July 3, 2006

World Cup is back to Europe...!

The last time european country won the world cup was the France back in 1998. Zidane was there and he's still there, scoring a golden discreet goal when beating Espanol 3-1 in the top16 match.

I told you Brazil was not a good team. Their winning over Ghana was by the help of the umpire and the linesmen. Brazil players play soccer for living, but not to win the world cup. That is shown in the last 2 games they were playing. Even though they win all the game in the group, it wasn't the team, it was the players. I've never seen Brazil played a proper planned and well managed game, like Ghana or recently the Ukraine and Australia.

Why these underdog team played very well? It's because they are playing as a team, they have no star to rely on. They hardly win because they don't have the most essential in a good team, a good scorer!

France has proven that they're one of the best team in the world, even though they've not started very well in the beginning, well, France defeated Brazil! France has started as a star team and it brings no good to them. As a team with the reputation of the worst grouping match record qualified to the top16 round, they've become the underdog, played very well and with the help of stars, they won!

Brazil has it all, good players, stars from clubs of all over the world but that does not made them a good team. France does.

Germany is not in my favour but they defeated Argentina, again by the help of the same referee that has helped Brazil to win easily over Ghana. I don't agree with the easy-win phrase the media used for Brazil winning over Ghana. It was a hard one!

Italy has the reputation of the team with the best defender in the world. And they did very well when beating the Ukraine, even though Ukraine was a good team. Ukraine is definitely controlled the game most of the time, but Italy's best defender did helped a lot. All their goals was from the counter attack! Just like Selangor.

England used to be a team with the counter attack reputation. They just cannot do it anymore. They have a lot of unreliable stars. Almost to the end of their game with Portugal, England has already lost 3 of their main players, Beckham, Owen and Rooney. Rooney has unnecesarily pushed Christiano Ronaldo while arguing with the referee which has resulted Rooney to be sent off the field. It was frustratingly unnecessary. Normally, a team without star will do much better but England is just a team that relies too much on their stars. Shockingly, they even failed to score 3 out of 4 shootouts.

It was like planned that both earlier games that started at 11PM Malaysian time (England vs Portugal and Germany vs Argentina) resulted with a draw and the results were decided with the penalty shootouts.

Let's just hope that we will be served by good play by all these teams. So these are the schedule for the next matches.

MatchDateVenue Teams Time/Score 
61 5 July 2006DortmundGER:ITA03:00(GMT+8)Preview
62 6 July 2006MunichPOR:FRA03:00(GMT+8)

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