July 27, 2006

Terrorist and the boys.

Classification :: Humanity

I would write if my time allows me to. All this while, I would prefer to write something cynical, or maybe i would write a lil bit on the economy, as long as I have the knowledge about it.

Every day, in each and every paper i read, they would portray about the attack of the Israelis to the Palestinian/Lebanon people.

In my opinion as a writer in my blog, i wrote to influence the readers to do or think something about it. I wrote cynically so that the world would know that I don't feel good about something.

In this matter, my writings would not be able to spark anything except to raise the rage beneath the heart of everyone who reads this. What's with rage? What can we do about it? Seriously matters, this is an act that all of us think that we would like to stop it.

Writing is just not enough.

* And I wonder why everytime i write seriously no one would dare to drop their comment *sigh*

(thanx for the "cynical" word. really appreciate it)

July 26, 2006

Deaths around us

Classification :: News

In yesterday's news, I was served with the news of the murder of the younger sister of Pahang Sultan on TV. It was done by the her own child who was found dead later, suspected of overdosed.

She was killed with the Rambo knife, which I used to have, once upon a time ago as my father bought it from the Germany, many years ago..

In my dumb head, I was thinking about where is that Rambo knife available so that I can have one. Anyway, as I can remember, someone told me that such knife is banned. I'm not sure about this.

The Sultan of Pahang who was challenged in the recent issue of the local soccer scene was seen in the newspaper kissing the remains of his sister. He must be really upset, as you know, this is just another embarassing happenings within the royal family.

And later this morning, I was having a very long 'what?' when the TV announced the death of Hani Mohsin, the host of the local version's wheel of fortune program, Roda Impian. He dies at the age of 43, which can be considered quite young to suffer the heart attack.

To imagine such a healthy guy dies from the heart attack, anything can happen to me by now.

Time to diet, lose weight and more sweat!

* even Roda Impian has not been aired as usual this evening.

July 25, 2006

Promosi Panggilan Rimba

Classification :: Event
Date :: 22-30 July 2006

A Ghazal group performing

I was wondering why such event has not been promoted properly. As I went to have my lunch at the National Craft Center in KL, I was surprised that there's an event to promote the traditional small-scale industries in producing clothes, furniture, accessories and all other kampung based industries.


I was amazed by the quality of the products they were producing. Not bad though. Especially on the accessories. The things looked like expensive but in fact, they are damn cheap.

Weaved items

Look at the colourful weaved items. Doesn't it look beautiful? It could be such a pretty household items, and they're much cheaper than those you bought in the IKEA. Use Malaysian Made friends..!

Girls at work

You can even see that the promoters were mostly free. That means there were almost zero visitors. This is pathetic. It would be such a good event, even with the ghazal group performing. Sadly, the DJ was heard trying to console the event participants by saying that the tourist is coming and so many other sweet talks.


I bought myself a sepaktakraw ball made of rattan. I would consider that as a rare item as it is no longer been made commercial since the the synthetic ball was introduced.

For those in KL, go there! It's not really a big event but your visit would mean a lot to the participants. Sadly, there were no banners or whatsoever at the entrance or around the Craft Center.

As a Malaysian, I would like to insist all of you readers to promote this event in your blog. Valid before 30th July!

* Oh yeah, the picture were taken with my new N70. My hand shivers. I'm so sorry for the bad quality of the pictures..

July 18, 2006

No more secrets....!

All this while, she wanted it to be the mother secret of all the secrets. She even had a song for it, "Biarlah Rahsia" (keep it a secret), in her effort to be secretive about her relationship.

It was all started after she had just done her Royal Albert Hall show in London. And in less than a year, the lucky man has done enought to convince her and the whole family to let him marry her. In just a year? That's pretty kewl aight? We normal people do need more than 2 years to convince each other, yet the family, just to get married.

I find it so amazing that :-
  1. The announcement was so big, they made press conference just to satisfy each and everyone who wanted to know about it.
  2. It's was fully covered by the media
  3. It has already pre-awarded as the wedding of the year.
  4. It was telecasted live on one of the TV station.
  5. I think everyone who's got the chance to watch it on TV couldn't afford to miss it.
As a normal human who had just been her fan only for the past few years, I feel like Malaysia is going to lose her. Admitting that I really think that she deserves someone better, that is her decision, which was publicly blessed by her own family.

