March 29, 2005


12:30 :: Earthquake!

Again? Heard it on TV3, it was 8.7 on Richter scale. That was big, even not as big as the previous earthquake that caused the destructive Tsunami, it was still big. Our country which is not belong to the Earthquake and Volcanoes line, a few places was reported to feel the quake. My sister back in Kajang, who was studying in her apartment felt dizzy after the quake and all other people was rushing down to the land.

I was driving so fast on the highway, maybe I can't feel it at all!

7:30 :: A good friend of mine, Shahrul Fitri Abdul Hadi is now a father after his wife gave birth to a baby boy this morning.

He sent me a message, I'm already a papa, when is ur turn?


My Extended Weekend!!!

For the whole week, I can't wait for Saturday. I'm supposed to be going to Melaka to manage the new tenant of my house and then go up to KL, to see people i missed a lot!

I tend to finish my job quick on Saturday so that I can get moving to KL as soon as possible. I've made a few arrangement of a lotsa things, people to do biz, people I wanna see, so that this visit would be a full blown visit, no wasted time, I can enjoy the visit at its fullest!

I've been doing some extra side work, just to get more money to support myself to have joy in KL. I did collect boxes from the factories in the last Wednesday till Friday, together with my driver, Samsuri, we manage to get ourselves a sum of around RM400++ each. Well, I'm gonna spend it in KL.


Well, it's always didn't work as what I expected. Both my appointment was cancelled for an unacceptable reason! They've forgotten.

Should I be or should i not be mad?

Especially when they've really push me to come over to KL to see me and do things but when I reached there, they simply say, I've forgotten about it, sorry!


There're always other good people to see. First I took Azreena (now i'm spelling it right), a simple charming girl who I'd really love to go out with, for a late dinner in Chili's Mid Valley. If not that she's about to be having exam, I'm surely would ask her for a movie.

Sent her back, then I went for a coffee with Haza in Seri Kembangan. It was late then I went back to sleep!


Breakfast and long morning talk with Ija, one of the nicest girl on earth! Planned for Karaoke in KTV Bangsar with Hemsem, Cop, Farok, Romdzi and today, for the first time, my brother Iwan was in!

It was a long one, exactly 12.00 to 4.00, for around RM14.00 each, we enjoyed karaokeing + buffet lunch in a room! As usual! Then we go 'jalan-jalan' in Bukit Bintang, Sungai Wang. We played games, as usual, I would fancy Daytona and we're all there just to watch Iwan made the record of the day at the punching machine game!

Then we went Yong Tau Foo near Ampang Point! Then to Munir's house, I slept for a while there. Hemsem was having something going on with Munir. Then, sent 'em back and i went back home sleeping. It was early! 12.30!


Woke up really late, 11.30 and i straight away go to plaza pantai, just to try my luck for anyone that would be there. Washed my car, it was lousy and so dirty! Then we went for a movie in Mid Valley with Romdzi!

We watched HITCH! It was hillarious! I can't stop laughing and smiling. The movie was sweet! As sweet as a sugar. Will Smith was so so so sweet. So did the other actors inside there.

Watching Hitch was like reading a CLEO magazine for me. Now I know how.. hahahah! I'm so long not a PLAYER!

Then I had tea and long talk with Romdzi. And the day has been so long, and I actually had to go back to JB. Went to Ulu Klang and see Erein, to get my handphone back from her and then I fetch Kak Zi for a dinner.

Kak Zi, a gorgeous lady at the age of 32 with 4 kids. She looks like a 24/25 years old. She's a good friend of mine, just like a sister, as I myself don't have one. We spent our time with talks and talks. You know, I've been working so hard and have less talk, not like the days in EDS so now I just wanna talk, talk and talk!

Sent her back, and I drove myself back to JB. A very long 3 hours of driving. I departed at 10.30 from Desa Pandan (hei I was there the night before), 11.00 at the Kajang Toll (to save toll fees hehe), stopped twice for solat and refueling and i reached the key at my door around 1.30.

