May 27, 2005

American Idol Result.

How i wish it was Bo.

But it's Carrie Underwood.

Boring. I just can't sleep. Been missing someone badly..

May 25, 2005

Birthdays Fiesta!

Been bz..

But i would not forget birthdays!

Today 25th May is my Sister's Birthday, Fadhlina.

on the 23rd was Sheyna's Birthday!

and tomorrow, 26th would be Rosie's Birthday!

Happy birthday to 'em all!

I'm bz now. cya soon!

May 24, 2005

Along... thank you...

So, as we all know, my brother is getting engaged. Everynight, my father will smile wide like mad after each prayer. I know what he was thinking. Not even that, me and my father was always arguing with my mom about the engagement thingy. Every single night!

It was all started when the bride side asked for RM12k of Dowry. My brother was shocked till he caught fever and he can't sleep everynight. My family was pushing to lower the price down but the other side were so hard headed, they sticked with their decision. This one bad thing about behind the wall war, it's much more dangerous than fighting one to one like a real man will do. A lot of misunderstood, caused by miscommunications between both parties. The victims were my brother and his GF, Haira.

My brother was frustrated, he wanted to call the engagement off. But I knew, he does not really mean it.


I was working on the saturday morning. I myself got a lot of issues to be settled, with regards to my work. Suddenly I've got a call from my brother, with a sad and aftercry tone, he told me that Haira had called the engagement off. He himself don't wanna talk about it, ANYMORE! I asked for haira's number but he refused. I told him, that things can still be worked out, but he still refused!

I continue with my work. Lunch time I met with my lorry driver and sort out a few problems that is occuring during my absence. Just one day and everything is turning upside down. (See how important I am.. hehehe). Suddenly I've got an SMS. It's Haira's phone number!

He left a note. "DON'T TALK NONSENSE TO HER"


After the lunch, I went off to Jaya Jusco, to get a present for Nadia's Wedding. Went back home, get myself ready in a red Levi's shirt and bootcut jeans, to the wedding I went off. Such a happy moment to actually meet Herni and her other friends there but now she paid me back!

Herni and her friends were quite close to me back in MMU. They always say hi whenever we meet till, ehem.. till I've a girlfriend. hehe.. I ignored them. So what goes around comes around. She ignores me totally even though I was so nice, saying hi to her, especially Herni, because i still remember, she was the closest to me. Pity me. I regret it. Really.

I've gotta move quick. The timber has arrived in Larkin and I've to check them out. Then went back home and get some rest before going back to Seremban... By bus. I'm not able to drive anymore. I was driving nearly 2000km, just this week!


Was at the Larkin Bus Station, around 6PM. The 'Ulat Tiket' was taking advantage of the holiday season by increasing the ticket's price from RM20 to RM35. Want it or not, I took the 830PM bus to seremban, which cost me only RM19.80. And this bus is surely a speedy gonzales!

I don't think that I should interfere but as I do care and love my dear brother, even though we fight a lot, I really want him to be happy. In this case, I think this relationship, or even the engagement could still be rescued.

So, being as down to earth as possible, I dialled Haira's number and introduced myself. I apologized for whatever things happened and discussed over everything that lead to the calling off of the engagement. Over one hour, I talk almost about everything. The hardship that everyone has to take. The gamble thing that was the risk that everyone also took. Everything. And I advised her as a matured human being, think of the best thing to do rather than being a coward by not willing to take any risk. At all!!

She was first refused to proceed with the engagement. IN the middle of the conversation, she said she'll think about it, but by the end of the conversation, I asked her again, and she say yes!

She wants to get married with my brother!!!

(and it was like me proposing. My brother is supposed to be doing it, not me!)

Then, I was the happiest man ever at the moment, especially at the Larkin Bus Station.

But it turned differently when I called my brother. He refused to talk about it and hanged up! What the f*ck. Oh shit. What am I gonna tell Haira. I don't know what to do. Why my brother is being such a jerk now?

