May 28, 2004

Search :: Car Search in the Yard

Went out :: At about 10.10 am, I went out of the office yesterday. I'm supposed to be meeting my cousin in Hang Tuah's Star Lrt's Station. We're going to two yards which are located in Jalan Kuching. Both yards contain cars which were taken from their driver owner, in case of they were not paying the monthly installment for the car they bought.

First Yard :: The first I went to was the the yard for the Public Finance financed car. As expected, they are a lot of Protons, so I decided to just take a look from the far. Moved to the next section, there are imported cars, ranging from the year of 1970s to the latest was a Mercedes, priced at RM225k. Then there was a BMW 523i, year 1997 priced at RM125k. Then there are also a few Honda Civic Ferio EGs, a Kia Rio.. and a lot more.. I just jot down some of the car that caught my attention.

2nd Yard :: As no result from the first Yard, we moved to the 2nd Yard. In the 2nd Yard, we're not allowed to get in, except if we have made a booking to get in or confirmation through fax. All done by my cousin. Then we got in, located in the first roofed parking were expensive and good looking cars, might be as they are all still new. There're not so much car that is really into my attention. Accept for this E36 318i plated BFD 61. Priced at 50k. Later then, we're brought to the car that we're looking for which is the EG3 converted to B16A priced at RM25k. Hmm.. Tempting isn't it.. But still, If i'm gonna get that car, I'm surely want to convert it to B18C, as that was my initial plan with the EG4. But it's kewl to get an EG3 since they're much better in handling and they're much2 lighter. Good for DRAGs!

Luncheon :: Then we went to Kg. Baru for lunch. Well, maybe a bad day for me, the EG4 that I was trying to buy was recommended not to be bought as I myself do not know the reason. Well.. it's okay.. so gotta look for more cars then..

Get a car :: Went back to Muamalat, finish up some jobs and then went to serdang, to see my sister and get the car from her.. get back to the office, but I'd dropped by to Mid Valley and buy a movie ticket. Nothing got into my mind... What surprised me was that the queue were damn f*ckin long! This is Thorsdaeg.. why is this so.. Just as to waste my time there, I queued up for 45 mins and at the last minute I decided to watch Shrek 2, for two..

Raining Heavily :: When I get out from the Mid Valley, the raining was just started. It was still okay. I've never thought that it's gonna be as dark as it was going to to dawn. But it was really dark then.. Get back to the office.. do some job... and was thinking who should I take to the movie.. called someone and that someone said yes.. haha... so i asked that someone to come over to my place by LRT. waited for that someone.. and when that someone arrived, we went to Mid Valley..

Dinner :: What else.. than my favourite Ikan Pari + Sotong ... Jalan2.. wait for the movie.. and get in... wow.. I'm sitting at the 3rd row from the front. OK la.. as long as I can get to watch the movie.. That someone was so happy.. hehe.. me too.. then sent that someone back home.. and me get back to home.. I was about to bathe but..zzzZZZZZZZZZZZ

May 27, 2004

Thirstdae :: It's a thirst day or a thurs day?

About the day :: Thirstday or thursday? Actually of course it should be thursday but then why do they name it thursday? I was first thinking that it's actually should be thirst.. where everybody in the world, on this day.. will actually feel thirsty.. as I always do.. on thursdays especially.. Like today, I went up so early, and reach the office as early as 7.00am, without having any breakfast yet, only a glass of orange juice, i felt so thirsty.. So let us see why it is actually named Thursday...

Thor :: The Angles and Saxon's invaded England in the 500s AC. They carried belief in Thor, who were said as the Norse God of Thunder, where his chariot rumbled as it crossed the sky and that he wielded a hammer that shot lightening when he threw it. So those Angles & Saxon's (I'm sure u've heard anglo-saxon people) believe in Thor in their wanderings and wars..

The Roman :: Long before the invasion by the anglo-saxon people, The Romans inhabited most of the so-said civilized area including England. They called the 5th day as 'dies jovis'. They also named it after their own name of Thunder God, who is Jupiter or Jove.

The German then :: When they suplanted those Romans, they also suplanted their god.. They replaced Jupiter or Jove with Thor.. thus the name THORSDAEG. So when it came down to those modern english speaker, the pronounced it as 'THURSDAY', as what we heard now.. and till today....

Believe :: Heheh.. do u believe me? heh heh.. it's up to you.. well.. when it comes to reading materials, as for me, I will just take it as something to refer to if I don't believe in it. It's hard to face that you're actually being bluffed.. when u actually trust it.. or putting the whole belief in it.. as sometimes, we badly need something, and when we read, we got it, we get what we want.. but later on it's found that the author, without your knowledge, is not being honest by simply writing down wrong information.. so it's all up to you to believe or trust in people.. tell ya, i'm not bluffing.. as I got nothing in return to bluff you.. hehe..

My day + nite :: So me as usual, went back late.. a lot of things to be done.. went out and have dinner.. and together with Eric, went to Kajang, meeting Toto.. it's been a very long time not seeing him, and he still drive his GTi.. I thot he's gonna buy an Impreza as me and him was testing drive the car and he straight away made orders after the test drive.. watched a lot of Animal Kingdom stories and get to sleep.. wake up, had orange juice with Eric and me took bath while Eric sleeping restlessly on my bed.. do all the should-do thingie and i went straight to the office..

So this morning :: Ahh.. it's been so long not coming to the office this early.. I clean up my desk.. for the first time in this last 8 month, I've been cleaning up my desk.. now it looks really tidy.. and I like it so much..

Am goin out.. walk around.. as I;ve got not so many things to be done today.. challos..

May 26, 2004

For 4 days :: Birthdays... Birthdays!!!

Birthdays for the last 4 days... 23rd was sheyna's 24th, 24th was for Asfarin 27th and Shafarizan 26th, 25th for my dear sister Ina's 24th and today 26th is my dear Baby Rosie's 22nd and adlina's 26th birthday..

Happy birthday to u...
Happy birthday to u...
Happy birthday to all of u...
Happy birthday to u...

cheers... (sheyna, asfarin, shafarizan, ina, baby rosie and adlina)

Happy birthday to all of you.. May god sanctify you guys with a lot of blesses and good charms.

