August 31, 2010

The 53rd Merdeka Anniversary!

  • I'm thanking God, for, being a Malaysian, and a Muslim, and living in Malaysia, we are still able to do so many things here, even though we cannot play fireworks, cannot drive fast on the highways, cannot criticize the government, cannot simply eat anywhere due to uncertain halal status, bla bla bla.. hehehe..

  • Just remember we still have; smuggled fireworks, willing to nego policemen, PM and Police Head who open up their own SMS complain hotline and variety of good & halal food sources if you really look for it as this is a Muslim Country.

  • I'm praying for the wellness, wealth and prosper of the country. May Allah give more of His blessings for this country. Think about it, you should be thankful that no one is pointing guns at the public, and not even a sound of mortar, even though you'll be able to hear the sound of people playing the smuggled fireworks.

  • I'm praying to God, to unite every single people in this country to be together to build and protect this country; even though there are so many people who ridiculously trying to make this country look bad.

  • I'm praying also to god, so that other country will not be our enemy. It's not good to have enemies now, as we all know, one of the neighboring country is massively hating us in many different ways, even though they know, we are by right from the same root and believing in the same god.

  • Despite of the country is having more trouble now, I'm still be thankful to God for being a Malaysian.

  • I'm fat, healthy and doing quite alright in this country.

Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan yang ke 53.

What Merdeka is, for you?

August 26, 2010

I was right

When I told my wife about why Maybank took quite sometimes to setup their bank in front of my office.

I answered her like this.
CIMB will always setup theirs first just to capture people eyes on their existence there, but Maybank is not going to jeopardize their business by moving in so quickly without ensuring everything is in place so that their business continuity is guaranteed.
Today, I went to both Maybank and CIMB, which located just in front of my Office in Cyberjaya (thank god, I'm so blessed to be working here). I went to Maybank first, and used up all their facility, CDM, ATM, ChqDM what ever 'M' it is, they are all working fine and no one queued at their counter, except for those non conventional banking transactions. I'm done in Maybank for less than 10 mins.

As I was having a loan with CIMB, so after withdrawing my money, I went to the next building, which is CIMB, which is located just next to Maybank, which they populated the place first. I queued up at the fudgingly slow Cash Deposit Machine (CMD) for 20 minutes just to find out that the machine was not stable and the know the fact that,
This transaction cannot be done now. Please try again later.
When I read that, it straight away gets my mind flashed the memories of all the common error with DOS prompt, 15-20 years back. They always asked us to try again later.

Then I took a counter queue number, which require me to fill in the form first, then I climbed up the stairs, just to find out there 8 more numbers queuing in front of me.

After half an hour, the number didn't move, then out of my patience, I walked up to the counter and asked,
Kak, diorang tak panggil nombor ke?
She responded by saying most of the system are out of order and she's the only one who are able to take the deposit for loans.

Then, for another 15 mins, I wait up and she called me up again and I paid.

I wasted my 1 hour and 5 minutes just to get my loan to be paid.

Why can't they be penalized for not serving us the way they should have?

August 25, 2010

Halal Cert of QBB Ghee suspended?

The famous 'Minyak Sapi' QBB Ghee, which is widely being used by Muslims in this country were suspected to be containing doubtful elements of which prohibited for consumption by the muslims.

Jakim had posted a notice on its website mentioning about the suspension of the Halal Certificate with effect from August 19 2010. Link

The website (link provided below) is also using Chef Ismail, a Muslim Chef as an Icon to promote it as a Muslim approved food. They even still displaying the Halal Logo by Jakim on their website which is strictly has breached the order by JAKIM.

Luckily I'm not using this product but I know my Auntie is. Right now, I'm having difficulties to contact her to let her know about this.

What should I do?

* Picture courtesy of

You know what?

I had now realized, after so long, of why I'm no longer updating my blog regularly.

All these while, I blogged, mostly due to my dissatisfaction towards so many things (especially the government), and if you notice properly, I only blogged after Pak AAB became the prime minister.

I was full of anger. Full of dissatisfaction fuil of so many shit in my head. It's all about so many things that went wrong with the government. Everything was wrong.

At first I thought I slowed down, caused of too much hatred in myself. I felt like my writings were inadequate, not enough to give any impact to anything.

Today, I had just realize, someone else has done the job for me.

It's Tun Mahathir.

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