Well, I also do think that before this, there were nobody had really been serious in approaching her. I think she's a nice, sweet and pretty kampung girl who knows how to take care of myself. But looking at her status as the No.1 Singer of Malaysia, most of males (including me) would think that she's just another unapproachable lady.

Well as for me, I've never had a chance to do so. If I have, I would love to give it a try but God had just says NO to it.

Or maybe whoever person who had approached her was nicely opposed or rejected by her family members.

As I'm quietly observing the background of Datuk 'K', it's really frightening me.
On the other side, as a fan, I wish her the best for her life. I love you Siti and don't you ever turn the Malaysian down. Hope that you'll just stay the way you are now.

* Who's going on the 21st of August? Jom!

July 17, 2006

Why www.angau.com...?

As I started to opened up an account with www.angau.com, i found myself stucked in a miserable addiction.

It was started with just a normal friendster-like website, where we put up our personal profile to promote ourselves. As all my other siblings, they have all the things with friendster and mySpace, angau is just another friendfinder websites.

Well, later, angau has become not just another friendfinder site. It made me wants to log myself in at least once a day.

Alright, before things became more interesting, i have to remind you that angau is a free to join website but to squeeze the extra things out of it, you may have to pay using SMS, and this SMS thingy is sadly only for Malaysian but lucky me!

Basically for an account, you'll be able to compose your own profile, to chat in a common room, to seek for a match, to look for the personality ranking, and a lame help page. You'll be able to vote each profile you're looking at. And you will be served with the profiles of the day where a profile would be picked up randomly.

Oh yeah, the whole website is in Malay language. They have their own currency, which represented with the symbol "æ", instead of RM. The equivalent value of each æ100 is equal to RM1.00. They provided the topup service with the value of the topup amount (Let say RM2.00 for the value of æ200) plus RM0.15 for the SMS sending service.

The whole becoming a lil bit interesting when angau introduced an RPG concept that mirror the concept of the real life. GOING TO WORK!

Going to work would require you to have certain statistics like strength, intelligence and appearance that is static, and else you would require you to ensure your daily statistics like energy, cleanliness and happiness level is suitable to go to work.

To maintain the statistics level, there is a list of activities like workouts, studying, grooming class, sleep, bathing, karaoke and so many more to choose from. Things are made a lil bit more interesting when you'll be promoted to a certain level and they made a ranking list out of those who were holding the best position in angau.

Beside, they not only made you feels like logging in once a day, they even want you to log every hour as well. They offered you to pet cats, fish and plants, where at certain time, these pets will give birth to a new one, and if we're lucky, the pet will generate a unique or extraordinary species that can be trade in at a higher price.

The most interesting part is the ranking part. There are monetary, belongings, idol, career and award-winning. And of course the all-rounder ranking. And there are also certain items that can help you to raise your ranking level.

Well, this is just a post of my new new affection on the NET. Eh try la guys. Who knows, you'll beat me one day hehe..

July 13, 2006

Yesss! It's the Italian..

"I told you aight, that I really think that the Italian will win even though i'm a France supporter", said Izham to someone the day after the match.

This is just another intended delayed post of the World Cup. It's not that I was frustrated over the result, even though it has not really determined the level of standard of playing for the Italian if they win through the penalty shootouts. I told you, if my village player were given the chance to take the shootout, they will definitely win.

It's only that I was busy. And I waited for someone to remind me to update the blog actually. Thanks Izhal :). He always did. I know that you love me Izhal hahaha!

So, it's the Italian. No doubt about it.

Well, Blackcrowe, i didn't get you. In which part that you say I'm promoting church bro? Really, I didn't intend to.

And to Boogie, even the bookie also close shop during the final. There were so many predictions and they cannot rely on any of them


