October 30, 2006

Jual Lombu (Ep. 2)

Classification :: Personal

The balance of the previous day's sales was brought forward to the next day. On the next day, I opened the stall at Bandar Baru Uda, and this time, I had two cattles down. We woke up quite late but luckily i just have to take the slaughtered cattles from the slaughter house near Kempas, JB.

As we started business at around 7.30, it was quite slow as I notice there were 3 more same stalls; selling meat! The business was quite smooth at around 9AM when most people came and buy meat from us. They were also people complaining other stalls were selling higher that the price we were selling.

Well, as they were so many competitors around, we did not manage to finish everything by the closing time. We have to close early by the way, as we're going back to Melaka.

So that day, we had more and more interesting conversations.

Incident 1.

Pakcik Selekeh : Aku nak beli kaki. Berapa reganya?
Me : Pasar jual RM10. Standard RM8. Kalau pakcik nak, RM30 saya lepas (because there were 4 foot all)
Pakcik Selekeh : Tak boleh.
Me : 28?
Pakcik Selekeh : Tak boleh.
Me : 25?
Pakcik Selekeh : Tak boleh.
Me : 24?
Pakcik Selekeh : Mahal giler. Kedai depan tu jual kat aku RM3 sebatang. (Tah ye tah tidak)
Me : Oh yeke. Kalau macam tu, pakcik belilah di kedai depan tu. Saya tak boleh jual rendah2 macam tu.
Pakcik Selekeh : Takpe takpe. (Went away in anger and never came back. I saw him went to the other stalls and walk away without getting any.)

Incident 2

I saw one auntie coming out from a latest brand new mercedesz, with the latest plate number which I could say a 'Mercedesz Raya'. She approached us and asking me about the Batang Pinang part. I told her that we were shortage of batang pinang and we may have less than a kilogram. She wanted all of them and asked me to weigh it. It was 600g and i packed it and tell her price.

Makcik Kedekut : Berapa harga sekilo?
Me : Standardlah makcik, orang jual RM23 sekilo.
Makcik Kedekut : Oiiiiiiii.. mahalnya. makcik beli RM17 je sekilo kat kedai depan tu.
Me : Yeke makcik. Kedai depan tu bukak lagi tak?
Makcik Kedekut : err.. err.. dah tutup agaknya. tadi makcik beli sekilo. nak goreng mee. pastu tak cukup ni nak tambah lagi. murah la sikit. RM18 ke sekilo.

Me slowly walked away from the counter. I was a lil pissed off as I know she made up the price hype. There were even people selling at the price of RM30 per kg.

Makcik Kedekut : (talking to the person at the counter) Makcik taknak. cancellah. Makcik nak tulang selangka. Ada lagi tak?
Aliazak : Ada. Makcik nak banyak mana?
Makcik kedekut : Bagilah 2 batang. Berapa sekilo?
Afiq : RM14 sekilo.
Makcik Kedekut : Ishh.. mahalnya.. bagi makcik RM12 lah. Cepat sikit boleh tak?
Afiq : Cepat boleh.. harga RM14 jugak makcik. Semua orang beli harga RM14.
Makcik Kedekut : Takpelah.. cepat sikit yer. anak menantu makcik dah tunggu dalam kereta tu. (I gave a signage to aliazak to stop doing everyone else's oorder and give priority to this stingy old lady)
Pakcik Mustafa (my neighbour) : Ala, anak menantu takkan tak boleh tunggu kejap. Mak mertua nak beli daging.
Makcik kedekut : Anak dah tunggu kat rumah nak keluar. Ni yang nak cepat ni. Dah siap ke belum?
Aliazak : Kejap makcik kejap.
Makcik kedekut : Takpelah. Makcik tak jadi lah amik tulang. Berapa harga daging ni?
Me : RM15 (a lil bit up from RM23 to Rm25 per kg)
Makcik Kedekut : Nah amik ni.
Me : Tulang makcik? Dah siap dah tu. Tinggal bungkus aje.
Makcik : X payah! Makcik balik dulu.
Me and everyone : ?????????????????????????????????????????????

Incident 3.

A group of people who I believed singaporeans dropped by and asked our price. They almost dropped their jaw when they heard our super low price!

