June 25, 2004

Euro 2004 :: Ricardo being the Hero for Deservant Portugal!!!

Before the game :: I went out late of the office. Finished off my previous blog and went out. Get back home and, bathe up and get dressed. Went out to PJ then KL to pay for my Credit Cards. Then went to Sunway and was looking around doing nothing. Then I was seeing these cars.. For this weird and so eye-aching car, I thought i can only see it in the Internet, but now it's in Sunway!!
This Evo5 is having a huge GT Wing. Look stupid tho.
This nicely done Celica blowed fire through it's muffler tips when it rammed.

Had Supper :: Done with that.. Went to Khalifah in Subang. Still had time to left out a Lancer Turbo on my way there.. Sizuka (Suzuki) Swift is just not that bad huh? Had 2 half-cooked eggs, 2 roasted bread, iced milo and iced plain water.. then here we go.

Ball Talk :: Ajai & Nurul was the artist celebrities. Ajai was doing quite good for stopping 33% of the goal shootouts. Boring, but I was still so ok, so energetic to watch this so important game of Euro2004, at least for me.. Then the game starts..

Early Goal :: Euro2004 will always be Euro2004. Normally, the team that scores as early as 5 minutes in a game will again, NORMALLY lose the game. That's how I feel when England scored their first goal through a mistake done by the Portugal defender, the advantage was then taken by Michael Owen and he finished it in a style that quite impossible for people like me to imagine.

Then, the time goes so fast, that makes me feel a bit okay and safe. Waiting for the first half to end up was like waiting for a punishment. So tense and nerve-gasping. But for me, the Portugal really conquered the game. They work really hard but England. This really bad, and much worse that I felt that England won't make it.

2nd Half :: England was too defending themselves, until Figo was taken out of the field, but that someone who replaced him then scored a goal at the minute of 83 to extend the game to extra time with Silver Goal rule.

Silver Goal :: Extra time have 2 halvesof 15 minutes each. If the first half, a team scored a goal then, they still continue up to the 15 minute time. If the opponent didn't score any goal then the 2nd half is eliminated. The team that scored the goal is considered the winner. They implemented Silver Goal as the Golden Goal is now considered unfair.

Extra Time :: The first half no goal. England played so badly. Portugal works really hard to achieve winning. You can see each and every pass, shots, cross by the Portugal are just too good. The english was like lazy, exhausted, and badly they just like don't even care. I think they wanna delay the game to penalty.

Extra Time (2nd half) :: Damn. Portugal scored a goal as early as 4th minute and celebrated it. 5 minutes later, Lampard scored a leverage goal for England. The position 2-2 stays till the end of the extra time.

Penalty :: Started with England. First kick by Beckham. DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He kicked the ball too high! He's kewl, but how was that happened? Everyone else get the ball in to the net accept for Rui Costa who kicked the ball off goal. Till 5 kicks, the position in 4 all. Then 6th kick, both went in, till the seventh kick, Vassel taken the kick but IT WAS SAVED by RICARDO. and the worse thing is, it was like RICARDO gonna be the Hero for his country. He took the last kick and he gets it in! Argh.. Here we go.. England is out of the competition now. And it's, and Portugal is now should never be having problem on it's route to the Finale.

About the stars :: They deserved it. They really deserved to win. But as we all can see in this whole Euro2004 campaign, most stars, especially from Real Madrid (you who they are) were just there to be the captain, or just there to be the spiritual statue. You can see it clearly. For me they are, Figo, Beckham, Raul... except for Zidane, they were all contribute less that what they are suppose to do as a star. Zidane is a star and he played as a star.

Portugal :: As a home team, they really deserved it. They proved it that as a home team, they work really hard to prove that home team will always have the advantage over other teams. They play it hard. They work hard. The strive and force themselves to get a goal, to achieve victory. The game was totally controlled by them. People would be expecting a total anger when Scolari took out Figo out of the game, as he used all three substitution opportunities to change the game. It works! The game has totally change. Postiga who replaced Figo scored a leverage goal so that the game can be extended to extra time with silver goal rule.

Getting in Rui Costa has really change the game pattern and he scored the leading goal 2-1 in the minute of 109th.

England :: Not much comment. Boring game. Just a goal and started to be defensive. Especially, when Rooney was injured (I think he was intentionally done by the Portugal hahaha), taken out and substituted with VASSEL? I never know him before and he replaced Rooney? The game would be much different if Rooney was not injured. We can see then, Gerard was also taken out. I don't know what was their plan, maybe to be defensive, even Shebby noticed, after Gerard and Rooney was taken out, middle field that was controlled by England was totally lost to the Portuguese. Beckham played badly. He wasn't playing as he supposed to play as a star. No good moves. No good kicks. No special crosses as he always did when he was in Manchester United. He was just like me when I'm on the field. Lost and do nothing. I'm a bad soccer player too. But I didn't play for my nation so who cares.

Winner :: They deserve to win. That's all.. I was driving back home with a very sad feeling. Was like to go straight to work but later I found out myself wake up at around 10 o'clock.. So we'll wait for tonite's game. France & Greece, I'll pick France of course. Review.. I'm not so used to any one of them except for Zidane and Henry..

June 24, 2004

Euro 2004 :: Czech and Holland to quarterfinale

How do I get slept :: Last nite, called Nana, asking her out to watch soccer but she had something else to do. Went to USJ, went out with Hemsem and Cop to send Cop's car to one of the Half Cut Shop in Subang Airport area to change his car's engine. Back from there, have our dinner in Carlos Subang, and I was so full.