With a heartache, I get up into the bus and try to sleep. I even asked my sister to hide my brother's handphone, worrying that he'll contact Haira and tell her nonsense. Worse, there's someone really annoying in the bus, as he slept so sound till he produced a f*ckin loud snores ever I've heard! Luckily the bus arrived in Seremban, in less than 3 hours.

I called Azreena.. errr..

Then my brother arrived and I was so pissed off as he still refused. I don't know what else to do. I pray to god.


Sunday :: We started the day with breakfast. Then me, mom and dad had talk about what's going on. We found that actually my brother has been a jerk. He called this thing off but he kept being sad and mourning like crazy. We called him over the breakfast table and started to screw him like mad. Sadly, he closed both of his eyes with his palm, guess he was crying HAHAHAHA!

You know what? Haira had been sending him Birthday cards, Raya Cards, Good Luck Cards and guess where did the cards goes? All over the house. I manage to find one in the "longkang" (drainage). He never did appreciate her till a few weeks ago, when he raised his intention to marry to her.

I decided, he should be down to earth, lose his ego and temper, and drive over to Parit Buntar. Win their heart and ask for forgiveness.

Plus, a piece of cloth for Baju Kurung, to be presented to her mother! My father's idea!

He straightaway drove to Parit Buntar, right after we end up the talk. Gave him some money for Tolls and Petrol and there he goes!

Me, my father and my mom went to KL. I was supposed to see Azreena but, she didn't pick up the phone....


4PM :: I called my brother asking him what was he doing? He's already in parit Buntar seeing Haira. He was supposed to see the mother so I asked him what else was he waiting for? He told me that there were 2 families of her relatives came to visit her mother.

I told him. There's a big chance! What are u waiting for? Walk in to the house, and sit there like nothing happened. If you want, present the cloth to her mom in front of 'em all! Then sit there like nothing happened!

I hanged up!


7PM :: He smsed me.

"Along... Thank you!"

The engagement is ON!

* Along is the nickname of the first child in a family. So all my siblings call me ALONG.

May 18, 2005

A news that really throbbed my heart...

Nur Salina Saparedi, obviously name of a Java female, was yesterday died, after she was knocked by a long truck.

And she was just seven years old, age of my lil Farah.

To add the bitter, it happens in front of her own mother...

As Monday was the Teacher's Day, Nur Salina has been actually asking her mom to buy two brooches, one for her Ustazah at Sekolah Agama and another one for her teacher in the ordinary primary school.

One of the brooches was still in her pocket near chest when she was crossing the road. Her mom wanted to help her crossing the road but she herself wanted to join her another few friends crossing the road as well.

All the other cars has stopped to make way for the children to cross the road but there was a long truck from the opposite way which was madly fast driven rushing towards the children crossing the road.

All the other children survived but her. She was knocked but she was still alive and as her stagger to get on her feet and try to make a move, she was hit again by the rear tyres of the long truck, as this was told by the Traffic Guard of the school.

I was so touched, and I can't imagine what was her mother thinking when all of these happens in front of her own eyes.

But, I'm imagining that I'm Nur Salina, I was first hit by the truck, alive and..

The moment when she thought that she was still alive and she hoped to survive has made her try to run for her life but another hit denied the hope...

And I wonder what was in her mind just before she was hit and the tyres were all running over her tiny body.


May Allah bless her, and her mom, whom is now suffering of losing such a lovely pretty loving daughter.

I have a little sister, Farah and with tears, I pray to god to protect her from anything that would harm her.

And protect all the people I love...


Links to the news... a must read!

Murid mahu hadiah guru kerongsang maut nahas

Nahas maut: Penduduk hilang sabar adakan demonstrasi

Speeding trailer mows down girl crossing road

May 17, 2005

* wink to my Family *

Hi! It's been no bloggin for 8 days.