For sheyna's birthday, we (me, sheyna and emie) went out to Johnny's Steamboat and have dinner there.. Tell ya guys, I'm gonna get a lot fatter like this.. Was just have dinner and then have dinner again.. well, it was just a fine dinner.. we enjoyed the food.And from Monday to today.. nothing much happened.. except for me going back late from the office.. every day.. been busy with a lot of office works.. I'm going to setup the Globus ssytem for BCB's Islamic Banking operation, wich will be operated in July 2004, hopefully.

Doing a lot of customizations, deleting files, which has been taken directly from BCB. Our intention was, whatever running in the BCB system will be imitated in the Islamic Banking. There are certain things to be customized in depth but for the time being, my target is to get the smallest size of the Globus banking data so that it can be put into the tape and be transferred over to Islamic Banking.. It may then operate fresh.

On monday, I was busy in Muamalat Tower just to get ready for the Islamic Banking preparation. Then, in the afternoon, trying to get my loans for my car done, but later it was found that, my documents are not fully completed.

Yesterday, was having GSMS training in my office. For the first time of my life, I've been never been attending courses/training without failing to get asleep. The presenter was Judith Cowan. She's quite in her late 30s or mid 40s. Not so sure about it. But she's such a good presenter, with clear pronounciation, even tho she's an aussie. And surely I get the whole idea of what she's been trying to present to us. In the morning, I tried to get my documents for the loan application to be completed..

And this morning, once again, a training with regard of one of the module inside the GSMS, again with Judith Cowan, and I think she's kewl.. and motherly.. I think, at her early ages, she must be someone charming, with her own way of addressing her presentation, the way she describe things thru examples, I think anyone would just listen and get the idea.. unless, like my boss, his mind was totally out of the class...

And now.. feel bored.. got a lot of things in mind.. have to sort out which and which first..


This afternoon I called Rosie in the US.. so lovely she is.. as usual.. she missed her family so much (but why not me hehe)...

I'm posting this as I'm running the batch job for the Globus system I'm doing. People was hoping to get to play futsal tonite but I don't think there's any game we all can play for tonite.. Some friends even asked to see me in the Planet Hollywood tonite, but I just can't move easily enywhere.. no car.. no going out..

So I guess tonite, again I'll be staying late in the office.. hope that our picture of going dining at the Johnny's could be ready so I can put 'em up here.. I just knew how to put it here.. hehe.. being techie doesn't mean that u'll always updated.. know everything techienically.. hehe..

May 24, 2004

Hold Up :: Wanna be on TV?

Calling contestants for Who Will Win THE MALAYSIAN TOPSTAR (Season 2). If you are between 16 – 35 years of age, come for our castings on 24 May – 18 June, Monday – Friday, 5pm – 9pm at ntv7 Shah Alam. Please bring 2 copies of IC, 4R self photo and minus one CDs/VCDs.

by Riri Yanti on My Friendster...

So who wanna be on TV??

May 23, 2004

Tribute :: To Shane

Happy Birthday to u...
Happy Birthday to u...
Happy Birthday to Sheyna...
Happy Birthday to u...


Happy Birthday Sheynaaaa!!!

Hmm.. the tblog was having a lot of trouble lately.. I don't know they even have to restore the database. That's too bad for an Application Service Provider. It's not I don't wanna move to somewhere else which is more stable but I just think that this service is the best service I've found all over the internet. LUckily they can get back to the point whjere the database has crashed and restored everything.. Let's pray that those trouble won't be heppening again.

Update :: So.. update? Since the lasy Wednesday.. I've been so busy with my work. A lotsa things to be settled. Got 2 major tasjks which I've already done them.. On the wednesday.. What I can recall, on the wednesday, I and Emie went to watch Troy at Mid Valley Mall. Going to work and home with emie everytday.. Days without Sheyna were like a lot of things missing. Luckily I've Emie who is so loyal to be around hehe.. Nothing much was being done, until Friday.. I made a sudden decision to go back to JB..

Was on the phone :: I was on the phone with my sister, asking her for her car, whether I can borrow it for the weekend.. She said yes, but later on my father called me on saying a lot of things which had made me a lil bit mad.. Not with my father but my sister. If she can't give it tome, just tell me not my father.. A bit sad, I've been raising my voice to my father.. and later I decided to go back to JB, promptly. Asked emie to send me to Puduraya (the transit/stop point for all express buses in Kuala Lumpur).. bought the ticket and then went out (thanx to Emie again) while waiting for my bus that will depart at 11.00 pm. At that time, it was just 9.45 pm.

Met a long time no see fren :: Hmm I still remember his name.. He was my Junior.. Ainul Huda... he used to stay next to my dormitory in my secondary school. He used to massage me too.. hahaha.. ya know.. in the residential school, it's not called ragging, but for me, it's more to asking for help. He's okay.. And now he's a 'Captain' in the Royal Military Force, just promoted and he's getting married in the July. So f*ckin' lucky.. And as usual... he was just like me.. use to be a loser.. but his story is much worse, where his gal was suddenly out of her mind.. just canot recognize anyone.. after being together for 5-6 years of a relationship. But he has found his new sunshine and without wasting his time, he's gonna get married.. kewl...!

10:45 :: Time to say goodbye to Ainul, walked to the Puduraya, step into the bus, say hi to the person next to me.. and then get to sleep.

2:30am :: The bus topped somewhere.. I'm not so sure about it.. Get off the bus and buy a pack of drink. I've problem with my kidney, sometimes if my bladder gonna get full, it'll always get full. So I toook a minimum amount of drink, as least as I could, just not to be having problem when travelling around. It's okay if I'm driving.. Met the guy sitting next to me in the bus. He's going to Pasir Gudang.. Forgotten his name, he's a nice guy, coming to KL for some job, and now getting back to his hometown in Pasir Gudang.. Nice chap. Married with no child.

4.40am :: Arrived in Larkin, JB and called my bro to pick me up.. soon, he arrived and we go to lepak in kedai Mamak.. had Teh Tarik, get back home.. watched TV, pray.. met my momma, father, Farah.. hehe.. and then slept for a while, get up..

