September 25, 2006

I had my bad days too sometimes...

Classification :: Personal

I was having quite a long journey today. Initially I was from an overnight visit to KL, and going back to Seremban. There, I had few naps before continue driving down to JB. Me, my mom and Farah did dropped by our kampung in Melaka for a few things and continue our journey back to JB.

I was driving so slow, to avoid anything bad from happening as I myself was very sleepy. When we're about to reach home, I was so eager to park the car and get into my car to warm it's engine before going out.

When I first reached my car, I was shock and heartbroken.

My right hand side front arch fender was badly dented. I thought someone must have been on their rides and scratched the body but it was impossible as the space between the car and the divider was very small. Even the bumper was bad looking.

When i look at it closely, someone must have been knocked my car fender using something like screw driver or stone. The fender was also bended badly till the tyre will reach the fender when it's moving.

At first, i thought there must be some kids were playing around with my car and did that. Other people's opinion, small kids wouldn't be able to cause such bad knocks.

So what's happening actually? What have I done wrong?

I don't know what to do.

And at night, when i was about to go out of the mosque after the tarawikh prayer, i lost my pair of sandals.

I don't really feel good tonite..

September 24, 2006

Comes and goes..

Classification :: Personal

Now, I believe most of the muslims in the whole is celebrating the month of Ramadhan. In simple explaination, the month where everyone will be fasting during the day and only consume food at night.

And it has also become like a culture, when a festival or a known date to celebrate is coming, people will be busy sending SMSes to friends wishing Happy Ramadhan or Selamat Hari Raya or anything like that. That was so nice and I really appreciate that but i apologize as I'm not able to reply to everyone as there were too many SMSes.

I used to do the same thing. I used to compose some original sayings or wishes that I think should be unique and sounds differently but in just a few hours, the same message was coveyed back to me, and it was not coming from the person that I myself sent.

So the conclusion was, some people, they just wanted to forward the SMSes. I appreciate those who write and compose the wishes all by themselves. The most SMSes I've got were the rhymed poet, the same thing i got for so many many times. I wonder, are these peopl were realy sincere?

So today, the 1st day of Ramadhan, everyone has already started to fast. Last night was the first night of the Tarawikh Prayers as well, the night with the most attendants. It happens everywhere. People were so excited to do the prayers during the first 2-3 nights but the excitements will slowly drop from days to days.

Earlier yesterday, me and my family went to KLIA. The preparation for the journey has been started since weeks. Even to the last minute, my mom, my sister and my aunts were still busy deciding on what are the necessities and what are not. We even had all the bags weighed as we're not going to have trouble with the excessive weight bags, which the limit given was only 30 kilograms.

When almost everyone was there, we've made our move to KLIA. One of my granma had arrived earlier with my aunt and spent a night at our house in Seremban. Another one arrived just nice before we made our move. So at around 12 o'clock, everyone was in the car slowly driven to the KLIA.

As we arrive, we were just relax and chit chat with each other while waiting for the briefing and later to check in. It's been quite sometime we spent there where I myself did went to the toilet almost 5 times as a result of lactose overdosed. Then, there were also some other relatives arrived there. Even my father's friend Dr. Aziz manage to come over from Kelantan.

Then when it's time to check in, we have problem with the luggage. The backpack sized bag was not allowed to be carried and cabin luggage so it has to be checked in as well. As a result, the bags weighted almost 40KGs, and each excess KGs will be charged RM182.

That means that we have to pay extra RM1820 for the luggage. So I decided to take out some unnecessary items and reduce the weight as much as possible. The second attempt was again failed, as we still exceeded by 3.7 KGs. Last resort, I decided to throw the heaviest bag away and instead of 3 bags, now it's reduced to 2 bags. The last weight was just as nice as 29.6KGs.

The luggage problem settled merely within the last minutes before boarding. The last briefing was given and while waiting for the last moment, I played with my lil sister Farah.

The boarding call was announced and everyone was seen rushing towards the boarding gate. My brother, Izzat was then started to see, shake hands and hug with all the absent relatives. It was all nice and calm until he started to hug my granma. My granma looked very sad with her tears were all over. And slowly all my sisters were started to cry. Being a lil bit sensitive, I was trying to hold my sorrow but when Izzat comes to say bye to me, I was all speechless. I wasn't able to say anything except for holding my sadness back. Yeah, it's going to be a very long time.

We've been spending almost 9 months of his post-SPM exams period together. He has been my greatest guitar student, as what i had struggled to achieve in 3 years in just 9 months, he did it in 9 months.

