April 17, 2007

Issues around Malaya.

What issues. The topping issue would be the return of 'Yin' to the family. The nation is cheering it but at the same time they're insisting on the investigation upon the people who brought back Yin to the public.

The 15k reward was a good bait don't you think so?

Suspiciously, Yin was lightly injured and his head was shaved. The Myanmar couple claimed that Yin had measles and it was cured after 2 days of medication. Logic enough?

So I seconded what ever investigation towards them.


In the other hand, the latest election has not been discussed analytically. It was obvious that the decrease of the winning majority is just another sign.

Malaysia economically, was rather confusing with the increase and growth in a lot of sectors but my economical indicator says otherwise.

My 2 indicators would be the sales of cars and the amount of donation at the mosques. Recent sale of cars is obviously dropping and a lot of new and second hand car dealers closed down. Most of proton buyers were those who were employed by either government or firms but Proton has shown a ridiculous dropping in its sales, even though these group of citizen is not directly being effected by the economic situation.

Another good indicator would be the donation amount given to the mosques. In the mosque of my qariah, Bandar Baru Uda, the donation has even reached 25 thousand a week but nowadays, 4 thousand is almost impossible. What was actually happening? These kind of things started in 2004 and it going on till today.

The current government can be proud of their achievement in the past general election of which they have gained the best result ever. It may be the best position BN has ever achieved in any election and some people believed that the current prime minister is being at the right place and the right time.

Well, based on what's going on now, the past election's victory is just how people thanking the past prime minister's effort in a lot of things he has brought to the country.

Whether the history going to repeat itself or the people want to rewrite the history, it depends on the people who votes.

Oh yeah, on another note, that serial number for each vote slip has been demolished, so you can vote whoever you want without fear of anything anymore :p

And, in case you were nominated for your party, you can simply vote your opposition in case you changed your mind last minute.

No fear!

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