August 29, 2004

Caught Red Asha...

Last nite... went I've just parked my car, asha called me.. asking me out.. and I was saying that I'm still in the office.. we talk talk talk and talk, but suddenly when I reached the guard post of my condominium, she's there.. I was in silent for nothing.. I dunno what to say.. she was really wanna spend her time with me.. she's in tears... she looked at me.. sadly and hugged me there.. we went out then.. and she followed me home.. she slept on my bed, and I went out again.. she was having trouble with her bf again.. i can see injuries on her neck and marks on both of her hands.. pity her.. went to 7-11, bought something for her.. and I sleep on that old sofa of the landlord...

Thirstdae :: I was in the office quite late for today.. Bob called me.. he needs my help to open his car, as he left his car key inside his car. I went off home to get his car key.. then went to his office.. had some chit chat.. mostly talking around his personal problem that I wouldn't actually want to describe here.. and went to muamalat, to finish up all the corona task that has been given to me.. afterwork, went off to Erein's house in Bukit Antarabangsa.. to take her to the Karaoke Competition... so here are the pictures...

Wye before the competition. She seems to be nervous

The author and my so lovely erein.

Wye in action...

All of them after the competition.. kak sid, sha the macho konon, Mc Na, Wye, The live band's drummer and Erein.

Wye had actually won the best performance title for that nite. It's kewl anyway...

Then, went off for late supper near the pizza hut.. Hemsem and Ter met me there.. i sent Erein off to her home.. then I headed home.

Fridae :: Went late to the office. went to fridae prayer.. went to muamalat.. then after work went to one utama with boss.. wow.. sales sales sales.. it's just that I'm broke currently. sent my boss home.. and me headed home too.. and sleep

Shatterday :: woke up at 8. get ready to move to melaka.. Pojee's wedding today. headed to tampin, went to ah lek's workshop.. fix something on my car.. flushed the radiator.. sprayed the bushes on my suspensions.. and so many more things.. paid rm20.. just rm20?? hmmm....

Pojee's wedding :: Met lisya there.. had lunch.. and headed straight to Seremban...

Disaster ?? :: My mom called me.. i just had received a letter from the police that I'm required to come to the police station in Klang for an acident, which I think I've ever been there too.. and my car was still in the workhop. I took out my car on 16th of August, while the accident happened on 14th August.. ridiculous. I think there must be some bad people who used my car plate's no. on their car. too bad.. I've to take leave on Monday... my mom asked to me get home in JB .. took the cab.. to the bus station.. took the Plusliner bus service to JB.. saw a young and pretty girl... hoping that she'll be sitting next to me...

On the bus :: A girl.. wearing ful covered scarf sitting next to me.. then I slept all the way from Seremban to this one place.. where the curry puss was sold.. i went down.. bought the curry puff, ate it.. and get back to the bus.. when I sat on my seat, the girl was telling me that she's eating something.. I said carry on.. and from there started the conversation to cover up the boring journey.. she's a nice chap.. studying religious study of Quran in Bangi.. we chat chat till the bus drop me down near the giant taman kobena...

Back at home :: Hehe.. so kewl to be at home.. went out.. my father is registering himself for the Bug Fest.. wow.. it's gonna be kewl then.. wait for the kewl pix tomorrow.. it's gonna be fun!!!!!

August 25, 2004

So f*ckin BZ + Mods to my Car..

After work on the saturday :: I went to the office, took my CDs, went back home, took my contact lenses case and the solutions,then headed to Serdang.. to do my car's ICE system (ICE = In Car Entertainment).

Now my car does have :: Two Amps, 1 800W amp and another one with 1600W. Two sub woofies, 10 inch Kenwood's, two new high powered tweeter. All other speakers I used the standard honda's speakers. Guess they're clarion's speakers.

My next plan :: PS2 inside my car. I have the LCD display.. And an MPEG card to my CD+MP3 Player. Then complete package..

Then :: Rushed back to my 'kampung' as there'll be a 'kenduri' for my bro's graduation.. some sort of thanxgiving, by letting people to be much fatter, giving out free dinner.. hehehe... Off for the kenduri.. Tasha called me.. but i was unable to hear it as I keep my hp in my bag. Julie texted me, as whe was sad, no one msged her for the whole day.. called her... then texted erein.. asking her how she's been doing.. then.. slept.

Sundae Morning :: Woke up.. and went to tampin to buy roti canai for ourselves.. i bought 20 pieces of roti canai from my aunt's mini restaurant.. and met with lin, the daughter.. she hardly recognize me.. well she's getting prettier and prettier.. i'm so happy to meet her then.. she hugged me when i was about to leave and then i straight away headed home.. had breakfast and drove back to Seremban.. and I'm actually intending to change my muffler.. as it has got a hole on it..

Seremban :: Nearly thw whole seremban.. me and my father go round to look for an exzos shop.. luckily there's one.. from initial plan.. which I just wanted to change the muffler, the whole exzos system was replaced..

- 2 inch piping..
- 5zigen stainless steel front box
- fireball stainless steel midbox
- mugen stainless steel muffler

And not only that.. the chinese guy succeeded to influent me to change the air filter..

- Type-R Filter hose
- HKS mushroom air filter.

well a complete free air flow car.. then drove back to KL. Together with my family went off to serdang.. to the mines.. supposed to go for the halal food convention but it's already ended the day b4. Then went off to buy some clothes for myself.. the family and later went to delifrance.. everyone was like hungry.. I was just having the plain water.. then i totally forgotten what i do next.. oh yeah.. sent my father to Bob's house.. and then left home..

Mondaeg :: Go to work.. paid all my monthly installments.. at nite.. went back home.. went to Erein's Shell Station.. fetched my father.. had my late supper with them.. bob, my father, erein's bro, erein and me.. then drove my father off to seremban.. had talk with him.. reached home and sleep..