At last, Anthony Fedorov has been eliminated from the American Idol, which I was not watching;

Cause the last week's Tuesday I was working like a 'Death Labour', clearing the whole 60 tonnes of Irons in the store to be sold to people. I was doing it since 9 AM in the morning till 6 AM the next morning.

And the next morning, slept at 7 o'clock and woke up at 8.30 went to Kota Tinggi, back to the office at 1, went out to pay the customers and started to clear the Iron Burs (something like dust and small pieces of iron), and worked till late 2 AM in the morning.

I've been so busy thereafter. Wasn't able to write blog after reading my mails. I was always rushing out of the office before that stupid old fella come ruining my day.

And My Sister's birthday (Happy belated birthday adik) was on the last 11th May 2005. She's now 21 years old. And I don't understand why she was hot among her friends. Even an Arab wanted to take her as a girlfriend. Two indians were chasing her like crazy by giving her flowers almost everyday.

What the hell was happening?

The worst was, there's someone who had been so annoying and rude, calling our house (since she changed her mobile's no), introducing himself as Jack and wanted to talk to my sister.

No wonder why her boyfriend was so childish and jealous. And she treat her as bad as I could imagine as a girlfriend. I don;t know, maybe my sister was being childish too, as a girlfriend.

And I was always LOLing, when she was chatting to him over the YM, hahahaha.. You know me.

The best thing to come is, My brother, Iwan is gonna get engaged. The whole Family was so over-excited on this matter. And if it's not because of me, I don't think my brother would be doing this. It was me! haha..

And it was so a 'family' when everyone was busy preparing for the engagement. The last weekend, me, Farah and my parents went back to Seremban.

My mom, Iwan, Ina and Adik went out the whole day of Sunday to buy the things for the preparation of the engagement.

So I was in-charge of cooking the meals for the weekend. My father had the idea of what he's gonna eat that day, and I do the cooking. I do think that my cookings taste funny but my sisters and my mom loved my Sweet Sour Fish and Omelette. I just don't understand, except for the spinach, there were too many soils inside. Haha.

But the rest, especially the rice, was perfect! Just like the way everyone wanted. And no rice-bugs!

And it's really kewl to watch my mom and my father fight or argue over the things to pick for the engagement. I was always laughing at them.

The worst was, I failed in my mission to take someone that is really a someone out :p

May 9, 2005

Exciteful - A description for a weekend.

I don't know.. Weekends seems to be promising a lot of excitements, even though it's not always as what I expected.

Work was as busy as usual. As I'm now doing two things; as a Timber Agent, and working with Kota Emas doing the metal scrap.

I actually can manage those two jobs if everyone is actually cooperative. I would have to visit the sawmill everyday as to ensure they're doing their job as they've been paid. At the same time, I would be having to go to the bank, get cash and pay the customers, which something that someone else could replace me doing such a thing.

Normally in the morning, I would go mingling with people I just met, (in business, now I knew that 'mingle' is a magic word of everything). Buying them breakfast, have some puff of cigarette with them and anything, just to make life easier.

Doing business is initially hard, but things will go at ease as everyone knows and trusts you at most. Well, that's the problem.

The relationship I've built up in the Metal Scrap business has actually put me into problems as people were actually looking for me for everything, anything. Yes, I was taking the responsibilities over the business before, I love the business. Everyone would love the thing they've started. But they only wanted me to help on the metal thingy before my job in the timber thingy started. So I know where my position. As my timber job started, i should no longer bother the metal thingy. That's really what they actually wanted me to do so.

And they even asked me just to take care of the Timber thing, and the other partner will have to take care only on the scrap metal thingy.

But things has turned around all over upside down. I was also asked to take care of the scrap metal thingy, take back the scrap metal, do the documents, claim for the payment, get the cheque to the bank and queue up to cash the cheque, once the cash is in hand, go and pay the customers.

(those underlined were things that other people may actually do it, but they don't. They rely on me on everything)

At the same time, I will have to see people for the timber thingy. Get involved with those people as my knowledge in timber is, actually to compare with those people, not even 1% of what they've already knew.

