April 30, 2007

Going Hyper

Saturday was crazy dude! I woke up early in the morning and went out of the house exactly at 0900 in the morning. From Seremban, to Putrajaya, to KLPAC, to Lowyat Plaza and get back to Seremban. As I was home, my brother in law was waiting to ask me out to Sepang.

Hmm.. Let's see what do we have in here..
Crazy man!!! It was already 1AM but there were still a lot of people in the Sepang International Circuit, waiting for the drag event to continue. The event organizer was kinda moron. There was a lot of rerun. It was going WAY LATE!

It was loud man! Super duper loud! Turbo cars sounded like NA, just like in the Fast and Furious. And an NA VTEC running 400m below 12s? That was fast!

There were not so much supercars coming but small cars can be frightening. A mazda I believe with a B8 engine inside has been the fastest afterall as his best elapsed time was recorded at 10.4xx seconds. Damn fast! Kancil running 400m in 14s? Scary...!

Well, the event ended at around 4 something and me and my brother in law walked slowly heading to the car. Well, that was not the thing that is what I'm gonna talk about.

As I walked out of the circuit, I saw many girls were still with their boyfriends walking together no matter what, as unfortunately, as we were walking out, it's raining heavily all of a sudden.

I envied their boyfriends. Or whoever, either fling, fuckbuddy, sugar daddy, pimp or just a friend, they were able to wait till the event end up at 5AM.

It was raining at 5AM and those girls were easily walking holding hands with whoever male they're walking with. They must be really sayang to the partner. Nice eh? Not easy to find those kind of girls nowadays. Berkorban apa saja. Harta atau pun dara.. eh opocot mak kau silap.. hahaha..

There was one couple holding each other's back while running slowly towards their car. Another couple, the male was covering the female's head from rain and the female was hugging the male's body. Another couple, who were just smiling, cuddling and laughing, who walk slowly to their car. Wah. Envy envy...

Me? I was running towards my brother in law's car quickly. Cannot wait. It's getting cold......

* For more pictures, visit my Photo Blog

April 27, 2007

I act like... whut?

You Are 22 Years Old

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

* yeke?

April 25, 2007

NP - No Problemlah.

I've got a good friend. Her name is Suzanne, or she is more known as Suzana Basri. We were so close that we can just talk about anything. When I was studying in Taiping, I depended a lot to her, which make me somekind of excelling in my studies. And I also heard that she is getting married. She will la but i'm not sure when.

Today she miss called. Hahaha. Old tactic. Actually she called but i was pooping in the toilet.

I called her back, we talked for a while and we hanged up. She thinks that I'm mentally disordered right now.

Am I?

Maybe. I do think that I do have problem with my mind because lately I do easily get effected and affected by things I see. I feel so cold and blue when I see babies. I feel like flying when I look into the sky and I feel like crying when I see something sad.

This isn't just me right? I was a bully (and I do think I still am), I was very heartless, cruel, rude and cold. I used to laugh when i see sympathetic scene on TV and I used to laugh at a girl falling off her bicycle and worst, I used to laugh at a friend who was dumped by his girlfriend.

The changes are bad.

The most embarassing was that I cried when Jennifer Hudson was singing in the dreamgirls movie. I wasn't crying of the sad scene. I was so overwhelmed by her superb singing that I can't control the excites-ment (note that a lot of excites) in me. A girl beside me looking at me and hand me a tissue.


Last Sunday, I went out for a while as I was so hungry. I can only think of KFC at that time, nothing else. And i think that 'kita mesti makan nasi' is bodoh (stupid). For no reason, if you wanna eat rice, u better go to kedai mamak, or kedai nasi ayam. Don't be surprise if one day KFC serve roti tampal goyang.

So i took the snack plate and enjoyed my meal. After a while, there was a chinese mother and her 3 to 4 years old daughter, sat in front of me. I thought she was waiting for her order to come after seeing all they had on their tray was two buns and a cup of whipped potato.

But they just ate that bun ad whipped potato till the last drop. The mother even licked the whipped potato container.

I stopped eating. I remembered last time when I went to Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia, where there was this one chinese family with 15-20 members came over to KFC to celebrate one of the children's birthday of which only one of them ordered and ate KFC. The rest?

They just sit and watched that birthday boy eating the KFC.