Back in the house :: The ball talk last nite made me so happy to see the Darling Ngasri, she was so pretty, how I wish I can sit next and talk to her whenever i saw her in SS15 Subang Jaya. Used to met her there quite a number of times. And now she's even more slurpy.. what a babe.. well, they chose TV3, showing the gane between Germany & Czech, which I wantedt to see the Holland game.. and I started to fall asleep... zzZZZzzz

Waken up :: I was waken up by the noise of my friends cheering up for the Germany's beautiful first goal. I admit that.. but I went back to sleep..

End of Game :: Holland won over the Latvia by 3-0 and The Czechos won over the Germans by 2-1. And you know what, I lost my bet. Yann bet Holland over Latvia by 3-0. It's okay, it's just RM2. The most important is, Holland is still on!!! Goals were scored, 2 by Ruud Van Nistelrooij and one more by Roy Makaay.. The German's beautiful goal was scored by Balack, but Baros denied the German total dreams.

Today :: So was busy.. with a lot of things.. In the morning I was having breakfast with Boss, Sally, Yann, Abu and Ai Meng.. Then to Muamalat for a Meeting. Corona new Module and later a meeting for the BRC rehearsal. Then, try to setup the corona, have lunch, then went to a clinic.. Then get back to Muamalat for User testing.. then get back to the office and do my work.

Group D (Death) Standings ::Quarter Finale Schedule ::
24 June 2004Luz, LisboaPortugal vs England
25 June 2005Jose Alvalade, LisboaFrance vs Greece
26 June 2004Algarve, Faro/LouleSweden vs Netherlands
27 June 2004Dragao, PortoCzech Rep. vs Denmark
Tonite's Game :: Portugal, carrying fervent hopes as the host of the competition, will definitely do not want to lose this game. It's very crucial at this point to maintain the best form they had to face England, a team which is inconsistent in performance, well-known for it's legendary of soccer team ability to create upsets but raised in confident as the performance showed Wayne Rooney. I might say that England is not a strong team, but it has it's own class. Well, Portugal is known as European Argentina, just like Spain is the European Brazil. Well, the Spain was having tough luck this year, just like the Italy and Germany. It will surely be a tough fight! It's a meetup of bright young stars like Ronaldo and Rooney! It's a real tough but interesting and a must watch match!!

My Comment :: I was grown up watching those english playing football, and of course I'm siding to people that I'm used to. Portugal is a worth being respected team but they can be defeated if the English maintain their top form as they played against the Croatia. Me thinks that, the current England is much better than the team beaten by Brazil by 2-1 in Shizuoka. The English men are no longer depending on the long and high ball to drop into the penalty area, this time if they had the ball, they'll keep the ball and move it around. Portugal is not left out in making move to improvise their team. Combination of stars like Figo, Gomez and Ronaldo will surely promising something amazing to watch!

And I bet on England 3 - Portugal 1. It's a high risk bet but it's better to see England out at the early stage rather than nervously waiting for England's next game. I'll be watching the game somewhere in Sunway Tonite.. Cya there then...

June 23, 2004

Euro 2004 :: Denmark & Sweden waved in! Italy bowed out!

Preview :: Sweden has been starting good by defeating the Bulgaria team 5-0, which is quite a number of goal for such a prestigious competition. For no reason why, Denmark which is uncomparable to Italy has been able to draw with Italy. To maintain it's unbeatable repo, Italy has again draw with Sweden 1-1, while the Danish beat the Bulgaria 2-0. As expected, Bulgaria is always the team to beat when it loses all it's two previous games before, well, Italy as one of the favourite team in the competition (mostly for asians and most of everyone in the world for their reputation of good defence and some of the names) has not been sitting well in the chart as below:-Same Points :: Both the Swedish and Danish (sounds like pastry) were having the same 4 points, resulting from a winning and a draw. While the Italianos drew twice with the Danish and the Swedish. It is expected that the Italianos will win over the Bulgarians but expect surprises. There are always surprises out of this kind of competition, and at this kind of situation.. Expect the amazing surprises!!

Last Nite Game :: Seriously, I was so stupid to be having big dinner last nite, after work playing futsal, having nice dinner at the A&W PJ with both Hemsem and Eric. Later Eric wanted to be having his dinner at SS15 Subang Jaya. And you know what, as I finished bathing, I lay my head and slept! What I knew was all of a sudden Italy scored their 2nd goal during the injury time. Well.. The Danish and Swedish end up with draw and Italy won over Bulgaria by 2-1. Well, guess what?
Italianos Out :: The italianos have to accept the fact that when they bowed at the end of the game, they are actually bowing themselves out of the competition as well. Both Sweden and Denmark were topping the chart for their number of goals, especially Sweden, which scored 8 goals and having a goal difference of 5. Here we goes, Italy was a good team, and still is but, it is the 'TIME' that determine. As they are good, other teams are improving too. I was once lose a bet for Italy, which I was so confident that Italy will win over Brazil in World Cup 1994, yeah they played well, they tied Brazil and it was extended to penalty kicks, but my so beloved Roberto Baggio has to think that, being a Buddhist doesn't always help him to score a penalty kick (as he was always being praised for his kewlness during penalty kicks, and he admitted, part of it was, being a Buddhist). And so now, Italy was my history of favourites, as the time changed.

* ps :: Don't u think that actually the Danish and Swedish planned their game to take Italy out of the competition? It seems to me to be like that, very very much!