I was fast! Now i'm back working!

March 25, 2005

This is a real letter, i'm not making it up for fun, but it's a real letter being sent to my company regarding my request to buy some rubber wood from

This is a real letter, i'm not making it up for fun, but it's a real letter being sent to my company regarding my request to buy some rubber wood from them. Please read!


Company XXX Sdn. Bhd.




Thank you for your letter dated on the 23rd March 2005 regarding the above said matter. Kindly to infrom to our discusstion on the phone yesterday, we would like to inform you that our timber logs for rubber tree is grantee by (MTOB) Malaysian Timber Broad, that the timber is lasting for 2 weeks after the cut.

We here are supply timber logs wish is more then 40 years old and the daimeter is above then 10 incs, the rubber tree logs will be deliver in your sawmill as your request.


1) Diameters : Above 10 incs
2) Length XXX footsrun
3) Price XXXX per metric tonn


Back to back basis after the delivers.

We sincerely looking for your anknowledged and acceptance.


I hardly understand 'em, as they're translated directly from Malay to English. So many, it's so time-wasting to mark them with colors!

Spelling? A lot of mis spelled words..

When i first reveiced the faxed letter, i was trying really hard to figure out what was the sender trying to say.

Then I felt funny that most of the grammatical errors are caused by effect of direct translation from Bahasa Melayu to English.

Later, I felt proud, even though the sender's English was not that appropriate, the sender tried his best to reply our letter, which was initially sent in English. Even though we could simply say, if not in English, why not in Malay?

That's true, but if people wanted to try something new for themselves, why not we persuade them. I used to have BIG PROBLEM with english too.

I failed my 1119 paper....!


I should then reply, with a letter saying thank you. That is the most appropriate thing to be done.

* Promote English *

People and what they're doing now... (25-3-2005 9:30 AM)

Me :: Doing this


Abah :: Work / Ular
Mak :: Watching TV or reading newspapers
Ikhwan :: Busy working
Ina :: In the lab, doing experiments
Adik :: In the exam maybe..
Izzat :: In the library probably with his gf
Farah :: Schooling and blur blur blur...
Nenek Hulu :: Probably washing clothes
Nenek Hilir :: Lying on the bed, not feeling well
Mak Lang Hulu :: UMNO!
Pak Lang Hulu :: RIP
Mak Lang Hilir :: Round the kampung
Pak Lang Hilir :: RIP
Abg Man :: Ular
Pak Long Din :: Work / Ular
Mak Long Bibah :: Work Hard
Abg Fendi :: Ular
Hafiizh :: Work as cashier, no chance to ular
Hafiiqh :: Internship
Wani :: Schooling
Ati :: Probably schooling
Hakim :: Schooling
Arifah :: At home playing


Romdzi :: Ular
Wira :: Ular
Taiko :: Ular because her wife just gave birth
Eric :: Missing in Action at uptown hahaha
Lego :: Work and Ular
Hemsem :: Bz with meeting
Kimi :: MIA, bz with Majlis Perbandaran Seremban
Farok :: Sleeping maybe?
Bisu :: Ular
Gee :: Maybe ular? Or having breakfast
Telur :: MIA
Chili :: Ular
Rosli Talib :: Wandering around level 8-10 Menara Muamalat
Chang Ye-Yann :: RIP
Munir :: Chatting, Linux linux linux..
Langsuir :: just like Munir
Cop :: Blur blur, nothing much to do, waste time
Buddyholy :: MIA
Samsuri :: Driving
Rizal Bulat :: Surrounded by girls
Sultanmuzaffar :: Working or...?
Ikmal :: Busy.. yelah tu..
Badlisham :: Ular
Flash :: Batu pahat
Gjoule :: Bz with work
Muna :: MIA
Nyahche :: Ular
Pakcik :: Biggest Ular in Telekom
PittDin :: Ular
Robot :: Moving on LRT
Saieenan :: Sleeping @ home
Siput :: MIA
Bahar :: Just married
Zaidee :: MIA
Chote :: High on drugs
Penan :: In class
Fizam :: Just got baby!
Kerol :: Eating Grass (god of goat)
Fendi IBMS :: Online Game @ Ular
Elizany :: Biggest Ular @ TMRND
Shafarizan :: Ular
Botak :: Tired from Futsal
Ah Yap :: Ular
Syafique :: Just got a daughter!


