November 30, 2006

I was bz but...


I would say I'm amongst the busiest people on earth.. eeerrrr.. lemme rephrase, at least among us.

Well for me, bz has its limit and it shouldn't stop us from doing what we're supposed to be doing and enjoying what god has given us.

LIFE that is.

Sometime I just couldn't get it how come some people might get so damn busy even they're not able to pick up the phone calls. I may understand if people may not be able to pick up the phone but at least please return the call.

Worse, promising to get back to the caller later but till today, not even a miss call. For me, picking up calls, even though when we're busy, shouldn't be such a big problem.

I've never turned off my phone, and even if I did, I'll make sure my other phone to be available. It's merely important as if there's anything important especially with regards to the family or anything, I've always want to be the first to know.

Holding to a saying by my old folks, no matter how busy you are, you should not forget to look after the other people, especially of those poor or needy people. Some people might not be poor, as they may not in the need of money, but they might be in need of support, especially those who were sick or suffering from diseases.

Last Saturday, I was grateful to be invited by CKin and his husband and able to attend the function of the localized organization for the CML patient support group or simply the Max Family. And I've never expected such turnouts.

CML - Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, it's the blood cancer, caused by the mutation of the chromosom which affected the balance of the blood contents like red blood cell, platelet, white blood cell and so on.

I used to asked myself what was that? Now I knew.

A cute banner

Cute cupcakes made by Jojoe for the meetup

I was the earliest to come and helping then with whatever that I could. Then, I helped Jojoe to put all the cupcakes into the proper boxes before they were being distributed into the goodie bags. Then, I went out for lunch with Jojoe which later resulting me having the stomach ache which caused me to vomit later at night.

Then we're back again for the talks and from there I gotta know what is CML. They were so many medications that is available for these patients but the latest and most popular one is the Imatinib (correct me if I'm wrong). It is found to be very effective to handle the disease. One funny thing (or maybe an advantage) about this medication is that their skin is becoming fairer after taking the medication.

Good news for those who wants to get their skin fairer. Get yourself infected with CML and you can have a good reason to get the Matinib medication that will cost you roughly RM12k per month. Hahaha. So that was the actual reason of this CML awareness, as not only to let the people know and aware about it, they're also looking for people who can donate for them.

Well, as they're yet properly incorporated, so, keep your money first. I will let you guys know when to check your bank account again.

So take care of your health, while you're still able to do so.

Hmmmmm.. my next thing in schedule, going to BATAM. Anyone's going with me?

November 24, 2006


Classification :: Personal

Yesterday, it was a relief. I may now realign my focus and do what I was supposed to be doing.

And even last night, i've had a news that makes me laughing like mad. Especially with the new one.

My exhaustion since Raya and all the events after that has yet decayed in me. I'm consuming more food than ever and my tummy is getting to bloat more and more.

I've not been focusing on my job since then. The extra food consumption may have made me a lazy ass. I have so many things to do but i'd just sit still and do nothing.

I don't have any plan. I'd just 'hamtam' and face the consequences. I do react to situation.

Well, situation has not always been on my side. How i wish that actually I'm a nobody, know nobody, and i can meet people fresh from the start. Not only situation, family has played big role in aligning my way off to the future.

At least, zetty can make her own decision. I've always been making decision which is supposed to be right, but it turned the other way around just because of the situation.

I've decided not to make a decision. At least for the time being. My last decision is still on. I would stick to that as it wasn't an easy thing to decide such a thing.

Well, last night has turned me all way upside down, from left to right.

My life is back there. I went out with charles to compensate myself. A 'half-a-minute-LOLs' with the new person in my life is just worth it.

Especially when it's about that I'm going to be an uncle next year. Yeah.

Ikhwan's wife is gonna give birth by april or may next year. The amazing part, my sister Fadhlina wedding was just on the 3 of this month.

But last night I was told that she was confirmed to be pregnant!!!!

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! (that was my laugh with new in law, fairuz)

* how i wish that a lot of things..

November 22, 2006

Are we dare enough?

Classification :: Local issues, Politics

When I watch the TV this morning, Raja Sherina, the woman that was being hunted by the police regarding the SMS about Datok Azhar Mansor is going to baptize a group of Muslim on the November 5, is being arrested and remanded for 3 days to help the investigation.