Abang singapore : Apa RM17 je? Gila kena tipu aku ni. mementang aku orang singapore dia jual kat aku RM22 sekilo.
Me : Abang nak masak apa bang? Berapa kilo abang dah beli?
Abang singapore : Ingat nak masak rendang la. abang dah beli 4 kilo.
Me : Oh kalau nak buat rendang kena guna daging ni. NI cun punya daging bang. Kalau buat rendang memang sedap.
Abang singapore : Daging apa tu
Me : Daging peha. Confirm best buat rendang.
Abang singapore : dah ada 4 kilo?
Me : 4 kilo je bang? Mana cukup. 4 kilo kalau dah masak baru jadi sekilo setengah. Tengok family abang ni (while me staring at everyone in the car), mana cukup. kena beli lagi kurang2 5 kilo lagi baru ok.
Abang singapore : boleh lah. bagi 6 kilo. berapa harga?
Me : RM102. Abang punya pasal, saya bagi RM100 dah la.
Abang singapore : Eh! Murah nar? Nanti abang suruh kawan2 datang sini.

Incident 4

Pakcik Zakat : Hallamak! Menyesal la aku...!
Me : Pakcik, relax.. kenapa menyesal pakcik.
Pakcik Zakat : Tadi aku bayar zakat, keluar2 majid terus nampak itu jual daging punya tempat. Aku terus beli. Kat sana RM20 sekilo. Sini baru RM17. rugi aku rugi.
Me : Tambah la lagi daging. Hehehe.. murah murah..
Pakcik Zakat : Apsal murah. Kau curik lembu ke?
Me : Astaghfirullah al ajim.

Incident 5

By 2PM, we're already slowing down and as to clear off the stock, I decided to lower the price down so that it can sell much easier. Then, came a lady in a proton satria.

Kakak Satria : Eh dik, berapa harganya daging ni?
Me : Sekarang ni dah turun harga. Hanya RM15 je sekilo.
Kakak Satria : Eh murah betul. Apa korang jual daging busuk ke?
Me : Taklah, dah petang kak. Saje nak bagi clear stock. Kalau akak nak RM17 punya harga, saya boleh bagi hehehe.
Kakak Satria : Oklah, bagi akak 2 kilo. Paru2 ada?
Me : Ala kak, kalau nak paru2 kena la datang awal. Tinggal hati dengan jantung aje.
Kakak Satria : Takmau la..
Me : Ala kak, amik jantung la kak. Sedap! Kira cincai jela. Saya bagi RM5 je jantung besar ni.
Kakak Satria : Eh eh, murah betul. Macam tak percaya je..

So that was it. I may conclude that some rich people are actually more stingy than the normal people or even the poor one. Don't underestimate someone riding a bicycle. People driving a mercedesz not necessarily have cash in hand, and don't be surprised that they will bargain down to the unbelievable price.

At around 5, we wrapped up everything, and we only made the move back to Melaka at around 8.10PM. We didn't manage to catch the takbir raya. But I'm quite happy that I manage to learn something today.

When I pay the sales money to the owner of the cattle settlement, he said I'm being too kind at heart. To do this business, you have to be cold hearted. Sometimes we felt pity for people so easily and people took advantage over that.

Haha, I would say, I would have more profit if I'm such a cold hearted person, but I just can't. I'd rather let people be happy then!

I would be happy too.

* all the names are the name i gave to them, for easy referencing.

October 26, 2006

Jual Lombu (Ep.1)

Classification :: Personal story

I'm gonna do it with my two cousins, Afiq and Aliazak, and a neighbour's son, also named Afiq. So we have big Afiq and small Afiq.

Yeah, I've been busy since the October 20th. I was asked to do this and that, and even to carry my sister's new bed on my Frontier from Kulai to JB. Then I've gotta be sending my brother in Russia's parcel by DHL (walla the charges was like sky high).

The next saturday morning, I was forced to get up early as some people offered to give me a big chopping board. Then, I went to the farm to get to know what was going on. Later at night, another cousin arrived and we surveyed for the area to do the business the next day. We decided, it's gonna be the EXTRA supermarket near Kg. Melayu.

As we woke up really early in the next morning, I sent my cousins to the place and I rushed off to Pekan Nanas to get the cattle carcass. Then, I rushed off back to the place that we planned to sell the meat.

I arrived there at around 7.30 where there are actualy already customers waiting. They're all lucky as the carcass were still warm.

Well, this post is actually intended to publish a few funny/fishy incidents during the day I sold the meat to the public. The dialogue is gonna be in Malay!

Incident 1.

Indon : Saya mahu daging sekilo, urat setengah kilo.
Me : Err urat? (whispering to Ali azak) Urat yang mana satu?
Aliazak : Ni yang den lomah ni....

We end up giving the guy things that I my self do not have any idea what was that.

Incident 2.