Group D

Holland :: Holland has always been my favourite beside England (of course, I was raised watching English Premier League, learning how to celebrate a goal from them too, praising each and everyone of them, being a Liverpool Fan for Ian Rush, John Aldridge and John Barnes.. My other favourite team was Tottenham Hostspurs, and at that time, I've never heard about Manchester United.. yet.. but now it's different hehe). They played like England too, I think so, condemn me if u're think they're not.. The play long balls, always attacked from the left or right (which that is always influential to any of the school soccer teams). Other than that was Brazil, Argentines and Germany.. But now let's concentrate on the Hollanders and Germans..

Czech :: Czech as the 3rd in the world ranking, played very well in each game. They have a non-understandable kind of game. Hardly readable by the opponents, and me too. Maybe it's because they came from the otherside of the Europe, I guess there are two side, which one is more being known to the people in the world and the rest are less-known by the people. Latvia, Croatia, Czech, Bulgaria, Poland and so many other countries, I myself have no idea what they have inside their country. Like England, I knew them for their EPL, Holland, I knew them for their Sex Amsterdam city, Gemarny, I knew so many things about Germany, beers, munchen.. France for their taxi movies.. spain for their super beautiful ladies.. and so on.. So actually, we pay less attention towards them, not knowing their culture, their soccer and what ever it is. So that's Czech, a very rare kind of game and they have amazing surprises.. each time.. especially when they defeated Holland by 4-2.

Germany :: They are no longer my favourite. They have a very strong and tough team. But sadly, it's hard for them to score a goal. I just don't know why. So, they're always being put aside when I've another team to support, like Holland.Tonight's game preview :: Holland needs to win over Latvia, but even Germany can only draw with them. Czech has been doing good by winning over Holland and Latvia, and to win over the Germans, it's really possible. For both German and Holland, both of them need to win the game, but it's nearly impossible for the Germans to beat the 3rd ranked soccer team in the world. There are few possible situations that I might put here to be discussed (these are the worse possible results i can ever imagine/forecast tonite.. worse for all teams) ::

1. Netherlands-Latvia 0-0, Czech-Germany 1-0.

Netherlands go, German stucked.

2. Netherlands-Latvia 0-0, Czech-Germany 0-0.

Germany go, Netherlands stucked.

If German.. :: In anyway, if German wins, they'll surely go. If they draw, they must pray that the Netherlands can maximumly only draw with the Latvians.

If Netherlands.. :: If they win, they must pray hard that Germany can only maximumly draw towards Czech. If they draw, they must pray hard that the Czech will beat them out of the competition which is possible too!

Amazing Surprises :: As Greece beaten Portugal, you should remember that in this kind of competition, at current situation (where both games depend on each other and run at the same time, and both game will determine who will succeed to the next level), expect amazing surprises. We'll never knew, who knows, Latvian win over Netherlands and Germany defeated by the Czechos.. and those two so-called-closed countries proceed to the next level...

Tonite :: I'll focus on both both games.. Both games are really important to me..

June 22, 2004

Euro 2004 :: Victory for England & France

The Differences :: Do you know why sometimes, matches are aired in different channel even though the matches are at different times? OK. It goes like this. In Malaysia, there are 2 channels were given the rights to air the EURO 2004 matches, that are TV3 and 8TV. The more favourable is aired in TV3 with better commentators such as Sherkawi Jirim and Shebby.. The 8TV is totally sucks.. They aired unfavourable match, which they think that it will get lower rate of audience compared to the other one, (I guess just to the Malaysians onry) and the commentators were as sucks as what they commented. They commented the game just like they have been doing this commentating business for so long.

Why I think 8TV sucks? :: 8TV is a kewl channel anyway. I love 8TV's programme much much more than the programmes in TV3 channel. Anyway, the commentators sucks. I guess, maybe because we are so used to the commentaries by the Brits, they seems so formal, and to commentaries by Rahim Razali, Hasbullah Awang, that seems to be looking professionally done, and heard formal. Especially in the discussion pre, between and post game.. the 8TVs panel and discussion are totally sucks! And u should hear how I commented on England game last nite.

As Expected :: Malaysian will favour the England vs Croatia game. Why? It's either they like England or dislike England. The factor why the other game was not so favoured to be watched was, what ever result comes out, France will still qualify, at least at the second place even tho they lose the game. England and Croatia are both in critical needs to qualify to the quarter final, which England would just need to draw the match, while Croatia must win the game in order to qualify for the next round.From the Chart :: As we can see now, even though England position is higher than the Croats, they really need to win this game as they're not supposed to lose to the Croats. In fact, they will just need to draw. Anyway, if they draw, if the Swiss win, Swiss will go definitely as they win 1, and draw one. This will much complicating the position, as three team win one, draw and lose one. Let us just simulate the match result, which England draw with Croats and France defeated by the Swiss..Simulated :: This is the simulated result if England and Croats draw by Nil all and Swiss defeated France by 3-0. But the France-Swiss result is 75% in probability impossible.

The Game :: Let us concentrate on England-Croatia game as I was watching the game last morning. I was so mad at England as the Croats scored their 1st goal as early as the 5th minutes through Niko Kovac's goal which resulted from the mistake A. Cole made when he's supposed to secure the ball but instead he kicked it towards the goal keeper. James did a good job by quickly reflecting to the ball coming but the slow defenders of England to clear up the ball has causing Niko Kovac to push the ball into the goal using his left leg. That was a bad & stupid mistake!

Afterwards :: I was becoming so mad, as the England played so badly. Bad in positioning.. Beckham was like there for nothing.. and i started to swear towards England players as they play so badly, everything seems to be going wrong, and we started to wonder why Beckham is there, why is he the captain of the team. The game carries on with a lot of attacks from the Englunds. Butina saved a lot of tries until at the 40th minute, where Lampard successfully passed the ball to Owen for finishing but the ball bounced back to Rooney where he headed to the right where Scholy is waiting and headed dramatically into the net and drew the level of the position.

