March 20, 2024

MacOSX :: Catalina quick install on GA-H51M-DS2

My son's personal computer consistently experiences performance issues while running Roblox. Initially operating on the Windows 10 platform, it exhibited significant lag. The cause of this lag remains uncertain; it may stem from either the operating system or the hardware components.

The system specifications are as follows:

Motherboard: GA-H61M-DS2
Graphics Processing Unit (GPU): Initially an RX4700 8GB DDR5, later replaced with Nvidia GT640
Random Access Memory (RAM): 16GB 1333 MHz DDR3
WiFi Card: TL-WDN4800 N900
Ethernet (ETH): RTL8168E/8111E
Solid State Drive (SSD): T-WOLF 120GB

In an attempt to resolve the performance issues, I employed an EFI package obtained from, utilizing a High Sierra USB boot installer. Although this facilitated booting into the installer, the system continued to exhibit lag.

Subsequently, I replaced the GPU with an older model, specifically the Gainward GT640, and proceeded with the installation process. However, it became evident that the installer was corrupted, halting progress after partitioning to HFS.

Efforts to utilize Monterey and Big Sur proved futile as they were incompatible with the aforementioned EFI package. Consequently, I resorted to Catalina, presuming compatibility based on the package's apparent association. I created a USB installer from the Catalina image and proceeded with the installation, integrating the EFI package.

Of paramount importance, it became apparent that Catalina necessitates the use of the APFS file system. Initially setting the disk format to HFS+ in Disk Utility resulted in repeated installation failures. Upon discovering the requirement for APFS, I adjusted the disk format accordingly, enabling successful installation.

Post-installation, it became evident that the TL-WDN4800 network card, utilizing Atheros technology, would not function. Fortuitously, I encountered guidance advising the utilization of Hackintool from to patch the necessary kernel extensions (kexts) for Catalina compatibility.

Following the download, I accessed the tool's utilities from the top menu and executed the prescribed sequence of actions as depicted in the accompanying image.

The initial click swiftly disabled the gatekeeper and facilitated mounting the disk in the read/write mode, marking an expedient commencement.

Subsequently, with another decisive click, the patch to reinvigorate the TL-WDN4800 was installed, heralding a pivotal moment in restoration.

Behold, I find myself exhilaratingly updating this post from the freshly minted Hackintosh environment.

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