angry person.

When I was in form 1, I was schooling in the boarding school, and it was the last day of the orientation week. The orientation week was so like suffering, so we were hoping that it will end up fast so we can continue our life peacefully.

I was having my lunch, but as it was a tiring day, as I've just won the DressUp contest stupidly, i sat on the chair, like almost lying on it as i leaned both of my legs towards the edge of the table. I had a can of Chrysantemum Tea, to substitute the hot tea-o served by the Dining Hall.

Seeing me sitting in such a bad manner, the seniors called me up to their table. Once i reached there, they passed me their mugs and glasses and asked me to fill it up with the drink. As i passed my first batch of glasses and mugs, they became mad as they were actually asked me to fill them with the same drink i had.

I was jokingly said, 'Boleh bang, saya isi tapi pakai duit abang lah yer' (yes I can brother, but use your money).

One of them became even mad and was actually trying to slap me but he was hold by his friends and said, 'Oh Kau Loyar burok yer?' (Are you trying to fool me?). It didn't end there. They asked me to finish my meal and asked me to come over to their dormitory. I was trembling and sweating, worrying of what would happen to me.

I was punched by a Karate champion of the school, was flying-kicked, and they even hit me with the guitar, as I was jokingly saying that I know how to play the guitar but I was actually not. Since then, I tell myself to learn to play guitar till I've become quite 'OK' now hehe.

Some of the people that I'm closed with always regarded me as Loyar Burok and unserious. There was one day I was driving a lorry overloaded with Metal Scraps from Skudai to Tampoi, when this one friend called and asking what am I doing.

'I'm driving a lorry and it's pretty dangerous as it's overloaded, can I call u later?'

The friend of mine were having the laugh of his life and asking me to be serious as he's actually wanted to discuss something serious with me over the phone. I said no and when i was about to cut it off, he said wait wait wait. He even asked, 'Are you carrying fish? Do u have siakap? How much do u sell a kilo?' followed by his big laugh.

I wasn't humiliated or what so ever as we used to humiliate each other so there's no problem with it. The thing I'm worried was the 'White Horses' (traffic officers) which were seen all over the places on that day. So i told him to cut it off but as he was still holding me on the phone, there's a motorbiked traffic officer beside me asking me to stop by the highway.

Gosh! I uttered my last words 'BABI LAH ENGKAU AKU DAH KENA TAHAN DENGAN POLIS LA BONGOK!!!' (You are pig! I'm now being stopped by the police), then i hung up and talk to the policeman.

I was about to be charged with 3 offenses.

1. Talking on the mobile phone while driving without the handsfree.
2. Driving lorry without permit and license
3. The lorry is overloaded. I carried 3.9 tons on a 1 ton lorry.

I've a good PR really. Or was it me or him? Malaysian police so easy eh? Cost me only RM50, before i was asked to buzz off.

Minutes later the friend called again. He asked,

'Can you please send me one lorry of ikan siakap? Hahahahahahaha!'


December 14, 2005

The Tale of the Naked Lady & Ketuk Ketampi..

I wasn't really enthusiastically following the news, talks, gossips and rumours about the case, as I've been already watching the clip, and there was nothing special about it, the naked chinese lady was asked to do a Ketuk Ketampi thing, which for some people it is beyond the border, but for me, it is one of the proven way to find out if the suspects keep something in their private part, without having to have any contact with the suspect.

It was terribly humiliating for the suspect, but I do believe it was somekind of unwritten procedure, who has been taken as a general code everywhere, when it comes to the case of drug trafficking or smuggling.

It saves the hands of the officers from doing the dirty job. I don't know whether it's true or not, that in some other countries, the police or custom officer would have to wear a glove and dig the suspect's anus or vagina, which is really disgusting and very unhuman. Imagine someone with a big hand do it to someone petite.