Rooney's :: In added time, Rooney did a 22-meter-score to change the leader of the game role to England. It was a fine pass from Scholes move. In the 68th, Owen's move enable Rooney to score his 2nd goal of the game and were swapped out later. Same goes to Scholes.

Less interesting :: I don't know why but I felt so sleepy after the 3rd goal of Englund. Well, a sudden, shocking, shot and simple goal caused from a free kick, headed by Tudor but they've never celebrate it as they need to work faster to get more goals. Lampard has totally denied the Croats dream to qualify for the next round in the 79th minutes as he scored and later swapped out by Phillip Neville; and the score remains till the end of the game. 4-2.

The French :: They win by 3-1. First French goal scored by Zidane and the rest by Henry.. at last he scored, as he's complaining he has never get a chance to score. The single goal by the swiss, not that important but i'm telling ya, it's one of the best goal, out of one of the best move in the nite's game. Well it change nothing to the position but compliments are mandatory. I really appreciate th goal, as the move seems to be fooling all the defenders of the French.Final Position :: So here is the final post of each team in Group A & B. As scheduled, the Winner of Group A (Portugal) will be meeting the 1st Runner up for the Group B (England) on the 24th June. The Winner for Group B (France) will be meeting the first Runner up for Group A (Greece) on the 25th June.

Match Tonite :: Italy vs Bulgaria and Denmark vs Sweden. See u there tonite. I'll be maybe somewhere in USJ, Sunway or Concorde tonite. Just to enjoy the heat as the other were doing. Cya there!!!

June 21, 2004

A Weekend of Euro 2004!!!

Frydaeg :: After work.. I went back home, a lil bit late.. as Lisya is gonna see me tonite for the research project. Hmm only now I'll be having an opportunity to work on the wireless device.. It's about ciphered/compressed wireless communication.. I'll be doing my own compression method and my own cipher algo to be applied on voice transmission, trasmitted over a connection og 9.6 kbps. It's hard! As my sister came over and took her car.. we continued with our discussion.. and later, i think i'd be better spend the nite in Subang as they're having the Streamyx so that I can do my research better... I went there.. but Farok was still on his laptop so i decided to sleep.. while witing for the game.. The results were

Denmark 2 :: Bulgaria 0
Italy 1 :: Sweden 1

I end up sleeping while watching.. As I noted that Denmark was leading by 2-Nil.. zzzz

Saturday :: I woke up finding myself in the middle of the house.. sleeping half naked.. I was wearing a lose short and luckily I was sleeping facing the floor. Woke up and start with my research.. it was consistently like that till 1pm and we went out for lunch. Then I slept till 5, when Farok is getting ready for his hockey training/friendly match. He sent me back home.. I played with my guitar.. till my boss called reminding us about our plan tonite.. the I called farok to came over to my house and we had dinner together.. Then I was watching Akademi Fantasia.. it was bout time for kaer to appear but my boss already came. So he waited for me at the Shell station..

Went Out :: I went up, get dressed up and went back down.. Parked in Udang.. had coffee in Concorde Hotel.. and then we get into Hard Rock.. Nuthin much.. it was boring.. The same itchy old monkey.. boring 30s people who just learned to be living their life.. boring girls who just came in there to be having free drinks and just let the male do whatever they want on her as long as they can have free drinks. My boss was like staying kewl.. keep quiet.. I was enjoying the music,, but the band sucks.. I felt so bad for that... anyway.. I was watching the Germany vs Latvia.. end up 0-0..

Done :: Done in Hard Rock.. we're looking for a place where we can watch the match between Holland and Czech.. It was just started when Hans Isaac came to take over the place where we're suppose to sit initially.. saying hi to us and asking for permission to sit in front of us.. I was ordering coffee and sandwich.. later came in Afdlin Shauki and his wife I guess.. sitting together with Hans Isaac.. he's a big eater.. really big eater.. There was buffette, (not so nice, that's y I end up not taking it), afdlin and his wife were enjoying it.. but tell ya.. he ate till the end of the match!!! hahaha..

Bout The Game :: There are 6 of us.. I mean around me.. There were me and my boss, a girl (I don't know who), Hans Isaac, Afdlin and his wife.. 3 vs 2, afdlin and his wife and the girl were on Czech while the rest, me, my boss and Hans Isaac were on Holland. Holland has been my favourite since I knew that Holland Soccer team was among good team. Holland was leading with a header goal.. and later on by Nistelrooy.. but as Afdlin Shauki eats, and eats... and getting more and more food.. What I can say about the game was.. Czech is picking up really good on the game.. they started with a goal.. In the 2nd half.. the game was controlled by the Czech.. until this one guy was sent out off field.. as he gets his 2nd yellow card... equally as getting a red card.. and then czech adds another two goals.. so that's it.. Czech wins over Holland, 3-2.

Sunday :: It was already Sunday when I watch the soccer match. went back home.. get asleep till afternoon.. And then take my batch.. take a taxi to klsentral and went to bukit bintang.. while waiting for my cousin.. I had a walk around.. it was so tiring walking alone.. but it's better to.. hehe.. so later.. my cousin arrived and I handed him the documents I'm supposed to give him.. and we have a long chat in his office.. and later we walked out to the Nasi Ayam outlet.. had my first meal of the day.. and later he sent me back.. when I reached home.. I was so tired.. slept till the morning..