If we have a proper look into it, what is the root problem here? To break 'em into a few points is it:-

1. The SMS?
2. The courage of telling the truth to public?
3. The conversion of religion?

I myself had received the SMS as well as email with regard to the matter. I have also received a lot of email regarding a lot of other cases, like Lina Joy and so on. I'm not sure whether :-

1. I should believe it or not.
2. I should redistribute the SMS/email.

In the recent matters, when Dato' Azhar Mansor was asked whether he is still a muslim or not, he answered that the case is still under investigation, so he may not have the right to answer the question.

I'm confused too. I have no concrete comments on that but if someone questioned my belief, in any circumstances I would defend it. Me being fair, it's understood that if he's still a muslim, alhamdulillah but if he's a christian now, he can neither say he's a muslim or christian because both have it's own complication. No further comments about the complications.. hehe.. sendiri fikirla..

Me being a muslim, of course I'd be sad if he's no longer a muslim. In my honest opinion, it's up to him to determine his own life. There's actually a lot of rumours that I've heard with regard to this matter but I'm not so sure about it. Wallahualam.

For me, everyone has the freedom to choose their own cemetery. Hehehe..

On another matter, Mukhriz Che Det has released his statement of regret and sorry for his previous statement on Abdullah's opening speech in the recent UMNO General Meeting.

Well, he's just being honest ma! It's very true also that he said Abdullah is saying nothing than nothing new. For me it's more like nothing at all. Kesian kan? Hehehe..

There must be some unrevealed reason behind it, I mean the regret and sorry statement. I'm very disappointed.

November 20, 2006

UMNO's democracy nowadays..

Classification :: Local Politic, UMNO

Najib and Hishamuddin should aware that all this while, they have been given face by Tun Che Det to be on their current position. To be exact, these two people has actually done nothing much to the people. Tun Che Det is a very wise man. As a respect for their fathers, Tun Abdul Razak and Tun Hussein Onn, Tun Che Det brought Najib and Hishamuddin to what they are now.

Melayu Mudah Lupa. (The Malays always forget)

That was a phrase being used by my beloved Tun Che Det to the Malay people. He should use that phrase to himself. Being too kind, he forgotten that Abdullah Badawi was once a traitor and almost joined the Semangat 46, which for no reason why. Together with Kuli and Musang Hitam, they tried to pull Tun Che Det off his throne but the movement end up with the closing down of the original UMNO itself.

At that time, no one has ever raised the loyalness issue. No one has ever said Kuli, Musang and Abdullah as a traitor, even though they are the real traitor of the nation. No one, the Pemuda, media or whoever, has labelled them as a traitor.

Now I should say Mahathir Mudah Lupa.

I cannot blame Tun Che Det as he was facing the 'Leadership Crisis' not less than 10 years ago, when his predecessor, Anwar was accused with a few charges and asked to pull himself of the government before he was officially sacked down his position later. The post of the Deputy Prime Minister has been vacated for quite sometime before he announced Abdullah Badawi instead of Najib.

Why not Najib?

It's a mystery for all of us to find out. Even though he's the most senior afterall.

So again, Mahathir Mudah Lupa.

He was being too kind. He has forgotten that Abdullah had betrayed him once, but still, being a pure at heart man, holding to the principle that, even Rasulullah forgives the ummah, Abdullah was announced as his predecessor.


Najib and Hishamuddin Sudah Lupa,

That all this while, Mahathir has paid his full respect towards their fathers in the sense that they are in their position right now, even they just have to do nothing. Based on that, I do think they know what to do in the current situation.

Just recently,

Mukhriz Mahathir was asked to comment on the speech by the Abdullah Badawi. He simply said, there's nothing new. That's it. A simple and clear comment to note.

Astaghfirullahal Ajim,

How come such a comment can be treated as a traitor's comment? The Pemuda stated that everyone in the UMNO should support the Prime Minister 100% no matter what. Now Mukhriz was given 2 days to clear up his name and explain his comment.

Okay, if the prime minister eat shit, everyone in UMNO should eat shit?

I won't. I would rather get expelled rather than doing something that I think it's wrong. Yes I'm a stupid member of UMNO. Where's the principle of everybody? The freedom of speech? The democracy? What the hell is going on?