There were a few facts/moment that I will not forget in the world cup. Sorted by the topping of the list incidents.
  1. Zidane was sent out in the Final of World Cup, whereby that was his last International Game before he retired. It seems like Zidane is a the bad guy here, but for me, Zidane wouldn't do that if he's not being provoked. There's no use of anti-discrimination campaign by the FIFA if the Italian were still racist. Do not forget that Italian, German and England were among the discriminative country in the world. Not to mention France too. That Italian player must have provoked him racistly, especially when Zidane is actually a Muslim, and Zidane was provoked as he's a terrorist. It might be an over-reacted response from Zidane, but that was the fact and Zidane shouldn't be humiliated for that act.
  2. Zidane was crowned as the Best Player of World Cup 2006. He really deserved it.
  3. When Zidane and Figo hugged each other at the end of their game. I really like that moment.
  4. When Beckham cried just after he was withdrawn from the game. He knew that the game would be his last game in the World Cup. It was an emotional moment for me too.
  5. The moment when Rooney was sent off the game was an injustice act by the referee, at least for me. Rooney was accidentally stepped on the Portugal guy when he gets boiled up when C.Ronaldo claimed for the offense. As a human being, how would u feel if your own friend do that to you. C.Ronaldo was doing it like he has got nothing to do with Rooney. I will definitely get angry too, don't tell me rooney is an angel and he shouldn't.
  6. The moment when the Germany lost to Italy. Hahahaha. It's a satisfaction feeling that I cannot describe.
  7. How come Ghana able to qualify to the World Cup Finals? Malaysia used to beat them over and over again, especially in the Pestabola Merdeka. But they were damn good. I really love watching their game. They're just lacking of a finisher. They might need one, like Ronaldo or Klose.
  8. The moment when Brazil lost to France. I like that too hehehe.
  9. I think most of the referee has been one-sided in this world cup. You can see it especially when the referee allowed all the 3 offside gols by the Brazil when they beaten Ghana. Those moves were obviously offside and it was not granted. Is this just another act of discrimination towards the Third World Countries like Ghana?
  10. The fact that I missed all the Final Matches of the World Cup since 1986. Only the finals. Stupid eh?
And those are just the things that I am able to recall. Do you guys have others? Don't be hesitate to share them with me down there. You know, I didn't watch all of the games so i might be missing a lot of things that you guys may have!

Life's about sharing, aight?

July 6, 2006

The French beautifully making their way to the final..

Road to BERLIN! (If you guys may still remember the terms Road to Wembley)

It was such a remarkable win over Portugal by the French. I was a little unhappy with the bad gameplay by the French, but is this just the trend of the football nowadays; Will the team with bad playmaking win the game?

My answer, yes they would but luck and finishing would be a very good contributing factors too.

The penalty obtained by the French in the 32nd minute was controvercial but as I know Henry through my reading and watching his game, he's not a poser. He's a professional footballer that wouldn't just make himself fall just like Ronaldo did in the France-Brazil in the quarter final.

And it's always about Zidane. Bravo Zidane! Your comeback is making me proudly smiling, for being your fan for so long! Ei, it's not easy to score penalty nowadays you know, even England scored 1 out of 4 penalties :p. Pathetic aight? Ashame on me, so called the England Fanatic.

I would say it's a deserved win by the French, even though people were arguing about their reputation from the beginning. Other that that, it was such another boring game, just like another game.

I've mentioned somewhere that being an 'Underdog' has a lot of advantages? No pressure, not so much expectations and you can move freely on the field.

Well, who's gonna be the Underdog for the final this time? The French used to be the Underdog when they met Brazil in the 1998 final. Walking into the 2002's World Cup with the current World Cup champion has made France not even qualify to the Round of 16, sadly.

France is now walking to the Final of the 2006 World Cup Championship with the reputation of beating 2 Brazils; one is Brazil himself and Portugal, which is currently being coached by the Brazil's World Cup 2002 Champion Coach, Scolari. Those aren't small winning but it was a great one!

Conclusion, France cannot walk down as an Underdog.

Italy? I would consider beating Germany is not as big as beating Brazil and Portugal in a row, but I would consider Italy as an unpredictable team with an unrevealed strength level. As I've mentioned earlier, Italy was not even in my favaourite team (it's all because I lose bet to a canteen worker, back in 1994. I've put my bet on Italy, frankly hehe..)

Italy can walk in to the stadium as an Underdog. Definitely.. this time.

Me? I'm a France fan definitely but if France is unable to catch up with the way Italy is playing, it's worth of Italy's wait to win the world cup again.

So guys! Who do u think will deserve the world cup? Answer me! Down there in the commments!

July 5, 2006

Germany has been denied...!

Italy has made its way to the final, just the way i wanted. Germany has not been in my favor, and in fact, Germany sucks all time. I do feel like Germany fans were sometimes irritating, as irritating as how the Germany played roughly on their opponents.

The predicted 2-0 winning of Italy over Germany a few minutes before the second half was started has been accepted with a various responses. I just dare not to bet this time. Predictions has been screwed up badly.