As a learning process, gotta know them, mix with them and to be loved by them.

At the sawmill, if I didn't show up, they won't saw my timbers. It has week I've not visited the sawmill and it's been a week they sawn other people's timber, which i've paid them to do mine first!

And I have to take a few people to go here and there, just to look for a new source of timbers. Either new sawmill, new log supplier or even to get the timbers from indonesia to be imported.

If I am able to finish all the things in the morning, the cheque signor would be already at home by 1, so how do I catch up with things.

I need a helper....


Weekends, got wedding at my apartment, and this has really excites me. I've to get involved in a city wedding.

There are a lot of differences between the kampung wedding and the city wedding.

People will actually get involved or get busy in the kampung weddings, or some people call it 'rewang'.

So I was busy the whole weekends. And my friends were mad at me for not picking up their calls.


But, the real excitement was, I was talking and keep talking for the past 4 days..

Especially the After Maghrib call.. :*

May 5, 2005

American Idol and Fuel Prices

Last nite, Bo Bice was doing very well, so do Vonzell and finally, as that I've been waiting for so long, Scott is voted out!

For the next week, let us pray that Anthony will be one the next kickouts! He should be eliminated earlier.

Starting by today, The fuel price will increase will increase by 20 sen for diesel and 10 sen for petrol.

Old Price :: RM1.42
New price :: RM1.52

Old Price :: RM0.88
New Price :: RM1.08

My full tank now would be mor ethan RM60 after this. My lorry full tank would be more than RM40 after this.

That's a lot of money!! RM60, in my case wouldn't last longer than 3 days!

What the government is trying to do!

May 3, 2005

The name Izham...

Is it true that there are not so many people with the name Izham in the world? Search on google mostly return result on myself :p and some other people with the name Izham too.

Or maybe there are not so many people looking for the name Izham.

The govenrment at last, reacted quick on the diesel problem. Anyway, it's not what i really worried of,

You must have heard about those rascals being caught. What doubted me was, what happened to those rascals. There was no followups on the cases compared to the rape or murder cases being covered in the media.


Or maybe they're just scapegoats by the government to cover up what they are actually doing with the diesel.

I'm not accusing, but if it does look fishy, everyone can say anything about it. As long as it does not harm the country, YET.

Okay.. done with that :p


I had to work on the last Saturday. The timbers had to be sent to the rteatment sawmill. The treatment is call BORAX, which is it using the Boric Acid to be pushed into the timbers. The purpose is to refrain the timbers from being damaged by insects.

Later of the day, the whole family went to Mersing and picked up my bro to take him back to Seremban. From Mersing, I drove. That was a good driving experience. The last time I drove there was on a Satria V6 (borrowed from my ex-GF) and told ya that was a hell of driving experience, after my experience with a Satria GTi and an EK Type-R on Ulu Yam's Road. Another good experience was from Bentong-Gua Musang-Bentong, which was in a Kancil.

And that last Saturday I did it again. I was driving 140-160 km/h on that kind of road. My father seems enjoying the cornering and being pulled down the down-curving roads. My sister and my Mom was just keeping themselves quiet. I need to reach KL b4 10.

At 10, I was still in Seremban and I had to cancel all my appointments.

Sunday :: Woke up late, I went to KL and met Farok. Discussing about the Thailand/Indonesian thingy. I might have to go to Thailand/Indonesia on this deal. Great! Was spending ime at Chili's, but this time with my Bro Izzat. As an ex-Butt-Watch, we sat at the side of the KLCC pool and do what ever things we want till we get back at 5.30.

At night, we went out for dinner...

Monday :: I was actually hoping that I can go out with Azreena, kinda miss to see her and talk. There's a lot of things to talk about. But I ended up staying at home, what I was doing, oh yeah, i just bought home my Les Paul Imitation guitar and playing around with it.

I'm thinking of playing guitar seriously.

I should..

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