July 31, 2007

Jadahnyerrr? Hahahahaha!

I've got this email from a friend.. babi betulla.. hahahahahaha


" Cik Ramlee, huruf apakah huruf ini ? Dia atas tanah, ada ekor, dan ada satu mata di tengah tengah "

" Matanya ada satu saja ya cikgu ? Ada ekor ? Atas tanah ? Huruf mambang tanah ! "

" Mambang tanah !? Hahhahhahhahahha ..... "

" Yang ini bukan mambang tanah Cik Ramlee, ini huruf Jim ! "

" Jin ? Eh .. jin dengan mambang kan tak jauh "

" Jin dengan mambang !? Hahhahhahhahahha ..... "

" Dah ! Aaa .. Cik Ajis, huruf apakah huruf ini, huruf ini sama dengan huruf jim, tapi tak ada matanya saja. "

" Oooo .. dia tak ada mata ? Sama sama jin ? Ooo .. jin mata buta la cikgu. "

" Mata buta !? Hahhahhahhahahha ..... "

" Yang ini bukan jin mata buta Cik Ajis ... Yang ini huruf Ha ! Aa.. sekarang Cik Sudin pulak .. "

" Saya, cikgu "

" Aa.. kenal tak dengan huruf ini ? "

" Saya kenal cikgu "

" Huruf ini sama dengan huruf Jim, huruf Jim matanya di tengah-tengah tetapi huruf ini matanya di atas. "

" Aa.. Jim ini matanya di tengah-tengah, Jim ini mata di atas cikgu... Jin pakai toncet ! "

" Toncet?! Hahhahhahhahahha ..... "

" Pak Abu tu ketawa terlalu banyak sangat "

" Cikgu ... "

" Aa.. cepat, sekarang Pak Abu pulak. "

" Yang mana ? "

" Yang ini ... "

" Oh, ni saya kenal, saya tahu ni.. huruf ini kan huruf - M "

" Itulah jangan suka ketawakan orang. Yang ini bukan huruf M, yang ini huruf Kha ! "

" Huruf Khaaa ? "

" Hahhahhahhahahha .... Hahahahhahahaha .....

Cuba sebut sket? hehehehehehe..

itu bunyinya KHUALAN bkn Jualan

Nangis babi aku tengok lawak ni hahahaha..

July 30, 2007

Tv tv tv... takde kerja lain...

Having an infant at home turned me to love being at home. Being at home now means to watch TV. Most of my time now is spent watching TV.

And that makes me lazy to switch on my laptop and open up my blog, or anyone's blog.

TV nowadays (I meant with ASTRO) has a lot of 'I MUST SEE' channels. I'm very well fascinated with the Discovery and National Geographics. Discovery has now offered more channel especially the Discovery Real Time channel.

The program they aired are mostly about cars. My favourite program would be the Fifth Gear, aired on channel 78 at 9PM or 1AM. I would normally watch the 1AM show as at 9PM, everyone is in front of TV.

It's really sickening to watch the news. There were nothing but crime all the way. Last time, I love watching the news especially when I see the former PM on TV, especially when he gave his speech, it was all inspiratory and promising. We know exactly where the country was heading.

I think the people of this country now are now being sedated with entertainments. Crime news are even now considered as an entertaining matters. Not to mention about all the SMS-based competition like the AF, Ikon etcs.

Why doesn't our people prefer constructive knowledge to entertainments eh? I wonder why my mom was always fascinated by those serial drama like SUSUK, NekNak, ManjaLara and worse, both my mom and Farah manipulated each other to hold me from taking over the control of the TV; MY mom says Farah wanted to watch this program, Farah says the same thing too if my mom wasn't around.

I was then forced to watch those programs because I just feel like wanting to sit and churn whatever my eyes captured from the TV screen.

There and then, comes my father saying what a stupid and illogical TV program they do, and who watch this stupid TV programs are also stupid, which I have always agreed, hehehehe.