Touseday :: woke up.. and listen to my father golden words.. hehehe.. and then drove off to Bangi.. do my work there.. off bangi abt 4pm.. wanting to see my siblings in Times Square.. but they're already inside the theme park.. so i can talk to them just from far.. feel a bit sad.. but true.. i really think i love my brothers and sisters.. so so much.. then about 5.30, stucked in the jam when I was on my was to Erein's shell station to fetch her.. and take her to her home in bukit antarabangsa... spent a lot of time.. talking.. talking abt so many things... then we went off to the karaoke contest.. Wye qualified for the final.. later on we went for late supper near pizza hut bukit bintang.. and there are only 3 straights there.. me, erein and mc na. The rest.. hehe.,. either homo or bi.. uweks... hehehe.. then sent erein to her shell station.. then went back and sleep.

Wenchsday :: tiring.. work sleepily.. chat with fiza for a while.. i really missed talking/chatting to her.. well, she's not having a lot of time to spend with me.. chat with julie too.. hei what happened to all my male friends.. none of them wants to message me this morning? then.. went to muamalat.. chat with new mate Ekin.. my eyes were nearly drop tearing as listening to her sad2 stories....

So the state of the art for today :: Not all the sad things happened to u is the wirst thing happened in your life. Other people had worse worse worse things compared towards your worst things happened in your life...

Have no pictures right now.. lazy to use my camera.. hehe..

take care guys.. whoever who read my blog... thanx for ye all support..!

August 20, 2004

Being decent..

I've changed my hairstyle again.. but timely.. daytime decent and nightime hehe..

Just after doing all my stuff, with my blog and everything.. went off home.. took bath.. and i started to actually miss my bro.. yesterday when i'm back home he was here with me.. and we talk.. just like the younger days.. even though we're not that really nice to each other when talking, but that's the way it is.. that's the way we close to each other.. while me irritates him with a lot of things (haha) and he gets mad when i'm over irritates him.. but i really miss doing that..

Then.. i bathed, get myself ready.. and fetched Erein. sent her to the UMNO meeting first.. i took my dinner.. at around 11, i took her from that meeting area and drove away to Mid Valley.. get the tickets.. and watch the movies.. as expected.. I'm tired and I fell sleeping while watching the movie.. zzzZZZZzzz...

after the movie then, we went to bangsar.. to have some heavy supper.. i was surprised that the crab porridge is still there.. haha.. i used to come here once, when i asked for the porridge, it wasn't there.. so i just forget the whole idea about the crab porridge and today.. haha..

Sent erein home.. and on the way back.. there was a road block.. i was summoned for my plat no.. so bad isn't it.. i just drive the car for 2 days.. and get summoned for something that i do not have any idea that it was wrong..

went back home.. and sleep..

Thursday :: Today's is the day Kak Sid and Wye gonna participate in the karaoke contest.. Today is the last implementation day for the new system; MUREX to be implemented.. and today... i'll be veryx1000 busy.. and i've really to finish my work before at least 7.. so then i can went off early to fetch Erein at her house. Fetched her.. went off to Bukit Bintang, to Fuzions and wait for the competition to start.. Kak Sid is the contestant no 7 and Wye no 11. Just nice is it.. 7-11.. hehe..

Kak Sid was so kewl.. but i think the song was too long (Nirmala by Siti Nurhaliza). She had made a very good starting.. but the song was too long as high pitch and she was later getting a bit exhausted.. but still she manages to qualify for the semi final.. (not like me hehe)..

Wye singing was not that good, but she maintains all the pitch and tone just nicely.. but as the dancer of Akademi Fantasia what do u expect from her.. of course dances... she perform with a lot of steps, especially taken from the Akademi Fantasia.. hehe.. well.. the list of qualifiers will be called starting from the contestants with the highest qualifying mark, so Wye was called earlier then Kak sid.. well.. it's good enough to know that both of them qualified... But I'll have to admit that this time, overall performance was very good.. All the contestants are good.. very much better than my time and the first heat was even worse.. I was wrong for underestimating the contestant after analyzing the first heat..

The State of the Art :: If you wanna enter the karaoke contest.. enter as early as possible.. hehe

Then, Kak Sid and friends left me and Erein, we played the video games and then headed to Bangsar.. then i get back home.. bathed and again get down as I'm hungry.. but when I was getting home.. i realized that I lost my key............ the only thing i got with me then was only 1 few pieces of schilling..

Friday :: I still can't get into the house till 10 am.. i was wondering what they will say.. I can't keep in touch with anyone.. everything was in my room.. phone.. car key.. oh gosh.. luckily my housemate kevin went back home at 10.00 and i can take bathe and get back to work.. wow.. I'm so dizzy for not been sleeping.. friday prayer at masjid jamek.. i was sleeping.. ad still dizzy.. having egged tosai for lunch.. do and do work.. get back home at about 8.. went back home.. had dinner with Helena.. Asha asked me out but i'm already with someone.. and then went back home.. talk over the phone with Su and Julie.. for a while.. and then sleep..

Saturday :: I'm working.. wearing a black giordano T-shirt, Greenish Blue East India Jeans and Striking Light Blue Diadora Futsal Shoes.. looks stupid with my 60's hairstyle for today.. and i'm hungry.. i'm now stupidly waiting for my boss to arrive in the office.. I'm stucked here.. got nothing much to do.. so boring..

August 18, 2004

As Expected :: Zahid won..

Nuthing much should I say... As adored Zahid had won the AF2, even tho his performance that nite was not as good as I was expecting it should be.

On last saturday :: Was working the whole day.. from 9 to 6.. then went off to Ampang Park, seeing Erein, Anis and Kak Sid, joined them karaoke'ing.. till late 8.. and then went to pandan to take Erein's Ex fiancee to watch AF2 final with us..