Akak Cun : Akak nak jantung boleh?
Me : Eh boleh boleh, hati saya pun boleh hehehe :p. Afiq bagi jantung!
Akak Cun : (smiling)
Afiq Besar : Ok kak, semuanya RM10.
Akak Cun : Terima kasih.

Later, when I was cleaning the internal organs, I found the cow's heart. We have only one cow so how come we had two hearts?

Me : Oi! Ni ada jantung ni. Apa yang kau jual kat akak tu?
Afiq Besar : Entah. Dia pun main amik je.

Incident 3.

Makcik : Daging batang pinang berapa?
Me : RM25 sekilo makcik
Makcik : Makcik nak semua.
Me : Yay! Aliazak. Mana daging batang pinang yang dah diasingkan?
Aliazak : (Sambil bukak tudung besen) Alamak dah hilang.. mano poie eh tah...
Me : ???????????????

Incident 4.

One uncle had come earlier and had talks and jokes with me. Later he asked;

Pakcik Tua : Berapa harga daging ni?
Me : RM17 sekilo pakcik. Pakcik nak berapa kilo?
Pakcik Tua : Err daging lembut ada?
Me : Daging lembut? Eh, gigi pakcik kan penuh lagi? Takkan nak daging lembut kot?
Pakcik Tua : Eh Power lagi ni. Keras lagi ni. Hahaha..
Me : Batang pinang takde. Err.. batang lain ada la..
Pakcik Tua : Batang apa?
Me : Batang pelir. hahahahaha!

Lucky me, he bought the batang pelir.. everything at RM10 only plus 5kg of meat.

Incident 5.

There was one very poor looking old man riding a bicycle approaches me and asked me the price.

Me : RM17 pakcik.
Poor looking old man : Mahal tu.
Me : Pakcik, ini memang harga pasar.
Poor looking old man : Takpela. Nanti pakcik datang lagi.
Me : Pakcik, takpe-takpe.. pakcik cakap aje berapa harga pakcik boleh bayar saya terima aje. (pity him ya know)
Poor looking old man : Takpe, pakcik nak jahit seluar dulu nanti pakcik datang balik.

Later, poor looking old man came back and wanted the softest part from the thigh. He wanted the meat to be sliced nicely as he wanted to make stew out of it. Then,

Poor looking old man : RM17 kan?
Me : Haah.
Poor looking old man : (took out his money from his pocket. I was shocked as he has bulks of RM100 notes tighten with a few rubber bands.)
Me : (cheh kaya rupanya orang tua ni. nasib baik aku tak sebut discount lagi)

* Of course it's gonna be the Ep.2 of Jual Lombu!

October 20, 2006

Road to Raya...

Classification :: Personal

Heh.. I'm pretty sure that most of us would still remember the song of the advertisement of 'Road to Wembley'.

Depsite my busy schedule, i tried my best to sit and surf blogs, especially friends. I'm really thankful that most people responded to my tag request. So for those who did the tag I would love to say


Now, we're again reaching the end of the month of Ramadhan, the month which I think I was blessed. Well, not everyone is blessed with good fortune and luck.

I have issues with friends who were borrowing money from me. I'm thankful that I'm in a quite good fortune that I don't really have to borrow for people to live. But some people they just borrow money to get extra things, unreachable with their very own earnings.

For those who were still owing me money, here's my advise :: "Pay me back or we'll settle this in the hereafter life. I will not ask anymore. As long as you were still owing money, all your good deeds will be hanging around without being taken into account by God."

Well that's it, maybe they're yet being able to pay but it's okay, but here is aobout a friend who is currently is his depressing emotional problems.

I have a very good looking friend who is now depressed of being cheated by his beloved wife. As I won't be mentioning his name here, the wife is pretty and lovely and healthy (and yummy nyum nyum). I was suprised that everytime that I saw them together, they were like loving couple. I was so jealous for everything he got, especially his wife.

I was wrong. She was good.

At acting.

That was actually how she seduced other males. My friend were only realizing her wife is in a prohibited affair with her own boss (in the government service) after one and a half years! After he found out, he was mad. He went to see shaman and the shaman said that the wife was treated with black magic. The stupid thing was, he told the wife that was seeing the shaman and she was just following the flow by admitting she felt different towards her husband and blaming the black magic thingy for what happened.

Since then, she promised not to have any kind of contact with the fella. Everything goes fine again.

Some people concluded, she's a gone case. My was still in sorrow, and just recently I've got some precious proofs (courtesy of friends from one of the main telco company) to get the wife's phone bill details, just to find out that she kept in touch with that idiot until today.