Now it's clear that everyone is just interested of taking care of their own bread & butter, rather than to hold and respect the need and interest of the folk/public. Even Rafidah Aziz, Hishamuddin, and those whoever appeared on TV. They even commented how disloyal Mukhriz on TV, and even stated a few lines of quran verses to support his point.

What's going on?

And Tun Che Det has still respected Hishamuddin, even he made a few mistakes few years back ago, and he has never point it out in the public, as to pay his respect towards his father, Tun Hussein Onn. Remember, Tun Che Det is always a wise person to date. He would never do such embarassing thing.

But Hishamuddin didn't treat Mukhriz the same. The father is still alive but without wait he had shown his disrespect towards Tun Che Det and whoever it is. Come on, it's just an honest and sincere comment from Mukhriz, of which I support 300%. There's nothing new.

Yeah, Melayu Mudah Lupa....

And now paklah is laughing by himself looking at people praising him like a god.

November 17, 2006

Yesterday, I was in Johor Port..

Classification :: Photo Blogging, Visit.

Yesterday, I went to Pasir Gudang to see a friend cum a business partner. I called him up but he hasn't picked up my call. When I'm almost there, he called me up and asked me to get into the Johor Port to see him inside there. He was on the vessel ship, taking his own sweet time there.

So after taking up my visitor pass, I drove slowly finding my way in. On the right hand side, I could see a lot of reservoirs, of which I'm not sure what is the content.

I took these pictures using my N70. While driving some more! Not bad huh?

I'm supposed to go to Dermaga 9, so I should turn left here.

Then I turned left. Sooner, I saw a lot of containers on my right hand side.

After driving for sometime, then only I saw the ship. 'DAIO PAPER' is written on it. This ship is shipping the acacia woodchips to Japan.

Then, I parked my car there and get up on the ship. This is quite a small ship, but quite a supersize for the woodchip vessel ship. This ship may carry at most 70,000 tonne of woodchips.

The next ship was importing cattle. So I can see a lot of cattle being carried out of the ship. I'm not where are those cattle heading. While seeing, I can see a lot of cattle is trying to mate. I even recorded the act on video but it is too small to be shared here... hehehe.

So after the chips were being loaded into the vessel, they will get a bulldoze to do the levelling. Without doing this, the woodchips will not be scattered properly. It will also contribute to wasting of vessel space.

So this is actually the place where they accomodate the woodchips. This place is located just about 600m from the ship.

So some of us (including me) may have not seen this container-to-lorry loader. Now I know how they load the container onto the lorry.

November 15, 2006

I'm here..!

Classification :: Personal, Diary Blogging

Hello there,

I've been away for quite sometimes, not for long, for only 4 or 5 days. Many things had happened in the past 4-5 days. There were unexpected news, events and some my personal interest thingy.

Last week, as Tun Dr. Mahathir was warded, I'm in relief to know that he was released later but advised to rest. So what is he going to do then. As someone who used to work and work, I myself cannot stop working. Once I've got the momentum and suddently i stopped, the momentum would never be the same again unless you reached a level where you're desperate to do the same thing again.

It happened today, as I've been abandoning all the documents, letters and faxes that scattered all over the place in my room. It took me almost half a day to do the filing, recreate the missing documents and completing the incompleted items. So my room is back to normal again. No more messes. Everything is in proper places.

Earlier, last weekend I went up to KL to convert the front body of my Honda civic, which previously was using the '96 Spec look, to the not so new '99 Spec, which has been there almost 7 years, but I only can afford to do so now. I've spent the whole Saturday for the conversion and it look fabulous. Plus it lay low look, it look too kewl already. Too kewl to lay low.

Later at night, I attended a wedding at the Eastin Hotel, KL. I rarely attended a reception in a hotel but I can say it's quite kewl then, but that wasn't really the thing that cheers me up that night.

It was the friends of my parents, whom i knew since when I was a small kid. Seeing them again after not seeing each other for quite sometime is really refreshing. Better when almost everyone recognized me, as the son of my father. My father is quite popular among his friends.