It wasn't fun :: With wann (Erein's Ex Fiancee) watching with us.. I guess everyone was not happy. He's not mixing around.. with his fierce face.. Even Anis who was planning to sleep over there too had changed her mind.. I myself changed my mind.. I was supposed to be staying there over night.. as i'm gonna cook for them the next day.. anyway.. I sneaked out with Anis, Kak Sid and Mekna out to town.. Anis went off to her hubby's office and the rest of us went off to town.. bangsar had drink at the Syed's Bangsar.. from there.. had chat and only now i know mekna is actually working for NST.. she's a kewlie gal from Kelantan..

Talk :: About a lotsa things... especially abt my father.. BOB.. what else.. and later they sent me off home.. sleep...

Sundae :: Wake up early.. took the cab to kl sentral and took commuter to Seremban... approximately at 11, my brother fetched me from the commuter station.. (ahh.. i'm still able to picture that sweet memory there.. a very sweet i would never forget...) Went home.. rest for a while and then drive away to my kampung in melaka.. planning for the new chalet we're going to build near my granma's house.. then went back to Seremban.. At nite.. then drive to JB... all the way from Seremban to JB I was thinking about Fiza.. but i called Julie.. wanted to call Fiza.. but em.. I don't know.. then Asha called me.. she accompanied me all the way from I guess Kulai to JB.. I did asked her where's ur boy but she insisted me not to ask that again.. wish Fiza or Tasha is calling me right now.. then.... I was so tired.. when i was home.. w/o taking off my lenses.. I went to sleep..

Moondaeg :: Wake up early in the morning.. followed my father to work.. Today.. I'm gonna take my JEP 2662 out of it's place.. with a B16A4 machine inside + newly black painted body.. went to the breakfast.. we had a long talk.. after quite some times.. my father had been asking me about my future plan.. I know myself.. without having anyone by my side would leave me alone without any future plan.. he talked abt girls too.. i've been telling all this while how i was doing.. thinking and see things.. I did tell him about how much I'd love to learn more about cooking.. well.. he just asked me a favor.. my hair.. my style.. he just want me to be matured.. not like what I'm now.. we'll see.. then we went off to the workshop..

Manage my car :: Went to the finance to get the permission letter to change the engine.. and then to Puspakom.. There I met with Haji Bardam.. we chat and laugh as usual.. exchange stories.. yeah.. we've not been in touch for quite sometimes.. he did all the inspection to my car all by himself.. then drove back home.. getting ready to drive back to kl but my father asked me to stay for a while.. I told him about the dysfunctional alarm of my car.. then he asked me to fix it in JB first then only go back..

Went back to KL :: after fixing them.. then only i start my journey to KL.. dropped by Seremban to take all my things .. and drove off to KL.. with my brother actually.. ariived home.. and sleep..

Touseday :: Went to work.. attend a course... lunch with ye yann at KL sentral.. pity my bro he was wearing my fir shoes.. (fit to him but okay to me) and having blisters.. after work.. went off home.. took bath.. and went to mid valley.. bought a new pair of shoes (futsal) as we're going to play futsal tonite.. Futsal was good.. then.. went to late dinner.. talk about car with Wira.. Farok and Hemsem.. and then went to jamming.. then went back home.. my brother was severly injured for his blisters.. and now only i know he was nearly broken his ankle during the game.. then we went to sleep..

Wenchsday :: My bro really worry me.. we went off to my office.. had breakfast and i let him go.. i went up to the office.. and my boss asked me to go to muamalat with him.. i was talking with Fiza in Yahoo messenger.. and off to muamalat.. and again talk again with Fiza.. I don't know why.. i used to talk to her a lot.. and today I just find it so amusing to talk to her.. she's one nice girl.. tasha called today.. and asha was asking me out for lunch.. I just can't.. then I went off to lunch with my boss and all his 40++ friends.. haha.. worked till nearly 7 and went off back to office and wrote this blog..

AF :: People were still talking.. well.. enuff said.. now I'm going to spend my time more with my JEP 2662.. it needs my attention so much.. hehe..

August 13, 2004

AF2 :: More hot issues...

All of a sudden, life of 12 ordinary people, from Edlin, Fitri, Anding, Zarina, Nurul, Linda, Mas, Adam, Bob, Farah, Kaer and Zahid, has been extraordinarily highlighted every single day and night. Everywhere people is talking about AF. Tv in my house is no longer airing News at 8pm. It's all about AF.

Edlin should be thankful for being kicked out as early as the 3rd concert. Not so much attention being highlighted on her.. To be honest, I don't know her that much...

Fit3 was then being kicked out. He was being highlighted on his boutique and just a little about his family.

So goes with Anding and Nurul...

But Zarina, was being put into attention when she was first introduced to AF as the ex-GF of AF1's contestant, Khai.. Then all the history between them, their place of work.. and so on.. she was considered as one of the most shining contestant in AF until she was the 4th to be kicked out. Then she became front page for some newspaper (as I can remember, one of it was pancaindera mingguan Malaysia)

Mas, starting from the appearance of both of her children in one of the concert, which has been contributing to the growth of the votes being given to her. Apparently, the story doesn't end just like that. People keep talking, and talking.. and talking about it. It has been made a reason why sympathy should be given to this student, and this has cause a misunderstandings, curses, accusations and debates between the fans of AF2. Mas herself was not so enthusiastic to be kept inside, as she was not doing seriously inside there. A lot of issues surfaced, such as the Principal of AF, Ramli MS being complained for his reflects towards Mas's problem especially about the attention given by her in the class, and so many others.

Journalist even made a write up about her, interviewed Ramli MS about Mas and his behaviour toward Mas's attitude in the clas.. and there are readers who rebounced the article and commenting on some other issues caused by the behaviours of people inside AF.

Phewh.. it's so tiring to read all those comments and issues being posted on papers, blogs and so on.

Bob.. nothing much I know about him.. just only once when his father came to the concert, by the courtesy of Astro, i was thinking that he was like pretending to be in such a very good manner.. which I don't know why is that..

