September 27, 2018

Is this the new Malaysia we wished for?


1. We rejoiced, jumped for joy and congratulated each other the night Barisan Nasional stumbled for the first time in the 14th General Elections.

2. To some of us, we had waited a very long time for something like this to happen and never had we imagined that it was going to come true.

3. The fall of Barisan Nasional was mistakenly compared  to the night when the Berlin Wall came crashing to the ground.

4. 'Politics in Malaysia would never be the same again', so we claimed.

5. In actual fact, politics had always been on the wrong footing in Malaysia, right from the very first day we were exposed to the meanings of 'politics'. Politics in this country will always remain the same. There is no difference between UMNO, DAP, MIC, PAS, MCA, PPBM or even PKR. Every single party had always been racist in nature and struggle.

6. Over the years UMNO had always been at the wrong end of the public resentment.

7. Being the government, UMNO had to face the barrage from every corner of the political fence.  As for the DAP, they needed the chinese support. DAP started to indoctrinate the Chinese that UMNO was a racist Malay party (but aren't DAP racist as well?).  DAP saw that it was the easiest route to topple the BN government and in doing so, created the hatred between these two races.

9. The main reason to the Malay Tsunami that saw the fall of the ruling party in the last general elections was not because the Malays were against UMNO due to the party's mismanagement and bad leadership.The truth is the majority of Malays thought UMNO had failed them. Malays always thought that UMNO were giving too much to the Chinese. In reality UMNO had so many people to please. In the end they became a victim trying to please the Chinese but forgot that the ones who voted for them were the Malays. Had UMNO not try to look good to everybody and focused on the Malays, they might have survived the onslaught.

10. In came PH with all kinds of promises. 'A new Malaysia' they claimed. But soon, we realised that they are no better than the previous government.  Mahathir had the cheek to even say that his government will not be fulfilling the 100 days' promises which were stated in the PH manifesto as it  was not the bible to be adhered to.

11. But that's Mahathir. We all adore him. He can lie all the time and we don't mind a tiny bit.

12. The economy is going down and investors are shying away. While Malaysians are feeling the heat, Mahathir and his band of happy go lucky incapable ministers are having a field day blaming the previous government for their failure to deliver.

13. Mahathir made a big blunder by playing the blame game on China to topple Najib, forgetting that this economic powerhouse is no pushover. In the end Mahathir was the one who got bullied and other countries now don't want anything to do with Malaysia as long as Mahathir is in power. Even Japan has been very cold towards the old man.

14.Corruption is sipping in very fast. If it took 61 years for corruption to get into the way to topple BN, it took PH leaders just a few weeks to be caught with corruption. A Malaccan exco, Mat Sabu's aide and Lim Guan Eng's corruption case, to name a few.

15. The danger that lurks is far greater of what can be seen on the surface. By trying to destroy UMNO completely is actually asking for trouble. To many UMNO members, Mahathir is a DAP puppet. Many have begun questioning the role of the DAP in the actions taken against UMNO and its leaders.

16. As UMNO represents the bulk of Malay support, the 'bullets' directed at UMNO is seen as the attempt to 'massacre' the Malays. "We never did this to DAP when  we were in power but why are they trying to kill our party?", they have started to question.

17. And that is not all. For the first time in history, Malaysia is at risk of facing a split. Sabah and Sarawak are not happy with the government's empty promises.The rift is getting bigger and if not handled accordingly will see the demise of the Malaysian Federation.

Is this the New Malaysia we've struggled for?

(Copied from an UNKNOWN source. Inform me if this is yours so I can put the credit)

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