Tell me, who'll be happy to get to know such thing.

And earlier, I went to visit one of my workers, Hasim, which he was once appeared in the Bersamamu program in TV3. I was almost burst into tears seeing his family.

So poor.

I've been much much more busier as it's getting more towards the end of this month. I've been running here and there, catching up with a lot of things that has to be settled before raya. I pity myself for not being able to get a very good rest for myself. I woke up early in the morning, and only came back home at night, even sometimes 2-3 o'clock in the morning.

Well, I have to remind myself, there's a limit to everything and money is not everything.

But, I would love it more if I can remind myself to be thankful that I was still in side of the lucky people. Wake up Me! There's a lot of people out there that may not be as happy as I am, and people who is facing troubles, people who are poor.

Remind me and everyone in here, to help those people in hardships. No matter it's emotional, monetary or whatever.

Raya is the best time for us to do this. Like Taiko said, why not considering giving every kid an RM each. Eejay, my favourite kuih raya is my mom's Pineapple tart. Jojoe, I think it's not wise to read someone else's SMS, but as for me, I don't really mind. Sometimes, I do check on my sister's just for the sake of "I'm the brother and anything happen to her I'll be responsible". Well, Jojoe, that 'Mama aku sudah jadi kek' is the best laugh i had today!

Tip, you're right bro. Tag-mentagging is one of the way to be connected to each other. I felt that. I felt loved. Haha.. Thanx for that. Anyway Tip, I openly apologizing whatever I did to you while we're in the same house. Funny though. There's a lot to tell. I've to admit that I took a lil bit of your perfume back then. Elleh, the whole housemember did.

Tip, I'm sorry dude!

Lastly, I like to quote what Zetty wrote, something like this.

"Dah bayar zakat fitrah?"

* To all readers, Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir dan batin. Wish y'all good journey to your kampung. Drive carefully. Take care.

October 16, 2006

Tag :: 13 Questions...

Classification :: Tag.

Eh last Friday was Friday the 13th right?

These are just questions on our experiences during the Ramadhan till the day of Eid. I thought of this as I think everyone has their own good, bad, sad, and whatever moment during the Ramadhan and Raya. This is intended for muslim readers only but if non-muslim readers have their very own experience during Ramadhan, you're very welcome to do this. Maybe we can share something with each other through these question. You can do it in English or Malay.

1. How old are you when you started to fast?
(Berapakah umur anda ketika mula berpuasa?)

I guess 6, but i can remember I was fasting when I was 7.

2. Have u ever forgotten that you're fasting, and what have you done?
(Pernahkah anda terlupa yang anda berpuasa, dan apakah yang anda telah lakukan?)

I've forgotten that was the first day of puasa. I went driving up from JB to KL and as usual I dropped by the Senawang R&R to buy fruits. Without looking around, I took a honew dew and munched it all the way.

Suddenly the taukeh asked, "You tak puasa ka?" (You're not fasting today, are you?)

3. What you do like about Ramadhan?
(Apakah yang anda suka tentang ramadhan?)

I used to like the ambience when waking up for sahur. I also like to help my mom baking kuih. In my village, there's moreh (the provide food) after the tarawikh. I used to like going to the pasar Ramadhan. As people said, the moment when we sip our first drink during breakfast is the happiest moment ever.

4. What would you do if you really cannot stand fasting?
(Apakah yang akan anda lakukan jika anda benar2 tak tahan semasa berpuasa?)

Normally I'll play games. There was once I was working under the hot sun and I was really unable to hold, I stay in my car and sleep.

5. Any challenging activity during fasting, and how do you deal with it?
(Apakah aktiviti paling mencabar yang pernah dilakukan semasa bulan puasa dan bagaimana anda menghadapinya?)

Cooking dodol, traditional way. Normally we would start doing it early in the morning, as early as after the sahur or Subuh prayer. We started with machining the coconut and produce santan out of it the night before. After the subuh prayer, we started the fire and lay a big pan over it. Then we pour in the sugar, heat it like the caramel and slowly we put santan and tepung pulut together. What we do was just stir the big ladle in big motion. That was it all the way from morning till the evening, just nice before the fast breaking.

6. Any bad experience during Ramadhan?
(Sebarang pengalaman buruk sewaktu bulan Ramadhan?)

In school, I was caught sitting together with seniors who were not fasting and smoking. I was suspected not fasting. Most of them got the public canning in front of all students. Luckily, I just got my canning in front of all teachers. Hehe..