Mondaeg :: I opened my eyes at about 3.. and I realized that I didn't take out my contact lenses. Took 'em out and get back to sleep.. Later I woke up at around 8.45.. finding myself was late.. I straight away took bath.. and get ready to go to work.. Managed to get a taxi.. and arrived in the office at around 9.20... was about to finish doing something when later my boss asked me to follow him to Muamalat and do our work there.. Had our lunch first.. and later, we were just concentrating on our work.. at 5 we went back to the office.. and now I'm writing this Blog..

June 18, 2004

Big Thorsdaeg!!!

Bad day? :: Even though it wasn't really a good day for me, it wasn't the end of my life yet. Life must go on, being open minded, ya know life is not always about being accepted (we all must accept that), especially people like me who doesn't really work hard for something.

luck :: I knew it's wrong.. we must work hard for what we desired for.. but remember, god is there, luck is there.. I don't really believe in luck.. but sometimes I rely on it.. hehe..

Thorsdaeg :: At work, I never felt so down, in fact I felt so happy as I was being rejected by that girl. There are 2 reasons :: 1. I've done what I'm supposed to do for so long and 2. It feels so release.. It feels like just getting out of the jail... It feels like after the SPM.. Even though it's not a big thing.. but as My boss said.. He normally will wait for the girl to confess and he never will.. Me thinks so.. but if that's the attitude.. I think I would never get the thing I want.. So I did it well after work.. when I asked my boss to treat me a good dinner... just after finishing my Murex Tasks..

Dinner :: Was waiting for hensem to arrive in my office.. and my boss was about to go for dinner.. he suggested the Korean Steamboat/BBQ Buffet downstairs.. haha.. % of us, My boss, his wife, mayna, me and hemsem.. At the end.. only me and Hensem were eating while the rest were just looking at us.. and keep askin.. are u gonna take more food? well.. we went out after spending 2 hours inside there... eating non stop... then as usual.. get home.. took things.. and went to subang.. slept there..

I did this one stupid test.. It's called.. the personality cocktail..

For the name slash it appears like this..

How to make a slash

1 part jealousy

5 parts ambition

5 parts energy
Layer ingredientes in a shot glass. Add a little sadness if desired!
While for my real name... Izham.. it goes like this..

How to make a izham

5 parts success

5 parts brilliance

3 parts instinct
Layer ingredientes in a shot glass. Add curiosity to taste! Do not overindulge!
Frydaeg :: So today.. I'm on meeting.. was a fun meeting.. with Ai Meng.. she became my sketary.. hehe.. went to frydaeg prayer.. and have lunch and now I'm writing this blog!!

June 17, 2004

Season :: Euro Euro!!

Season :: A recurrent period characterized by certain occurrences, occupations, festivities, or crops: the holiday season; tomato season.

So what do u expect guys? hehe.. of course it's the Euro 2004 Fever .. And the last Saturday Nite was the starting of the new season of Akademi Fantasia ..

Friday :: A big gun's car was stranded somewhere in Kerinchi Link.. I was there to help.. as Bob and Zul.. I was with Zul... meeting him to get the balance payment of my car... Had a drink and Zul called.. there we go.. So that nite.. I totally forgotten what I did..

Saturday :: I've gotta work today.. Waking up a lil bit early but then Bob asked me to send his car as that Dato' is going to use his caren to go back to Kedah. As I sent the car off, went back to the office and do my things..

Went Out :: As I was about to leave to Seremban, Tasha called me and asked me whether we can go out together.. I asked her to come over to KL Sentral and from there we went to Berjaya Times Square(BTS).. I don't know what's interest her to be there.. but it's just fine.. Hahaha.. but then weird!.. She was wearing office suit while I was out with bermuda, t-shirt and a backpack.. It looks kinda weird.. but still go to BTS and have fun with eating a lot of McDonalds.. She took the McChicken and Chicken Nugget and I was having Big Mac with Fish Nugget.. As I was going back to Seremban, we split up in KL Sentral and I headed to Seremban by the commuter.

In Commuter :: Was standing, till this one place where a lot of people went off the train and I got a seat there. Looking at this one old chinese folk standing, I called him to sit next to me.. and he starts to talk a lot of things.. got his number.. and what i know.. he's just one of the people who sit behind the scene, backing up the big guns in Malaysia.. that's kewl.. though..

In Seremban :: My sister fetched me up.. went back home.. helped my Mom cooking. My cousin, abg bakri came over, with his family.. and so fast we had dinner.. because Akademi Fantasia is starting!!

Akademia Fantasia :: Heh.. the only person i think can sing is Kaer... I gave two vote for him.. AFUNDI KAER!!!

Later :: My friend, Mat Telor came over.. he's actually having a problem.. so we went out.. and talk abt it..

Euro!!! :: Portugal Lose to Greece by 0-2.. Spain win over Russia by 1-0... Sleep

Shundae :: I woke up a bit early.. even though I was watching Euro Last nite.. While having breakfast.. i was having a long talk with my father.. discussing abt a lot of things.. regarding the things he wanted to do after his retirement.. and then we went out.. site visit.. hehe.. later, the whole family went to KL, to Ulu Yam to actually visit a relative there.. they just renovated their house there.. quite kewl.. but just not my taste.. Then we went to Mines.. have dinner.. and took my sister's car... went back home.. took bath.. went out to Subang and watched Euro.. went back home at 6. and get back to work..

Moondae :: Went late to the office.. Lunchtime I went back home.. got something to do.. hehe.. i enjoyed doing it.. and get back to the office.. do work.. till late 8.. and later.. Lisya,, pojee's sister called me to see me.. to help in doing her research project.. She's kewl.. sweet.. we met up in my office and went to Syed's bangsar.. she had her dinner.. talked with her about sampling, communication.. signalling.. erkk.. hehe.. then went back home.. and sleep..

