November 9, 2006

The Wedding Event :: Bersanding / Reception

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The groom family has arrived for the majlis persandingan. They moved forward slowly as we did.

Here comes the bride. Escorted by Aunt Aizan and Zuren. She moved forward slowly as well, before they met up.

Now they met up. Notice the rightest girl in pink. She's a bidan terjun who I assigned to hold the bunga manggar. I saw her coming to the wedding and i asked the mom to get her to hold the bunga manggar straight away.

A cute post from one of the kompang team members.

They arrived at the wedding gateway. A beautifully decorated by kak Ifah, the sister of the caterer, kak Malis.

This is what we call, BERSANDING!

My father doing the menepung tawar thingy.

Both my sister, Faizah and Farah got their turn. Eh, when's my turn?

Throwing the Ambon Money. It was supposed to be targeted to the kids but all the old folks, especially the groom side also joined. Yeah this is quite new to the Negeri Sembilan people. In Johor.. We're not so heran anymore. Luckily we didn't charge them the 'TOLL' thingy. If i wanna do, huh.. PAKCIK KAYO!

Makan beradat. The bride and groom are served with the food of the kenduri, plus some extra dishes made specially for them.

Post-sanding pose.

Two tired siblings giving their flying kisses pose.

* click on these photos to enlarge in a new window.

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