I felt bad, sad and sorry for them. As for that mother and her small daughter, the daughter was crying loudly pointing to the chicken to other people's plate. I lost my appetite to eat.

I used to eat 8 piece of chickens alone when I was in Taiping. Me and my friends were like having a weekly occasion to visit the KFC and eat all we want there. I can still reember that correctly. When we came, we will order like 3 to 4 barrels to finish.

So, I just watched them finishing their mini meals and walked out of the outlet. I think I was blurred and my empathy towards them has just turned my day off.

I walked out of the KFC and drove home with so many things in my head.

When I'm home, I just realized that I'm still hungry.

I only managed to eat the bun of that snack plate. Rugi rugi...

April 23, 2007

Make it short Izham...!


I was monkecited and happily terrified when anybody coming over. So nadya-s, a very nice and charming MMU junior, was coming.

As she arrived that saturday noon with an empty stomach, i took her there and she admitted she loved the nasi Ambang in bandar baru uda. So, if you come here and want a taste of Nasi Ambang call me at kosong satu empat, tekan-tekan tak dapat.. hahaha :p

As she's full, we headed to Jusco Tebrau, looking for a place where we can sit and play around with the gadgets. She ordered coffee, we chat, I snapped pictures while she commented on them. She gets on the NET and spent the whole saturday there. I jumped into a fashion show and had fun of my day.

Wanna look at them?

Later Kawsar with her cute sisters joined in for the movies.

That Sunday, I spent the whole day, looking at the pictures and helping a friend build up an express website for her. She has been in that 'makan-makan' business for quite sometimes.

Hungrylah... Jom!!!

April 20, 2007

Reality TV (a lil humble comment from me)

I used to be a big fan of these reality TV shows like American Idol and Akademi Fantasia, but things has gone a bit slow in me that I'm no longer crazy about these programs.

I might be a lil outdated here but i just want to note here that the termination of Sanjaya in the American Idol is an excellent decision ever made by the Americans.

I have to agree with Budiey that he is nothing than a junkies with no identity at all. Look at Taylor Hicks. I've never seen him trying to change what he looks like; the all-timer look.

Sanjaya? Not only he was out of pitch everytime he sang, he made me confused of what has gone wrong with the Americans? Even the Indonesians do better. Malaysia, campak ke lautla, hehehe.. Look at Mawi. How many of those who were crazy about him last time, now hated him for being himself.

Hanya Jauhari yang Mengenal Manikam. That was me :p.

I disliked him since the beginning. There was a lot of things that was wrong with him. He seems to be so wrong. He seems to be rude and disrespecting people. A lot of friends (and non-friends) argued with me about al my negative comments about him.

Now, they slowly whispered to me that I was right.

And the main issue of the current AF now is the commentators. I'm not gonna comment anything on it, as I see it as a subjective. I may say that I'm kewl with them but one thing that wemight consider to improve the critiques from this commentators are by having something like AFUNDI, but this AFJURI, of which we also able to vote for the commentators.

Top 2 will stay, and the lowest ranked commentators will be kicked out and replaced with a new one the next week.

In a way, ASTRO will have more income.

In the other way, the commentators will now behave themselves. People don't like them, they're out!

April 19, 2007


Ada sepasang suami isteri yg duduk dikampung. Oleh kerana rumah mereka yg terlalu berdekatan dgn jiran tetangga. Maka sisuami pun mengajar bahasa yg jarang digunakan oleh tetangganya. Isteri beliau yg sengau sentiasa menurut kata kata suami nya itu. So suatu hari suami nya berkata..

"Yang, kalau i cakap kongkek maknanya..kita main yer'

Isterinya mengangguk sahaja..

Dan pada malam itu si suami kegersangan dan bertanya pada isterinya 'Kongkek boleh tak yang?'

Si isteri pun 'ok'

Setelah penat projek, mereka pun mandi bersama. Waktu mandi isterinya yg sengau itu pun berkata

'Yang nak kongkek'

Beliau pun terperanjat.. tapi oleh kerana sayangkan isterinya..beliau pun 'buat projek' kat toilet itu. Isterinya pun membiarkan sahaja..

Setelah abis isterinya mandi dan berkata dgn suami nya.. ;' Yang nak kongkek'

Suami nya berkata.. 'lah tak puas lagi ke?'

