November 17, 2006

Yesterday, I was in Johor Port..

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Yesterday, I went to Pasir Gudang to see a friend cum a business partner. I called him up but he hasn't picked up my call. When I'm almost there, he called me up and asked me to get into the Johor Port to see him inside there. He was on the vessel ship, taking his own sweet time there.

So after taking up my visitor pass, I drove slowly finding my way in. On the right hand side, I could see a lot of reservoirs, of which I'm not sure what is the content.

I took these pictures using my N70. While driving some more! Not bad huh?

I'm supposed to go to Dermaga 9, so I should turn left here.

Then I turned left. Sooner, I saw a lot of containers on my right hand side.

After driving for sometime, then only I saw the ship. 'DAIO PAPER' is written on it. This ship is shipping the acacia woodchips to Japan.

Then, I parked my car there and get up on the ship. This is quite a small ship, but quite a supersize for the woodchip vessel ship. This ship may carry at most 70,000 tonne of woodchips.

The next ship was importing cattle. So I can see a lot of cattle being carried out of the ship. I'm not where are those cattle heading. While seeing, I can see a lot of cattle is trying to mate. I even recorded the act on video but it is too small to be shared here... hehehe.

So after the chips were being loaded into the vessel, they will get a bulldoze to do the levelling. Without doing this, the woodchips will not be scattered properly. It will also contribute to wasting of vessel space.

So this is actually the place where they accomodate the woodchips. This place is located just about 600m from the ship.

So some of us (including me) may have not seen this container-to-lorry loader. Now I know how they load the container onto the lorry.

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