August 20, 2004

Being decent..

I've changed my hairstyle again.. but timely.. daytime decent and nightime hehe..

Just after doing all my stuff, with my blog and everything.. went off home.. took bath.. and i started to actually miss my bro.. yesterday when i'm back home he was here with me.. and we talk.. just like the younger days.. even though we're not that really nice to each other when talking, but that's the way it is.. that's the way we close to each other.. while me irritates him with a lot of things (haha) and he gets mad when i'm over irritates him.. but i really miss doing that..

Then.. i bathed, get myself ready.. and fetched Erein. sent her to the UMNO meeting first.. i took my dinner.. at around 11, i took her from that meeting area and drove away to Mid Valley.. get the tickets.. and watch the movies.. as expected.. I'm tired and I fell sleeping while watching the movie.. zzzZZZZzzz...

after the movie then, we went to bangsar.. to have some heavy supper.. i was surprised that the crab porridge is still there.. haha.. i used to come here once, when i asked for the porridge, it wasn't there.. so i just forget the whole idea about the crab porridge and today.. haha..

Sent erein home.. and on the way back.. there was a road block.. i was summoned for my plat no.. so bad isn't it.. i just drive the car for 2 days.. and get summoned for something that i do not have any idea that it was wrong..

went back home.. and sleep..

Thursday :: Today's is the day Kak Sid and Wye gonna participate in the karaoke contest.. Today is the last implementation day for the new system; MUREX to be implemented.. and today... i'll be veryx1000 busy.. and i've really to finish my work before at least 7.. so then i can went off early to fetch Erein at her house. Fetched her.. went off to Bukit Bintang, to Fuzions and wait for the competition to start.. Kak Sid is the contestant no 7 and Wye no 11. Just nice is it.. 7-11.. hehe..

Kak Sid was so kewl.. but i think the song was too long (Nirmala by Siti Nurhaliza). She had made a very good starting.. but the song was too long as high pitch and she was later getting a bit exhausted.. but still she manages to qualify for the semi final.. (not like me hehe)..

Wye singing was not that good, but she maintains all the pitch and tone just nicely.. but as the dancer of Akademi Fantasia what do u expect from her.. of course dances... she perform with a lot of steps, especially taken from the Akademi Fantasia.. hehe.. well.. the list of qualifiers will be called starting from the contestants with the highest qualifying mark, so Wye was called earlier then Kak sid.. well.. it's good enough to know that both of them qualified... But I'll have to admit that this time, overall performance was very good.. All the contestants are good.. very much better than my time and the first heat was even worse.. I was wrong for underestimating the contestant after analyzing the first heat..

The State of the Art :: If you wanna enter the karaoke contest.. enter as early as possible.. hehe

Then, Kak Sid and friends left me and Erein, we played the video games and then headed to Bangsar.. then i get back home.. bathed and again get down as I'm hungry.. but when I was getting home.. i realized that I lost my key............ the only thing i got with me then was only 1 few pieces of schilling..

Friday :: I still can't get into the house till 10 am.. i was wondering what they will say.. I can't keep in touch with anyone.. everything was in my room.. phone.. car key.. oh gosh.. luckily my housemate kevin went back home at 10.00 and i can take bathe and get back to work.. wow.. I'm so dizzy for not been sleeping.. friday prayer at masjid jamek.. i was sleeping.. ad still dizzy.. having egged tosai for lunch.. do and do work.. get back home at about 8.. went back home.. had dinner with Helena.. Asha asked me out but i'm already with someone.. and then went back home.. talk over the phone with Su and Julie.. for a while.. and then sleep..

Saturday :: I'm working.. wearing a black giordano T-shirt, Greenish Blue East India Jeans and Striking Light Blue Diadora Futsal Shoes.. looks stupid with my 60's hairstyle for today.. and i'm hungry.. i'm now stupidly waiting for my boss to arrive in the office.. I'm stucked here.. got nothing much to do.. so boring..

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