Touseday :: Work work work!! Went to bangi.. After work.. I've been meeting with Ailina.. a girl from Kedah too (gosh.. kedah again..) been to Syed's Bangsar.. have a long talk.. and i get back to the office.. did my job and went for Futsal.. yeah.. this I want..!!!! After futsal.. yeah Bisu took out his Durians.. hahaha.. got petai as well.. we went to mamak SS14, had my heavy supper.. with petai.. and later i went back home.. took my things.. and went to Subang and sleep there.. not mentioned.. the Euro 2004 is watchin me sleepin.. hehe..

Wednesday :: Through NPE.. arrived in the office.. work again and again.. Got problems in Muamalat.. Been there to solve 3 problems:: -
Testkey :: Error to backup.. zip drive faulty.. replaced the faulty zip drive to another thing.. succeeded with backup.. anyway.. while writing to faulty Zip Drive, the data was wrongly fetched.. half opened and not properly closed.. contained no EOF.. so data broken.. database corrupted.. no backup at all.. i've to restore from Monday's data.. and they have to re-key in everything on Tuesday.. I felt so guilty about it..

TPS :: Two errors..

Cannot print data from TPS.. They're just forgotten where did they downloaded the files...

The thing I did for them wasn't completed.. i completed it for them.. and nothing goes wrong..
After work :: Been to Mid Valley with Rosli.. hehehe.. Kantoi Jonataktahan and Ai Meng in Mid Valley.. hehe.. has dinner at the Portuguese Grilled Fish.. so delicious.. hehe..

Went back home.. finishing my songs.. took bath.. take my things and drove to Subang.. slept there.. as usual.. Euro 2004 was watchin me sleepin.. hehe..

Wednesday :: Here today.. doing nothing yet.. updating my blog.. and chatting with ailina.. b4 this was with licardo.. an old friend in madrid..

Now :: Am going back home.. I'm sleepy.. nite.... eh...

June 11, 2004

Joke :: Funny & Scary

Why :: To the wife.. u'll be so scary then.. hahahahaha!!!!!!!!

The Joke

A man checked into a hotel. There was a computer in his room, so he decided to send an e-mail to his wife. However, he accidentally typed wrong e-mail address, and without realizing his error, he sent the e-mail.

Meanwhile.....somewhere in Houston, a widow had just returned home from her husband's funeral. The widow decided to check her e-mail, expecting messages from relatives and friends.

After reading the first message, she fainted. The widow's son rushed into the room, found his mother on the floor, and saw the computer screen which read:

To: My Loving Wife
Subject: I've Reached
Date: 16 May 2004

I know you're surprised to hear from me. They have computers here now, and you are allowed to send e-mails to your loved ones. I've just reached and have been checked in. I see that everything has been prepared for your arrival tomorrow.

Looking forward to seeing you then! Hope your journey is as uneventful as mine was



Me :: Been so busy this week.. Getting home late are just a normal thing for me.. Been getting into more excitement.. new excitement are just waiting for me... Been meeting Tasha lately.. nothing much.. flirting around in KLCC, for some people they might hate it.. for they're just fine to me.. Got some new phone numbers (which later I distributed 'em to all my friends, picking up phone numbers are as easy as 'ABC' nowadays.. haha..


Sasser :: Are you infected??

Yeah :: What the h*ll was going on the world. People are just love to tease people by doing things that's simply irritating.. Sasser Worm is just one of them.. U won't be able to do anything then.. In a few seconds. you'll be getting this message.. the system will reboot in 48 secs.. hahaha...

Solution :: As I'm using windows 2000, i will share the solution i'm applying to my pc.. try to get these two files.. Windows2000-KB835732-x86-ENU.EXE and Windows-KB841720-ENU.exe. How do u wanna get it.. it's up to you.. they are like a patch which will stop Sasser action..

So Good Luck!!!!

June 9, 2004

Quite boring isn't it?

Moondaeg :: Work.. as usual.. after work.. went back home.. then went out.. see Bob, took the car from him.. had talk and drinks.. then went back home.. and slept..

Tousedae :: Do installation.. my pc was virused!!!! Heck!!! Do murex installation on the other pc with Yann... Work and get bored easily..somewhere in the afternoon i went out with my boss to JAWI, as he's picking up some official letters from there... sent him to sungei besi as he is picking up his car, he sent to service. I then, was about to get back to the office.. but later.. i think I wanna go somewhere else.. Bukit Bintang.. While driving.. the air cond was not working very well in the traffic jam... so i opted to wind down the windscreen.

In Bukit Bintang :: get in.. and.. oh shit.. my windscreen cannot get up.... I'm so nervous and sweaty.. then Itried to pull the windscreen up manually. gosh.. all my fingers are dirty with black sticky rubber, that's used to stick the transparent plastic to the inner side of your door, where the windscreen and it's motor reside... lastly, I decided to just leave the car like that.. i know there's nothing in the car and hope I can see my car in one piece when I get back to the car...

Shoe Store :: I straight away went up, as I was looking for a futsal bag.. was looking at one.. and wanted to buy but then it has to be taken from the store... so I went to the toiletto wash my hand.. now it looks much better.. went back to the store.. get my bag and pay for it.. then walk out the store.. went to a handphone accessory store abd bought the original cover for my old handphone..

Kg. Baru :: As i think i should fix the window first, i called my sister's bf, pye.. he asked me to come over to his office in Kg. Baru.. and I've to wait for him.. and later he come out.. and again i've to wait for the guy who'll be doing my car.. we went in to his office and talk talk talk talk....