I guess, that petite someone wouldn't be able to walk for at least a week. I myself had experienced the 'Berak Berdarah', caused by the lacking of water content inside the poopies so then it's hardened and it really suffers me for the next 5 days. Itchy somemore!

Back to the issue.

And now it has really become a major issue as there's a public inquiries about the case, and what has really intrigued me was as this morning, I read in the newspapers that the so called 'victim' of the normal unwritten procedure wasn't actually a chinese, no matter a China chinese or local chinese, but she was not a chinese at all.


Well, when we talk about naked malay lady.. well u know, it will always become a big issue. I know nowadays it's not really hard to see a malay naked ladies on the net, even the last two days a friend of mine has showed me a malay couple having sex at the staircase somewhere, on his handphone, but still, it is a MALAY NAKED LADY.

Malay naked lady is one issue, but imagine the Ketuk Ketampi thingy.

Coming to it, it's no longer a national issue, but it has became more towards a national joke. I'm sure after this, KETUK KETAMPI will become a national example, as now the whole nation has know the ability of KETUK KETAMPI itself.

Consider this, if I am teacher, I will ask the girl students to do KETUK KETAMPI naked. My Reason :: See if she hide the cigarette inside her pussy.

Is it possible?

Well maybe then the parliament has to have a special discussion about the 'KETUK KETAMPI ACT 2005'.


December 13, 2005

Tagged by Kak Zuni

Heh, kak Zuni, it's been a while after u tagged me and now I'm gonna do it..

1) Dwelve into ur blog archieve.
2) Find ur 23rd post (or closest to)
3) Find the 5th sentence (or closest to)
4) Ponder it for meaning,subtext or hidden agenda
5) tag 5 people to do the same.

So my 23rd post, 5th sentence "Firstly, it was my boss who were doing it

I was talking about the job that were being assigned to me. At first my boss did it, but as he gets no more time i will have to do his job.

& this tag goes to ::

1) Noral Isma
2) Taiko
3) Tinidewi
4) Langsuir
5) Nadya Shahabuddin



A week has past without me having the luxury of sitting in front of any Laptop or PC to do my blog.

I have a post in progress but it has been abandoned, thus i'm not in the mood to continue with it.

Lately, i've been tracking down a lot of friend's blog. A good ol' friend of mine has also started his own blog which was hillarious and mind blowing. I was soothing my mind by reading his blog, having laughs of my life and forgetting every single burden in my head.

Have u ever been to Taiko's blog? If you haven't, then u should! How to get there? Find out the link to his blog at the left side of this blog. There's a word TAIKO, just click on it. I'm so damn ass lazy to create another linkage in my post.

Last week, I've been up and down from Seremban to KL for a few times. I even went up to kl just to join the weekly Futsal activity, while my brother turned up just to introduce his new wife to friends. I've again did the 'Killer Drive of Bukit Putus' with the Purple Beetles of my father's, where it took me only 25 minutes to reach Senawang from Kuala Pilah. I really enjoyed the drive.

I even smoked a new Honda Accord! Hei that bloody car is fast man!

Then I drove back to JB on Wednesday just to catch up with my 2nd Harry Potter screening. Get back to Seremban on the Friday night just to catch up with Romdzi's small feast he's gonna had on Saturday. Not so many people were invited, but I end up staying there till late night, just to help him to get the license for the GT4 game on his PS2.

And on Sunday, I've had the scariest drive in my Honda Civic, as I was testing my car to the limit by carrying the most load i've ever put into my car. As we dropped by in my hometown, we took 2 of my cousins to be taken back to JB. I was so in relief as we reach our home. My car must be suffering a lot from the heavy loads!

Today I'm back in JB. Been to narnia's screening and it was kewl, even I was actually hoping that they will stay there for ever and after.

For me, Narnia is an escapism of the real life. How i wish i can go there for sometime, without actually wasted my time in my real life. I may stop the time whenever i want, having vacation for as long as I want, without having to waste the time of my real life.

