September 21, 2006

The Thai coup..

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The 'Bisik-bisik' column in Utusan Malaysia stated that the Thai's coup was not something unusual. It has happened so many many times before.

Thailand is the only country in this South East Asian Region that has never been colonized by any western country. This fact is actually equalizing them to China, another country that westerners were trying to evade but failed.

Some people said that Thailand (and China) has been ruled by great leaders, and that's why they have never been colonized. Well, i do think that China was not being colonized because of their big lands. Further, there were a lot of rumbles here and there in the whole China. Going in there means suicide.

Thailand? If we do some revision of the history, which i do not have to elaborate here, I would make a conclusion that Thailand's past leaders were great, brilliant and very far-sighted. It has never been a single form of colonization in Thailand. They have been able to handle every problem, internal or external by themselves.

Malaya? Or during the sultanate era of Melaka, Riau, Perak, Johor, Kedah and so on. What had happened during these times that we were easily being evaded by the Brits? It was because when we have internal problem, we asked help from the Brits, who actually came to harvest the natural sources from our country, thus leaves us so poor right now.

It has slowly turning to another form of colonization, when a greedy or bad Sultan feared being killed or robbed by his enemies, signed the treaty that will of course protect the Sultan's interest but to allow the Brits to control the country. The st*p*d Sultan just signed the treaty without concerning of what would happen in the future, as long as he gets what he wants.

It happens over and over and over and again. (Refer to a lot treaties, especially Pangkor which I like, because the people managed to kill JWW Birch, and so many others).

And again, it also happens to a lot of Malays from the non-royal family. One thing that I realized was that Malays signed or agreeing to the agreement without properly proof read of what they're signing. Just look at the water selling agreement with the Singapore. Don't u think that the agreement is the stupid'est' agreement after all? What was in the people's mind at that time?

Well, it's in the blood don't u think so? Hehehe.. Well, remember, even how stupid our sultans used to be, we have to hail the country where we belongs to. It doesn't mean that I wanted to be a siamese. No no no.. not at all..

That's about it.

Now, let's talk about the Thailand's king again. Their intelligence has been prevailing their country from any kind of evasion. This protective attitude and behaviour can still be seen until today.

Now you got what i mean? Still? No? Blur?

Yeah, as we all read and as it is being speculated on the news, the coup in Thailand has been undergone with the bless of the King. Surprised? No. Of course not. I do think that the King really love the people of his own. He is 78 years old now and still, he cared a lot about his people.

So, instead of letting the corrupted Prime Minister to keep ruining the country, he blessed a group of armies to take over the ruling of the country.

Yeah, as we all heard on the news, there were scandals of company shares, show offs of his wealth, and obviously the so called muslim terrorist sweep in the southern Thailand.

Ironically, the coup was lead by the Army's General who is a muslim. However he has got no blood connection with those muslims in the southern. During the crisis between the government and the muslim people in the southern thailand, Sondhi Boonyaratkalin has proposed to end up the crisis through diplomatical discussion but it was merely rejected by the government.

Well, even it was considered as an Internal Matter by the Cambodean, a lot of people were giving out statements to return the democracy back to the people of Thailand but from the pictures arpund, it seems that people of Thailand were celebrating the coup like it was a victory. There were also anti-Thaksin demonstration all over the country showing their support towards the coup.

The urgency to return the democracy was not appropriate as the people of Thailand do think that the democracy has allowed Thaksin to strengthened his iron-fisted ruling of Thailand. As for example, the crisis with the Muslim so-called rebellions in the Southern Thailand.

There was only one thing that intrigued me.

We don't have a permanent king. Who would consent the blessing if maybe one day, some people would like to rebel and take over a corrupted government? Who knows...

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