Walked to the shop :: Ya know why.. I've got no car.. My bro was supposed to buy coconut from the shiop but he then went up just to tell us there's no coconut being sold around here.. I asked him why don;t u find alternatives. He slumberly asking to go by myselves. Psychotically, I went out the door and looking for the said shop.. We're staying in somekind of condominium so to get out of the area, it's quite taking my time. Around the area, there's a lot of second hand car dealer.. While walking around, I took some peek of the car available around.. I just noted this one Orange EG Civic, which is smart.. and magneto as well... after walking for about 1 and a half hour, then only I found a shop selling coconut. Bought it and get back home.. There's one weird thing happened there.. I was trying to buy a bottle of isotonic drink but it seems that, they're all cannot be opened.. So I just bought an Ice 7-UP.. Hmm it taste ice, but later u feel some sensation in your throat.. WOW.. now I know why they call it Ice-7UP.

Get back home :: My mom asked why it takes me so long.. I told her.. it was a long journey.. No shop around.. come on.. I'm not born in JB and how do u expect me to be so expert about this town anyway? hehe

Masak Lemak Cili Api :: Yeah!!! In the fridge we've got big shrimps.. So as the coconut is there.. My mom cooked masak lemak cili api. kewl kewl.. I ate a lot.. hahaha.. 3 plates of rice. that's a lot for now!!!!

Went out again :: Oh yeah.. My father's volkswagon is still in the workshop as the car was having a lot of trouble with the engine lately.. so first we went to all the second hand car dealer's first.. so bad. the car were overpriced.. so I decided to buy the one offered by Abg Zul .. so we later we went to the workshop.. the car seems okay.. and took it back.. took my father to some stalls, he wanted to buy Fried Banana ans some indians kuih.. masalodeh if I'm not mistaken.. his favourite. Went home.. have tea together and my sister wanted to swim.

My phone broke :: So, I and my bro took Fara to the swimming pool. Wow.. there's a lot of people.. Was eyeing for shicks around but only 3-4.. not worth it.. I just sat on the bench.. been thinking a lot of things.. and suddenly I heard something falling.. Oh no.. It's my Handphone.. so bad.. it cannot be closed.. luckily it's still usable.. Went back home.. Told my father about it..

Went out again :: Yeah we went out again that nite. In the volkswagon.. we went to Pasar Borong.. had dinner there.. we eat satay and rojak.. while only me and Farah were enjoying Sup Gearbox.. both of cattle and lamb.. wow.. I'm sure be getting hot tonite.. As I was eating eat, I was sweating a lot.. tell ya a lot.. then.. went to pasar borong.. my mom bought soemthing for breakfast.. which are fruits.. hehe.. my family had juices for their breakfast while me have cigarettes.. hehe..

To Danga Bay :: went there.. nothing special.. boring.. except for my sister was doing her boring expression again when my parents ask her to play the kids thingie again.. no sign of excitement.. when she gets down.. we know she embarassed of herself.. hahah... get back home.. called sheyna.. wished her HAPPY BIRTHDAY and sleep...


Shundae :: Woke up early in the morning.. read newspaper.. had breakfast.. and my parent send me to Larkin.. bought a bus ticket and on the bus.. My BABY called from the US.. so happy she called.. I was kinda sleepy at that time + bus sickness. hehehe.. So I arrived in KL at about 4.40 pm.. called Emie a few times but no answers.. called sheyna.. she was about to sleep.. and I was going to the LRT station.. thru the Petaling Street.. wow.. so long not been there.. and arrived in the LRT station.. Emie called.. yeah.. now phone is not usable.. luckily she called my other phone.. knew it.. damn.. it unusable now.. gotta find a new phone now.. then.. she fetched me at the LRT.. sent me back home..

Now :: In the cybercafe.. was just typing this blog and waiting for Emie to fetch me.. we're going out.. Today is SHEYNA'S BIRTHDAY!!! Harus kuar gitu.. hahaha...

May 18, 2004

Car :: Should I wait for the car I want of just grab any car??

Last nite :: I went out.. had dinner.. watched TV.. starting with 999, and then Ah Ha... went to the cybercafe.. updated the blog (the previous blog was written last nite hehe).. paid RM7 and then went out again to the same place I had dinner and had teh tarik while watching fear factor.. and then went back home and sleep..

Morning :: Wake up late.. went to the office and had breakfast.. just after having breakfast, sheyna (I guess she was somekind sad) telling me that she was trying to call Emie but she didn't pick up.. she had to cancel going to Kertih as she's going back to Kedah as her father was admitted to the hospital.. pity sheyna bucuk... hope everything goes fine then...

Work :: There are so many things to do.. Really concentrate on my job.. did two tasks today.. the Globus and TPS tasks.. the TPS, tasks for 14 days I did for just 2 minutes hehehe...

Let us get to the point now..

I'm looking for an EK 2 doors honda civic.. but it's really hard to get one.. especially the non modified.. i wanted to get a standard one so I can just send it to the workshop and get a new engine and put it in. and later i wanted to do the body job.. paint.. body kits and so on.. but currently only Honda Civic EGs are available..

It's quite hard for me to move around as I don't have any car.. I'm waiting for my cousin to look for tender cars.. as they're much cheaper and even sometimes got valuable things inside.. good player.. big rims.. and so on.. but should wait for that long?

I'm already tired.. What do u guys think about it?

about : bored

Shatterday :: As I've been telling y'all, been coaching.. had nasi lemak at Bob's and in the afternoon, as the family's goin to movie, I followed Bob to KLCC to buy the tickets. And ya know what, we're in the queue for about an hour... phewh!!!.. so tiring, I decide to treat Bob to the Chili's.. Heh.. now only he knows such a good and good place like chili's where he can enjoy free drink refills.. hahahaha.. Later I went back home.. and as I was too tired, I slept at home.. till 7 and then I went back to Senawang... Oh yeah.. Bob let me use his car for the weekend..