Narnia has created some sort of 'Doraemon's Dreams' in my head. I used to be dreaming of having the Time Machine so that I can fix the mistakes I've done in the past. I was always longing the the Flyin Fan that we can put on our head and fly whenever there's traffic jam in the KL city. I wish that that I can have the 'Magic Door' that can take me anywhere in seconds.

I was once even hoped that i have all those kind of things to solve my problems.

Correct me if I'm wrong, that most of us were by any chance, will try to look for the best way of escapism from what we don't like around us. For me sometimes, I blog as an escapism of the badly need of talking to someone at times. But currently, I blog as to share things in my head.

I'm currently shared most of my time with people i care a lot and I want to be with every single minute.

December 10, 2005

Makan2 di rumah Romdzi

MAsa ni aku pegi rumah ter. Dia ajak makan. Apsal tah. Banyak duit kot? SO aku pun pegi la dengan mak bapak aku. Best jugakla. Aku makan kek banyak giler. Kek mende tah tapi katanya beli kat kedai 'Resipi Rahsia'. Apa yang rahsianya tak tau la aku. Pelik tak, sedangkan rahsia kerajaan pun bocor, rahsia kedai kek ni pun susah sangat ke nak dapat?

Inilah rupanya kek dia. Memang best, sampai menjilat siku, sebabnya siku aku terkena kek tu. Bukan apa, kek aku pun nak makan gak, eh silap, siku aku pun nak merasa gak. Tah pape tah aku nih.

Pastu mak bapak pun potong la kek ni. Aku rasa harijadi sape2 kot. Lantakla. Janji aku makan kek. Tengokla tu, potong kek pun nak kena dua orang. Apa sorang2 tak larat ke? Kalau tak larat meh aku tolong potong kan.

Ha ni masa tengah makan2. Takdela best sangat pun. Best lagi lauk yang diorang masak kat dapur. Yang tu catering punya masak. Aku minum teh tarik je sebab teh tarik dia sedap sampai tertarik rektum aku. Lepas tu aku cirit. Nasib baik la aku bukak seluar masa nak cirit. Masa tu aku kat rumah ter, so takde sape yang tau aku cirit. Kalau kecoh2 nanti malu la aku dekat orang semua.

Pastu aku buat bodoh pegi main game. Hehehe..

Post ni sepatutnya dah lama dah di buat, tapi macam malas kan..

December 7, 2005

EOF of the wedding..

Saturday - 3 December 2005.

EOF - stands for end of file, for computing purpose.

It does as well as to me, as it's the end of file of my brother's wedding matters. It's a tiring experience though, well it goes well with learning and gaining new experiences. It's not that easy to do a wedding, but it would be nicely done if everyone is doing their job.

I was drilled, one after another. Just after being drilled to be driving the volkswagon back to Seremban on Friday, on that fine Saturday morning, I was asked by my father to clean the whole house, as at the coming night time, we're gonna have some sort of a 'Pre-Kenduri' for the wedding.

Then, I was asked by my father to drive him and my 2 sisters to Shah Alam. Yes I did went to Azzura's wedding. I don't believe it that people can recognize me over there (what?). I was actually know nobody there accept for those of my father's friends. Azzura was actually a daughter of my parent's friend. I first met them I was so small, I think that time they were staying at Segamat when my family was visiting them. Then, when my father was being transferred to Terengganu, we stayed in the same governmental apartment area, so we became so close to each other.


The father, Zakaria, which my father called him Sarawak, the mom is Auntie Aizan, then Azzura, Azzureena and Alin.

So both families were so close, we children went to school together. Either Auntie Aizan, Uncle Sarawak, My father, ah yes, I've forgotten to mention, Uncle Anip, who used to work with RTM and sometimes do composing songs for artists, will do the job of sending and fetching us from school.

Actually there were 3 very close families.