Then on Sunday, I went back to Seremban in just 30 minutes all the way from Taman Desa to the fence of my father's house in Senawang. The reception of the groom side will be held at Kuala Pilah. So convoyed in 13 cars there. My sisters was taken around town in a horse cart ride. Way cool but when they're about to run down the hill, a few people was asked to get a strong hold of the wheels as the cart has no brake at all!

Then I went back to Seremban just to find out that someone has left her keys in my sister's car so that I had to get back to Kuala Pilah to send it.

Well, it was quite a trip from Kuala Pilah to Senawang and back to Kuala Pilah again. If I had a chance, I would love to do it again. Yeah, especially..

Then, I went back to JB. Something was wrong with my car's driveshaft so I was mentally pressured all the way. The car was quaking like hell! Luckily I made it to JB and survived any possible accident that might happeb resulting from the faulty drive shaft.

The next I day was exhausted but I tried my best to wake up and send my car to the workshop. While waiting I laid down the whole day as a result of exhaustion from yesterday's event, car problem and that long drive from Senawang to JB.

Then Tuesday, I spent the whole morning for filing and went to work later.

Now I just came back from work and very sleepy.. Nite2..!

November 9, 2006

Super Breaking News

Classification :: News, Petrol, Economy, Politic.

I was told that one of the major petrol pump station chain company is closing their outlets starting tomorrow until further notice.

The one with the :)

I'm still waiting for more news updates from my trustful resources.

* Eh, I didn't know that Sultan of Johor wanted the bridge construction to be continued.. Hahahahaha! And worse, The Sultan even made fun of the PM's father's name in his speech last Saturday in Danga Bay.

** Diva, the shots u heard in puncak was the Razak Baginda's case kah?

*** UPDATES @ 2.30PM ***

It was told that the association of the petrol station operators is stopping their operation as a boycott to the increase of rental charged to them.

**** Tun Dr. Mahathir is warded in IJN ****

In the noon news, it is reported that Tun Dr. Mahathir was taken to Institut Jantung Negara as he experienced a light heart attack this morning.

Let us pray that he get well soon and continue serving the country as he wish. AMIN!

There were rumours that Tun Dr. Mahathir's heart attack has got something to do with the Mongolian's Homicide. Why? We'll just wait and see. Err.. No, don't get me wrong, it wasn't Tun. He became like that once he knew of those who were behind the scene.

The Wedding Event :: Bersanding / Reception

Classification :: Photo Blogging, Personal, Wedding.

* click on these photos to enlarge in a new window.

The groom family has arrived for the majlis persandingan. They moved forward slowly as we did.

Here comes the bride. Escorted by Aunt Aizan and Zuren. She moved forward slowly as well, before they met up.

Now they met up. Notice the rightest girl in pink. She's a bidan terjun who I assigned to hold the bunga manggar. I saw her coming to the wedding and i asked the mom to get her to hold the bunga manggar straight away.

A cute post from one of the kompang team members.

They arrived at the wedding gateway. A beautifully decorated by kak Ifah, the sister of the caterer, kak Malis.

This is what we call, BERSANDING!

My father doing the menepung tawar thingy.

Both my sister, Faizah and Farah got their turn. Eh, when's my turn?

Throwing the Ambon Money. It was supposed to be targeted to the kids but all the old folks, especially the groom side also joined. Yeah this is quite new to the Negeri Sembilan people. In Johor.. We're not so heran anymore. Luckily we didn't charge them the 'TOLL' thingy. If i wanna do, huh.. PAKCIK KAYO!

Makan beradat. The bride and groom are served with the food of the kenduri, plus some extra dishes made specially for them.

Post-sanding pose.

Two tired siblings giving their flying kisses pose.

* click on these photos to enlarge in a new window.

The Wedding Event :: Majlis Berinai

Classification :: Photo Blogging, Personal, Wedding.

* click on these photo to enlarge in a new window.

Menepung tawar by my nenek. Actually there's a turn of mine but the MC has always made fun of me. Yalah.. The bujang terlajak of the family.

Potong kek.. jangan tak potong..

* click on these photo to enlarge in a new window.

The Wedding Event :: Nikah

Classification :: Photo Blogging, Personal, Wedding.

* click on these photos to enlarge in a new window.

The Arrival of the groom's family for the nikah ceremony. Here I bumped with Tan Sri Nasimuddin and got panicked..!