In Senawang :: Reach there around 8.00 pm.. was driving madly fast on the freeway.. hehe just like in the US.. it's supposed to be highway.. Hmm Bob's car was frighteningly fast.. like having a turbo inside.. the Suzuki Swift with 1.3 engine inside.. the car I suspect was having somekind like VVT system inside.. 0-100 in less than 10 seconds.. second gear can reach to about 90km/h. But in the middle of driving.. something has gine wring.. no pickup and I was deadly scared.. hahahahahahahaha..

Nite :: Dinner? I asked my bro to buy satay.. hmmm.. the satays were nice.. my mom prepared the bone soup (Sup Tulang).. a speciality by malaysian.. for non-Malaysians.. in Malaysia we do havea lot of soups... variations of soup based on the parts of chicken or cow.. like.. oxtail soup, bone soup, beef soup, sheephead soup, chicken feet soup, and so many more.. and even tongue soup, liver soup.. ahh so many I can't mention.. so had a nice dinner.. felt really sleepy and i went sleeping without taking off my contact lenses.. and as usual.. tomorow....

Shundae :: Wake up early in the morning, realizing that I didn't take my contact lenses off.. soo guess what.. hahaha.. pain in my eyes.. took off my lenses and get back to sleep.. but it ain't easy as that.. my mom asked me to look what's happening with the water pump.. I was asked to climb up the roof and look what has caused the water dropping from the ceiling..

Cracked Joins :: well I guess It was the joining of the water pump towards the piping that caused the problem... Then had breakfast.. read newspapers, watched TV.. my parents went out to Nilai.. me and my Bro left at Home.. I was asked to dry the clothes.. and later I went out to fix Bob's car.. and it was found that the Sparx Plugs wore out.. too bad.. after everything fixed.. the car shoot like a rocket again...

Baby :: Hmm my Baby called.. and as she unexpectedly, spelled it out.. she's coming back to Malaysia this June 20.. and who ever out there.. this is just an announcement.. hehe.. we conversate over the phone for about an hour.. until later my parents came back.. buying a big wooden mat.. and some other things.. it's hard for me to take 'em out single handed.. but I manage to get it done..

Watched TV :: yeah watch.. and watch.. a lot of interesting things on the screen.. so I just watch and watch.. have lunch and watch watch.. Surato came to fix the water pump and I watch TV till 10 pm.. there were Butiful Mind, The Grinch, Good Discovery programs like Rodes , which were showing a project car, which they scrapped a whole chevrolet.. and make a new thing out from a model the Hot Wheels built.. it was a nice built car.. and they transform an SUV into a sound machine.. that was nice too!!!!!! From 8-9 watched news and 9-10 watched the Tomas Cup Final.. and later on drove back to KL..

IN KL :: Went back home.. left my things and goin out as I want to return the car back to Bob.. Bonny Razali, a two-world human being, a model, called me up and Bob is just so happy to see this guy.. should I address as he or she then? Took Bonny from his/her condo.. drove back to Taman Desa, lepak at Mamak.. for an hour.. and later on Bob dove back home.. I went home and sleep..

Moanday Again!!! :: Argh.. Back to work.. I opened my eyes as early as 6.30 in the morning.. fantasizing for about 45 minutes and get myself to the bathroom... have bath.. and waited for Emie to go to work.. And I realized one thing.. I left my necklace at home in Senawang.. gosh! had breakfast .. as usual nice breakfast.. at Kumar's Cottage.. Telekom's building stalls.. nice place to eat.. hehe.. do my work.. wrote the previous blog.. about Masak Lemak Cili Api.. and later.. so my work the whole day.. now I realized that I've a lot more to do.. new projects coming in.. my boss really rely on me to do few important things.. went back early at 6.. and started to feel BORED

I'm Bored :: Called Sazuan, Hasna, Wan Chang.. almost everyone in my phone except for Emie as she can't go out.. smsed Sheyna buchuk and she's about to sleep.. Later Hasna called me and we talk for about 25 minutes.. hmmmm rasa rindu la plak kat Hasna.. hehe

The ART :: Bored because I can't go anywhere.. Got no car rite now..

State of The ART :: Haiyoh.. do boredom got the ART? But I guess it does.. People like me.. who used to get busy all the time.. goin out here and there.. and all of a sudden u gotta to stay at home alone.. SURE BORED!!!!!!

May 17, 2004

Cooking Secret :: Masak Lemak Cili Api?? So easy!!!

Shatterday :: Coaching!!!! As usual.. then went to bob's house and consumed Nasik Lemak.. And hehe.. he was trying to cook Ikan Talapia Masak Lemak.. hehe.. No good... Well.. I know there's a lot of people out there wondering how to cook this complex-looking dish but.. just for you guys.. Masak Lemak Cili Api is as easy as ABC !!!!!!

Masak Lemak Cili Api :: Okie.. lemme tell u guys first.. Masak Lemak Cili Api is a speciality of Negeri Sembilan (in short N9), a state on Malaysia.. how to do that? Simple... opss virus.. I've to restart!!!!!!!


That was close :: It was not a sasser. Anybody can remind of the name of the virus that act, just like sasser, it reboots the PC, but a bit l8er.. sasser straight away reboot the PC but this virus reboot a lil bit later than that.. Hahaha it's not sasser.. used to know the name of the virus.. what was it huh? Anybody can help me?


Masak Lemak Cili Api

Ingredients :: Okay the ingredients... a small cut of tumeric, the more the sweeter and tastier, several small chillies.. up to you, how hot do u want it to be, coconut milk, no exact amount, depends on how do u want it to be.. and as for me, my favourites are shrimps or chickens or cow stomach or smoked beef or canned sardine (yeah man.. seriously.. delicious) or crabs. You can cook have fish too, but we normally have non-salt water fished to be cook in Masak Lemak Cili Api... but they need different treatments.. and to people out there.. NO ONIONS.. Onion will neutralise the taste of the tumeric.. no more sweetness then...

Process :: For fishes, u need to clean 'em up.. soak them in the water that mixed with the tamarind. Or just squeeze lime or lemon over it.. and let it be just like that for 10-15 minutes. This is important as fish has this kind of aroma which I think I don't like it.. and believe other people do so.. and when cook in masak lemak cili api, you'll curse me for it.. so the acidic sour taste will remove that bad aroma so it will cook fine then..