We went picnic together. We do 'makan-makan' together. We went to swimming pool together. Then my father had to go to the West Germany, so me and all my siblings had to be transferred to our hometown in Melaka. EOF of that.


After going to the wedding, later in the afternoon I went off to Melaka to get the Kuih Bakar. At night, we had the pre-kenduri, and after th pre-kenduri, I went to Subang to fetch Hemsem. I slept at around 3AM. It was a very hectic and tiring day!

Sunday - 4 December 2005

I woke up at 7.30 to fetch Surato, an Indonesian who had helped us a lot in repairing the house. Then, i had light breakfast before going out to the Dewan Kompleks Belia in Paroi to watch over the preparation of the wedding. I appointed my ex-school friend, Aizul to setup the sound system for the wedding, even I was involved in tuning the sounds. My father want it to be not so loud so that people can actually talk to each other during the wedding.

As my father insisted me to play Nasyid songs during the wedding, I had to find the CD in giant then go back home and bathed my self. I called Cop to come over and asked them to get dressed in Baju Melayu. Both Hemsem and Cop would be helping me in the wedding.

I then took my father and the CD to the wedding place at around 11++ AM, where people has actually arrived. I went back home and get myself prepared for the bigger event! The cendol people has also arrived! They've started with the cendol preparations!

There will be around 20++ volkswagon coming, to gather in the surrounding area of my house before convoying to the wedding. It's going to be hillarious! Since cop was around, I asked him to drive my car to send and fetch people from home to the wedding. I even asked him to fetch Nana from the commuter station. She came with her mom and aunt.

At around 11 something, the bride's family arrived and they were all around the house. Then, at around 12.30, the volkswagons has arived and that has made it even worse. I don't know how to handle so many people at once, and I did asked my brother to ask the bride family to leave the drinks table to let the volkswagon people to have their refreshment before convoying to the wedding.

I've no camera with me so I cannot capture that moment where all the pretty volkswagon were parking all around my house. It was an overwhelming scene!

Then at exactly 1, I've asked all the volkswagon drivers to get ready before I lead them to the wedding at 1.10. That was my first time in a convoy of volkswagons, and better, I'm the one to lead the convoy. The feeling was fantastic!

My brother and his wife would be driven to the wedding in one of the volkswagons! We will be moving in a convoy of all those pretty volkswagons!

Arrived at the wedding around 1.35, and we were having a slight problem with parking where STUBBORN NEGERI SEMBILAN people ignored the NO PARKING sign I've made, even RELA people cannot stop those idiots from parking in the space. F*cking surprising, they're not even of the top people like directors or those who i know to be powerful or successful, just a bunch of people who i never know. Pathetic!

While I manage the volkwagons, the wedding started and here they are!

My brother seems to be very happy during the wedding. He looks cheerful and smiling all the time. Maybe because of the drove around in the volkswagon i guess.

Then I spent the rest of the day mingling around with the people who came. I missed seeing a lot of people as most of them came at around 12++ where I was busy at home managing the bride+groom and the convoy thingy. I was like sitting from this table to this table chatting with friends who came.

I was there till late evening, and we left once Suji Bilang reached the place. We left for home and I do think that the wedding is successfully done and I'm pretty happy for what I've done. Not easy but everything can be done if everyone is doing their job. I'm sure mak, abah and all my sisters who had been working so hard for this wedding will be smiling even their sleep. This is the first wedding in the family, and I'm so thankful that all the family members were giving their hands to help.

Wouldn't it be nice when the whole big family gathered in a place and do work together. I miss the gathering moments. How I wish if the whole family can actually live together in the same compound and meet everyday.

There'll be a lot of laughters!

So at the end of the wedding, everyone went back. I mourned. One by one went off. I was like crying when my sisters drove away. Luckily Ikhwan was still at home. THe house that was once full of the loud voices of the old folks, the screamings and cryings of the kids and babies, turned quiet and so peaceful.