Amazingly, my mom and Farah was still watching it like nothing happened. They don't feel stupid at all. Buat bodoh aje... Hahahaha.

And for the time being, beside looking for photography job for myself, I'm also selling gold dinar. After a month of operation, I managed to collect a fund of at least a million ringgit from various people. Who wouldn't be interested to get a 10% return which is being paid monthly?

For some people, it is a good retirement scheme. For some other people, it's just the right time to keep gold based on the past 3 years performance, the gold actually retained it's value but the value of our money keeps dropping.

Thanks to Mahathir Mohamad, the genius who taught us all about gold.

July 22, 2007

Whatever the week was all about,

Hehehe.. Attention please. Hello hello. Alright...

Lemme introduce you guys to a friend of mine. He's an eligible bachelor, a very responsible person even though he's well known for being to wake up late most of the time, the kewlest person on earth and I believe a loving first son to his single mom and a super duper lovey dovey brother towards his 5 younger siblings.

He's really a good friend and as a person, he's the kewlest guy I've ever met.

So, last week, I went back to JB on Saturday afternoon last week from KL, actually to go to this friend's house and I intended to give him my hand for his sister's wedding ceremony. I just cound't make it when I was actually busy going here and there getting people's signature for some contracts I'm working on. So the next day, I went to his house feeling bad and this time I intended to compensate my promise to him by giving free pictures.

What? Yeah you read it right. Free pictures. He's a good friend of mine so what? So check out my my photo blog for the pictures.

Right after the wedding, I took a bus to go back to KL again. I'm gonna have a few appointments and meeting before going back to JB the next day as I've enrolled myself into a photography course at the M-Suite Hotel JB.

The first day went fine, when I actually went in late but it's kewl to get to know a lot of new people again. Feel like being in the lectures again but this time it was more fun. You know it how a bunch of adult and married men acted with only 3-4 ladies around. I've learned about a lot of things that I actually do not know. Thank god this course had actually enlightened me about a lot of things. Even stupid things though.

Suddenly I feel so stupid. Hehehe...

The second day was okay except that something unexpected happened. The course facilitator, Mr. Noorsham found a piece of broken glass in his Koay Teow Goreng. Can u spot the glass in that picture?

During that 3-day-course, all of us did some practical and I thinkla, I did snap a few strong and effective pictures.

You can have a look at them in my photo blog. Have a nice week guys. I'm gonna be busy as usual. :)

July 15, 2007


B`z is actually a name of a band in Japan. They played Konya Tsuki No Mieru Okani, if you guys can still remember the Japanese cute love series, the beautiful life, it's the official song for the series.

My point is actually, I was really BZ like hell last week and I've been trying to get myself updated (in this blog) as often as I can and I've really to have to do a few entries (in different blogs) as I've been into an event last Friday.

After coming back from KL after my sister gave birth to Sheikh Mohd Firas, I was so busy going here and there, seeing clients and potential clients and end up being so tired everyday.

That bz week went well until last Thursday, as I decided to go to KL as I was invited to the 6ixth Sense's album launching in Planet Hollywood, KL. I asked my father to send me to the bus station that night at 8 so at least I can reach KL by 12 midnight and stay there one night. My father said ok when suddenly he got a call from my Uncle in Senawang, the one who has been taking care of my Father's house there.

"It's Pak Ngah calling," I told him as he is long-sighted. He needs to take his glasses before he can see the writing on his phone.

After talking for a while, he told my mom that there's a break in into our house in Senawang and decided to go to Seremban with me tonight. My mom decided to follow. Right at 8, we were all heading to Senawang.

Maybe it's just a bad luck for us, the accelerator cable for my father's car was almost broken into two when I was driving. The pedal can be pressed but it cannot bounce back and the engine keep ramming. I've got to stop a few times to check for it and thank god we managed to make it home.

This is my sister's room. It was all in mess and if you look at the picture properly, there's somekind of a bent metal at the window, as you can see a blue jeans and curtain there. It's how they got into the house. Unfortunately, they used a lot of tools that was also 'borrowed' from my neighbour's house.