So goes to Adam.. i just know about he likes KRU so so so much.. Farah then.. I knew about her family.. ajust a lil bit then.. nothing that Astro.. haha.. now only I mention about Astro..



Nothing that astro can make an issue, or manipulate. That what I was thinking..

Not like Zahid, or Linda.. or even kaer.. there are a lotsa hidden stories about them...

Maybe it's not so obvious for us that Zahid issues was made, out of what he likes.. and out of his 'naughty' behaviour.. inside the AF, he's the one to make fun of everyone, tickle here and there and wha sort of things that will entertain himself. Outside of AF, people are making fun of him.. of his voice copying issues, about his liking to Misha Omar.. and what so ever...

And for Kaer, people even made a song about his unhappy family.. as I rumours saying that his father who was divorced and get married to another woman.. I'm not sure about this.. but that what I was told by people.. I do think such an issue shouldn't be highlighted or be brought forward. It's like we are getting into a level of paparazzi in the european (especially Great Britain), where people make use of those celebrities life to made fun of, to sells their tabloid papers and what sort.. so sad isn't it?

And lastly for Linda.. Maybe it's just rumours or it's maybe 'REAL'... lemme list it one by one what I've heard abt linda.. mainly I heard and read.. thru emails..

1. She's an unmarried person with a child. (Brandon)
2. She was so politically powerful in Ranau even people were saying that she is using her power to influent astro tu put her back in.
3. She flirts in AF..

So sad.. people are not only make fun of her.. but now, this is truly not a harmony community anymore.. we're in the process of developing new talents, new artists, but what we've got here.. a failure to serve the purpose.. Maybe we're developing new artists, but at the same time, we're developing the bad habit of having such bad gossip/rumours carried from mouth to mouth among us.. not only about the contestants, and also about Astro's credibilities.. which I do think it's quite relevant.. where they're not that transparent enough to all of us for the decisions made so far..


Well.. it's not the time for us to search the one to be blame.. As what I've been holding to, if u've a problem.. blame is not the way to solve it...

AF2 has not only been a media/stage to develop new talents that we should be doing, we're also developing new culture among people, and developing new culture within the media, and new culture of the way gossips/news being escalated, also new way of people communicate each other, either through ASTRO@15 thru sms, messages thru blogs, emails thru groupnet, and new way of evaluating people..

But it's still depends.. on how people see those issues.. as entertainment.. or problem.. it's still up to people.....

AF Fever and dilemma of making a decision...

AF Fever can be felt just anywhere in KL. Not just on TV but also in clubs and bars.

Last nite I went to Fuzions Sports Bar in KL, to actually participate in the Karaoke Contest. There are people coming and registering till last minute and people would still want to register themselves. I was putting no hope and joining this contest just for fun. I know I can't overcome this nervous sickness i've been suffering all this while..

Just before Erein, Kak Sid and McNa came over, I've got a call from my father telling me that my sister is heavily sick, and would be asking me to join him fetching her from Kajang. I was in dilemma. The contest is about to be starting in just a few minutes.. and I decided to stay.. and my father went there alone..

Dilemma :: I keep asking myself, am I doing a right decision or I'm just being selfish.. I've been doing a lot of unselfish decision; which has gotta do with my family.. but this time I've been preparing myself for this for quite sometimes.. I was in a real mess last nite.. just before that I was nervous waiting for my name to be called but then I was in a mess and looking sad for my decision..

Singing :: I sang badly.. I think.. My mind was still boggling about my decision.. on stage, i was just singing without seeing the audiances.. I don;t know what am i doing up there... but all other contestants were saying that I was marvellous, but i was just singing Hero - Enrique Iglesias.. a song without any vocal manipulation.. I don't really like the song, but i would want to save for the last.. but it's really this time i really hope that I won't qualify..

I'm not qualified :: While waiting there.. i was wondering how is my sister doing.. not dare to call as my father was with her as well.. and what the heck am i doing for not helping my sister... but just for this once.. and i hope this would be the last.. Erein and Kak Sid keep asking me how am I doing, i was pretending to be okay.. it's not abt her that worry me, it's about the decision... and when the result for the semi-finals qualifiers was annouced, i really thank god for not being annouced to be qualified.. I know.. it's much more mess if I'm qualified..

Decisions :: I've been doing a lot decision lately.. The decision made it's not about it's credibility.. it's more towards how selfish I should be.. I don't care about the credibility of my decision.. I even have to think of my job sometimes... my boss... my friends.. and most of it.. i will just let them to have they want or what they should have.. I don't want to be selfish where later i would regret for being such a selfish jerk.

Can't sleep :: I didn't sleep last nite.. I did wonder.. how my sister was doing hope she's okay.. she started to be having her fever since tuesday.. and why didn't she called me since then.. well then my thoughts were mingling amongst things in the office, the AF2 student.. at last, got a message from Fiza at 6.30 and i called her.. talked for a while.. and i suddenly felt sleepy.. may be i would actually need someone to talk to and then I would be okay..

AF? :: It was a sad mode today.. everyone was like expressing their sadness for the AF2 that's gonna end tomorrow.. that's how Malaysian.. getting emotional for things that has nothing to do with them.. sadly, me too.. haha.. But for me it's not for them, it's for the fun of having the AF2 event around.. gathering with either family or friends on the weekend nite to watch AF2. But if I'm inside AF of course I'll be very sad.. it's the chance of a lifetime...being around with friends for quite a long time (3 months).. I used to be in a group of theatre group.. once it's done.. I felt so belonged to the group and wouldnt' want to let it all ends just like that..

Sad mode :: Yeah.. sad mode.. for everything..

August 12, 2004

AF :: Way of life?

I was wondering whether AF2 has been a way of life for certain people in Malaysia. I've recently joined a mailing list on Akademi Fantasia@yahoo. I'm getting emails every single minutes. They've nothing else, only about AF, and the mails keep coming 24 hours (when I opened my office email, total no. of emails was 892) just of two days not in the office.