I pray that my brother and his wife will live happily ever after. :)

* Thanx to Lego came with his family, Taiko, Firdaus, Tony, Mr. Ng Kim Seng, Ibu to Farhan, Kak Eldynna, Rosli & Sally, Suji Bilang, Romdzi and his whole family, Bob & Malik, Auntie Aizan and family, Nana and her mom and her aunt, Mr. Teo and his Family and so many more.

Big thanks to Hemsem and Cop, for helping me out during the wedding. I owe you guys!

And I'm pretty sad that there are people who I wish to see them coming but they didn't. It's really demotivating me to write.


December 3, 2005

La Misión Logró

It means.. Mission Accomplished!

Yesterday, my task was to drive the volkswagon from JB to Seremban. I really have to prepare myself mentally, physically and pocketly because the car was consuming gas like 2 mercedesz cars when I drove in town.

Without doing the Jumaat Prayer, we (me & izzat) left at around 1.30 from Bandar Baru Uda. Oh yeah, Izzat has just finished his SPM exams, so I was actually waiting for him, then only i can make a move to Seremban.

I refueled the car to the max. Never expect this, the tank can actually fit in more than RM60 of petrol. Yesterday I filled in RM55 of petrol, with quite a lot of balance inside it. I always use Esso/Mobil.

I was driving at 40 mph, slowly and sometimes it does reach 45 mph. Then, our first stop was at the Kulai stop. I went for the toilet, leave the rear bonnet opened, bought some curry puffs, and drink, and we proceed with the journey till the Machap R&R. We had our lunch, I had meehoon soup while izzat took mee soto.

It was damn hot! I opted not to switch the air-conditioner on to avoid any problem with the engine, unless it's raining. The weather would be colder and the air going through the engine would be colder too!

The gas was still full. After 20 minutes, we continued with our journey. Again we stopped at the Yong Peng stop, again I went for the toilet. Then we proceed drive till we reach the Pagoh R&R.

I decided to stop and do our Jamak Prayers there. As usual, we left the bonnet opened, and left for surau. Surprisingly, there were people selling durians. This is not suppose to be the season of durian yet. The seller told me that, sometimes the trees bloomed their flowers at a wrong timing, so that result the durian to fruit at this time.

I paid RM10 and enjoyed the durians!

Izzat with the durians. At the back there was the chinese old man who sold me the durians!

Done with that, we proceed with the journey. After a few stops, the car was a lil bit lighter, the engine was smoother, till it produced the very original and expensive whistling beetle sounds from it's exhausts. The car easily reached 50 mph, and there were times i reached 65 mph.

Looking at it, it was speeding at 50mph but still it was still taking over a lot of cars. At that time, I was cruising at the right lane of the highway! Look at the fuel also. It was still full!

At that time, I even took over a mercedesz and a honda accord! But of course, the car was cruising down the hill haha!

And then again, we stopped at the Ayer Keroh Bridge Restaurant, as usual, we left the rear bonnet opened, and we left for ice cream. When I got back to the car, people were already surrounding the car and asked me hundreds of questions about the car. Yeah, it was a very beautiful car, but wait for the next project car, it will come up in February!

So bugfest next year, wait for this new car!

After a while, we reached home at around 5.30, a lot earlier than I expected.

So i've got to get ready for the wedding event. See ya all there!

December 1, 2005

Today, that is an amazing thursday.

First of all, as today is 1st December, I'd like to wish a friend of mine, Erein, who opened up the shell station at Ulu Klang,


Just now, I was doing my Malay blog.

Been in JB since Monday, as I was suffering from the eye sore, caused by my ignorance, by going to sleep without removing the contact lenses.

Once I reached JB, after dealing with the bank matters with my mom and to the clinic, I was on the bed for the rest of the day!

Sarc called when I was waiting for my mom in front of the bank.