More process :: Okay for shrimp, some people might want to keep the head, but cut all the moustaches.. I'll keep the roe.. hehe.. so, for the crabs, it's up to you how do u want it to be cut. for smoked beef or chicken, just leave it like that as I believe no one is cooking the whole chicken without cutting it into pieces.. and beef, sliced 'em thin.. so it will cook tender and juicy.. cow stomach.. yeah.. u need to whiten 'em, soak them in the alkalied water, local people here used the chalk... is it correct.. it's called 'air kapur'.. soak them for sometime, while you can remove the black/green spots on it.. it should be white and clean then... so do not forget to slice them too..

Extra Taste Ingredients :: This is to give more taste to the dish. As for shrimps and crab, I normally used sliced tomatoes. for chicken I use lemongrass cuts. for fishes, we put in the yam's strip. cow stomach we put the bamboo shoot. for smoked beef we use the young bananas.. hahaha... sounds weird and unordinary.. but these are my original Granma's and Mom's cooking... For extra things to eat, this may apply only for chicken and meat, you may put in potatoes slices, but you may have to add in more salts as potatoes does absorb the salt more than the water, as the result of osmosis process.

Start to cook :: Minch or grind both tumerics and small chillies. they should be mixed nicely, the colour should be orange + green. Now put the main ingredients which for today, I'll be using the shrimps. So, put in the shrimps into the cooking bowl, put some water, and put the grinded mixture of tumeric and chillies on top of it. So now boil them with mild heat.. Leave it and u can start slicing your tomatoes. Okay get back to your bowl and the shrimp will be looking a lil bit orange as the result of they are already cooked.

Coconut Milk? :: Yeah.. I've not forgotten.. Now you can pour the coconut milk.. and add some water, as to keep it light. Remember, coconut Milk and Shrimp are high in cholestrol so be smart on how to control your food consumption. Stir lightly.. so the mixture will mix evenly.. Once the dish is nicely boiled, with the bubble from the bottom is coming up, slow the gas, and put in salts. Always put the salt based on your on taste. How much or less, based on how do you wanit it to be.. Too much salt will spoil it. Less salt is good, for your healt as well.. Put salt bit by bit.. put 'em in.. stir and taste.. if less and put them a lil bit more in.. and taste.. till u got the taste u desired for... once you've done with the salt.. so now put int the tomatoes..

Potatoes :: No I don't use potatoes now.. but in case u're doing it with the beef or chicken, put them in together when you poured in the coconut milk. Salt should be put later once the potatoes were softened.


The ART :: Doing this cooking properly will result a very nice Udang Masak Lemak Cili Api. The soup should taste sweet and a bit hot.. nice to be eaten with plain rice..

State of the ART :: The shrimp should be boiled together with the mixture of grinded tumerics and chillies to get the taste and aroma of the chillies+tumerics into the shrimps. Thus, the sweetnesses of the tres ingredients will result a sensational taste of hot, sweet and tumerical taste which does really suit my taste.. The tomatoes will give a bit of sour taste.. just to balance the taste of the coconut milk, since it's high with fat and sour taste will reduce the fatty taste it has. And the biggest secret is NO ONION. This is the key to get a delicious tastefully Masak Lemak Cili Api.. Onion will neutralise the taste of the tumeric.. no more sweetness then

Happy Tryin!!!! U can leave a comment or question regarding masak lemak cili api.. I'll be happy to entertain..

May 14, 2004

about : blank

see :: Have u ever seen the above line? I guess u've had but it's not in the form that u've always see...

In internet explorer, type about:blank in the url address, see & observe what would u get..

A blank white page... nothing.. luckily it's white.. not black or any other colour.. so it's clean, and i can do anything to it.

Me :: As blank as that... blank but clean.. i've a lot to tell.. it's been a week... the last time I updated my blog was on the last Saturday.. i've been so busy with works.. WITH WORKS.. okie?


Frydae :: Okie.. let's get back to business.. The last Frydae I didn't go to the Jumaat prayer hehe.. went to Bangi with my Satanic boss, actually we've got something to do... and in the afternoon, I went out with Sheyna and Emie to Bangsar's Syed.. me have Roti Nan, and the other two smelly gal took the Nasi Lemak.. After that.. it was such a lousy feeling.. I felt drowsy.. and co-incidently, all the three of us went back home and straight away fell asleep then. I slept till morning..

Shatterday Coaching :: Oh yeah.. today, I've promised to Bob to train Asyraf, his son's class's soccer team.. When I reached there, only 3.. THREE???.. yeah.. just three.. of them.. so we make it 5.. plus Syariz and Michael, who's supposed to be there for Badminton.. well it went well.. they kinda like it.. and nothing much I could say about it rather than they were saying, now only we know it's not easy to play soccer.. they kinda enjoyed it.. and would be happy to join again next week..

So sad... i'm out of time.. to be continued.. work... work!


ehem.. let's continue..

Afternoon :: Hmm.. I went to the office to compose to below messages.. I was supposed to finish the whole week's things but then I went out to be having tea time with emie then..

Karaoke :: L8er at nite.. karaoke with Bob and his family members.. And later fetch Hasna in Petronas Sungai Besi and sent her back to her sister's house.

Shunday Project :: Woke up early, I got project to do today.. As I'm going to sell my car, I was trying to get the best price I can get from the car. Well, the buyer want everything to be standard. Taken out, the shiny sport rims, the mild stiff absorbers, the semi racing springs and put it into my sister's car. Replaced them with my sister's things.. as her things were all standard and FYI, Satria or Wira 1.3 and 1.5 absorbers/springs are replaceable/exchangeable to each other. So just did it. And later went to the accessories to take out my stereo and put the old standard player back to it's place.

Wedding :: Emie and Hasna fetched me from home.. Together we reached Pantai Dalam, where the wedding was. Ahha.. this is the wedding of TMRND's staff, which TMRND was my previous company. And met some of those who are in still and were in TMRND.. As expected, they were all so surprised to me, as firstly I'm no longer in TMRND and secondly, my style.. too rockla bro.. how do u work in the new place.. I just said.. that's why I left.. hahahaha..KLCC :: here we come.. what do we did there? I've forgotten.. Sheyna was in a bad fever, sleeping all day.. pity her.. so went there, just tres of us. L8er at nite, they're supposed to be gathering in sheyna's house (and please okay.. I'm prohibited.. damn!!.. heeh) but as everyone is not going, it's cancelled (oo yeah man)..

