December 27, 2012

Memories :: My EK spec when it was sold to a very nice gentleman

Honda Civic EK
Year : 1997

JPJ Endorsed B16A4 engine from EK4 half cut
Fresh rebuilt B16A Engine with new gaskets
EVO fuel pump
B18CR Valve Retainer
Ported & Polished B16A Head

4-1 Stainless Steel Extractor
2.5" Stainless Steel Piping
5zigen middle box.
Mugen twin loop silencer/muffler

Reprogrammed EG6 P30 ECU (Cancel 180 km/h speed limit and Lift Rev Limit to 9.5k)

Lightened original Flywheel
New Original Clutch Plate

Odyssey 2.2 Front Disc Brake and caliper
Bendix Front Disk Brake pad
EK4 Original rear brake

Other Mods/Info
New White Paint
Aluminium Pully
Adjustable Absorber
5 lugs rim screw
Integra DC2R Original Rims
Front Anti Roll Bar
Interior re-Fabric
White Color
Nice Number

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