Pak Utih started the ceremony with his welcoming words. Lama sangat la pak utih.. sikit2 dah ler..

The Qadhi was having a few discussion with my father. He asked my father whether he wants to do the nikah himself.

Yes, my father did it himself, the Aqad Nikah. (Please refer to the previous post for the video clip)

Alhamdulillah. Confirmed both are husband and wife now. The qadhi is reciting do'a.

The groom may kiss the bride now. Hahahaha.. The Wudhuk Cancellation, it's an adat.

Closing speech by Dato's Mat Sirat. Then everyone go makan!

Of all the hantaran..

Close ups!

From Left :: My father, The Groom's father, The groom's mother, my mom. Sitting :: Fairuz & Fadhlina.

One big happy family!

* click on these photos to enlarge in a new window.

November 7, 2006

There are so many things to share...

Classification :: Personal, Pictures, Video Clip.

Did u notice the long 'TUNAIIIII' pronounced by my father? Doesn't it sounds like those P.Ramlee movies :p

It happened in a cheerful mood. Even Tan Sri Nasimuddin was there. I took control of almost every single item and sequence of happenings of the wedding, even though I arrived late as to take the slaughtered carcass of the cow all the way to Seremban from JB.

Not to mention that, there was a don't-know-where-he-came-from deejay who seems happily singing around and making fun of people's name especially the groom's name (as the the father is S.M Sharifuddin) as asking questions like "Is this S.M Salim?" I knew that we didn't want any kind of such embarassing entertainment like karaoke, especially when he sang the Raya song from the S.Jibeng.

Furthermore, he turned the speaker out loud like nobody's business. I was a lil boiled up when the P.A System people refused to turn down the volume when I asked him to.

At last, my brother (ikhwan) sent him off the function as the Deejay refused to stop what ever he was doing singing and cheering (also fun-making) up the people in the ceremony. Whenever he was asked to stop, he will emphasized that the owner-of-the-house has invited him to.

As, none of us (me & all of my family members) knew that we invited a deejay? (huh)

"Saya rasa lebih baik abang balik ajela. Saya rasa abang ni silap rumah...!" as said by my brother, Ikhwan. He disappeared not long after that.

Funnier, the Deejay is Amran Tompel, the son of A.R. Tompel, which is the blood brother of A.R. Badul and Adlin Aman Ramli.

Then, we were all entertained by a Nasyid group who specially brought down from KL to Seremban, mostly University Students who were far more professional and more entertaining, in a very nice and gentle way, compared to the deejay. The weather was good until at around 3.30 when the rain started, just nice after the guests flow seemed to be slowing down.

A lot of friends and gangs came. The food was getting a lot of compliments from the guests, and they even asked for the caterer's name card from my parents. Guests keep coming till 12 midnight, whom the last guest is my best friend, Hemsem.

Thanx for those who managed to make it to the wedding. It was a wedding full of colours, cheers and tears of joy. I'm very grateful and thanx to god for making the wedding a nice and successful one.

November 2, 2006

The Wedding Invitation

Classification :: Wedding, Invitation, Interview

What? Wedding Invitation?


Are you getting married?

No no no no no no no no no.

I'm not getting married. It's my sister.

Well, I would like to officially invite all the readers of this blog, to come to my sister's wedding & reception in Senawang, as per details below:-
Venue :: No. 330, Jalan Melur, Taman Marida, Senawang, Negeri Sembilan.
Date :: 3 & 4 November 2006.
Time :: All day long.
So how do we get there?

Here's the map. (Please click to enlarge)

So who actually may come?

It's open to everyone. Anyone can come but don't forget to call me up when you arrived. I won't be around for the next 2-3 days so meet you guys there!

Yay! I can come! But how do i contact you then?

As you can see, there's a "Buzz Me" column at the right hand side of this blog. My contact information can be obtained there.

Thank You!

You're welcome..

* Zetty, tiru your idea.. Good idea though :)

November 1, 2006

What was raya all about?

Classification :: Personal, Sharing

Raya had been almost a week. I have not been visiting friends and relatives for the past 2 years. In 2004, as I was still working in KL, I have to be back early. Then my uncle was sick and passed away. In 2005, my brother was getting married and all the preparations were made in the last minutes.