Isterinya menggeleng gelengkan kepala sambil berkata 'Kongkek! Kongkek! Kongkek!

Si suami got no choice pun melakukan lagi..

Selepas itu isterinya berkata.. 'Bole tak awak kasi saya kongkek'

Beliau mula naik radang dan tak faham dgn nafsu isterinya. Apabila beliau hendak start lagi.. isterinya pun menahannya..

Saya bukan nak kongkek.. Saya nak ....

Farah, and those without the 'h'

I like the name Farah. I don't know why. Saying it makes me happy. Sazuan was my gf when I was in school, and her friend's name is Farrah, with doubled 'R'. Maybe that's why i like the name since the beginning. I'm the one who named my sister Farah. Since all my female siblings name started with 'F', it just suited well.

And actually Farah means happiness.

Farah whom I bullied a lot, no matter at home, or outside the home, we make fun of each other even when I was driving and we play 'kejar-kejar' at anyhere we can. So i look like 'budak kecik' (small kid) really. Why? Playing chase and run or hide & seek in the mall, wherever we can.

I don't have any reason why; fooling and bullying her is just my definition of loving and caring.

And today, my mom asked me to accompany her to see Farah's English teacher; because Farah was shifted from the most front seat of the class, to just a row behind. My mom suddenly became so emotional, which irritates me a bit. I'm a person who believe in rationalized diplomatical arguments and discussions, whom strictly abide emotional conversations, especially in things that involved ability of assessment and jurisdiction by a professional.

In this case, the professional is the English teacher. I think that she had been wise and fair enough to do the resetting of seating of her students in the class which she required all the naughty students to be in front of her all the time, without knowing and understanding Farah's condition. One good thing, Farah is not naughty, right?

Farah's condition; her eyesights were really bad that she can only sit in the most front row of the class to be able to see all the written writings on the blackboard properly. And in this case, Farah had informed the teacher not to switch her seating but the teacher ignored. The teacher thinks that it would be okay if Farah sit at the second row. Farah, being timid at school, which is so contradicting from at home, keep her timidness till end of the school session.

That drives my mom to her emotional state, which for me is just out of control. She was talking about it to everyone she met. And she was so emotional when she was explaining that to all the teachers. I felt so bad, as my mother seems like to charge the teacher guilty.

Luckily, the teacher was very wise (and cun also) and she said sorry. What if she's the revenge type. I cannot imagine what will happen to Farah. And i cannot forgive myself if that happens.

Later, I thought that, it's not my mom's fault for being emotional. It's just her sane motherly instinct that made her sad whenever her daughter is being treated unfair.

Well, the issue is solved, and Farah got her seat back. The most in front.

In the other hand, I also know a lot of other Farahs and Faras. This one Fara, we've been to singapore together watching the Placebo band. I just talked to her in Yahoo Messenger just now and she seems to be fine. Long time no see her.

And another Fara, who i'm not which one. She claimed to sit beside me in the movie. Can i have your number please? Hahaha!

April 17, 2007

Issues around Malaya.

What issues. The topping issue would be the return of 'Yin' to the family. The nation is cheering it but at the same time they're insisting on the investigation upon the people who brought back Yin to the public.

The 15k reward was a good bait don't you think so?

Suspiciously, Yin was lightly injured and his head was shaved. The Myanmar couple claimed that Yin had measles and it was cured after 2 days of medication. Logic enough?

So I seconded what ever investigation towards them.


In the other hand, the latest election has not been discussed analytically. It was obvious that the decrease of the winning majority is just another sign.

Malaysia economically, was rather confusing with the increase and growth in a lot of sectors but my economical indicator says otherwise.

My 2 indicators would be the sales of cars and the amount of donation at the mosques. Recent sale of cars is obviously dropping and a lot of new and second hand car dealers closed down. Most of proton buyers were those who were employed by either government or firms but Proton has shown a ridiculous dropping in its sales, even though these group of citizen is not directly being effected by the economic situation.

Another good indicator would be the donation amount given to the mosques. In the mosque of my qariah, Bandar Baru Uda, the donation has even reached 25 thousand a week but nowadays, 4 thousand is almost impossible. What was actually happening? These kind of things started in 2004 and it going on till today.