Tuesday I went shopping with my mom. Bought myself a pretty purple Baju Melayu, to be wore on the wedding day of my brother. The wedding has a theme color, so it is purple.

Then my father drove my car away to Seremban, leaving me his daily driven volkswagon for me to gamble for my driving journey back to Seremban on Friday, after Izzat finished his SPM.

My father dropped by Pagoh, and called me asking where did he put his house key? I told him that I've no idea at all. Asked to search for it, I did and I called him back to letting it to his knowledge that I haven't found the keys.

A few minutes later, he called home, telling me that, he lost his handphone. My father was trying to blame me by saying, it was you called, then I put the handphone at the wudhuk place, then later I've forgotten!

For god sake, Abah, what is happening to you? So absent-minded, but I guess Abah is just so burdened up with a lot of things going on. Well, how many times I did tell you to keep your phone in your pocket, nowhere else. There's nothing wrong if u put your phone in the pocket and when it rings, just ignore it!

LESSON :: Always keep your handphone in your pocket!

I just can't wait for wednesday. There's a lot of things to be done. I'm going to put get the volkswagon a CD player, complete with all the speakers. The car was barely boring without all those things inside.

Continuously exciting, I met Sarc for the first time at the Johor Bahru City Square. I can't imagine myself, driving straight from the car accessory shop meeting her. Being improperly dressed, we went to Vivo for a so-so dinner and went to Danga Bay for an extension of our conversations.

On Thursday, after picking up my brother from his school, I went to Pelangi for another lunch meeting. There was this incident where a moron driver, who refused to do anything, when the barrier wasn't going up! It took a driver to get out of his car, to tell the driver to pay the ticket first. And it took me to check out what was going on.

What happened was, the driver was trying to escape the route, by driving over the divider. Oh gosh! It really looks like a criminal in an escape attempt. Me and sarc were wondering what has been going wrong with the driver. Well, we managed to get ourselves out of the building and sent her to the office, while I later drove back home.

After some blog hopping, I realized something. I've met Elly (not nik elyani ok) somewhere else before I met her for the first time (it should be the second time now) sometimes ago.

Something about Elly, she's a super nice lady, we did talk about a lot of things, and recently she posted about her long lost love (hehe) which a lil bit touched me at the mere bottom of my heart.

I've gotta know this one lady, CKin, who found me up through my older blog, while she was looking for a suitable place for karaoke.We became friends, and we met at the Hard Rock Cafe. She wasn't the clubbing type, but she was there as the band members were her friends. There, I met Elly as well, and I was about to mingle around with all her friends, but then I've forgotten!

The world is too small. Then I met Elly again, without realizing that I've met her in HRC before.

I just wanna wish her Happy 29th birthday. Her birthday was on the 27th, which was on last Sunday. Same day as Sazuan Nazrah's birthday. Tasha's was on the 26th. Wani my cousin was on the 20th, same day as Nurul Jannah. Khalila was on the 11th of November and Ija, was on the 10th.

Life is so amazing. As amazing as today.

I think today is an amazing day.

Balik ke JB

Seksa sungguh nak balik ke JB. Isnin yang lepas, aku bangun pagi sambil menyedari yang kanta lekapku masih lagi melekap di anak mata. Aduh, sungguh herot berot pandanganku waktu itu. Aku sangsi adakah mataku akan merah seperti biasa sekiranya kanta lekap ku tidak dibuka seperti ini.

Ku jengah cermin muka, ku lihat sedalam-dalamnya ke dalam anak mataku. Mata putihku sungguh merah, menyala bagaikan marah. Terasa juga kepedihan yang menusuk ke pangkal mata. Otakku terasa berat, walaubagaimanapun, aku mesti terus pulang ke JB hari ini juga.

Pagi2 lagi aku sudah bertandang ke Klinik 24 jam di Senawang itu. Aku ingin membeli ubat sahaja tapi nampaknya mereka mahu aku bertemu doktor juga. Lambatlah kalau begitu. Aku menunggu, tapi setelah agak lama, barulah pekerja itu menanyakan aku adakah aku ingin pergi bekerja.