As we started to spend time together, he didn't mind to sleep on the carpet on the floor, just to be around me. He had been a great help to parents as he had smoothen most of the things in the house. He has been a great help to me too. I do take him out sometimes despite of my busy schedule doing this and that.

So, Izzat will be away to Russia for the next 7 years. He'll be doing his medical course in Volgograd, which by the time I'm writing this, he's still transitting in Moscow, waiting for his next flight to Volgograd tonight.

You have all my prayers bro. I'll miss you a lot. I hope I'd be able to see you in February.

* And Happy Ramadhan Festive to everyone else.

September 21, 2006

The Thai coup..

Classification :: Politic, International Affairs

The 'Bisik-bisik' column in Utusan Malaysia stated that the Thai's coup was not something unusual. It has happened so many many times before.

Thailand is the only country in this South East Asian Region that has never been colonized by any western country. This fact is actually equalizing them to China, another country that westerners were trying to evade but failed.

Some people said that Thailand (and China) has been ruled by great leaders, and that's why they have never been colonized. Well, i do think that China was not being colonized because of their big lands. Further, there were a lot of rumbles here and there in the whole China. Going in there means suicide.

Thailand? If we do some revision of the history, which i do not have to elaborate here, I would make a conclusion that Thailand's past leaders were great, brilliant and very far-sighted. It has never been a single form of colonization in Thailand. They have been able to handle every problem, internal or external by themselves.

Malaya? Or during the sultanate era of Melaka, Riau, Perak, Johor, Kedah and so on. What had happened during these times that we were easily being evaded by the Brits? It was because when we have internal problem, we asked help from the Brits, who actually came to harvest the natural sources from our country, thus leaves us so poor right now.

It has slowly turning to another form of colonization, when a greedy or bad Sultan feared being killed or robbed by his enemies, signed the treaty that will of course protect the Sultan's interest but to allow the Brits to control the country. The st*p*d Sultan just signed the treaty without concerning of what would happen in the future, as long as he gets what he wants.

It happens over and over and over and again. (Refer to a lot treaties, especially Pangkor which I like, because the people managed to kill JWW Birch, and so many others).

And again, it also happens to a lot of Malays from the non-royal family. One thing that I realized was that Malays signed or agreeing to the agreement without properly proof read of what they're signing. Just look at the water selling agreement with the Singapore. Don't u think that the agreement is the stupid'est' agreement after all? What was in the people's mind at that time?

Well, it's in the blood don't u think so? Hehehe.. Well, remember, even how stupid our sultans used to be, we have to hail the country where we belongs to. It doesn't mean that I wanted to be a siamese. No no no.. not at all..

That's about it.

Now, let's talk about the Thailand's king again. Their intelligence has been prevailing their country from any kind of evasion. This protective attitude and behaviour can still be seen until today.

Now you got what i mean? Still? No? Blur?

Yeah, as we all read and as it is being speculated on the news, the coup in Thailand has been undergone with the bless of the King. Surprised? No. Of course not. I do think that the King really love the people of his own. He is 78 years old now and still, he cared a lot about his people.

So, instead of letting the corrupted Prime Minister to keep ruining the country, he blessed a group of armies to take over the ruling of the country.

Yeah, as we all heard on the news, there were scandals of company shares, show offs of his wealth, and obviously the so called muslim terrorist sweep in the southern Thailand.

Ironically, the coup was lead by the Army's General who is a muslim. However he has got no blood connection with those muslims in the southern. During the crisis between the government and the muslim people in the southern thailand, Sondhi Boonyaratkalin has proposed to end up the crisis through diplomatical discussion but it was merely rejected by the government.

Well, even it was considered as an Internal Matter by the Cambodean, a lot of people were giving out statements to return the democracy back to the people of Thailand but from the pictures arpund, it seems that people of Thailand were celebrating the coup like it was a victory. There were also anti-Thaksin demonstration all over the country showing their support towards the coup.

The urgency to return the democracy was not appropriate as the people of Thailand do think that the democracy has allowed Thaksin to strengthened his iron-fisted ruling of Thailand. As for example, the crisis with the Muslim so-called rebellions in the Southern Thailand.

There was only one thing that intrigued me.

We don't have a permanent king. Who would consent the blessing if maybe one day, some people would like to rebel and take over a corrupted government? Who knows...

September 20, 2006

Was it carelessness, the car's faulty or sabotage?

Classification :: Automobile, Mystery, Investigation

As I read the Newspaper yesterday (I managed to read only Utusan Malaysia), the news of the lady who was one of the high ranked officer in the CIMB bank (My ex-boss's office) who fell down 25 meters down off a cliff.