Grossos's golden opening goal in the extra time was a bomb! I was nearly half sleeping waiting for the penalty shootouts when suddenly i heard the commentators screaming for joy. When I opened up my eyes, the Italian footballers were celebrating their moments in the 119th minute.

I was again shocked with the 2nd goal by Del Piero in the 121st minute. This was just an amazing play by the Azzuri!

I'm telling you, Italy was not even qualified in my Eligible-to-be-Champion list. I have listed teams like England (sorry guys, I'm an England Fanatic), France, Germany (I have to... sorry), Brazil and Argentina.

I've never picked on Italy. I knew one of the Italy Fanatics. She's my Sister, Fadhlina. I remembered that she used to cry when Italy lost their game back in 2002, when I was struggling from an emotional breakdown, instead, I laughed at her. She said that I don't understand how does she felt.

I have nothing to say about the whole game. It was f*ckin boring. Germany is such a boring team. Their moves were weird. When they play, they looked like a bunch of freaks running on the grass. I seriously do not understand people think that Germany is a kewl team. Italy was just another boring team, unless lately, on their way to the final since the top16 round, they're going to repeat the 1982 world cup history.

Remember Paolo Rossi? Who's gonna be the next Paolo Rossi then? Totti is dysfunctional. Del Piero then?

In the other game, I would favor France to move on even though I'm 100% sure and understood that Scolari was the Brazil's coach for the previous Brazil's world cup achievement, and he would do the same magic to Portugal.

Portugal is very strong at this very moment. With now Deco and most of other players back in the main squad, Portugal vs France is going to be a super interesting game to watch and study.

As for France, if Henry and Zidane can do their job very well, it's possible that the French is going to take the cup back to their home again after 8 years.

We'll just wait and see. Who's gonna beat Italy in the final or would Italy repeat the 1982's history of World Cup?

Only god knows.. Less than 24 hours from now!

July 3, 2006

World Cup is back to Europe...!

The last time european country won the world cup was the France back in 1998. Zidane was there and he's still there, scoring a golden discreet goal when beating Espanol 3-1 in the top16 match.

I told you Brazil was not a good team. Their winning over Ghana was by the help of the umpire and the linesmen. Brazil players play soccer for living, but not to win the world cup. That is shown in the last 2 games they were playing. Even though they win all the game in the group, it wasn't the team, it was the players. I've never seen Brazil played a proper planned and well managed game, like Ghana or recently the Ukraine and Australia.

Why these underdog team played very well? It's because they are playing as a team, they have no star to rely on. They hardly win because they don't have the most essential in a good team, a good scorer!

France has proven that they're one of the best team in the world, even though they've not started very well in the beginning, well, France defeated Brazil! France has started as a star team and it brings no good to them. As a team with the reputation of the worst grouping match record qualified to the top16 round, they've become the underdog, played very well and with the help of stars, they won!

Brazil has it all, good players, stars from clubs of all over the world but that does not made them a good team. France does.

Germany is not in my favour but they defeated Argentina, again by the help of the same referee that has helped Brazil to win easily over Ghana. I don't agree with the easy-win phrase the media used for Brazil winning over Ghana. It was a hard one!

Italy has the reputation of the team with the best defender in the world. And they did very well when beating the Ukraine, even though Ukraine was a good team. Ukraine is definitely controlled the game most of the time, but Italy's best defender did helped a lot. All their goals was from the counter attack! Just like Selangor.

England used to be a team with the counter attack reputation. They just cannot do it anymore. They have a lot of unreliable stars. Almost to the end of their game with Portugal, England has already lost 3 of their main players, Beckham, Owen and Rooney. Rooney has unnecesarily pushed Christiano Ronaldo while arguing with the referee which has resulted Rooney to be sent off the field. It was frustratingly unnecessary. Normally, a team without star will do much better but England is just a team that relies too much on their stars. Shockingly, they even failed to score 3 out of 4 shootouts.

It was like planned that both earlier games that started at 11PM Malaysian time (England vs Portugal and Germany vs Argentina) resulted with a draw and the results were decided with the penalty shootouts.

Let's just hope that we will be served by good play by all these teams. So these are the schedule for the next matches.

MatchDateVenue Teams Time/Score 
61 5 July 2006DortmundGER:ITA03:00(GMT+8)Preview
62 6 July 2006MunichPOR:FRA03:00(GMT+8)

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