July 6, 2006

The French beautifully making their way to the final..

Road to BERLIN! (If you guys may still remember the terms Road to Wembley)

It was such a remarkable win over Portugal by the French. I was a little unhappy with the bad gameplay by the French, but is this just the trend of the football nowadays; Will the team with bad playmaking win the game?

My answer, yes they would but luck and finishing would be a very good contributing factors too.

The penalty obtained by the French in the 32nd minute was controvercial but as I know Henry through my reading and watching his game, he's not a poser. He's a professional footballer that wouldn't just make himself fall just like Ronaldo did in the France-Brazil in the quarter final.

And it's always about Zidane. Bravo Zidane! Your comeback is making me proudly smiling, for being your fan for so long! Ei, it's not easy to score penalty nowadays you know, even England scored 1 out of 4 penalties :p. Pathetic aight? Ashame on me, so called the England Fanatic.

I would say it's a deserved win by the French, even though people were arguing about their reputation from the beginning. Other that that, it was such another boring game, just like another game.

I've mentioned somewhere that being an 'Underdog' has a lot of advantages? No pressure, not so much expectations and you can move freely on the field.

Well, who's gonna be the Underdog for the final this time? The French used to be the Underdog when they met Brazil in the 1998 final. Walking into the 2002's World Cup with the current World Cup champion has made France not even qualify to the Round of 16, sadly.

France is now walking to the Final of the 2006 World Cup Championship with the reputation of beating 2 Brazils; one is Brazil himself and Portugal, which is currently being coached by the Brazil's World Cup 2002 Champion Coach, Scolari. Those aren't small winning but it was a great one!

Conclusion, France cannot walk down as an Underdog.

Italy? I would consider beating Germany is not as big as beating Brazil and Portugal in a row, but I would consider Italy as an unpredictable team with an unrevealed strength level. As I've mentioned earlier, Italy was not even in my favaourite team (it's all because I lose bet to a canteen worker, back in 1994. I've put my bet on Italy, frankly hehe..)

Italy can walk in to the stadium as an Underdog. Definitely.. this time.

Me? I'm a France fan definitely but if France is unable to catch up with the way Italy is playing, it's worth of Italy's wait to win the world cup again.

So guys! Who do u think will deserve the world cup? Answer me! Down there in the commments!

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