She was reported as to regularly drive off her home as early as 6.00 AM in the morning to avoid the heavy traffic and to get a parking space at her office limited parking lots. As she arrives there at 6.30 AM, she'll sleep with the car enginer not being turned off as she intended to use the air conditioner.

She was found dead in her car 25 meter down the cliff where she initially parked her car. The car stopper which is 15 cm in height was unable to stop her car from moving.

Picture taken from Utusan Malaysia's website.

As the newspaper reported, she may have accidentally stepped on her car accelerator when she woke up from her sleep.

(i) - My question is, who is stupid enough to stop and park the car with the gear stick at the 'D' for drive (as she was driving Kia Rio, and it comes only with Automatic gear in Malaysia) position?

(ii) - If it was a manual car with the gear stick at any position, definitely the car wouldn't be able to idle because as soon as the clutch is released the car will suddenly jerked and stopped.

Anyway, (ii) does not matter as Kia Rio only comes with automatic gearing in Malaysia.

Well, if she accidentally stopped with the gear in the 'D' position with the handbrake pulled, she will definitely realize about it as soon as she stopped the car as the car will freakingly idling in a different behaviour, the car will feel like being pulled forward. If the handbrake was not being pulled, definitely the car will move forward. Anyway, if she did put it at the 'D' position and just let it be, she was being stupid.

Another possibility was when she stopped the car, she only manage to turn the gear to the 'N' position. I do hope that she pulled the handbrake. At this position, she may accidentally pulled the gear by her leg or hand while asleep and stepped on the accelerator. If she did set the gear to 'N' and did not pull the handbrake, she was careless.

Some people has reported that Kia cars has faulty 'P' gear and the handbrake were not functioning very well. There were a few cases where Kia cars, no matter Sephia, Spectra and even Kia Rio were reported being moved from it's initial parking location even though the gear has been set to 'P' position and the handbrake was pulled tight. My ex-boss in Telekom used to experience the thing a few times, and there was once when I was in the car as well. So it might be the car's fault. Well, I didn't mean to condemn Naza Kia or Kia. Come on, my brother in law to be is one of the Naza's manager.

Another possibility that i can think is that was it a sabotage? From the picture that I looked in the Newspaper, she has the unfavourable look. She might be hated by some of her subordinates. She was a high ranked officer and she may have a lot of enemies.

So, if her car's handbrake wasn't fightly pulled, someone may have pushed the car down the cliff.

OR, if her car was properly parked, with the gear position at 'P' and the handbrake was properly pulled, some people may have knocked her from behind and ran away. People may use lorry for that.

Or maybe someone has accidentally knocked her car down the cliff. Who knows? A knocking car with a momentum can make a properly parked car moved a few centimeters away.

Oh it was so sleepy composing a blog in the middle of the night....

So the summary of my thought possibilities are:
  • She didn't park her car properly. She may have not pulled the handbrake properly, she may also have parked her car with the gear position at 'D', or the gear position at 'N' and accidentally pushed it down to 'D' when she was asleep.
  • Faulty Kia cars. (Kia should be responsible to investigate about this or people would not anymore buy their cars.)
  • People may have sabotaged her from my perception that she has the unfavourable face, and she may have a lot of enemies.
  • Other people may have accidentally knocked her and ran away.
  • Lastly, my question is,


    September 18, 2006

    The beauty of sharing..

    Classification :: Health

    What else is more beautiful than this?

    (It may take quite sometime to appear as it is quite a big sized video. Do not miss this beautiful video. Listening and watching it would bring a lot peace to my mind!)

    Sharing is so beautiful. I'm proud of people who love to share anything they have in their life. Because of that too, i'd be able to play just like the guy. Just gimme some time to practice.

    Talking about sharing, I myself would like to share something that you guys should treat it as IMPORTANT!

    Disease Treatment by Drinking Plain Water

    In Japan today, it's quite popular to drink water immediately after waking up every morning. Further, scientific tests have proven its value. Below, I would be listing out description of use of water, no matter for old and serious diseases as well as modern illnesses. The water treatment had been found successful by a Japanese medical society as a hundred percent cure for the following diseases :-

    Headache, body ache, heart system, arthritis, fast heart beat, epilepsy, excess weight, obese, bronchitis, asthma, TB, meningitis, kidney and urine diseases, vomiting gastritis, diarrhea, piles, diabetes, constipation, all eye diseases, womb cancer, menstrual disorders, ear / nose and throat diseases.