Moandae :: Work.. and oh god. my auntie passed away this morning.. How am I going there? And l8er have to go to bangi.. back from Bangi, went back home, sent Hasna to KLIA, as she's goin back to Penang.. and l8er I headed myself to Rembau N9. And you know what? I spent about an hour just to look for the entrance to the village.. which at nite, it's realy hard to see.. Was there chatting with the family members for about 2 hours, drove back to Senawang... slept there.. and in the morning, went back to Taman Desa and went to the office with Emie..

The next2 dayz ::
Moandae :: Dayz without Hasna.. kinda missed her already.. as I can still remember, went to Bangi a lot.. went to muamalat a lot.. was trying to get the car taken by the buyer..

Wenchsdae :: the buyer took the ar on the wenchsday.. work too late worried can't catch the movie. watched the secret window on the wenchsday nite with emie and sheyna..

Thirstdae :: went to the ROYAL LONDON CIRCUS on thirstdae.. hahahaha.. bestkan.. not bad.. I rike the first show.. with that two spinning circles with a big connecting rod in the middle. Sheyna got free tickets from her ex-employer .. the NST.. hmm it's really kewl to be working with the press.. as u can get a lot of free things.. press is quite important in our life..

Frydae :: Fuiyo.. Emie treat us for the Karaoke.. I went back early that afternoon cause got something to do in my house.. later on went to serdang, passed my sister's car back to her, and drove super fast to Hill Park and they're already out sheyna's house.. went to Sunway Piramid RedBOX karaoke.. hahaha.. nice small room, just nice for the tres of us to do our things there.. Uptown :: Out of the karaoke.. and went to Uptown.. hehe.. l8er on in Uptown I have to take over the wheel as sometwo (hehe) got to get out of the car as someone really can't hold her bladder. parked the car, get to the dining place, met Boy.. sheyna's butiful cousin.. he's a boy but butiful as described by Emie.. hehe..

Sent them back home.. I hold Emie's car and get back to sleep...


The ART :: What ART? No ART this time.. go ask your teacher..

State of The ART :: What state? hehe.. NEXT.....

May 8, 2004

Problem :: Thinking of one to be solved.

Thirstdae Nite :: As I realized that I did something that I thought was a small thing, it was. I was reading comments from munchkin.. hehe.. seriously.. i can't get it straight away.. Guess I've to find ways to understand what she was writing.. I'm bad in literature.

Lepak :: I did lepak with emie.. having chit chat.. I was so badly coughing so I bought a bottle of cough syrup. Just to get things a lil bit better. But later I found something funny about the packing.. It's written there:: -


What :: If I'm a moron.. I'll take it this way.. THIS MAY CAUSE DROWSINESS AND I SHOULD NOT DRIVE BUT I SHOULD WORK WITH MACHINES... don't u think so?

Grammatical and Mantical Error :: Which one? It should be comprehended like this.. The medicine would cause drowsiness. So when ever you take it, do not drive and do not work with machines. so it should sound like this..


Ahha.. it should sound like that.. Easier to understand.. Now we're getting to the point I wanted to say..

Tasha :: Was Tasha my problem..? I was considering either she's my problem or she isn't. Well, I called her.. and she was actually having the menstrual pain, so she told me it was okay, she called me because previously she called her other friend but he didn't pick up. And now I feel guilty....

Today :: I read comments from voila and babed (hei babed.. is it really you? how are u? emi ada call tak today? belajar la memasak.. takkan nak makan nasik ketul je lagi.. heheh ;p ) I do agree with you guys.. I've never been expecting anything in return for anything.

Help :: For me, people help for these 3 reasons. First, I helped my brothers/sisters because it's my responsibility, and I'm willing to do so as I love them so much. Second, I help other people for sympathy, I felt guilty for not helping and it becomes my responsibility to help. Thirdly, people do help other people for something in return. Tell ya, this is mostly done by people, especially in business. It's also happen for non business purpose as well..

This Case :: Not to mention again and again, I helped Tasha because she's a friend of mine and I'll feel guilty if I'm not to. But lately.. caused by things that I do not expect and I shouldn't mention here.. I'm thinking of avoiding her.. I don't wanna mess my mind with anything about her again..

Respect :: I admit that it's hard to treat people the same after you've being hurt. I ain't perfect. I got grudges to other people too, even tho how kewl I've been. I would love to treat everyone nicely, but I just can't. I used to have friends who I really want to be by their side, but at certain time, and certain reasons, I just can't. I do respect people as a human being.

Confront :: Hmm.. should I waste my time with that? Nah.. she doesn't care. hehe. She even said this once..

"Should he get mad if I didn't call? If he doesn't want to, there's a lot more people to call me.."


I've forgotten one thing :: There's a saying, CERTAIN THINGS ARE BETTER LEFT UNSAID.

May 6, 2004

Tasha :: Should I or should I not?

Dis day iz thirtsdae.. (Dialogues in bold)

Arrived early :: As I parked my car, in a nice parking space, under the chilling trees, I've got a call from someone and it was Tasha..

Tasha :: Hello, where are u?
Me :: I just parked my car, near the office.
Tasha :: Can you go out for a while?
Me :: Where to?
Tasha :: Can u take me to the clinic. I'm sick.

My state of mind :: At this point, I was so blurred and sad, since all this while she will only look for me if she needs something, she wants something or she wants me to do something for her. So I decided...

Me :: I'm afraid I just can't. I've promised to see my boss this morning.

Why :: I have to. I'm sick and tired for just being used. Should I get myself in a such feeling? She has never contacted me unless she wants me to drive her to a place she wanted to go. Or take her home.. Or take her to the post office to get things her so called best male-friend posted from Japan. Or teach her things she cannot understand from her stupid stewarding notes. Again today, she contacted me to take her to the clinic.

I'm nothing to her :: All this while she went out, get drunk, get what ever things, have fun with her friends. But why not me? We even met in the HRC but later she left me alone with her childish stewarding student friends. I was like a stoopid moron there.