As I didn't make it for the Takbir from house to house this year, that means I didn't visit every single house as usual. I managed to visit only 4 houses and the rest I went out as to send the wedding invitation card.

So actually there was nothing much about raya this time except for a few things that I felt bad about.
  1. I wish my Pak Lang is still around. I'm sure I'll have more activities to be done during raya.
  2. There were a few friendships/relationship that were good at the beginning but they become dull and insipid now, mostly because of the problems occured between us. Some involving money, and some involving trust. I lend off the money but later i become the bad guy. How is that? I lost a best friend and 2 whom I wish I can be their good friends.
  3. And there's one case that I was accused to be doing bad things, of which I'm trying to be nice by offering someone a place to stay for one night but it turns the other way around the next days. I lost another 3 good friends too.
  4. I'm trying to maintain a good relationship with my ex's family, especially with the father. How I actually wish i can celebrate raya with them.
  5. Now, I've a replacement but she was not being favored by my parents, especially my father. This is a damn pathetic headache to me.
  6. I wish my mom made the pineapple tarts so that I can munch 'em when I feel down.
Anyway, I'm still thankful for what I have now. 'Super' supportive family and friends. You alsolah.. My readers.. Very super.. Hyper also got..

Last but not least, as raya is still raya, how did most of u replace the ordinary Raya Greeting cards nowadays. When Internet was booming, a lot of people sending the E-Cards as a quick, easy and free replacement. There are still people doing it nowadays, but I'm telling you frankly, I've never checked on them. Because the email was too much and I didn't have enough energy and time to check on them one by one.

As, most of people love getting SMSes, the plain and short SMS has become a trendy greeting card nowadays. As from the Day 1 i started to 'Jual Lombu', I've been getting a lot of SMSes from friends, which most of them were not original and prototypes, but I'm thankful as they're still willing to spend RM0.20/RM0.15 per sms to send me one.

When I was driving back to Melaka, all my 3 handphones were getting SMSes non stop during the whole journey.

Do you have any interesting SMSes to be shared? I do!
"Semoga diterima amalan kita dan tergolong dari mereka yg kembali kpd fitrah (aidilfitri) dan sbg orang yang berjaya (faizin)" - GMAN

"Eid al mubarak. Taqabalallahu minkum. Hantu Kumkum. Minum air daun ketum. Mabuk sampai ke tulang sumsum. Minna waminkum taqabbalya karim." - ApenGiler

"No 8, Jalan Permai 2/3, Taman Kota Permai, 43230, Seri Kembangan, Selangor. Sila halatujukan arah kenderaan anda ke alamat di atas pada 24 oktober 2006 untuk jamuan percuma. Selamat Hari Raya." - Rashid

"Ada wang ada kayu,
Kayu balak kayu akasia,
saya mau tanya sama you,
mana saya punya luit laya?"
- SK Chong

"Dari hati yang merasai, dengan mulut yang menyumpahi, dan melalui perbuatan yang menyakiti.. Ku memohon penuh keampunan, sepanjang perkenalan. Semoga bergembira dan berbahagia bersama yang tersayang." - Fara No H.

"Lembu tua hilang di sawah,
orang kampung sibuk mencari,
jika anda tekan ke bawah,
Dah sah, Andalah lembu yang kami cari. Ha ha ha..!

Kalau ada Jarum yang patah,
Xpayah la simpan lagi,
kalau ada hati yang marah,
kena ingat i pun kena sekali,

Jarum yang patah pegilah buang,
jangan dibuang bersama kain,
kalau xnak kena sorang-sorang,
pegila forward kat orang lain.

Selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin,
hujung rambut ke kaki hinggalah ke dalam kain.
- Corgan

"ye. Sama2 la kita ye." - Azerque

"Save day festival. Sorry physically and spiritually" - Taiko

"Wishing u and ur loved ones a happy hari raya! :) Maaf zahir dan batin" - Juliana Ibrahim (Gubra)

"Kad raya gambar mesjid dah habis. Tinggal yang ni aje Selamat hari raya. Ingat2 tuhan selalu" - Mofaz

"Saya ingat saya tara puasa 2 hari ini tawun,
Jual lumbu punya hal pasal mau rayala,
Macam biasala 20 jari saya kasi susun,
zahir & batin kasi maaf sama sayala..."
- Izham

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