The current government can be proud of their achievement in the past general election of which they have gained the best result ever. It may be the best position BN has ever achieved in any election and some people believed that the current prime minister is being at the right place and the right time.

Well, based on what's going on now, the past election's victory is just how people thanking the past prime minister's effort in a lot of things he has brought to the country.

Whether the history going to repeat itself or the people want to rewrite the history, it depends on the people who votes.

Oh yeah, on another note, that serial number for each vote slip has been demolished, so you can vote whoever you want without fear of anything anymore :p

And, in case you were nominated for your party, you can simply vote your opposition in case you changed your mind last minute.

No fear!

April 15, 2007

Sensasi Selebriti :: First meet-up.

I would rather talk to someone humble and less sensitive like Budiey. He claimed that he's shy, well, I bet he's not. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to get goodie bags for all his readers coming for that first meetup. A few CDs and a cassette especially from Waheeda is very much appreciated.

So this is budiey, he looks so nice and decent, don't u think so? I'm not sure whether i took the picture of budiey or the amoi behind him. Hahaha! And he's so orange! I didn't know that there's an orange theme for this meetup?

So these people gathered in front of the topshop before getting in to the cinema for the movie. I was among the last to arrive as I didn't know that we're supposed to be meeting up there.

Just a snap of that sweet little girl's food, who is called Mazen. She took that salmon teppanyaki which she claimed not edible after sometimes later.

Mazen is the one who is laughing for nothing.

Recognize that canon bag? Nothing much in this meetup other than knowing new people and gettng contacts. The guy with the flip phone is also doing some business in agriculture of which has interest me in some of his ongoing projects.

Thanx budiey, and hope there will be more of this kind of meetup later.

April 12, 2007

Suasana Pilihanraya

Meriah! Very happening. So many policemen. Even the FRU was there. The supporting people outnumbered the voters can you believe that? The total number of voters for my Kampung is just 458. People coming? More than 2 thousand I would say.

One UMNO state body is assigned with one election's sub-area. As for my kampung, we were taken care by Selangor. Guess What? Awek2 selangor memang best, sporting, and so not boring!

What so great about this election? It's big! All big timers come over here to give their support! And it's great to see a lot of backlickers around.

I was supposed to take pictures of Khir Toyo. All of a sudden this one bugger offered to take pictures of me with Khir Toyo. See! It's over exposed! He looks so different. Was that really him?

Together with us were that two girls, Intan (without scarf) and Munirah Hayati, from "Malaysia for Free and Fair Election" (MAFREL), which MAFREL is assigned to observe the election proces, carried out by the Election Counsil (SPR). Munirah Hayati is a blogger as well, remember NyonyaGlenmarie.blogspot.com?

So this is Khir Toyo's wife. The one with the red scarf. She's a very nice person I would say. Bagus Khir Toyo bawak dia so that I may know her.

Lai Meng Chong, the candidate from MCA of Barisan Nasional. MCA is the largest party for chinese in Malaysia. I never saw him before. And one thing he's quite old compared to the candidate from the DAP, the opposition.

Remember aziz singah? He was one of the top actor long time ago. I think he starred in one drama series named PJ (Puspa Jaya). Very long time ago. I think it's during the time of Opah.

Even Dato' Najib came to give his support, but I would say, people were just interested to take picture with him. Well, that's why camera is invented right?

So finally, this is Dato' Ali Rustam and his Politic Secretary, Dato' Mohd. Sirat. They came with Dato' Najib.

There were also Khairy Jamaluddin again and Dato' Ong Ka Ting but I was not around at that time. And at this time, I'm already at home. The weather is too hot I cannot stand it anymore.

The small election of N08 Machap, Melaka

It's overwhelming. My grandmom's house was never this happening. How I wish my Pak Lang is still alive to experience such an event.

Small election? It's big actually! During the main elections, everyone was busy working for their own area but for this small election, the whole country came over to ensure their winning. It was like a bless for the Machap area where everything changed, even though it seems or looks like hypocrit, it is a gift from god that all of the villagers were thankful for what they've got now.

The best thing is, most of the volunteers that stayed in my granma house are girls, and some of them are cute too. Hehe. So that made me feel a lil awkward in my own granma house.

