July 22, 2007

Whatever the week was all about,

Hehehe.. Attention please. Hello hello. Alright...

Lemme introduce you guys to a friend of mine. He's an eligible bachelor, a very responsible person even though he's well known for being to wake up late most of the time, the kewlest person on earth and I believe a loving first son to his single mom and a super duper lovey dovey brother towards his 5 younger siblings.

He's really a good friend and as a person, he's the kewlest guy I've ever met.

So, last week, I went back to JB on Saturday afternoon last week from KL, actually to go to this friend's house and I intended to give him my hand for his sister's wedding ceremony. I just cound't make it when I was actually busy going here and there getting people's signature for some contracts I'm working on. So the next day, I went to his house feeling bad and this time I intended to compensate my promise to him by giving free pictures.

What? Yeah you read it right. Free pictures. He's a good friend of mine so what? So check out my my photo blog for the pictures.

Right after the wedding, I took a bus to go back to KL again. I'm gonna have a few appointments and meeting before going back to JB the next day as I've enrolled myself into a photography course at the M-Suite Hotel JB.

The first day went fine, when I actually went in late but it's kewl to get to know a lot of new people again. Feel like being in the lectures again but this time it was more fun. You know it how a bunch of adult and married men acted with only 3-4 ladies around. I've learned about a lot of things that I actually do not know. Thank god this course had actually enlightened me about a lot of things. Even stupid things though.

Suddenly I feel so stupid. Hehehe...

The second day was okay except that something unexpected happened. The course facilitator, Mr. Noorsham found a piece of broken glass in his Koay Teow Goreng. Can u spot the glass in that picture?

During that 3-day-course, all of us did some practical and I thinkla, I did snap a few strong and effective pictures.

You can have a look at them in my photo blog. Have a nice week guys. I'm gonna be busy as usual. :)

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