    Method of Treatment

  • As you woke up in the morning, before brushing your teeth, drink 4 glasses of water which each contains 160ml (or equivalent to 660ml)
  • Brush and clean yout mouth and avoid any food or drink for the next 45 minutes. After that 45 minutes, you may drink and eat as usual.
  • After 15 minutes either brakfast, lunch of dinner, do not consume any food or drink for the next 2 hours.
  • For those who are old and sick, who are not able to straightly consume 4 glasses of water at once, start it slowly with minimal number of glass of water to consume and increase it gradually till it reaches 4 glasses.

    Days required for diseases treatment.

    High Blood Pressure : 3o days
    Gastric : 10 days
    Diabetes : 30 days
    Constipation : 10 days
    Cancer : 180 days
    TB : 90 days

    This treatment is highly free from that side effect except that you're going to urinate a few times at the early stage of commencement.

    * So, please try this at home. It is highly recommended by a Yoga Instructor in Senawang, Negeri Sembilan.
  • September 11, 2006

    My Weekend story with the King Crabs...!

    Classification :: Personal

    The whole last week was hectic. I was in the logsite in Gelang Patah to do the volume measurements of the logged timbers.

    Have u heard the name Gelang Patah? It used to be a busy townport for the people of Johor. Sungai Pulai used to be the place where the people went to attend the water sports, even the Sultan. It was also believed that Gelang Patah was one of the place that has grown with the cultural arts and performance activities that is synonym with Johor.

    Last few months, back in June, I had also purchased a medium-sized boat to enable us to run our project efficiently. Due to some reasons, the mechanic that was assigned to do the repairing work of the boat has been making some shit that delayed our preparation to get the boat to work. Well, it has just been completed, and we also have a new boat as well. AN excavator and a boat! I've never imagine myself to own both of it.

    That was Lis (his name is actually Sahrulliszam), a partner who was keeping his eyes on the operation of the excavator. The workloads was not that heavy that we're still able to catch up with the low numbers of the logs that were taken out from the forest. The excavator is using the bucket, the one that they use to dig the soil, instead of the forks-looking hands that is supposed to grab the timbers, I'm not so sure what is it in English but local people call it 'KIAP'. It'll be ready by Friday and I'm hoping the work will be getting better soon.

    To do the measurement, it was not hard as the last time where we have to do the middle perimeter measurement, but this time, we just measure up the diameter at the end of the log. Well, it would still need a lot of work to be done as actually, we used cable to take up the logs and transfer it to the collaboration place. So, at one time, we would need at least 5 people to do the measuring work.

    Poor my car. It has to go through all the sandy route roads to get access to this place of work. I really need to do the paint job for this car then. Some part of the car is getting rusty, as the result of always going by the salt water area. It's not easy to have a car when you have to go by the sea so often.

    It was really tiring working there for the whole day, but, it was well paid off by looking at the nice scenery after 6PM. It was so cooling and consoling. That's why i'd prefer to stay until it's a bit late there; to enjoy the scenery and to avoid traffic jams. The traffic jams should be a lil bit relieved after 8PM or something.

    So while waiting for the time to pass by, what else that we can do rather than eating? Food is always good expecially after the whole exhausting day. We would normally do BBQ; anything would do. Chicken, fish, mutton, shelled creatures like lokan. ibau and so on. But just recently, we had supplied the workers with fishing nets so that they can easily get the fishes freshly. Instead of fish, as just on the last Saturday, these workers found 'King Crab' or 'Belangkas' instead of fishes in their net.

    As it is was still consumable, on the last Saturday, we had Belangkas to fill in our free time. We burn them while they're still alive. Looks very cruel isn't it?

    * Caution :: There's one part in the King Crab that is not consumable, and even if it's broken, the whole King Crab is no longer consumable. It may cause death or 1st class food poisoning that may cause slow death. It is advised to have an experienced person t be with you when you are about to eat King Crab. And after consuming the King Crab, Coffee, Honey and alcoholic drink is highly prohibited. It's like suicidal. So, do not take this as an idea of suicide. I would not be responsible for any suicide or death that has got anything todo with consuming the King Crab after you read this article.

    September 6, 2006

    What else to shock you?

    Classification :: General

    Earlier, it was supposed to be a shock to most of the people in Malaysia when Siti Nurhaliza announced that the man was Datuk K, while i myself was hoping that Datuk K would still be rumours.

    She intended to surprise a lot of people by doing her grand wedding. I wonder why Dr. Mahathir did came to the wedding, because KJ was there. POLITICS!

    F*ckin obvious, the crews in the wedding were seen to kiss KJ's ass by a few times focusing on him, as I do think, he's not the focus in the wedding. I'd prefer if they could focus more on Kris Dayanti, or whoever pretty that night.