So the preparation for the campaign and work for the election has been organized very much earlier. I do respect the villagers. They work for the party they are electing without having the idea of taking the advantage from what they are doing. I could see most of them (especially my auntie whose the Ketua Wanita kampung) work sincerely, without craving for anything in return.

What about those urban people? All they have are complains. Not to mention to work for the party, they may not even vote in the election.

Yet they think they deserved a lot of things. Hehe.

So last night was the peak of the campaign as tomorrow is the election day. There were a lot of top politicians/celebrities came over, give their talk and eat my granma's cooking. Those include Dato' Najib, Dato' Ali Rustam, Jins Shamsuddin, Khir Toyo(l), and Datuk Shapie Apdal. Dato' Najib even complimented on my granma's cooking.


The only lacking thing was me. I was not around to translate those eye to eye meetups into something u guys can consume. Well, to give my support to that BN government that I always criticize, I decided to drive up to Melaka to join in the event and to take pictures!

As I arrived, I was told that Dato' Azmi Khalid and his pretty wife, Normala Samsudin is coming. Wah. I was imagining me taking pictures of Normala, someone I adored so much just for her beauty, but as it was about to eve, Dato' Yaacob came and informed us that Dato' Hishamuddin, the Youth Wing Leader of UMNO and the Education Minister is coming. That's more refreshing, especially to the tired me!

Better, Khairy Jamaluddin is coming too! Well, these two figures is sitting on 2 most wanted position by the newcomers. Hishamuddin is definitely a fine speaker. I'm not oing to comment on his speech but all I would say is that he is way motivating!

After the event, I took pictures of him again and again and again, in front of a lot of other people before they eat the provided fine dishes prepares not only by my grandma, also by other people who wanted these top figures to taste on. I was told that my Granma's house is their first stop before going to another 7 voting sections. Wah we're so lucky. Khairy Jamaluddin seems to be so hungry, he ate a lot and says,


Before they leave, I asked Dato's Hishamuddin permission to take picture of him and Khairy with my Auntie. Oh yeah, my auntie is the one with the pink tudung.

And if u wanna know, i did called Hishamuddin as abang just now. Hehehe. Silap.

So with Khairy Jamaluddin. Hehe.

April 11, 2007


I was actually into a new hobby. Guess what?

Maybe I was, or may be I was not. I was only back in JB on Monday night. So the PC was only to avail to me on Tuesday but I have a lot of other things to do.

So I was away to Parit Buntar, visiting a new member of the Family. His name is Mohamad Danish Aqil bin Mohamad Ikhwan. Cute? Tengoklah abang saudara dia yang bernama Mohamad Izham.. Hahaha!

On the next morning, my brother in law's car stucked onto this 'tunggul kelapa' outside of the house. It took us almost an hour to remove the car from it. Can u believe, he cannot see such a big thing there?

During the afternoon, there was a special market intended for the locals of which the price of the items sold there were incredibly cheap. For RM1.00 u can get 5 kuihs. Things seems to be very cheap in Parit Buntar.

So actually, we managed to go to Penang by Ferry. It was such a very short visit as we were actually looking for something. So while we were on the Ferry, I took some shot. Actually, there were a lot of shots but of course not everything would be able to be loaded here.

This is just a night shot test.

So here I am back in JB. I'm going back to my kampung in Melaka. Do you know that there's a small election is going to be held in Machap, Melaka?

April 4, 2007


That is for the 4th day of April, in the year of 2007. It is quite a significant date for, at least not for me alone but for the whole family as well. I wasn't sleeping the night before, waiting for the updates and updates of what is going on.

It was all started during the eve of the day before. There were some observed probability of complications due to the under estimation of the supplement application.

Who should be blamed? The doctors? How about the carriers? The carriers just wanna ensure everything is the best for the carried. As the carried was not as normal as ordinary, the doctors has taken some ordinary action as if the same thing happened to other carriers.

After sometimes, updates after updates keep in coming. I was on the phone and on the line looking for informations of what should it be or not. I even called my doctor friend in Ireland to get some assurance of the probabilities and possibilities. She said, everything as okay and I told my brother, it's gonna be okay!

Then, at some some time, he called me. The doctors said, natural birth is not possible. C-sect is the only option. But he was unsure about a few more things. As a brother, I told him. GO!