Tasha :: In her wide body plane class
Ogy :: Sleeping
Azreena :: Bz, bz, bz, bz, bz.. no time to talk...
Abbylina Jolie :: Preparing for XM or in the XM.
Fiza :: She's not online @ YM @ Ular
Fixa :: Probably sleeping
Hasna :: Work? or Ular? Telekom people always ular.
Sheyna :: Work? or ular too?
Ermie :: Work, karaoke, makan, work.... Ular!
Toyon :: Ular
Noni Nik :: She had just found me!
Hazanita :: Just had breakfast
Ekin :: Hmm..... sad again?
Ailina :: In the office
Nur Aniza :: Working
Suzanne :: Ular
Tracy :: Ular
Kak Zi :: Preparing to come to KL
Kak Sid :: MIA
Amelia :: Probably at home, not working
Julie Chinoz :: At home, mad at me
Julie Elle :: Acting
Husniyah :: Pregnant
Ieda :: XM, XM
Ija :: in the office, doing work
Ila :: Online@Yahoo, just done with XMs.
Laila :: Working
Helena :: Still ni sarawak, her gramp passed away
Maisarah :: Missing in action
Manja :: XM, XM
Sazuan :: XM, XM
Mel :: Probably looking for new customers
Harliyan :: Blur, unemployed in one month time.
Itik :: Bz with kids
CTK :: Bz travelling, going to CT Nurhaliza concert. Jeles!
Voviana :: Teaching
Aisha :: XM, XM
Erein Shell :: BZ, BZ, BZ
Suzie :: Always sad, her BF MIA
Ayu :: Depressed, sleeping, crazy
Azmah :: Ular probably
Chot :: Sleeping

* Lemme know if u're not listed

March 23, 2005

New :: Maxis 75 PLAN!

It's not that i'm promoting, it's just that, i notice most of you people out there didn't read newspaper, or just ignore certain part of the advertisements in the papers.

First :: Why choose Maxis?

Maxis is the biggest community reaching 6.6 million users in Malaysia. It offers the most in number of services, voice, data, internet, gprs and so on.

Second :: Maxis quality of service

Bet you, if you dial 123 even at 3.30 o'clock in the morning and tend to talk to the operator, someone will pick up your call. Coverage of Maxis has grown all over the country, (except for my own kampung, which does not really matter, as I'd prefer not to be bothered when i'm in kampung). No doubt, people would say MAXIS is the best operator but it WAS expensive!! Maxis also offers better roaming service while going abroad!

Now :: Time for you to switch to MAXIS 75 plan!!

With Maxis 75 plan, (which comes out a few days after DIGI announced their Monthly-Fee Free package), you are no longer have to pay for the Monthly Access Fee which amounted RM60.

Additionally, all Maxis-Maxis call, no matter even if u call Johor from Kedah or Sabah from KL, it will be charged only 15 sen a minute flat for the whole country. Calling other operator will be charged flat 20 sen!

Normal rate was 30sen/min for peak time and 15sen/min for off peak, for local call. Outstation call was charged 1.50/min for peak and off peak was 75sen/min.

For SMS, maxis-maxis will be charge 5 sen, to other operator 15 sen and international 20 sen.

Normal rate was 10 sen for maxis-maxis, 20 sen for other operator and 50 sen for international.

It's best for those who their bills normally exceeds rm100 permonth, this is just a great saving! For me, I minus RM60 for fees and almost 65% of my call charges as I always make outstation calls!