    Enuff! I was about to start to admit what Siti had done good for her and all of us, and even started to be her fan.

    I cannot accept the marriage. Reasons? Haha. Why eh?

    Then, there was nothing special about Mawi & Ina program on Astro and RTM. I admit that I've been watching Mawi & Ina more than the Siti's wedding, as the wedding would just show us nothing much than the people who came and bla bla bla. At least, Mawi & Ina was an informative program.

    And obviously, Mawi broke up the engagement for no concrete reason, as he was trying to run away from answering the truth of why he left Ina. I think everyone else would wanna know, even though it's not important at all.

    My mom were asking, why would Ina humiliate herself, as she could actually just stay home and keep quiet. The thing is, she may have or may have not done the right thing. She is definitely not Tengku Zawiyah, someone who had been strong enough to live with someone like Datuk K, who at last was dumped off Datuk K's life just like that. JUST LIKE THAT!

    I was hoping that Mawi would say that Ina is like this or that, because Ina would also want to know. At last, only God knows why.

    Recently, the BAJET 2007 was quite impressive. I was quite surprise when the Government reduces a lot of payments, including to let student to sit for public school exam for free. It's good for the poor but not fair for the richer. It wouldn't be good to discriminate but actually the rich gained so much from the BAJET.

    Look at it carefully, I admit that the poor will definitely benefit from the BAJET but the rich? Even more!

    So the Government has been rich enough nowadays huh? I wonder.

    I'm SHOCKED! All this while all the Mega projects had been cancelled because we don't have enough money. How does the country suddenly become rich? Magic!

    But the latest shock was the death of the crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin. I've veen worshipping him as one of the bravest people in the world. He's contribution in conserving the wild life and forest, not to mention his contribution to the study of the wild life, especially the endangered (and dangerous too) are too much to mention in my humble blog.

    It's very hard to believe at first as the news of his death has once spread all over the Internet a few years back, but it turns to be a scam.

    But now, it's on CNN! Click here to read more about it.

    It's still hard to accept but the way he dies off was surely a tragedy. As his usual of pushing everything to the limit, he tried to be as close as possible, taking himself as invulnerable, he was just at the wrong position and timing. He came over the top of the stingray, the tail came up, and spiked him in the chest. He pulled it out and the next minute he's gone.


    Now i hate stingrays! But i would still love to eat them. Pari Bakar is very nice you know!

    September 2, 2006

    Breaking Updates!

    Classification :: Personal


    I've updated all the trip pages and i even put some pictures. It took me almost the whole day to do all of them.

    It was a tiring week after the trips. Short breaks between both trips to Selat Panjang and Jakarta/Bandung disallowed me to rest, not to mention to update my lovely blog.

    The other reason of why didn't I updated the blog was the craziness towards the games in as I reached a level of the richest member there but somehow, taking care of a lot of pets was really a pain in the ass. I really cannot do anything else in my life except for waiting for each and every hour to wait for the next turn to pet the pets.

    I decided to quit petting the pets and just be a quiet member with a lot of angau money then.

    During the weekend, I was busy taking my mom to the wedding and helping my brother to buy himself a laptop. He got ACER laptop with the price of just RM2200. No fool man. RAM 512MB with Centrino 1.7GHz. But no XP. hehe..

    Right after the weekend in KL, I was so busy managing a lot of delayed work. One of it was to find an excavator; or local people call it as 'KOBE' to the logging and land works. For me, the purpose was just to get the logs to be loaded up to the lorry. It's very hard to do work without one.

    After a lot of searches, Lis found one and it cost me only RM15k and so easy, i have an excavator now!

    This is mine. At last, i'm owning an excavator...!

    On the 31st August, other people would just get involved in the national day celebration or just stay at home watching TV, or maybe go shopping. With a very short notice for the reasons I don't know why, my cousin is getting married! So the whole family drove up on the 30th night to give them some hands.

    I was supposed to celebrate merdeka with some friends. Ish..!

    So, when the day come, then only I got to know that my cousin, Fadli with the age of 25 is getting married to someone older, Musalmah with the age 35 and he'll be getting 3 free children. The eldest is 15 years old.

    Sounds funny but no joke, it's fated.

    Everyone before entering the house of the bride. Fadly is in yellow dress, looked very handsome

    At home before going for 'NIKAH' ceremony.

    So many things happened that I cannot recall most of them then. I didn;t even followed the Malaysian BAJET as I was so busy.

    Will do some analyze of the BAJET later..

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