Some time later, he called me. He had just azan'ed the baby boy! Look at him! He already opened his eyes on the first day he see the world!

So i'm officially an Uncle.

My parents are now officially grandparents. The history repeats itself. The first grandchild for my grandmother belah emak is from the second child. The first grandchildren for my parents is also from the second child.

And my grandother is officially a MOYANG now. Hahahaha. Sudah ada cicit.

Rumours saying that his name will have the word 'Danish' inside. What I know, Danish is something like pastry, for instance, peach danish, or blueberry danish. Well, danish means "The knowledgable genius" (si cerdik yang berpengetahuan). That's what my brother told me.

My father wanted to name him Shamsul Amri. Orang nama Amri ni biasanya jahat. Hahaha.. no Offense. And my little sister is kecoh of what should the baby call her later. Maksu or makcu? I suggested maknyet!

The baby came out on the same day of my parents wedding anniversary as well! So I bought my parents a cake! A nice blackforest cake with a lot of cherries inside, from Lavender. Nice!

So happy 31st anniversary mak and abah! I love you guys so so so much. So if i gurau jangan amik hati tau! Dah jadi datuk dan nenek ni kena lagi banyak bersabar dan berlembut!

click here to zoom inOn my way to buy the cake, I saw this. What he was trying to do? To get back to his divorced wife or what? Hahahaha! Click at the picture for a clearer view!

April 3, 2007

Go Karting

What is go what is kart?

You see right? My blog is not updated. It is because i was damn busy y'all. I was not around (in JB) for quite sometimes as I was around and around and around all the time. Go round here and there.

"Along, tak nak masuk race go-kart ke?", my brother in law asked me a few weeks ago.

Have u done it? I mean go-karting? Me? Nope. But this is gonna be my first time ever!

Well, I was go rounding in the go-kart circuit. I've heard about the coming go-karting competition somewhere in KL so I was prepping myself to take part in the competition. They said the prize is gonna be not so bad!

So who was my sparring partner? Hehe, who else if not my brother in law. Can u see him in front of that lady driver. That lady driver was shouting 'BABIIII' to him as he was overtaking her recklessly. I was far behind at that time.

I trained everyday to get myself used to the machine first. Anyway, I managed to train with a lot of other experienced karters. Some of them are even the champions of past competitions. The competition I've heard will be held somewhere in the end of March or early April but I don't care. I only want to race.

So since mid of March, I've been intensifying (cheh what was that la) my training and I've been spending about few hundreds a day, just for rental and the fuel. Last time, I cannot even smell the smoke fume of my brother in law but now I can overtake him anytime. I'm very terror at racing u know.

A few days before the racing day, I decided to 'pinjam' a friend's gokart, and go practising with that kart. The kart was modified horrendously but it accelerate a lot much better than those I rented during my practising time.

The kart that i borrowed. Cun tak?

So when it comes to the day of the competition, I woke up early, excited of the competition. Well, I felt much more nervous than ever. I may have gone to a lot of other competition, like singing competition (hehehe) or drag last time, but this will be my first time racing with a go-kart. When I arrived there, I see a lot of people, and mostly children but I wasn't able to look for my brother in-law. Oh shit. I've got no idea of what should I do. I tried to contact him but his phones were shut off.

Then, I tried to make myself confident, by confidently walking towards the registration counter and submitted my IC for registration. But when I looked to the front, I wonder why they keep measuring the heights of the kids.

I looked around again and errr, there's a banner with a writing,

"Astro Ceria Go-Kart."
"Umur 10-14 tahun."
"Tinggi 140 cm ke atas."

Gampang! Why no one told me about that huh? Sheesh. My brother in law had conned me. What a waste of time. I was so tired wasting my working days, dedicating them for the my first go-kart competition! Adoih!

Nak cover malu, I waited till the last moment of the competition till the final round. Those kids are quite good though. I think I may end up losing to them.

Then I heard an announcement. It says,

"Barangsiapa yang masih membaca cerita ini, sila abaikan kerana kisah ini adalah palsu jua."

Happy belated april fool.

(gua sula talak larat tulis celiter april fool ini. jikalau lu olang malah, sila jelit babi dan comment babi di tempat comment. hehehe, telima kasih...)

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