7. Have you ever face any kind of unforgettable moment with firecrackers/ fireworks?
(Pernahkah anda mengalami peristiwa yang tidak dapat dilupakan ketika bermain bunga api/mercun?)

Hmm, that time i was so small. I bought myself a firecrackers from the shop. My parents found out and doubted me that the firecrackers were safe to play. I don't know what was it called, but as my father lights it up, the firecrackers flew direct into his 'sarong' and burnt part of it.

After that, firecrackers were banned from us. But who knows, me and my brother's creativity outside of our house.

8. Have you ever did something that may void your fasting but you just ignored it?
(Pernahkah anda melakukan sesuatu yang membatalkan puasa tapi anda buat tak tahu sahaja?)

I thinkla, I pooped, and out of control, some of it goes back in (eeeuw). Some people said it voids the fast.

9. Have you ever been caught for not fasting?
(Pernahkah anda ditangkap kerana tidak berpuasa?)


10. How does Ramadhan effect your body weight?
(Bagaimana Ramadhan mempengaruhi keberatan tubuh anda?)

Depends on the diet. I used to lose weight about 9 kg in 2004, but i gained about 3 kg last year. This year? It seems like i'm gonna lose weight.

11. Do you like getting duit raya? What was the most amount you've ever got?
Adakah anda suka duit raya? Berapa jumlah terbanyak pernah anda dapat?)

Of course I do. I think in 2003, that was the most ever I've got. I collected almost RM2k. Well, the secrect was, the more you give, the more your get, but currently, no one else is giving me duit raya anymore.

12. Which Eid was the worst for you?
(Raya yang mana satukah yang terburuk untuk anda?)

When I was in form 2. That was the night before the Eid. We were going takbir from house to house. I was riding a motorbike without the headlamp with a friend, JOE. We were about to reach my granma's house when I suddenly felt my body was being thrashed down the road. Actually, we just hit a cow. We were sent to the hospital straight away. The next day, I was alone at home.

13. Have u ever got diarrhea during eid?
(Pernah tak cirit birit masa raya?)

There was once I didn't make it to the toilet back in 199_. Hehehe.

There goes my baju melayu. (and no one knows about it until today). My mom keep scolding me for not wearing my baju melayu.

* So that was it. I think it would sounds funnier if i do it in Malay but that part i leave it to you guys. I would love to see people like Taiko, Tip, Eejay, Jojoe, Zetty. Fina, Cik Pijah, Boogie, Diva, Azerque, Farok, Langsuir, Nadya, Abby, Ckin, Whitesand, Zianazone, Eqin, Nashrex and whoever who is reading my blog to do this. But it's all up to you.

October 14, 2006

Tagged by Boogie (Meme Take 5 Izham)

Classification :: TAG

1. Name 5 celebrities i would invite for my big party
  • Jessica Alba (I want her to sit on the throne like a queen)
  • Alicia Keys (I just wanna sit by her piano and listen to her)
  • Lindsay Lohan (I want her to be my date)
  • Antonio Banderas (My hero.. hahaha!)
  • Wan Norazlin (hahahahah! what do u think huh? astaghfirullah...)
2. Name 5 people I'd like to shake hand with
  • Osama bin Laden (if he really exist la)
  • Adolf Hitler (i adored his ability to make people listen to him)
  • Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad (i met him a few times but i never had the opportunity)
  • Eric Mongrain (I adored his guitar playing skills)
  • Leonardo Da Vinci (i wanted to know exactly what was behind the paintings)
3. Name 5 people with the sexiest butt
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Maria Sharapova
  • Nasha Aziz
  • Nur Fazura
  • J Lo?
4. Name 5 people that you'll probably wanted to take home on your date
  • Jessica Alba
  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Nur Fazura
  • Siti Nurhaliza
  • Hillary Duff
5. Name 5 people that I want to apologize for Eid ul-Fitri

Err seriously no idea..

So please do not hesitate to tag yourself..

October 13, 2006

Hazy Days..

Classification :: Weather, International Affairs, Complaint

It does sounds like a name of a song. Oh yeah I've forgotten that it's actually the Rainy Days of Mary J. Blige. Anyway, I like the Thugs Mansion of Tupac much better, and hei, I don't get it why you people love that Teriyaki Boys song. It does sounds funny though.

Well, the hazeful weather has caused a lot of problems, especially health problems. Some other people were having problems in the air, on the road or even on the ocean. People who were involved in accidents claimed that the hazy weather had caused driving ability to be limited by the short sight distance. This is one of the accident happened during the hazy season, just recently recorded with my N70.