Tasha :: Hmm.. it's okay then.. (sound of hanging up).

But :: Well, I feel bad. I might be losing her as a friend, even she's just nothing to me. I didn't ask her how bad her sickness was. Well she never asked too when I was having a bad fever, she asked me out, and I was hoping that she can come over to me if I tell her I'm badly sick but what she did was, "Ok then.. Bubbye".

Am I being fair :: No.. It was not my intention. I'm just being sick of her, seeking me just for something. Just for help.. I might wanna change my number either this week and next. I feel really bad especially after having a chat with sheyna, telling me that if she is badly sick, it's a must to help her out. But I did nothing then!!!

Your say :: Should I do things I've been doing today? I need your say please!!! Please!!! Should I just forget her? Or what ever thing I should do? Help!!

Privacy :: Violation Detected???

Today is wenchday...

Morning :: I get up from tarry quite early, as I've to drive back to KL, without bathing, i prayed to god, packed up ma things and drive back to KL. Barged in Taman Desa at around 7am, get up to my room, bathe and went to the office. All I was thinking about was hasna. I miss her so much.. hehe..

In the office :: As usual, being early, ensure me free parking space. I can drive slowly, walk slowly, do everything without rushing as I was well known to myself as rushingly do things. I can read my emails, even my prodigious porn mails, because at this hour only few people arrived, so privacy is something assured.

Surprised :: Oh yeah!!! Someone invaded my friendster account, deleted my photos, changed position of my photos. That's a very kewl thing to do hacker whacker cracker? A bit sad, as my privacy is now being infiltrated. I'm so thwarted as this is my first time after 2 years, my privacy was again being harassed by a sick psychotic, lunatic, demented, deranged, idiotic whacko!

More surprised :: Someone else's friendster was also being permeated (cian sheyna bucuk), where her testimonial to other and from that other person to her was being deleted. This is a very psychotic irresponsible action and I stand up high against it.

Please :: This must be stopped, even though if you like it, please spare me and my friends!! Who ever, what ever, where ever you are, please stay away of my life as we have never ever wanted or even intended to startle your life. We just want our peaceful life.

Your Say :: What do you guys think about the privacy invasion matter?? I really hope to hear from you!!!

Vacation :: Continued....

Getting Up :: and away.. we went down to megamall, as sheyna and hasna were looking for something to freshen up ourselves as it was too hot. We look around for a mamak stall, and we dropped ourself at this one outlet which have the fried ice cream. Tho, it was so oily. I took maggi goreng while shayna maggi sup. Hasna took maggi goreng.. And later, Izhar comes..

Felda?? :: What? Felda? Ouch! Am i gonna drive my car into a Felda? Yeah I know nowadays Felda was not that bad as before but worries were still mingle in my mind. But Izham ensure us, that's not gonna scary. As I was driving, later on, we just found out from the map given, there's gonna be a rally-like road waiting for us infront. And oh yeah, there's a landslide too.. wow! Just imagine a low powered car with load of 5 people on it. Wasn't it be screaming all the way?

At last :: We made it!!! The journey from Kuantan to the place was about 70 km which took us around an hour to be there. When we first see the cement mill, I was like to turn back but luckily there was the wedding signage was being put by the roadside so we're a building up our confidence then. Of course.. being in a place u've never been to and everything seems like unwelcoming. So we had our food.

Long Coconuts :: Have u seen such coconuts? Long shaped coconut like papayas. I was so amazed with it. After getting inside, I went out to take pictures with the coconut. Haaa. later I'll put 'em here..
Drive back :: Then, I drive back to Kuantan.. sent Izhar to his car.. Get back to the Hotel.. and play cards again!!! Who's the winner of all Loser? Sorry to mention but was it you sheyna? or emie? or hasna? I can't remember.. but everyone was trying to get emie loses the game as she was playing too safe (hehe I was too). Sheyna was about to sleep. Well she was just sleeping.. All she likes to do was sleeping.

Dinner :: Yeah.. Izhar is coming with his wife to have dinner with us. This was such a bad exp for me. As it was hard to get a table, it's very hard even to get a waiter to take our orders, and it's even harder when we have to swicth table as it was raining, and it's fucking harder when I have to wait for nearly 2 hours for our food, and the price was too high! It was expensive, and really not worth of waiting and the price. Later, I drove to Teluk Cempedak(TC) and later found out that TC is so so so so so near to our hotel.. So bad that we didn't realize it at first.

At TC :: We took pictures. Later I decided to get a lick on ice cream so me and Hasna went to the McDonald's Ice Cream outlet there to buy the ice cream. But you know what? Sheyna and emie came to me and sheyna told me that someone is throwing rocks over her. hahaha.. not once.. but twice. Badly, the outlet was getting out of ice cream and I've to buy it from the cashier inside. Resting for a while and later we drove back to the hotel and get asleep. Sheyna was in a bad shape as I guess she was a bit headache. Pity her.

Today is Moanday

Morning :: Yeah man!!! It's Moanday again but it's an off day!!! Me as usual wake up early and went downstairs with Hasna this time for the breakfast. Hasna ate alot.. hehe.. me ate a lot too but hasna ate alot more hehehe.. well I'm just happy being beside her.. as long as she is happy with whatever it is. We get upstairs, sleepin.. we packed things up and checked out at 1pm.

Went shopping to Megamall :: For the last time of this trip.. I bought myself 2 shirts for going to work. Had lunch at the Kenny Rogers (hei sheyna remind me to write the complaint letter), and were getting bad service there. At around 3 something, we drive out of Kuantan to KL...

Journey Back :: I can't remember how many times we did stopped to pee, but near to maran, my brake pad was getting too bad then, and I decided to get it changed. Luckily there's a workshop that can do that. Emie was happy as she saw something like a restaurant there.. hehe.. After settling up with the brake pad, we continue again, the traffic was a bit jammed as there's a lot of accident happened. It was all bad until we reach karak and the highway was so clear. In KL, at around 9 something, as Hasna was longing for the Yong Tow Foo, we went there. Sent 'em back to sheyna's and i myself drove back to seremban. Try to fix my sister's notebook, take bath and sleep.