Talk what :: We talk about the business we're gonna do soon.. now only I know he's gonna open a jamming studio.. just like me.. and we were discussing on opening a futsal/youth center as well.. we'll see...

Office :: Then I get back to the office.. reading emails and try to solve the virus problem in my pc. read the instruction.. and did it.. so i rushingly went back home as was going to futsal...

Futsal :: Yay!!!.. just 11 of us.. play it hard man!!... was a few times attacking the opposing team and scored.. i was so happy!!.. feel like a star!!!! had supper.. with farok, wira and hemsem.. and went off to KLSentral ans Tasha asked me to fetch her and take her home.. went back home... take bath.. and sleep...

Today :: I come to work.. with this one hope.. I just want to be happy... i just hope i can maintain this happiness and guts through out the day.. now I'm chatting with Lysa, lisa and ailina.. was talking about happy things.. and happy again.. i just wanna be this happy .. this is kinda cute heh.. hahah!

June 7, 2004

4 days of happenings!!!

Thirstdae Nite :: After work, I straight away went out to see my old school colleague like Yasin Bearwang and Adznan The Razilahairy... Was in the Syed Bangsar for a while.. and get back home.. have a chit chat with ermie and then I went up to sleep.

Fridae :: Ehhem.. manage to go to the prayer.. and after work i rush out to KLCC as to meet Rita, a friend from Sugei Besi to discuss on certain matters... then drive back to Senawang.. too tired and sleep...

Shatterday :: Went to a wedding at my Village, wedding of a cousin... Phewh. I was driving the non Air-conditioned car.. how pity my bros and sister when we were stucked in the traffic jam from Pedas to Senawang. I was so out of patience.. but I have to.. so reach home.. everyone get down and asleep... At nite, me, my bro, ina and adik went iut walking to a restaurant just nearby our house to have dinner.. Izzat was then screwed up a lil bit and later after being scolded, he ran away.. we finish up our dinner and went back.. even though when ever my sisters were asking about my bro, I said just let him be, in fact, I'm so worried.. Luckily he gets back home.. I was about to start a quarrel but I was just keep quiet then.. I know if i've started, he might end up staying in the hospital..

Shundaye :: A wonderful day, fed the fishes.. they're much bigger now.. yeah for the past two years then.. i guess one of the fish that is still survive weighed at 6-7 kg.. that heavy aite? After packing up everything.. ensure the house is clean and fully locked, i loaded my things inside the car and drive to Tampin for my friend's wedding. This will be fun!!!!!

The wedding :: We've got band playin in here. The groom, Rasyidan is one of the best drummer i've ever met. So as he's just finished with his wedding ceremony, he jumped in and hit the drums!!!!And after the crowd were getting less.. I then joined them... i don't know what we're playin at first... could u guys recognize which one is me?From Left :: Amat(drummer), Me, Joe, Chun and Boncut(bass). Then later when it's getting hotter... we played Metallica!!!! this is the full piece of the metallica playing band!!!!From left :: Me, Zai, Pojee and Chun, while Syidan was one the drum (hidden)... we're really rocking Metallica!!!

Then.. I was so tired.. it's so energizing.. we're rockin hard.. so i decided to call it an end and let 'em play.. we rested.. had drinks.. and later me and pojie backed off and we went to a coffee shop in the town and had tea, and had a long chit chat as well.. sent him home.. and drove back to KL..

Jammed :: I'm tired.. why the government has yet do nothing about it.. I was driving from Melaka at 8pm and arrived at KL at around 11.30.. that was long!!! luckily I went through the old road through sepang, dengkil, cyberjaya, serdang KL.. so bad.. the traffic is so bad.. I'm calling the government to do something on this!!!! We're paying the tolls to quicken our journey not to delay it!!!!!!! Huh!!!!!

June 3, 2004

Thorsdaeg :: A loser day..

Last nite :: Was so boring for nothing.. After meeting up with sheyna in Bangsar, I went straight home, buy a workpad and a pen, get up, work with my guitar, finishing up my first artwork for my first project. A kewlie number and get bored. Start to call a few people asking how are they doing, I even called baby in the US, Suzanne and lastly I took bath and went out..

Obsess :: Am I getting obsessed with my camera? haha... sort of.. been doing a lot of experiments with it.. I find it quite amusing to know what to do if the light is dimmed or no light at all.. well it's quite a low spoeed camera and to get your hand to stay still is quite impossible. Well, I managed to snap a few pictures while I was driving yesterday..This picture was taken when I was driving near KLCC. The KLCC picture taken were too bad..Do u know this building? It's the Public Bank building. I took it while the car stops for the traffic lights. Then I drive, drive and drive and all of a sudden i found this..Can u tell me what the f*ck that was? If u can find the answer, u've got a sharp and good pair of eyes.

Big Stomach :: I've got this one problem.. I eat a lot. And now I'm dieting badly just to get myself back into my previous lightweight. I used to be 54kg. And now it's nearly 70 and my body felt so heavy right now.


The Art :: Okay let's talk about the pictures.. What I can conclude from it, the most important thing about photography is the lighting. The lighting can emboss the mood of the picture. I know nothing about this yet and still learning..

The state of The Art :: I did a big mistake when I was actually setting up the LCD brightness to be too bright so whatever photo taken appeared to be too dark, the pictures which I think was so nicely taken. So I might be doing experiments again tonite..


Loser Day :: With the power that was not granted to me by the Holders of the Royal Official Red Seal, I would like to announce that today, June the 3rd of 2004 is the loser day for all the losers in the world... but why? Let us look at the definition of loser, a jargon used commonly by common people in the world..