Time for you to switch to Maxis, the best option available with the cheapest rate ever! I'm not promoting, but I'm just trying to help you guys to spend wiser and save more money for ur own! I can't wait for my next bill. Just switched my previous plan to this plan yesterday. Wah, I'm so excited about this!

PS :: Only in Malaysia!

March 22, 2005

The way life should be..

Back to seremban on the last weekend was a quick one. As usual, i'm quite reluctant to get back to JB after spending some time in Seremban, at least i can drive up to KL for something.

On the way to Seremban, there was a long truck crossed the whole highway of the other side, which caused the highway to be packed and jam. I was lucky, it was not at my side. I called Ija, which was on the way to JB to quit the highway at the Pedas/Linggi exit but she refuses as she guess everything will be okay. I doubt it but i just asked her to call me back if it's really jammed. But then, no one called till i went to sleep.

So the next day, as i arrived back in JB, i rushed to the office to settle a few things while I was away but without my knowledge, everything had been setlled. Kewl.

I called Ija, she had just woke up from her sleep as she told me she only arrived in JB at 8 o'clock this morning. Walla, she didn't want to bother me with her call. So she actually went passed the accident location at around 4 o'clock in the morning, which I called her at around 11 o'clock. That was such a very long time on the highway. Damn it!

Before i get ready to go out that nite, it was blackout. I was entertaining my little sister, Farah with Seether's Broken song. She liked it since I played it over and over in Seremban. Ija told me it was blackout too in her place, so nevermind, we'll just meet at the place she's going to be.

So we met at Stulang, she with her sister, her cousin and her friend, together with their Johor friend, a married man named Syukri. After i introduced myself, the funny part was when I told 'em that I'm staying in Apartment Persiaran Tanjung. They were staying in the same apartment.

A few days back, I've been asking Ija, where would she stay, she said, she would be staying in a condo somewhere near Kempas, but I can't recall any condo in Kempas, only nearby, which is the place I'm staying now.

I'm in Block D and they were in the block C. Funny!

After the dinner, Ija rode with me to the place near Yong Ming, as they tend to go to a disco. I'm a bit reluctant, but Ija assured me that everything's gonna be ok. As we arrived there, the disco stated,

"Kedai Minuman Stephanie"

It sounded like "Kedai Minuman Ah Seng" or "Kedai Kopi Raju" (Kedai = shop, Minuman = drink, so it's quite like a cafe, a restaurant or a kopitiam) but it's actually a disco.

Been inside, argh, it's a disco with a live band. The live band was quite okay, even though they played a lot of chinese song, I would say the sound system was excellent even if they sand badly, it would sound so nicely though. That means, hehe, they're not that okaylah!

Been inside, I hardly see any malays inside there. Mostly chinese. These quite horrifying me since there's a lot of police rushes in JB, especially to such places. I just prayed that this will end soon.

Got a table, situated at the end of the world inside it, I felt so humiliated with that, but anyway, I can still enjoy the football match between MU and other team, I can't remember it's name. After a while, there comes a few more girls, which means to be the sign for Ija and friends to leave, as I can see clearly, they haven't recovered from their fatigueness.

Drove them back home, but they insisted to see Danga Bay, I let them so. Walking out of my car with 4 eye-catching ladies was quite a boastful moment. Even the "White Horses" (traffic policemen) were looking at us, not to mention the people around, i felt like coming from MARS.

We had Dim Sum, Rojak and drinks b4 we went back. Funny, they just stayed nearby, I should have met them earlier.

That Sunday was my sleeping day. I went jogging again with my family. That nite, I went out with another friend from KL, Wan Rohana who visited her Gramp (taken from Ila giler). Refueled my car and fget back home and sleep.

So my father has taken my car to KL. I guess he must be enjoying the car's whatever inside, while I'm driving his Volkswagon (it's mine actually but he took it from me) around in JB, luckily it's equipped with the Air Conditioning, or else I would be dying of Equinox.

Indeed, yesterday was hot and I could see my hand is tanning badly. Not to mention my face, but Ija told me I'm not that tanned yet, so that would be fine.