Me too.. been talking about Af all the time.. Been wasting my time talking abt AF with my dear Julie, which happened that she gets boiled up when I was trying to emphasize my point that SM has been rating Kaer too high.. and later it get carried away with their personal life and so on.. well.. that's just it.. I'm not really a fanatical fan of AF. I like AF, like those stars to be that is to be borned from such program, but I'm just worried about people.. come on people get a life..

AF is like a major thingy. It's like an event of the week. I myself couldn't wait for the next AF concert (this saturday).. but i'm being eager not forthe concert itself. If I'm eager, I would have been enjoying those 10 free tickets to watch the concert live in stadium bukit jalil this saturday, instead, i gave it to those who really needs it..

For me, AF is just like a medium where I can be sitting with my family, or friend, to watch them together.. for the last few 1st concert, been watching it with my family, without miss. And now with Erein.. and lepak with friends.. isn;t it good for me who just have the time to walk from my house to seputih station, take commuter, then lrt, then take lrt to muamalat, do things there.. then get back to the office, then lrt to kl sentral and commuter to seputih, walk home and sleep?

In Sm's blog, the comment has never been able to stop flowing. I would never be able to read each and every single comments there. Once i read and refresh, there are more and more messages posted, and some are just irritating..

In this kind of event, there are people irritate, and there are people who get irritated.. Me myself was trying not to be getting irritated by julie, and ok.. i'm not that irritated with all her statements about AF, but i'm getting myself irritated with her attitude.. towards me.. i don't know why she's purposely tried to irritate me with such ways..

I was about to put my rate here.. to be honest, i would want to rate those Af finalist with my way.. honestly without prejudice, just based on their deliveries musically.. and based on what they've showed us...

Anyway.. this is it.. From best to worst...

Zahid :: What with versatile? People see him as copying other people.. But lemme ask u guys.. why are u listening to music..? I believe it's for entertainment. to cheer up.. and I believe Zahid is the right person to entertain you. versatile again? yes he is.. obviously.. even tho he is said to be copying other people's voice.. but the matter is.. even tho he copied other people's voice.. anything wrong with his singing? hell no.. he delivered his song nicely.. But some people might see him as proud, but i do believe he's a kewl guy.. nice to befriend with.. and the most i like about him.. naughty... just a quality person to be with.. all DIY (learn music all by himself)

Bob :: He deserves to be the second.. but what had happened? (now linda & adam at 2nd and 3rd).. i know most people don't like him, for his showing off attitude, talk like he's so damn good. I just don't give a damn about all that.. he even deserves to be the first in terms of singing + vocal control, but the package of him (body size maybe hehe) has limiting him from doing extravaganza things.. he's often found to be unfit, especially when he presents the rap song of yasin and too phat. I bet he'll be topping the list if he's just a humble person..

Farah :: Seriously.. I dun like her voice.. she has a gift of god to be having a very wide range of vocal octave. it may reach the 4th octave (as for me, i don't even reach the top of the 3rd octave.. so bad). What I expect from her is, she is to be able to actually use the voice that's coming out of her lungs.. not from the throat what he's been doing.. Even my parents is saying that she's screaming specialist.. Can u see Mariah carey singing high pitch tones.. does she screams? That's what i wanna see from farah as she's been having such a nice wide range of vocal pitch. All she has is raw voice. Anyways, she's been doing a very great job, I would never think that she's gonna make it to the final when i first watched AF2. She even deliever certain song much better than what I would expect from her.

Kaer :: At my first glance when i first watch first AF2 concerto, Kaer would be a great candidate to win this competition. He has vince's characteristics. I started to vote for him for quite sometimes and i stopped after Zahid made a wake up. He's just for R&B. He was 'R&B'ing all the songs he sang. His style is too typical towards the R&B. Anyway, he's good in terms of singing, but sometimes.. only semetimes we would listen to few few things like pitching error and so on. But i would love him to be start one day.

Linda :: Pretty. She can sing. But for me.. the most important thing, can she sing a truly malay song like keroncong (kencorong haha), melayu asli.. 60s malays song.. but she didn't make it. I was so frustrated as she firstly sang P. Ramlee song once ago.. when I was watching AF from JB, when i first heard it, I said to myself.. oh god.. and it happens again when she sang that 60s song.. and she was kicked out. Now she has been 'recycled' to be put back in into AF2. I just wish her a lot of luck. Even though she wins, she will have her very own fans but I can't see her as someone who can really perform. Linda herself is a blurred person on stage, never give attention to questions, and no PR at all.. Such a sad thing for people to put her up as a star.

Adam :: Enuf said.. i dun like him very much as Mas, Fitri, Anding and Nurul. It's not i don't like them for just anything.. there are not giving their full heart at their performance (note I don't mention zarina and edlin here) But for adam.. i just hate everything about her... (opppss.. him or her.. hahahaha) He's supposed to give his full heart to any song that was being given to him.. try his best.. even though he tried, he's just not honest honest.. he just can dance.. and sometimes rapping.. he should be a nigga then.. he hehe.. just trying to be emotional but guess I'm not that emotional enough.. I have a frozen heart..

Well.. as for the latest position

Zahid :: 24%
Linda :: 20%
Adam :: 20%
Farah :: 15%
Kaer :: 13%
Bob :: 10%

My saying does not really pictures the thinking of Malaysians.. cheers....!

August 11, 2004

Time to blog about AF2.. It's so near.. 2 the final...

I'm writing freely, and try not to be biased to anyone...

As I'm reading a lot from, as i haven't much time to watch the tv, except @ my mom's home.. We have a few kind of fans of AF2..

1. Fanatical... truly fanatical

- They are sometimes blind.. They look for certain other values of a person (participant of AF) without considering the most valuable value that is supposed to be put into consideration, talent in singing and entertaining. Most of the audience are from this category. Will spend a lot to AFUNDI.