Sudah tentu aku mengiyakan sahaja sambil mengatakan yang aku ingin memandu pulang ke JB. Lalu mereka bertanyakan ubat apa yang aku ingin beli. Aku terus menyebut Dextracin, ubat yang selalunya mujarab untuk menghilangkan kemerahan di mataku itu.

Malangnya, Dextracin tiada dalam stock mereka. Ahh kecewanya. Ada ubat Neo Deca, tapi aku memilih untuk menggunakan Nicol. Lalu kuteruskan memandu ke JB.

Sebaik jam berdetik ke waktu 7.15 pagi, aku terus memasuki lebuhraya. Baru beberapa detik perjalanan, kepedihan di mataku mula menyengat. Aku langsung tidak dapat membuka mataku. Aku lebih banyak memejamkan mata dari membuka mata. Aku singgah di perhentian Pedas/Linggi. Aku titiskan ubat tersebut ke dalam mata dan menghalakan mataku ke arah penghawa dingin. Terasa agak lega, dan aku cuba meneruskan perjalananku.

Namun masih begitu keadaannya. Aku berhenti beberapa kali kerana mataku tidak dapat menahan kecerahan kekuatan pancaran ultra-V dari sinar matahari. Begitu juga dengan melihat skrin komputer. Namun hari itu, langit sungguh cerahm tidak mendung seperti biasa. Kereta yangku pandu merangkak-rangkak, terhoyong-hayang kerana aku tidak dapat memberikan perhatian sepenuhnya terhadap pemanduanku.

Namun, setelah hampir 3 jam setengah berada di atas lebuhraya, lebih kurang jam 10.45, aku tiba juga akhirnya ke rumahku. Akan tetapi keadaanku pada waktu itu sangatlah teruk. Aku tidak mampu melakukan apa-apa melainkan berbaring di katilku sambil menahan kepedihan yang melanda mataku. Emak sungguh kasihan melihatkan keadaanku yang sebegitu rupa. Abah pula asyik menelefon bertanyakan adakah aku sudah membawa ibuku ke bank, dan segala macam urusan yang rasanya tidak termampu aku lakukan hari itu. Namun aku gagahkan jua diri untuk membawa emak ke bank untuk mengeluarkan wangnya. Selepas itu, aku ke klinik, mendapatkan ubat dan terus balik ke rumah, terlantar sehingga ke tengah malam. Dalam sakit-sakit mata itu, ramai yang menelefon untuk bercakap dengan aku. Walaupun gembira, aku gusar sekiranya aku tidak dapat bercakap dengan baik kerana kesakitan yang aku alami.

Apabila bangkit, mata ku agak redanya merahnya, namun aku teruskan juga menggunakan ubat mata tersebut.

Bangkit sahaja di hari Selasa, mata ku sudah pulih. Namun aku masih tidak berani untuk menggunakan kanta lekap. Mata kiriku masih terasa pedihnya. Mungkin ada luka akibat terlalu kering. Doktor mengesahkan mata ku terkena konjunktivitis.

Hari Selasa aku keluar lagi. Aku pergi membuat bil untuk kayu dan pergi membuat akaun bank untuk syarikatku. Rasanya hari Jumaat barulah siap akaun itu. Emak dengan Abah akan balik ke Seremban dengan memandu kereta aku. Abah suruh aku pandu kereta volkswagon itu ke Seremban.

Mesti mencabar! AKu ingat lagi, kali terakhir aku pandu kereta tu jauh2, ialah pada waktu aku baru sahaja membeli kereta itu dari seorang guru di Batu Pahat. Aku beli volkswagon tersebut dengan harga RM4000. Murah sangat harganya, tapi keadaan kereta pun agak teruk. Yang agak menakjubkan, enjinnya masih sangat elok. Boleh dipandu laju di atas lebuhraya.

