April 12, 2007

Suasana Pilihanraya

Meriah! Very happening. So many policemen. Even the FRU was there. The supporting people outnumbered the voters can you believe that? The total number of voters for my Kampung is just 458. People coming? More than 2 thousand I would say.

One UMNO state body is assigned with one election's sub-area. As for my kampung, we were taken care by Selangor. Guess What? Awek2 selangor memang best, sporting, and so not boring!

What so great about this election? It's big! All big timers come over here to give their support! And it's great to see a lot of backlickers around.

I was supposed to take pictures of Khir Toyo. All of a sudden this one bugger offered to take pictures of me with Khir Toyo. See! It's over exposed! He looks so different. Was that really him?

Together with us were that two girls, Intan (without scarf) and Munirah Hayati, from "Malaysia for Free and Fair Election" (MAFREL), which MAFREL is assigned to observe the election proces, carried out by the Election Counsil (SPR). Munirah Hayati is a blogger as well, remember NyonyaGlenmarie.blogspot.com?

So this is Khir Toyo's wife. The one with the red scarf. She's a very nice person I would say. Bagus Khir Toyo bawak dia so that I may know her.

Lai Meng Chong, the candidate from MCA of Barisan Nasional. MCA is the largest party for chinese in Malaysia. I never saw him before. And one thing he's quite old compared to the candidate from the DAP, the opposition.

Remember aziz singah? He was one of the top actor long time ago. I think he starred in one drama series named PJ (Puspa Jaya). Very long time ago. I think it's during the time of Opah.

Even Dato' Najib came to give his support, but I would say, people were just interested to take picture with him. Well, that's why camera is invented right?

So finally, this is Dato' Ali Rustam and his Politic Secretary, Dato' Mohd. Sirat. They came with Dato' Najib.

There were also Khairy Jamaluddin again and Dato' Ong Ka Ting but I was not around at that time. And at this time, I'm already at home. The weather is too hot I cannot stand it anymore.

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