July 26, 2006

Deaths around us

Classification :: News

In yesterday's news, I was served with the news of the murder of the younger sister of Pahang Sultan on TV. It was done by the her own child who was found dead later, suspected of overdosed.

She was killed with the Rambo knife, which I used to have, once upon a time ago as my father bought it from the Germany, many years ago..

In my dumb head, I was thinking about where is that Rambo knife available so that I can have one. Anyway, as I can remember, someone told me that such knife is banned. I'm not sure about this.

The Sultan of Pahang who was challenged in the recent issue of the local soccer scene was seen in the newspaper kissing the remains of his sister. He must be really upset, as you know, this is just another embarassing happenings within the royal family.

And later this morning, I was having a very long 'what?' when the TV announced the death of Hani Mohsin, the host of the local version's wheel of fortune program, Roda Impian. He dies at the age of 43, which can be considered quite young to suffer the heart attack.

To imagine such a healthy guy dies from the heart attack, anything can happen to me by now.

Time to diet, lose weight and more sweat!

* even Roda Impian has not been aired as usual this evening.

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