May 18, 2005

A news that really throbbed my heart...

Nur Salina Saparedi, obviously name of a Java female, was yesterday died, after she was knocked by a long truck.

And she was just seven years old, age of my lil Farah.

To add the bitter, it happens in front of her own mother...

As Monday was the Teacher's Day, Nur Salina has been actually asking her mom to buy two brooches, one for her Ustazah at Sekolah Agama and another one for her teacher in the ordinary primary school.

One of the brooches was still in her pocket near chest when she was crossing the road. Her mom wanted to help her crossing the road but she herself wanted to join her another few friends crossing the road as well.

All the other cars has stopped to make way for the children to cross the road but there was a long truck from the opposite way which was madly fast driven rushing towards the children crossing the road.

All the other children survived but her. She was knocked but she was still alive and as her stagger to get on her feet and try to make a move, she was hit again by the rear tyres of the long truck, as this was told by the Traffic Guard of the school.

I was so touched, and I can't imagine what was her mother thinking when all of these happens in front of her own eyes.

But, I'm imagining that I'm Nur Salina, I was first hit by the truck, alive and..

The moment when she thought that she was still alive and she hoped to survive has made her try to run for her life but another hit denied the hope...

And I wonder what was in her mind just before she was hit and the tyres were all running over her tiny body.


May Allah bless her, and her mom, whom is now suffering of losing such a lovely pretty loving daughter.

I have a little sister, Farah and with tears, I pray to god to protect her from anything that would harm her.

And protect all the people I love...


Links to the news... a must read!

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