This week, I would enjoy to come to work but, that old bugger has been quite kind to me, as I just followed everything. This week would have less buying and I would just rest in the office.

I'm planning for KL this weekend. haha. So before going to KL, I'm going to get used of going to town in the daytime.

Afterwards, I'm going window shopping, where? Maybe JB City Square..

I'm so free right now..


March 19, 2005

Ironic of stupidity and...

I've a brother.. he's just a year younger than me. After graduating from MMU (Last Year), he has been longing for job, and it's been nearly a year of him jobless...

My father, is a pretty straight and sometimes he tends to do stupid things for laugh too..

And my brother, has just got a job at Jaring, as a sales executive. By the way, he's also interested to be in the police squad.. (hmm i remembered someone told me she wanted to be a policewomen hehe.. )

So, as to get in the police squad, the applicants should get every important documents ready. My brother lost his birth certificate, but a compliment should be given to him as he manage to get it back in one day, which normal process would require 15-30 days.

He lost almost all of his certificates (this is stupidity), but he manage to get 'em back in his file.

And all of the certificates should be certified as true copy by a government officer. When everything is ready, he piled everything in a plastic bag and handed it to my father to be brought back to JB to be certified by one of his colleague.

Even there are so many certificates to be certified, the officer take his time to look at 'em one by one until he reached to a piece of paper, it does really looked like a certificate, with a border, and written in JAWI :

"Selawat ke atas Nabi Muhammad bla bla bla...."

in english : "salawat upon nabi muhammad bla bla bla"

It was not really a certificate, but it was a piece of paper with some information on it, so the officer asked my father whether he has to certify it or not, as father my father look at it, they laughs crazily at the office and my father just asked the officer to certify it.

It was when we're in Seremban today, my brother was getting everything to be orderly prepared. Then my mom was browsing through all the papers and when she saw the same thing, she showed it to everyone of us. I was laughing, spreading all over the floor, thinking of why my father let the officer to sign such a paper.

The best thing was, when i see a paper titled "Panduan Mengisi Borang Permohonan" (Guideline to fill in the application form) was also being certified as true copy.

March 18, 2005

Hehe, me blogging now..

I'm still topping the search for 'Izham' in google.

In Yahoo, search for izham return nothing of myself except for my Personal Information at advogato at 4th, search for 'izham blog' will return my blog at the second.

When the website was still being maintained by Amstek, search for Izham will return my articles from there.

But what will happen if you search for "Rosmanizam Dali" on google or yahoo.

They will only return result of my blog, and that's how a friend of her, inaz@haslinaz, contacted me to track her down and, they should be calling each other by now.

I'm proud of it.

About my work in here, haha, the partner that was pretty boiled up with me is still angry with me, for what reason, which I think asking for the reason of why he raised he voice over me has caused him to be supermad at me. I was asking him in a very nice way, but in return, he yelled and #$%^&* at me..

That's the reason why I was so sad, depressed, bla bla, and no mood either to write blog entries.

So i work as usual, for the past 4 days, i came to work and later got myself pissed off by the anooying lectures, and get back to work, with a blur and unhappy face, even my lorry driver, Ah Sam, noticed about it, but he just asked me to 'buat bodo'.

Today's different. I come to the office, settle all the office thingy, and as usual for this week, i was 'annoyed' again by him and later get check for the payments. Went to the bank, and get back to office, but this time, he started to talk nicely, maybe i'm too soft on him but i think everybody whould be given a chance, he thinks he's giving me a chance to prove, (i proved i'm good, it's just that i'm the kind who wouldn't listen to everything without asking)

I went to Tebrau, Senai, and Extra. Completed my registration to apply for Timber licenses.

And today I'm writing this blog. I really want to and miss it too. The fact was, i don't really have the time to write into my blog, even to go for jogging, i'm not able to spare my time for it.

So afterwards, I'm to jog! Bye2!!!!!!

