April 11, 2007


I was actually into a new hobby. Guess what?

Maybe I was, or may be I was not. I was only back in JB on Monday night. So the PC was only to avail to me on Tuesday but I have a lot of other things to do.

So I was away to Parit Buntar, visiting a new member of the Family. His name is Mohamad Danish Aqil bin Mohamad Ikhwan. Cute? Tengoklah abang saudara dia yang bernama Mohamad Izham.. Hahaha!

On the next morning, my brother in law's car stucked onto this 'tunggul kelapa' outside of the house. It took us almost an hour to remove the car from it. Can u believe, he cannot see such a big thing there?

During the afternoon, there was a special market intended for the locals of which the price of the items sold there were incredibly cheap. For RM1.00 u can get 5 kuihs. Things seems to be very cheap in Parit Buntar.

So actually, we managed to go to Penang by Ferry. It was such a very short visit as we were actually looking for something. So while we were on the Ferry, I took some shot. Actually, there were a lot of shots but of course not everything would be able to be loaded here.

This is just a night shot test.

So here I am back in JB. I'm going back to my kampung in Melaka. Do you know that there's a small election is going to be held in Machap, Melaka?

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