November 17, 2009

A bowl of Quaker Oat a day campaign

I'm the one who is campaigning to all of you.

Because... I do think that it changes myself a lot.

I still remember when I was a kid, my Mom used to fed me with Quaker Oat every single day, every morning. No wonder I keep myself thin & slim all the way to my secondary school time.

I was no longer fed on Quaker Oat since my Secondary school days and since then my tummy started to grow, even though I was heavily active in sports and all sorts of activities.

Then my Tummy comes out from it's hiding place as I was no longer in sports.

Starting last week, I took at least a bowl of Quaker Oat a day. It costs me a foul-smelling poops every time I did it.

One good thing is, it takes with it all the foul-spoiling substance from your stomach.

2nd thing is, it felt like my stomach is empty but I don't feel like eating that much.

I'm slightly overweight at 78 kg right now so I intended to reach the 70 starting point this coming new year.

Then I would start to push it lower to maybe 65 or 62. Just like the old days.

Hehe.. :)

November 15, 2009

Good response time from TNB

I'm proposing a big applause to TNB.. Shabbaas shabbaaaaas!!!

Friday afternoon, 6PM, my wife reported that suddenly the electricity power was shutdown and as I reach home at 7, I called the TNB emergency line, 15454 and informed them about the problem.

The TNB guys started to be seen at the TNB power distribution station at around 10PM and found out that one of the cable was burnt out and needed to be replaced.

The electricity was restored at 11.00 PM and I went out to get something to byte and as I reached home at 11:50, the electricity went out again and I informed 15454 again.

Not so long after that, the TNB guys were seen at around 12.30 and started to work. I slept at 12.30 and woke up at 5AM as the electricity was restored.

During the daytime, I saw they put a big generator as a temporary power supply while they were fixing the problem. Then at 12 something, I've got an SMS asking to rate for their service.

Finally they fixed the power distribution station with no more disruption.

Kudos to TNB for their commitment and fast response. SALUTE!

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