September 24, 2006

Comes and goes..

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Now, I believe most of the muslims in the whole is celebrating the month of Ramadhan. In simple explaination, the month where everyone will be fasting during the day and only consume food at night.

And it has also become like a culture, when a festival or a known date to celebrate is coming, people will be busy sending SMSes to friends wishing Happy Ramadhan or Selamat Hari Raya or anything like that. That was so nice and I really appreciate that but i apologize as I'm not able to reply to everyone as there were too many SMSes.

I used to do the same thing. I used to compose some original sayings or wishes that I think should be unique and sounds differently but in just a few hours, the same message was coveyed back to me, and it was not coming from the person that I myself sent.

So the conclusion was, some people, they just wanted to forward the SMSes. I appreciate those who write and compose the wishes all by themselves. The most SMSes I've got were the rhymed poet, the same thing i got for so many many times. I wonder, are these peopl were realy sincere?

So today, the 1st day of Ramadhan, everyone has already started to fast. Last night was the first night of the Tarawikh Prayers as well, the night with the most attendants. It happens everywhere. People were so excited to do the prayers during the first 2-3 nights but the excitements will slowly drop from days to days.

Earlier yesterday, me and my family went to KLIA. The preparation for the journey has been started since weeks. Even to the last minute, my mom, my sister and my aunts were still busy deciding on what are the necessities and what are not. We even had all the bags weighed as we're not going to have trouble with the excessive weight bags, which the limit given was only 30 kilograms.

When almost everyone was there, we've made our move to KLIA. One of my granma had arrived earlier with my aunt and spent a night at our house in Seremban. Another one arrived just nice before we made our move. So at around 12 o'clock, everyone was in the car slowly driven to the KLIA.

As we arrive, we were just relax and chit chat with each other while waiting for the briefing and later to check in. It's been quite sometime we spent there where I myself did went to the toilet almost 5 times as a result of lactose overdosed. Then, there were also some other relatives arrived there. Even my father's friend Dr. Aziz manage to come over from Kelantan.

Then when it's time to check in, we have problem with the luggage. The backpack sized bag was not allowed to be carried and cabin luggage so it has to be checked in as well. As a result, the bags weighted almost 40KGs, and each excess KGs will be charged RM182.

That means that we have to pay extra RM1820 for the luggage. So I decided to take out some unnecessary items and reduce the weight as much as possible. The second attempt was again failed, as we still exceeded by 3.7 KGs. Last resort, I decided to throw the heaviest bag away and instead of 3 bags, now it's reduced to 2 bags. The last weight was just as nice as 29.6KGs.

The luggage problem settled merely within the last minutes before boarding. The last briefing was given and while waiting for the last moment, I played with my lil sister Farah.

The boarding call was announced and everyone was seen rushing towards the boarding gate. My brother, Izzat was then started to see, shake hands and hug with all the absent relatives. It was all nice and calm until he started to hug my granma. My granma looked very sad with her tears were all over. And slowly all my sisters were started to cry. Being a lil bit sensitive, I was trying to hold my sorrow but when Izzat comes to say bye to me, I was all speechless. I wasn't able to say anything except for holding my sadness back. Yeah, it's going to be a very long time.

We've been spending almost 9 months of his post-SPM exams period together. He has been my greatest guitar student, as what i had struggled to achieve in 3 years in just 9 months, he did it in 9 months.

As we started to spend time together, he didn't mind to sleep on the carpet on the floor, just to be around me. He had been a great help to parents as he had smoothen most of the things in the house. He has been a great help to me too. I do take him out sometimes despite of my busy schedule doing this and that.

So, Izzat will be away to Russia for the next 7 years. He'll be doing his medical course in Volgograd, which by the time I'm writing this, he's still transitting in Moscow, waiting for his next flight to Volgograd tonight.

You have all my prayers bro. I'll miss you a lot. I hope I'd be able to see you in February.

* And Happy Ramadhan Festive to everyone else.

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