Most people experiencing heavy cough and flue due to his weather. Luckily i've just done with ny heavy cough and flu weeks back, where I can't stop coughing, even when to speak to people. I'v almost forgotten how did I manage to go through the bad cough. As I can remember, I took a tablespoon royal jelly honey (which is white in color) every morning. Morning means, as I woke up from my night sleep la, even before going to bath.

Worse, some people claimed that the weather had caused them bad thirst that they cannot fast. Real bad ass. Anyhow, I could still see them smoking. So I do think that actually haze is good for them.

As I went in to the mangrove jungle few days back, the view was so bad that it's even hard to see the big ships coming in into the river of Pulai, the place where the Tanjung Pelepas Port (PTP) reside. I went in with Liz, Hamzah and Ketak (not in the picture)

This is picture taken opposite of PTP. The distance was just around 2-3 hundreds of meters but it's really hard to see them.

Just recently, my Nissan Frontier was having acceleration problem. I suspected problems like stucked fuel injectors, or fuel filters. It happened when the car was taking corners and the engine jerks like hell when it's accelerating, especially when the boost is about to pump in. I was thinking it might be the turbine as whenever the turbine is about to start,the car jerks.

As I went in to the Nissan service center, I was greeted nicely by the service guy there and as I was explaining the problem to him, another old fella come approching us and starting to look into my engine bay. Then as I was showing him the jerking act of the car when I was driving, he said,

"Ni mesti pasal jerebu ni. Engine saya pun rosak pasal jerebu...!" (It must be the haze. Problem of my engine was caused by the haze too...!)

We were like.. errr.. what?

Well actually, the diesel that I was using contains water. The filter has some water inside it and it caused the fuel line to be not smooth. So, my car is okay now. Hehe.

* Eh, have i told u that I'm driving a Nissan Frontier now?

October 11, 2006

Mosque is not for firecrackers.....

Classification :: Complaint, Rage

As we know, Ramadhan is the month where most of the moslems will try to do extra goodness for themselves. Giving money for charity, having open breakfasting session for people, going to the mosque for prayers, especially the Tarawikh prayers and so on.

So it was like something that almost everyone was doing, I went to the mosque and do the tarawikh. I tried not to miss it, as my house wasn't so far from the mosque. If I'm not going, I have this kind of guilty feeling inside me.

Well, as usual, during the first few days, the mosque was almost full. There were not less than 20 lines (or we call it saf). As days goes by, the number of people reduced by almost not more than half.

During the Isya' prayer, the local Imam will lead the prayers while the Tarawikh Prayers will be lead by the Tahfiz Students, who were specially invited to lead the prayers. Normally (actually everytime) I will stop at the 8th rakaat of the prayers, continue with my Witr and go home.

Me and my family came early to avoid having to park so faraway from the mosque. I'm worried if it rains, or the safety of my female family members; you know these days, bad guys are just at every single corner of this world. As I went through a few evenings, I don't think coming early to the mosque is a nice idea. After sometimes, I'll feel sleepy before, during and after the Isya' prayer. Why?

Of course, I dumped a lot of things into my tummy during the breakfasting session. Sitting a while in that mosque (oh yeah, Uda Mosque is fully air-conditioned) with that cold air, closing your eyes is heaven. Furthermore, the local Imam read long verses from the Qur'an. He even do things really slow. I always fell asleep in the prayers. As Isya' time started at around 8.05PM nowadays, it was such a waste when the Isya' prayer only ended at around 8.40PM.

Then, I decided to walk to the mosque at around 8.30PM so that it would be just nice before the Tarawikh prayer started. So I would just spend around 30-40 minutes before getting back home.

Well, after i started coming late, the situation at the mosque were terrifying me. Children treated the mosque like their own playground. At the back entrance, there is somekind of wide floored area where kids were playing 'Galah Panjang' there. At the upperstairs, children were playing run and chase, hide and seek, shouting, and worse, the girls were playing together.

I haven't even mention about how noisy these kids will get when people are praying. More wonders, there were bastards playing the firecrackers at the mosque surroundings; During the prayers!

Where do they got the firecrackers anyway? Where do they got the money to buy them, as far as I knew, the firecracker's price were suprisingly high. Like last time, I did tell you how I took the lighter of a fat kid who were playing the firecrackers.

Well, back to root, where were the parents?

Today, as I was rushing out of the mosque as I had an appointment with a partner for a meetup, I saw this one kid were throwing a firecracker to his friend, INSIDE THE MOSQUE!

