April 25, 2007

NP - No Problemlah.

I've got a good friend. Her name is Suzanne, or she is more known as Suzana Basri. We were so close that we can just talk about anything. When I was studying in Taiping, I depended a lot to her, which make me somekind of excelling in my studies. And I also heard that she is getting married. She will la but i'm not sure when.

Today she miss called. Hahaha. Old tactic. Actually she called but i was pooping in the toilet.

I called her back, we talked for a while and we hanged up. She thinks that I'm mentally disordered right now.

Am I?

Maybe. I do think that I do have problem with my mind because lately I do easily get effected and affected by things I see. I feel so cold and blue when I see babies. I feel like flying when I look into the sky and I feel like crying when I see something sad.

This isn't just me right? I was a bully (and I do think I still am), I was very heartless, cruel, rude and cold. I used to laugh when i see sympathetic scene on TV and I used to laugh at a girl falling off her bicycle and worst, I used to laugh at a friend who was dumped by his girlfriend.

The changes are bad.

The most embarassing was that I cried when Jennifer Hudson was singing in the dreamgirls movie. I wasn't crying of the sad scene. I was so overwhelmed by her superb singing that I can't control the excites-ment (note that a lot of excites) in me. A girl beside me looking at me and hand me a tissue.


Last Sunday, I went out for a while as I was so hungry. I can only think of KFC at that time, nothing else. And i think that 'kita mesti makan nasi' is bodoh (stupid). For no reason, if you wanna eat rice, u better go to kedai mamak, or kedai nasi ayam. Don't be surprise if one day KFC serve roti tampal goyang.

So i took the snack plate and enjoyed my meal. After a while, there was a chinese mother and her 3 to 4 years old daughter, sat in front of me. I thought she was waiting for her order to come after seeing all they had on their tray was two buns and a cup of whipped potato.

But they just ate that bun ad whipped potato till the last drop. The mother even licked the whipped potato container.

I stopped eating. I remembered last time when I went to Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia, where there was this one chinese family with 15-20 members came over to KFC to celebrate one of the children's birthday of which only one of them ordered and ate KFC. The rest?

They just sit and watched that birthday boy eating the KFC.

I felt bad, sad and sorry for them. As for that mother and her small daughter, the daughter was crying loudly pointing to the chicken to other people's plate. I lost my appetite to eat.

I used to eat 8 piece of chickens alone when I was in Taiping. Me and my friends were like having a weekly occasion to visit the KFC and eat all we want there. I can still reember that correctly. When we came, we will order like 3 to 4 barrels to finish.

So, I just watched them finishing their mini meals and walked out of the outlet. I think I was blurred and my empathy towards them has just turned my day off.

I walked out of the KFC and drove home with so many things in my head.

When I'm home, I just realized that I'm still hungry.

I only managed to eat the bun of that snack plate. Rugi rugi...

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