September 6, 2006

What else to shock you?

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Earlier, it was supposed to be a shock to most of the people in Malaysia when Siti Nurhaliza announced that the man was Datuk K, while i myself was hoping that Datuk K would still be rumours.

She intended to surprise a lot of people by doing her grand wedding. I wonder why Dr. Mahathir did came to the wedding, because KJ was there. POLITICS!

F*ckin obvious, the crews in the wedding were seen to kiss KJ's ass by a few times focusing on him, as I do think, he's not the focus in the wedding. I'd prefer if they could focus more on Kris Dayanti, or whoever pretty that night.

Enuff! I was about to start to admit what Siti had done good for her and all of us, and even started to be her fan.

I cannot accept the marriage. Reasons? Haha. Why eh?

Then, there was nothing special about Mawi & Ina program on Astro and RTM. I admit that I've been watching Mawi & Ina more than the Siti's wedding, as the wedding would just show us nothing much than the people who came and bla bla bla. At least, Mawi & Ina was an informative program.

And obviously, Mawi broke up the engagement for no concrete reason, as he was trying to run away from answering the truth of why he left Ina. I think everyone else would wanna know, even though it's not important at all.

My mom were asking, why would Ina humiliate herself, as she could actually just stay home and keep quiet. The thing is, she may have or may have not done the right thing. She is definitely not Tengku Zawiyah, someone who had been strong enough to live with someone like Datuk K, who at last was dumped off Datuk K's life just like that. JUST LIKE THAT!

I was hoping that Mawi would say that Ina is like this or that, because Ina would also want to know. At last, only God knows why.

Recently, the BAJET 2007 was quite impressive. I was quite surprise when the Government reduces a lot of payments, including to let student to sit for public school exam for free. It's good for the poor but not fair for the richer. It wouldn't be good to discriminate but actually the rich gained so much from the BAJET.

Look at it carefully, I admit that the poor will definitely benefit from the BAJET but the rich? Even more!

So the Government has been rich enough nowadays huh? I wonder.

I'm SHOCKED! All this while all the Mega projects had been cancelled because we don't have enough money. How does the country suddenly become rich? Magic!

But the latest shock was the death of the crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin. I've veen worshipping him as one of the bravest people in the world. He's contribution in conserving the wild life and forest, not to mention his contribution to the study of the wild life, especially the endangered (and dangerous too) are too much to mention in my humble blog.

It's very hard to believe at first as the news of his death has once spread all over the Internet a few years back, but it turns to be a scam.

But now, it's on CNN! Click here to read more about it.

It's still hard to accept but the way he dies off was surely a tragedy. As his usual of pushing everything to the limit, he tried to be as close as possible, taking himself as invulnerable, he was just at the wrong position and timing. He came over the top of the stingray, the tail came up, and spiked him in the chest. He pulled it out and the next minute he's gone.


Now i hate stingrays! But i would still love to eat them. Pari Bakar is very nice you know!

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