2. Fan who looks for talent

- They are people who really understand the art of singing.. or at least they know who can sing and should be voted.. Less audience are from this category they will AFUNDI but just to vote..

3. Fan who just know to comment

- They are not voting. May vote for sometimes.. but as usual.. like NATO.. No action talk only.

These are the groups of people who read the blogs and always chatting on TV.. AF is like a very big event.. The weekend is spared to watch this live event in RIA@ASTRO. I myself usually went back to Senawang and watch it with my family. Only once I watched it with Erein in her hous in Bukit Antarabangsa and Once with Tasha and Farhan Last Week, on that birthday party.

Back to the participant.. Who would agree with me that Zahid and Bob are the two top performers? They are versatile and would be able to sing just any songs given to them. For me.. the participants are also belonged to 3 groups..

1. Talented & versatile
- Talented, gifted and would be able to sing any song given to them. Easy to learn anything.

2. Talented & not versatile
- Talented and gifted, but limited to only certain songs due to their limitation of capability. It depends on their mood to learn anything..

3. Not talented..
- Maybe gifted with good voice, appearance, but it's about singing.. come on..!

Talented as taken from [link]

Talent :: A marked innate ability, as for artistic accomplishment
Talented :: Furnished with talents; possessing skill or talent; mentally gifted

Learning is also an art.. so to learn you need to be talented as well.

For me, this time.. student who can be categorized in the 1st group, which is talented and versatile.. the first 2 would be Zahid and Bob, while the next two would be Farah & Zarina..

Why not Linda.. or Mas.. or Adam.. or Kaer tho?

Actually, I do think Edlin can sing much2 better than other people.. but she's not as good tho.. may not be good looking.. or for whatever reason, she was da first being kicked out of the game. But I really think she can sing.... well it's people who didn't vote her in.. and during other people is happy doing concert, all we can see is edlin sitting down there.. doing nothing..

Talking about other people.. Nurul, Fitri & Anding, as they're not in, yeah.. i do agree with the voters not to vote him back.. they're totally out of my list.. Fitri really can't sing.. Anding can only dance.. he can sing.. but please.. I still need the true picthing.. technique doesn't matter, because it's not esential at this level, but in the singing contest, without pitching, it won't sound as a song at all.. Music is something beautiful.. They're just the peopl who ruined it. Anyway, I just wonder how Nurul survived longer than Zarina.. even tho she just can't sing...

What about Adam... or Mas..

Mas had a very good voice.. i truly admired her voice. especially, lately, when she was trying her best to present that sheila majid's song, i think she had all the essential voices. They're there.. but she just can't sing nicely.. she doesn't pay attention at her singing classes.. I'll bet she'll be a very good singer with the voice that she's having. even Misha Omar wished that she had a voice of Mas. It's really a 'Suara Emas Mas' (translated as Golden Voice od Mas). Well, she survived till the 9th concert.. it's good enuf for her.. whenever I actually think either, Zarina or Edlin would deserve to be in..

What about Adam.. he's just a time waster.. i dun like him.. his attitude towards his assignment... and his attitude towards his future.. I don't know what would happen if Farah is not there.. or Fauziah Nawi, but I wonder why would people gave their votes to Adam.. and even noe, he's given the song he wished for.. but still he can't make it.. we'll just see..

Zarina? She's just lovely.. even tho she's having this one problem with her voices coming out of her nose.. she's able to maintain her right pitch for each song she sang. And she's a sweetheart of everyone.. i would love her too hehe..

Linda.. hmm.. she has a good voice.. but.. as u can see... she's just can't sing any malay song.. so what's the use? People in malaysia would listen to malay song much more than english song. Linda wouldn't be able to make it. This is just my opinion..

Kaer.. he's good at first.. but lately.. he was like to willing to continue with all this. but I do hope he'll carry on!!!

What about Zahid, Bob, Farah? u know it.. they're there in the final.. It's just abt Farah.. I have no worries for Bob and Zahid as they're a real performer, even tho tgey will not win.. a lotsa big opportunities are waiting for them out there..

Well.. do nowaste your time.. AFUNDI ZAHID!!!!!

Any comment.. ?

One more day to go...

Today is wenchsday....

Yesterday.. Went to the office by car.. Unie dropped by my area and picked me up to the office, when then later I was asked to go to Muamalat, but later cancelled.. had breakfast with boss and Ye Yann.. but later again I was ordered to come to Muamalat to settle certain issues. Anyway, as I was just arrived there.. the issues settled. Then later my boss came and we went to several department to get into on especially Islamic Banking. I will have to be prepared for this new Islamic Banking project.

Then, went down to 6th floor, and start doing out work.. had drinks.. and then came back to Plaza Pantai.. do some work.. and Ye Yann sent me back home..

I was alone at home then.. called a few people.. Talked to Julie.. she is still so lovely... I think i'm the one who fucked up everything about the relationship with her.. but she promised to go out with me next week.. yeeha!! Then I called Tasha.. she was just woke up.. she's a bit moody as usual.. and later she sounded angry, hehe.. u know me.. provocative :p .. then called sazuan, she was busy eating.. and later called baby.. she wasn't around.. so i just spend my time half naked on my bed playing guitar and try to memorize Ferhad's lyrics and melody.. they seems really hard to be sang.. oh shit.. the contest is just another 2 days to go..

Later.. Eric picked me up.. went to futsal last nite.. haha.. and this time, marina and idayu joined us. we're playing 6x6 with a girl in each team.. ouch.. i've tackled idayu last nite.. hope she'll be okay then.. hahaha.. it's just a slow tap on her hips, but she straight away fell down.. nvm.. she's always okay.....then went to refreshments.. talk to Eric's friend.. and it's always about AF2.. hahaha.. we talk for abt half an hour.. just abt AF2, abt different thoughts, theory and so on.. hehe.. i do enjoy talking that nite.. then eric sent me back.. off to home.. took bathe and slept.