Thus, my neighbour was so scared that they afraid we will accuse them doing such thing. Pity them. The wife has never been talking me last time, especially when I was mad about the open burning she did sometimes back but she's okay actually. I think he's a nice lady with a lot of children. I really mean it. ALOT! They have married children but they still have small kids.

That was my mom's room. My room was okay. Nothing was there. My sister's room was not as messed up as my mom's room too. Everywhere else in the house was nicely in tact. We are not so sure when actually it happened but my uncle just realized it on Thurday afternoon when he went to water my mom's plants. Worse, my sister's clothes were scattered all over the house compound. What are they trying to do actually?

My mom lost a few things in the house. Up to my surprise, there's a lot of things that can be taken out but they opted to take on gold jewelleries only and they're experts too. They know how to differentiate between gold and non gold jewelleries. We went to make a police report, and back luck again, my father didn't find his IC and ID when asked by the police officer. When we get back home, it's actually in his wallet but he just couldn't find it. He got PANICKED! Hehehehe..

We waited till the police officer came and then only get to sleep. The next morning, I went to fix my father's car before I went to KL.

In KL, Awin fetched me and we went for the 6ixth Sense's Second Album Launching at the Planet Hollywood. For more pictures and details on this event please refer to Budiey's Sensasi Selebriti Blog, full coverage in my my pojok Blog and photos in my photo blog.

July 14, 2007

The Launching of 6ixth Sense's Second Album

I was invited (THANX TO BUDIEY) to the launching of the album of this new group, the 6ixth Sense. So I went to KL, Awin picked me up and rushed me there. As I was allowed to bring anyone there, I asked her to join me as I actually knows nobody there accept if Budiey of Sensari Selebriti is coming as well.

We arrived so early, as early as 2.30 so our name was the first and second on the guest book. Then, there were people coming and introduced themselves to us and so so so on. Suddenly I saw one familiar face. He's actually Mujahid, a friend of mine, who likes sisha so much and he is also the manager of The 6ixth Sense as well. Damn!!!!

After waiting for quite sometimes, then only they provide us with the food. I was hungry but at the same time I was nervous. How am I gonna shoot pictures in this place? So as people rushed to the food provided I took test pictures. The one circled in red is Mr. Mujahid, The 6ixth Sense's Manager.

Thank god Budiey came to the function so at least I have people around to talk with. I was so excited with people I knew around and we were chatting non stop (you know me sometimes when I got too excited, I can be a non stop talking parrot). In front of me is Faidi (correct me if I'm wrong).

The provided food are ok (they should have provided better food) but sadly they only serve Coke and Sprite for drinks. Luckily they are able to provide us with the Sky Juice. Next to me is Awin, who is so kind to fetch me from the Commuter Station and drive to me Planet Hollywood. Thanx! I'll belanja roti bakar satu set :)

This the Metadome Sdn. Bhd.'s manager, Mr. Ferhard. Sounds like the singer Ferhad but ok la, he looks like a rock rock person too. That appearance just suit what he's doing.

So this is the album launching ceremony. I don't know who the hell is that guy with the spectacle and white pants. Well, this is a local group with an Indonesian vocalist, with was has brought some controvercial issues of are we lacking of local talents but who cares? This is such a good combination with quite an interesting marketing strategy for both Malaysian and Indonesian market.

They're quite optimist by being the first artist to venture into digital music market. It's quite an open to high risk venture but this is just the necessary in order to make use of the techs. We should wait and see. Now music is not just about making albums, it's about how the artist is being marketed. Music royalty is still quite an issue but it has to be taken cared with a highly detailed concern on the implementations.

The waited performance is a bomb, it's just that, the song are too new and it seems to me that out of that 5 performed songs, none were ear-catching to me. There are rooms to improvisation but the singer is quite able to manage the stage greatly. Well done!