Ambil sahaja, terus hantar ke bengkel untuk kerja-kerja pembaik-pulihan. Malangnya, selepas keluar dari bengkel, kereta itu semakin tak seronok untuk dipandu. Ada tanda-tanda seperti enjinnya mahu mati setiap kali aku menekan pedal minyaknya. Tapi syukur, kereta itu masih mahu bergerak, dan akhrinya sampai juga kereta itu dari JB ke KL.

Sepanjang perjalanan yang aku rasakan sangat panjang itu, banyak kereta yang memberikan sokongan padu kepada aku dengan membunyikan hon, mengangkat tangan dan melambai-lambai ke arah ku. Apa taknya, aku hanya memandu dengan kelajuan lebih kurang 50-60 kilometer sejam, kalau ditekan lagi, nescaya enjinnya akan tersengguk-sengguk lalu mati.

Bayangkan lah, betapa lamanya aku memandu pada waktu itu, dan cuaca sangat panas.

Air cond pun takde.

Yang paling seronok, bila dah sampai di Serdang, aku terus meletakkan kereta ku di sana. Tak berani aku nak pandu pulang ke Subang, bimbang tersangkut di mana-mana. Fiza pada waktu itu kelihatan sungguh teruja melihat kereta burukku itu.

Walaupun buruk, buruk sangatlah, memang buruk giler tak tau nak cakap macam mana, tapi yang penting Fiza suka naik kereta aku pergi jalan-jalan dekat Putrajaya/Cyberjaya. Aku rasa happy bila dia suka, tah aku rasa macam best gila pulak dia bila dia suka naik kereta buruk aku tu.

Dan antara jasanya yang tak aku lupakan, kereta tu sempat la hantar adik Fiza, si Azam naik kapalterbang kat KLIA. Hahaha.. Kelakar jugak tu. Masa nak pergi tu kereta aku tersengguk-sengguk. Aku hanya buat-buat macho, pasal masa tu konon aku tengah marah dekat adik Fiza, so aku terus aje pandu kereta aku ke KLIA. Nasib baik masa perjalanan balik tu, semuanya berjalan lancar.

Jadinya sekarang ni, kereta pun dah jauh lebih cantik dari dulu. Jauh sangat bezanya. Belanja nak membaik-pulih kereta ni aje dah makan beriban-riban duit. Nak pulak semalam, lepas hantar adik aku balik dari sekolah, aku pegi hantar ke kedai aksesori kereta untuk pasang Pemain Cakera Padat yang boleh main MP# dengan WMA sekali. Wah ini sudah lebey dari kereta aku. Cuma yang kereta aku menang, aku ada 2 amplifier, dengan 2 subwoofer besar.

Di sini ada sedikit gambar. Semua-semua ni, habis RM1000. Sebijik pemain cakera padat pioneer yang boleh main CD Audio, MP3 and WMA, Dua biji speaker belakang siap dengan tweeter, dua biji speaker depan, siap dengan kotak yang dibuat khas untuk digantung di dalam kereta, dua biji tweeter dan pendawaian lengkap satu kereta. Memang kena pau habis cina kedai aksesori tu. Tapi puanyalah baik hai, dia siap bagi hadiah kat aku lagi.

Tengok la player tu. Sikit punya padan dengan pemuka volkswagon yang penuh dengan krom punya barang-barang tu.

Pembesar suara dia siap dibungkus dengan kain yang menyerupai kulit harimau bintang.

Besok, hari terakhir adik aku mengambil peperiksaan. Sejurus habis aje periksanya, aku akan terus memandu pulang ke Seremban.

Pastinya satu perjalanan yang sungguh mancabar! Aku pun tak pasti boleh sampai ke tidak kereta tu ke Seremban!

Aku akan ambil gambar sepanjang perjalanan!


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