As I reached there, there's already one guy were scolding the kid. I was myself a lil bit boiled up, I approached the kid and gave him a slight backhand slap at his face by asking him, WHAT ARE YOU DOING..? (like the nokia advertisement at the cinemas)

I think, he was panic by my appearance. As he kept his mouth shut, I threaten to take him to the police by pulling his hands towards the place I put my slippers. The kid started to cry by saying 'TAK NAK, TAK NAK, TAK NAK!!! (no, no, no)

The seized item.(barang rampasan)

As I let him off, I asked him where are the rest of his firecrackers. He took it out and I took 'em all, took it home and I tend to keep it as an evidence if the parents come looking for me. I'm gonna tell them what happened, and if they refused to listen, I will make a police report and charging the kid as possessing illegal items. And again, the parents will KENA!

Yeah, we have to be cruel to be kind.

Back the question initially, where are the parents when their kids were out of control? There a re no use if they came to the mosque to pray, but in the end, their kids behaviour distracting the other people to do their prayers.

I'm gonna suggest to a friend (who is working at the mosque) to actually detain the kids playing around at the mosque until the prayers end. The parents will need to claim their kids by paying some amount of money to the mosque.

At least, the mosque can make money out of it. Yalah, to pay the electricity bill (it's fully air-conditioned okay) and what not. OK or NOT?

October 6, 2006

Fresh meat from the farm....! (and the rear-see-pea)

Classification :: Advertisement, recipe.

Out of my boredomness, this idea popped out of my silly head, just to create an income opportunity for myself and people around; whoever want to work with me to cut and sell the meat. So far there were a few people interested.

So earlier today, I squeezed my head to create such a simple flyer, print it out, fotocopied it, get the mosque administrative people to approve and then I put all my flyers at the mosque, so people would be able to at least have a peek on it when they're going to the mosque for prayers.

It's going to be Raya so i guess people would be highly in need of meat, for rendang, soups or whatever.

Anyway, this offer is limited to people in JOHOR BAHRU only...!

Only in JOHOR BAHRU...!

So okay, since i'm trying to sell meat today, I think i'm gonna share a pretty simple meat based recipe, the turmeric fried beef (daging goreng kunyit).

Daging Goreng Kunyit

  • meat
  • turmeric powder (serbuk kunyit)
  • big onion (big sized)
  • 2-3 RHCP (red*hot*chilli*pepper)
  • oyster sauce
  • oil for frying.
  • spring onion.
First of all, the meat is to be chopped into small edible pieces, so that easier for us to consume. The smaller the better, as the smaller it goes, the less muching you would need. Sometimes, too much of munching is no good, especially those who used to munch a lot, people will say to him/her something like, "Kau ni asyik mengunyah aje, macam mana la tak boroi?" (no wonder you've a bloated tummy, munching non stop!!!)

Nyum nyum... then, pour in all the chopped meat into the frying pan. Using the minimum heat, the chopped meat is boiled to tender. Do you know how? You know or not? Hehehe. Use the fork and press it down of course. Depending on your taste, pick the tenderness that suits you. If you have a lot of old folks in you house, you might cosider boiling it for about 40 to 60 minutes, depending on the type of meat you're using. Ensure to water up the meat if it's drying up before it's really tender. Otherwise you might end up sending the choking old folks to the hospital, instead of going to the Solat Tarawikh.

* Make sure no one is around and not fasting, sneeking and stealing from your pan. At the end of the day, there'snothing left for you.

While waiting for meat to tender, slice the onions together with RHCP, and also the spring onions. Once it's tender, then pour in the cooking oil, and if possible, use the olive oil + garlic oil, just to give it the garlic taste without you having to deal with the garlic. As for me, the garlic scent will stick to my fingers for days! Fry the meat, and pour in a spoon or two of the turmeric powder. Depending on how you want it to be. Mix them well.

Of course, once the meat is starting to stick on the pan, put it the onions and RHCP. Mix them well again and pour in the oyster sauce. Mix, mix, mix, lastly you put in the chopped srping onions.

Good to be enjoyed with rice, fresh petai for ulam and iced syrup for berbuka puasa. Have fun!

October 4, 2006

Spice up your life.

Classification :: Motivation, Personal

Do you find life is boring sometimes?

I do. Most people do.

Not to mention only life. Some people also find that their love life is boring. The work is boring. The TV is boring. The car is boring. The boss bores to death. Even sometimes the friends are boring too.

But why boring?

Same non challenging routines? Same face to see everyday? No excitements? No surprises? Same place u go to hang out?