So this is a special post just for my camera. You guys can take this print out for an A4 print. Just crop it to 4:5 ratio and done.

The one that blinked his eyes is BOB, my uncle. I knew Mujahid through him and he's also was somekind of involved in grooming of this band and together we pray that this group will someday will grow, up to some level that we can be proud of.

Related entries : Budiey, 6ixth Sense Photos

July 10, 2007

Where have I been huh?

A newly born toddler, named Sheikh Mohd Firas bin Mohd Fairuz with his very young auntie. The latest addition to the family's line of members. He was born exactly at 12.20PM, 8 July 2007.

As you can see, the two granpas were busy annoucing their latest grandson to the whole world!

I ordered the cheesecake for myself but my sister's baby just can't wait to take a look at it too. It has become the newborn baby's celebration cake accidentally. Provided free by Phiya of Delidelphia (Thank you! Everyone loves it!)

I'm an uncle of two now. Do u guys still remember Danish?

July 9, 2007

Tagged by Black Purple

  • A person is only as good as he knows what he's doing with his fuckin' life
  • Friendship is always something you've always been wanting to hold on but it never fails to frustrate you in the end
  • To love is to devote and sacrifice everything you have in life? Or meybe to make love only?
  • Money makes me feel like i have nothing else to do rather than forking myself out to the max to get 'em
  • I miss to be in the love life but I'm not looking for it now
  • My way of saying I care is by actually not saying it. People who say it maybe lying. I'm a person who do things, not just by saying it out loud.
  • I try to spread love and happiness by doing my best to make people I love happy.
  • Pick the flowers when only you really feel like giving it to somebody. Or else, pick 'em up when they dried out. Do not litter
  • To love someone is to make love to her? (errrr have u read people divorced for not having good sex? I think I read that a lot of times)
  • Beauty is depending on the eye of the beholder
  • When I was thirteen, what I remember the most was my Form One's year at the Hostel. It was full of torments, tortures and suffercations
  • When I was twenty one, I remember doing my first and the best band performance in my University. It was still chiming as a dream in my sleep, and I had found a past love life too hehe.
  • I am most happy when I'm around my beloved person.
  • Nothing makes me happier than being around people I love and care
  • If I can change one thing, I will change the prime minister and replace him with me.
  • If smiles were commodities then I will offer a buy out (just like what the anantha krishnan did) with all my money
  • Wouldn't it be nice if we could all drive Mercedes and park everywhere we like without the security guard approaching and asking you to buzz off?
  • If you want to drive a BMW or a Mercedes then you have to visit NAZA motor because they sell them much cheaper than the authorised dealers like the Daimler Chrysler, Cycle and Carriage or the Auto Bavaria. (Tan Sri kena bayar untuk iklan ini hahahaha)
  • Money is not everything but sex is. Someone can either get love or get money out of it.
  • The most touching moments I have experienced is when my family members says they love me or they do something for the sake of loving me.
  • I smiled when i remember funny things especially moments of growing up with my siblings.
  • When I am happy, I will either call people or I just spend money for nothing.
  • If only I don't have to work, then I'll just stay in front of PC chatting and blogging.
  • The best thing I did yesterday was to hold my newly born nephew. He's paying attention to what I was saying.
  • If I ever write a book, I will give it this title, "Good Sex or Good Money?"
  • One thing I must do before I die is bertaubat nasuha
  • Doing this meme, I feel like tagging everyone but up to you guys lah. U like u do lah!

July 6, 2007

An Increase in Expenses.

Today, the new clerk came early as I asked her to come at 9am, I came at 10am.

Bloody late boss. Hehe..

As I've just started, Nothing much is to be done. I was there to show her what am I doing in this new office, the business nature and all the things she said, all the things she said, running through my head, running through my head, running through my head...

No... It's actually all the things she needs to know. :p

As I was bored waiting for her to finish up using my laptop to type some articles, I went down to look for a few shop i might need to go to get a few things for the office. Later, I headed to a restaurant and get inside.