So this morning, went to bangi settled a few things and went back to muamalat.. and i'm here..

so what's up now.. let's get back to it's all about the AF2..

It's always AFUNDI ZAHID and AFUNDI FARAH.. only lately i think i should vote for her as well..

AFUNDI ZAHID.. and tomorrow is my contest day.. and i will have to also think about when am I going back to JB to pick my car.. hehe.. a newly installed B16A machine in my car.. hehe... sure slurrpyy.. hehe....

August 9, 2004

Today :: Am trying to update this as often as possible..


Morning :: As i arrived in the office this morning, I composed the last few days activities into this blog. Then I went to breakfast with Abu, then later checked my money.. yeah.. my claims has been in.. so time to draw some of 'em, reload my touch & go, and went upstairs.. then do nothing most of the time.. so I played the Karaoke CD i just bought.. Ferhad - Pernah.. just to get familiar with the song.. even though I'm actually would be able to sing it.. but I would want it to be perfect.

Noon :: Yeah.. we're going to the mid valley.. haha.. I'm carrying a few hundreds in my pocket. we went for lunch.. hehe.. as usual.. all time favourite :: the Portuguese Grilled Fish.. but today it's a bit hot.. then.. we went to go round.. I myself intending to be looking for some clothes. went to Body Glove.. they're not on sale as big as before.. used to go there with 70% discount.. then went to the MetroJaya.. and there's a body glove section.. which is giving such 70% discount.. I took a pant, a half pant and 2 shirts.. at the paying counter, saw the hush puppies socks and bought 'em too.. total up ... nearly just 140++.. haha.. quite cheap then.. then went back to the office.. Topped up Tasha's hp and getting a kiss again from her (oppss), anyway.. it's just on the phone.. (what do u have in mind? i'll leave it to u)

Afternoon :: My boss then called me whether I'm going to the Citibank to pay for my Credit Card or not.. as he's already went off to Muamalat. Then I straight away went out, off to muamalat, took his check and off to citibank.. there I met Sazuan.. and she took me to her office..

Sazuan :: She was without her scarf.. hmm how beautiful she is.. well.. i was helping her on some of her work.. well.. settle 'em and she treat me with some salad.. hehe.. gewd enuf for me tho.. she's getting thinner.. her butt is getting smaller tho.. feel like falling in love with her again.. :p

back to Office :: My boss called me several times asking when am I going to be back in the office. I have something to do, to setup Murex for the MXOPS environment.. and still listening to ferhad.. actually.. I'm going to sing Hero - Enrique Iglesias this thursday, but as that song, I've already know it quite well, it's time to prepare for the next round (hehe.. do I sound too confident with myself?)

Talked to Erein :: As she sound so 'manja' with me.. i was lost of words.. was thinking to talk abt things happen today.. but i was just lost of words when talking to her.. well miss her a lot.. it's been days with her left hand holding my right palm.. ahh.. normally i would like girls to be on my left.. but this time.. let 'em decide.. Tasha would love to hold my left hand then.. So goes with Asha..

Going back home.. it's already 8.30 pm and I'm alone inthe office.. Gonna have a very long walk to home.. nite then.. :*

Linda was out but now she's back in!!!

Last Wenschday :: Go to work as usual.. At around 5 i ciao'ed and go to karaoke with erein and kak sid. They sent me off home. Asha called me before going to sleep....

Last Thirstdaeg :: Go to work as usual.. went off the office at around 10.00 o'clock. Then went off to the karaoke contest with erein and kak sid.. and then went off home. Talked with Julie and later with Tasha on the phone.. I think I miss Tasha so much..

Last Fridae :: Erk.. didn't go to the Fridae Prayer.. forgotten since I and my boss walk around in KLCC to look for goods. Then work late till 10. Later Kak sid fetched me up at the Dang Wangi station.. went to latinos.. haha.. I learnt latin dance today.. kak sid was working hard to teach me how.. I'm the kind of 'wooden leg'.. haha.. well met Bob there.. and later, after the Akademi Fantasia rehearsal, Wai and her friend joined us, comot and two transvestite.. They're so large I'm scared.. Then went off, Erein asked me to stay in her house in Bukit Antarabangsa and she went off her family home. And then I tried to sleep, but i think it's so messy around so I took some time to clean everything off and gone sleep..

Shatterday :: A tiring sleep. A lot of bad dreams was haunting me nowadays.. I woke up and i tidy up the whole house.. And now it looks good.. already.. Erein came and made me a cup of coffee at around 12++ where i was like about to sleep on the couch while i was watching the Akademi Fantasia Diary on Astro 4. I took my bath and we off to Jusco WangsaMaju. Bought present for her brother and sister, who were just graduated, had lunch at the Johnny's steamboat, lucky she's actually love it, and she eats there everyday.. hehe.. took the things she bought, and went off to her shell station, she took some things and then kak sid joined us, sending me back home in Taman Desa. Took my bathe, sent me off to bandar tasik selatan and I commute to seremban in about an hour..

In Seremban :: Iwan fetched me.. went off home.. prayed (hehe) and went out again to Seremban 2. Gonna fetch Tasha and Farhan to a birthday party.. arrived there.. have a long talk with farhan's mom and suddenly the akademi fantasia started.. hahaha.. Spend sometime to watch zahid's performance.. he's good man.. then we went off to the party..

In the party :: Not really a party. It happens to be some people coming, and there are foods being served.. i was trying not to take rice... tasha was insisting me to be eating rice as she was.. but i say, i will, if and only if she feed me.. haha.. anyway.. she fed me.. with her own hand.. kewl kewl.. hahaha.. and we took pictures..

This is my beloved Tasha...

And this is Farhan..

I'm bullying a kid, i asked her to kiss me if she wants to take the ball.. hahaha..