Creating excitements works well. Same goes to having new things, changing routines or doing something with random unexpected results.

As for me, even the same sports rim for the past 2 years is enough to create the boredom in me. Hehe. So the above is the original 5-lugs Type-R sports rim from Honda Integra DC2, just being fitted (or fit eh?) into my car last Friday :)

So.. share it with me. Tell me what bores you (in whatever) and how do u handle it..?

October 2, 2006

About Kambing...! (and a rare-sir-pee at the end of this entry)

Classification :: Business, Personal, Recipe

Kambing - Malay word for goat.

Eh, that's my fatherlah! Do you see something like a green strap around the neck of the goat? That's the tag!

The malays called sheep as 'Kambing' too, but with 'Biri-biri' at the end. So sheep is actually 'Kambing Biri-Biri' in Malay.

We also have some other men-species of Kambing like Shahnaz and Zaidee. Hehe.. :p

Today is Sunday so actually I've got nothing much to do, so I agreed to my father's offer to accompany him to the goat farm somewhere Pekan Nanas, near Pontian in Johor. He had just bought a few goats to startup with for his retirement.

We went there to actually put tags on all ten goats. We bought 10 meters length of rope, a few tag for key chain (like those tag when you're getting into the new house), a lighter and a pair of scissors.

As we arrived there, my father happily showed me all the ten goats he just bought. I don't know what to say but I would they look kinda graceful and healthy to me. As we get in to their square, I tried to catch them one by one to put on their tags.

Using my past experience to chase goats, but much easier this time, I tried to place my hands to their body but it seems that most of them were still frightened of us. After 1-2 catches, it was all about tricks. Simple tricks to learn.

There was once, as one of the goat were being tagged by me, there was a goat came to the goat that my father was holding and kissing it. They're surely love each other very much. Well, I'm not yet going to slaughter youlah! I'm just tagging!

All the 7 first goats were easy. The next 3 were not! I was even kicked at my thigh while holding them, and even one of them I had to hug it really tight just to ensure that it stays still and at the same time I was even trying to console it, to tell it that everything is gonna be okay, I'm not gonna hurt you. Hehehe..

Well, the last one had proven me that goats can also make miracles. When I was looking for the last one, all the other goats were sitting together covering it from my eyesight. The last goat were seen to be sitting at the bottom while the other goats were sitting around it.

Well, leave it to the expert (hehe). I managed to tag 'em all!

Then we get back home, waited for my sister, Ina to arrive from Seremban and wait for the berbuka puasa time. Taiko would also be coming to my house for the berbuka puasa.

I've also made a special dish today, my very own cincai Black Pepper Crab. Worth a try!


  1. Crabs of course
  2. Garlics (let say 4-5 pieces)
  3. Onions (small one, let say 4-5 units too)
  4. Big red chilli (hmm let say 2-3 pieces)
  5. Ginger (the young one, cut about an inch and a half, remove the outer skin)
  6. Cooking Oil for frying
  7. Grinded black pepper (you can use the black pepper sauce)
  8. Oyster Sauce
  9. Spring onions (just take the leaves, chop into pieces of size 1 cm each)
So first of all, deep fried all the crabs, leave it for 2 minutes for each round before you turn it upside down. While frying 'em, get all the garlics, onions, chilli and ginger into the blender and blend 'em all!

Once you done with frying, use the same oil you use to fry the crab to start frying the sauce. Ensure proper heat of oil, then pour in the blended items (the garlics, onions, chilli and ginger) into the frying pan. Before it gets scorched, pour in the black pepper together with the oyster sauce. Mix them well before putting in the deep fried crabs. Mix them all together and later pour in the chopped spring onions.

Done! Enjoy the meal! Questions (and maybe... comments :p) are very welcomed...!

We had quite a big berbuka puasa today. Taiko had 3 plates of rice. I had 2. My father had 3 too. Badly, Taiko is not a crab-eating expert.

And later, I took Taiko to do the Tarawikh Prayer to the Air-Conditioned mosque of Bandar Baru Uda.

On our way back walking home, we were a few times shocked by the sound of the firecrackers played by some fat kids. Eventually, when I was walking by the side of a Honda City, that fat kid has judt put all his firecrackers and a lighter on the bonnet of that car. Without asking, I took the lighter and keep it before i threw it off later.

PADAN MUKA KAU! Tak dapat main mercun! Memekak aje!

Then we went out for coffee (and sisha).

Afterall, I'm still with that 'Kambing' scent on me, especially the fingers!


* Eh guys, do you have any special recipe? I would like to try out something new.

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