"A large pack of Dunhill please," as usual, asking for the all-favourite of Malaysian smokers.

"as well as a lighter," as I found out I don't know where my lighters were. I handed the shop keeper RM10 and expecting change of RM1.60.

She gave me only RM0.80. WTF?

"Harga sudah naik ma. Semalam sudah announce dalam TV," she emphasized.

I said "owh" while walking out of the restaurant. It's still quite early and I don't think she already ordered new stocks. Damn, she's taking advantages over the things going on.

A pack of Dunhill is already RM8.20. I really should consider quitting by now.

* I've made a Tribute to Farah entry for her birthday in my photo blog. Check it out!

July 4, 2007

Unexpected Sibling

I met with an accident almost 10 years back. The day after the night I met with the accident was my snd semester 1st paper final exam. I was hospitalized for almost 10 days, and I would happily admit that those days were among the best time of my life there.

I still remembered Taiko and Omen were crying at the end of my bed seeing how bad I am. I felt pain but I think everything was fine except a week after, I realized that my face was half black.

Thanx to those who had been helping me during the accident, sending me to the hospital and visiting me later. THere are even those who went and watched the PIala Malaysia final with me in my ward. I owe you guys my life.

I was discharged 10 days after. It was all free. The girl who knocked me is the daughter of one of the University Board's Directors. I stayed in my Kampung and after about a month, Gulung, Omen and Te visited me in my kampung of which has raised my determination to walk by myself. Then I went back to my house in Melaka and continued studying as usual.

There was this one weekend where my parents came over to visit me when suddenly I realized my mom was a lil bit chubbier than usual. I look at her properly as I actually reliazed something.

"Woi mak aku mengandung woi!"

I was 21 years old at that time. Imagining that I'm gonna have another younger sibling at 21 is rather fun and exciting.

On 4th July 1998, Farah Nabilah is born in Specialist Medical Center, Ayer Keroh Melaka (which now is already hospital Pantai). A number fo more than 20 people of my friends i brought to see her in the hospital.

I gave the 'Farah' name. Nabilah is the name given by Adik, my sister.


I bought her a nice and yummy black forest cake!


And today, I managed to hire a clerk for my office. Thank god, as I'm blessed to be able to hire a muslim chinese girl who is able to speak Malay, English and Chinese. She came without a resume but her ability to convince both of me and my partner Dr. Zuhaimy has made us to come up with the decision to hire her.

A very nice person. Exactly who I need to make the company grow.

She'll start to be working tomorrow.


I managed to watch Transformers also today hehehehe!

* Happy Birthday Farah. No matter how much I bullied you, called you monkey, you should know that I love u so so so much. X.O.X

July 2, 2007

Weekend Wasted

The weekend, was supposed to be fully scheduled with an intention to go to a lot of places but I end up with just sitting in my room except during the Saturday Night when I really went out to see Farok and his family who went to a wedding to Pontian and decided to spend a night in JB.

He was staying in the Zon Hotel, and guess what?

It's just like the old days, Cuci mata. The Zon area is the place where people can get cheap liquor as the place status as the duty free zone. The place itself has not less than 5 pubs/discos.

At 12 we decided to split as both of us were already tired and I headed home.

The rest of the weekend? On Saturday, I've been tweaking my guitars and tune them nicely. The new PC that I just bought a month ago, is accomodating better facility to do sound recording.

With the Acid, I was able to compose the drum beat before recording. The guitar was recorded in stereo as in there are first and second guitar. If I have a fully sound proofed room, I would be able to record my own voice over it.

I used to write my own songs last time. That was about 10 years back I guess?

As I'm writing this entry, I've completed 2 songs. One of it was just completed half an hour ago.

Sunday? I watched TV almost the whole day. I wanted to go to Jusco to maybe buy something that I don't really need but TV has a bunghole. I didn't even looked at my phone to check on who might be calling me. I feel so lazy.

In the end, I noticed that I missed out a few important things. Shit!

Damn! What am I doing?

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