Akademi Fantasia :: Watched the result.. yeah.. i'm totally happy as mas went off the game.. but they're announcing that one of the contestant that has been kicked out of the game will be getting back to the game, based on the people's sms vote.. and then we started to vote.. sent them off home and and I myself went off home and chit chat with my mom b4 went to sleep.. talked to asha.. talked to erein and talked to tasha as well.. guess tasha missed me already.. and i miss .. erein too.. hehe..

Sundaeg :: wake up late... without bathing, snet my brother, izzat to the bus station.. then followed my father, as he's buying some vege.. my uncle is visiting us.. then went off to giant.. i bought some karaoke cd.. as I'm going to learn some new song.. hei.. the karaoke contest is just next week.. but then.. my uncle came with only one of his daughter..

That's my sister, with Arifah.. my cousin..

After they went off.. i took the CD and listen to them.. the went to the shop, my father asked me to buy some more credit for his handphones and we're voting zarina in.. but at 8.. as they announced.. Linda was in.. and she'll be getting in on Monday.. had dinner, watched Do Re Mi on TV and wen t to sleep.. just b4 i went to sleep, asha called.. Tasha called but i pretend to be sleeping and called her back with a voice.. haha.. then erein called me telling me that she had went off her office and spending some time on her own.. then.. i went to sleep..

Moondaeg :: Wake up early.. drive my sister's car.. arrived in KL about 6.55, i went up to my home and dress up for office, then drive to the office.. do this thing and now I felt like sleeping.. haha..

August 6, 2004

A week that I'm getting thinner

Moondae :: Hehe.. i was in the office in the morning, borrowed a friend's car, get back home, bathe and get back to work at abt 10. In the afternoon, went to muamalat as usual.. And in the afternoon, this when i started to walk home. From Seputih Commuter station back to my home.. It's not that long.. I took me just about 35-40 mins.. It's a real sweating workout, but in the office suit, can u just guess how does it it feels like? Asha called and she offered to take me home but i'd now prefer to walk.. She talks to me all the way i'm walking back home, at home then, i went to the cafe, ordered nasi goreng belacan and eat deliciouly.. yummy!

Touseday :: Wake up a bit early in the morning.. When i wake up.. i was like thinking oh gosh.. i'm gonna walk again today.. but i'm really determined.. Yesterday, when i was walking home, i was like missing my sense of direction, but today, I'm ready to which direction should i pick to go to work.. I reach the commuter station within 35 minutes.. I was sweating like hell, but luckily, i'm not of smelly type, guess, smell does comes from people who sweat without working out.. reached the office, take a rest for sometimes and went to muamalat.. Then my boss went off early and me too.. walking home from Seputih Commuter Station.. Erien called and talked to me till i reach home.. went up, and she called again.. confirming about the karaoke contest that we're about to be participating.. me and Kak sid.. then swam in the pool for about 45 mins.. before my boss called that he can't take me to futsal as he left his shoes ard home and gotta turn back. Then ipin, who is supposed to be intially pick me cancelled as his baby is getting fever... at last called my fren who were driving all the way from serdang, puchong, and subang to fetch me there... i did played and.. kewl.. i think i'm improving.. Eric said that my ballkicks are getting stronger.. went off with eric and al, went to the lotus inn near the citibank.. and talk about sex all the time.. haha.. later, they sent me off home..

To be continued........

August 2, 2004

Linda is out from AF2

Hi everyone.. I have totally forgotten from which point should i continue with my story.

It was thirstdae :: Went to work as usual.. Went to muamalat almost everyday for now.. At work, asha did called me.. asking me out.. and later erein called me and asking me out.. hehe.. of course I'll go with erein. she fetched me at the LRT station and went to her pet child home. was there to watch a few part of akademi fantasia's diary.. then went off taman desa, had drinks and she went back.. Later i called asha.. talk sweet2 to her.. and later went to sleep after an hour of workouts.. I'm so tired..

Fridae :: Fridae is actually a gay website.. you should check this website. On fridae, as usual went to work.. friday prayer at the Masjid Jamek and later on at nite, Chilli called, to ask me out.. then Eric fetched me sent me home.. and later chilli fetched me, and we went to Hard Rock Cafe... it was so boring.. and I went off..

Shatterday :: I'm working today.. after a heavy workouts.. went off to work.. erein called me to watch akademi fantasia with her and her friends tonite.. no sweat.. went to muamalat.. tried to figure out a few things.. a few unsolved mysteries.. went out to berjaya times square.. bought my boss's kid's present.. then to sungai wang.. later his wife came and they dropped me off to KLCC.. in KLCC, i had ice cream and later when erein called, i went off by LRT to setiawangsa station..

Then :: Erein with a nice lady (l8er on i found out her name is Anis).. fetched me and we went to a soup selling outlet. had nice chat there.. then went off to her house in bukit antarabangsa.. only the tres of us.. then came comot, and later kak sid and zek.. we were watching akademi fantasia.. gosh.. I'm the only male there.. anyway.. only 3 of us are straight.. the rest were like... ~~

Anis :: A very nice lady.. soft spoken... married with 3 child.. do respect for her for a lotsa things.. had chat with her.. she's been working as the same area as mine so we can talk about almost anything in common.. and only now i know she's in trouble.. well.. she's tough.. kinda cute too.. heheh

AT nite :: haiyoh.. someone is coming and i've to off the house.. Kak sid and zek sent me home.. but I'll have to wait for wai to came back first.. wai is one of the dancers in the akademi fantasia show that nite. She's the one who act as a couple at the group singing with a guy.. and she's.. erkk.. not straight.. I went home.. and sleep.. so tight...

Sundae :: wake up several times. 8, 9, 10, 11.30 then only I wake up.. do some workouts.. was thinking of swimming.. but no one's there.. had bath.. and then went out with Helena to Amcorp Mall.. bought a shirt.. watched a movie.. king arthur.. and then had lunch.. late lunch.. then went to ampang park.. discovered a cheap items shop there.. bought 2 pants and 2 shorts.. went off back to klsentral.. sent helena back home.. and then went back..

So boring.. i miss my farah so much...

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