It's touseday :: Wake up early, sent Izzat to the bus station and straight away drive to Melaka. My father is doing check up for himself as he was expected to be having pneumonia, but later checked he wasn't. My bro was getting checked up for his listening problem. Drive back home relax, at nite went out to Bistro, back home, Heri came, lepak for a while and get back to home and sleep. Need to sleep early as I need to wake up early to drive to KL in the morning Next Day


The Vacation Plan :: We've been planning for it since a few weeks back. We were like can't wait for it to come, Hasna to be coming to KL, having fun, dinner, wow.. it's gonna be great!!! Indeed, it was such a joyous moment for me.. and as for Hasna, I hope she could just be strong for whatever happened, there's a reason, but I know u've been a very good human kind, full of love pouring and care towards others.

The ART :: Just do thing u think it's right. We don't really plan for this vacation but during the vacation, we're just do thing we like to do. That's more enjoyable. Do not get yourself stucked to a plan. It was just a plan. In vacation, there's nothing accomplish rather than to relax your mind and if you're in sadness, you might wanna seek for consolation.

State of the ART :: All things done were to get yourself happy. Why? Why do we need to be happy? Beside of just taking care of your health, you should be taking care of your minds as well. You need to relax, see people you love, you care and u think u'll happy to be with when u're depressed. Long term, it's an avoidance of mental problems. Guys out there, who were having mental problems, psychotic, gothic hahaha.. Take some time off.. You need people to be around you..

May 5, 2004

Very Short Weekend :: Best Holiday!! YAY!!!

Thirstday :: It was all started today. The excitement of having Hasna around is something that I can't resist. Everyone of us really can't wait for the 'Weekend'. Fetched her from KLIA the nite before. Did my hair!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

Dinner at Sheyna's :: Yeah. Emie cooked for us. There were me, hasna, sheyna, emie and later on Boy (sheyna's cousin) joined us. I hope I can post the pixs of the meals emie cooked for us, but just wait!! I'll post it later!! As I've been not watchin TV for quite sometimes, I went tarry at 1 o'clock.

Frydae :: I really have to go to the Prayer. Missed twice and this time I just can't miss it. Then everyone was busy calling asking for this and that, while I was keeping myself busy with all the unsettled things in the office. Yeah. We're gonna rock this weekend!!!!!!!!!

Home :: Hahaha.. I went back at 5.30, Hasna and Emie were waiting for me at the saloon near my house. Wah, both with their blown hair. I took them up, packed up my things and shoot ourself in my car to sheyna's.

Here we go :: Guess!!!! I took bath in sheyna's and get myself ready to go out with these three [b]appealing, gorgeous, alluring, inviting and seductive[/b] women. WOW!!! You guys just didn't have any idea how I was holding myself like mad!!! hahaha..

HRC :: Here we are!! hahaha.. I met again with Cici, the Asia Band's singer. Took a LOT of pictures!! I just can't resist it. (I'll paste it here sometimes). Especially with Hasna and Sheyna. Hahaha.. Emie? She deserved to be seduced tonite, and she was just lucky.. hahaha.. Met Fendi, Chili and amazingly Adha!!.. Have not been seeing him for sometimes. Botak also came with his gf and friend. And I met Kak Su as well, my senior during my school time.

Back :: Went out of the HRC at around 3.30 am and sent them all back to sheyna's. I myself get myself back to my home in Taman Desa, on the way there's a road block and there I was stranded for about 45 minutes. Slept from 5.30 to 7.30 (as my actual planning was to wake up at 7 am). Went to my boss's house, took my snapper (the fish that I got when I went fishing yoohoo), and left to sheyna's house to fetch them..

Today is Shatterday..

From Sheyna's :: yeah man.. it's tumme to go. I thought Anis was supposed to be ready at KL Sentral, but later she'll go by herself to seremban. Y seremban? Today, Mimie Jazlina is getting engaged to? Sipa la kan?

Then :: Sent 'em to Mimie's house. Went back home and tarry. I was so tired and sleepy. It's gonna be a long drive to Kuantan from seremban.. Till at 2 something Emie called me telling that the feast has already started. So went there, have my lunch meal, pack food for my bro & sister at home. Sent the food home, pick 'em up, and oh yeah! This time i've to send Anis to Seremban.

The Journey Begins :: 3.40 pm. From Seremban, to Kuala Pilah. The traffic was jammed somewhere before Tanjung Ipoh, so I decided to take the alternative road. We avoided the jam and I remembered Sally's house got the fresh coconut and fresh sugar cane juice. Bought some buns, top up the fuel, via jempol, muadzam, gambang and at around 7.30pm we arrived in MS Garden Hotel, Kuantan. Hmm.. not so bad.. the Berjaya Megamall is just next to the hotel. This will be fun!!

Pattani :: As a person who's not so used to this area, I'll just wait for them to be going anywhere. After bath, we went out to Berjaya Mega Mall. As Emie and Sheyna went upstairs to look for the midnite tickets, I asked Hasna to take the wheels while I went in to get myself the facial cotton and comb. Later we look for a dinner place, at last, we just dropped ourself by the Pattani Restaurant.

Kewl :: You know what? The first food comes in less than 5 minutes after we ordered our food. The guy that was taking food order from did not write anything. He just memorized every single thing. In 20 minutes, we're done with our dinner. As my hair was so fluffy, we decided to get back to the hotel, just for me to wash my hair and later we get back down to Berjaya Megamall for the movie. The movie was not really fun for me (i dun wanna make movie comments here so u better watch it). It was Gila Gila Pengantin Remaja. hahaha.. then we get back and sleep in the hotel.

Sundae :: As usual, i can't really sleep on weekends as I was so used to wake up early and spend the whole day without wasting it. So, I had free breakfast with Emie in the hotel's cafe, brought back some yogurt for Hasna and sheyna. And I guess I was having a good sleep later as my snoring sound was heard, of course.. after a good meal with a stuffed tummy, what do u guys think the best thing to do? Later, we play cards.. Hehe.. Hasna dah pandai la main card sekarang..

Next :: To the wedding...

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