Loser :: An unexpectedly bad situation, program, programmer, or person. Someone who habitually loses. (Even winners can lose occasionally). Someone who knows not and knows not that he knows not. Emphatic forms are "real loser", "total loser", and "complete loser" (but not **"moby loser", which would be a contradiction in terms).

Guts :: I just don't have it yet.. It's either the world will turn around or the world is all yours.. I get into the office early this morning.. I was thinking about it last nite.. I've all the plan, how to start it.. to do it.. (thanx to Suzanne for the ideas) but then today.. argh.. it was hard to make it happens.. I even got the chance yesterday, the best chance, but still.. I'm losing it.. how far am I losing right now.. it's getting late.. totally late..

June 2, 2004

Today :: A New Discovery..

Discovery 1

Morning :: Went in to the office this morning.. while browsing through my friendster.. I noticed this one thing..This is my friend from MMU, her name is Nadia.. see how pretty she is in that fur coat.. You can take a look at her in my friendster account..This is another friend of mine in friendster, Mayra. She's actually an officemate, from the Philippines.

Open your eye :: Yes.. they're wearing the same blue fur coat.. don't you notice.. According to Mayrae, that picture was taken when she went to the Maybellin free makeup promotion in town where later she will be asked to take a picture.. and guess, both of them went to Maybeline for the free makeup.. Well.. it's a good thing.. haha.. a new discovery by me.. hehe..

Discovery 2

Fruit :: Within these few days.. I've been eating less than usual.. I noticed one thing, which is if I take a lot of fruit, I'll be taking a lot of food as well.. Within these 3 days (since moondae), i've not been taking fruits at all, so for 3 days, I've not been taking lunch and dinner, except for supper and drink a lot of water..

Discovery :: Just for me.. eating less fruit will slow down my digestion process, so I will eat less...

.: Cak :.

Fridae :: The only I knew about this word, FRIDAE, is that it has been used for a gay website in Singapore. The website is Fridae Gay Portal. I even have worked part-time for this company, developing some of their application. I don't know whether they're still exist or not..

Work :: Yeah.. gotta work.. no work no money.. In the afternoon, I didn't go to the prayer.. Went to lunch in Uptown with that someone i took out yesterday.. U know.. the Vicchuda restaurant, a TOMYAM Seafood restaurant.. My rank.. NOT BAD!!! Then work till late 9pm, went out to meet Helena, a mate from MMU.. then tired and get back home sleeping..

Shatterday :: Get up early.. as I'm gonna be working today.. had breakfast and pursuit to the office like I'm late.. My boss planned to show some method of installation.. I worked till late 6pm.. went to shah alam.. Met Ucuk.. a friend from my school.. had his char koay teow kerang.. yummy.. went to Jusco Klang.. and then as I'm so tired.. went to klia, park my car there and shoot off to Kuala Terengganu.. zzZZZzzzZZZ

Shundae :: Phewitt! Off today.. Secret Project... I'm not in KL... :p

Moondae :: Work! Work!! I came back from terengganu late last nite.. driving.. do u think it's far?.. hell no!.. hehe.. my boss would be on leave from today till Thorsdaeg.. so.. i just do my work as usual.. today I'm so bz.. I thot there's a meeting at 10am at Muamalat.. but I was wrong.. the meeting was supposed to be at 2.30pm.. so did some work.. and get back to pantai... get the car and drive off to bangi.. do some installation.. met Ina as she's gonna send me back to the office as she's taking her car back.. but actually then, her bf wanted to see her, so I asked him to park at the Commuter Station in Serdang, fetch him and took both of them to Pantai.. hehe..

Meeting :: Again to Muamalat.. meeting. had lunch and get back to the office.. Ezlin, my ex-schoolmate called up for a dinner, all on hers.. Pizza Hut IOI Puchong.. but b4 that.. need to get the car from Bob.. went to Bob's house at around 8, he insisted for a dinner... a quick dinner and drove rushingly to puchong.. in 25 mins.. I parked my car and it's gonna be a big dinner!!!

Pizza Hut :: We ordered 3 regular pizzas, 5 mocha floats, 4 ice creams, 2 salads, 4 soups, 2 lasagnas, 12 pieces of chicken wings, a mineral water and me myself ordered an extra sprite.. there are 5 of us...From the left :: Ezlin, Me, Lina, Faie and Acai...Later.. get back to sleep.. I'm really stuffed...

Tousedae :: Went early to the office... totally concentrating on my work.. ust can't wait for futsal tonite.. Eric as usual.. being so f*ckin pampered... has called me so many times to ask me out.. but i'm working.. till late 7s.. then get back.. took bath.. writing some songs (oh yeah... I'm starting off my first song projects so u can download 'em from this site later... ) then fetch Eric at home and we went off for futsal...

Talk :: We did talk abt few things that had happened lately.. gothically sounds.. we are ghosts.. hahahaha... we took some picture before starting off...The above are from higher left :: Bisu, me (so manja) and eric (so sleepy).. Lower left :: Efdza, Farok... So who took the above picture... take a look... what a lucky nite.. I asked her to take our picture.. got a chance to know her.. sheila.. so eric took her no.Hmm quite cute.. but just not my taste.. But.. what do u think about this girl.. hehe.. my friends were asking...

Supper :: Went off to SS14 mamak.. and had supper.. had long talk.. for the 5 of us.. and then get back home.. I was on my guitar until 1.30, took bath and sleep....

End Of Day :: Batch processing zzzZZZzzzZZZ&*^#@^^

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