March 15, 2005

I'm getting old fast..

My earth has not been movin' since the last 4 days (friday, saturday, sunday, monday, yeah 4 days). The humiliation resulting from what had happened to me is something like, what goes around comes around. I've been such a jerk for a very long time and i will ensure that i'm not gonna do the same thing again and again. I tend to repeat the same mistakes, over and over again.

Is it me? Turning to be over sensitive over things said, over the things happened, even on TV? I spent my whole after work time in front of the TV today, starting from watching the a family chinese movie on star movies, madeline on cinemax and then summerland on NTV7. The girl in the chinese movie were jst like my lil sister, Farah. She's wearing spectacles, the way she talk, the way she spoilt herself in front of everybody else. Ah, I miss her so much.

I was about to cry for joy when Madeline had done something really good for her small 12-student school. I shouted for joy when at last, the family af Ava the aunt, is becoming to be something kewl.

I'm just so sleepy now..... a sign of getting old too i guess....

March 10, 2005


Distant memories flooding in, i hate this feeling. It seems like no one would ever want to talk to me right now.

It was a miserable nite, as the whole shit has not gone any better. I disliked this feeling again. After so long, being worry is the first thing i would want to avoid.

I sang myself a few song, delighting my own heart to get to sleep. I really need a good rest, a whole day like a labour is tiring a lot.

Last nite i had a dream, i was in a school, schooling with all the people i love, together with their friends. I still remember faces of each of them in my dreams, how do they reacted on me, how they were smiling on me. The life was only around them.

Then I was with my brother, walking around, we were seeing and looking at other people and we had talks. The dream was so calm, as there is nothing to be worried of, u know, just being around the people you love will give you a sense of good feeling towards surroundings.

Suddenly i was awaken from my dream but i was awake in my sleep. I find myself in a sadness, with nobody around, not even my brother.

In fact, in my dream i was looking for someone.

Not there.

I was hoping that i could see that someone but i didn't.

Today, i woke up with anguish. What has gone wrong? I spite this palpability.

I'm just not being unfeigned to my so self today. I'm anemic and disabled so much. The ardor wasn't there too.

And I took rice too today. That would generalize why i am so tired today, despite of being heartsore and mournful.

I'm tired of this.. can someone help me...?

March 9, 2005

Great news of today (and pretty bad thing too)

Amazing, incredible, unbelievable!!!

Those are the words i spitted when i saw the news on the front page of the local newspapers.


Amazing Amalina: Extraordinary effort from an ordinary schoolgirl

That's the great news for today....

After so long, i'd been doing quarrelling and arguing over the phone. It's not easy when i'm trying to talk but the other side just put the phone off, and when i called back, it was just left rang without being answered.

I called Gee over this problem. It's been so long till i've no idea on how to handle it, even before, i was braindeadly handling it. It's my weakness, which i'm trying to overcome, from time to time.

I'm very bad at words I guess. Everything said seems to be so wrong.

The main thing is, i'd never had such kind of harsh interaction with the otherside. I was amazingly surprised with the behaviour, as i do believe i'm dealing with a much more matured human for the age of 21.

I'm worried of what would happen next. Not about the bond of the relationship but what would the otherside do, resulting out of the problem, the otherside is facing.

I slept with worries. I knew it when i put my left hand over my forehead.

Even though i smiled at 4 something in the morning when i read an sms saying sorry, and i knew that the otherside was also worried in case of i'm mad by sending a sorry sms again at 7.30, i'm much more worried.

I'm no good in understanding a lady by their talking, especially on the phone. I knew a woman like to be let go, but in certain circumstances, when i let her go their ways, i'm accused for ignoring and uncaring.

I know that there are certain limits of letting go and not to let go but it has not been clearly determined, yet.

March 8, 2005

A True Beautiful Mind i treasure....

One of the reason why sometimes I do think I shouldn't have gone to KL is because, I can't afford to see everyone. Had a lot of things to do. I would need a week break to see everyone in KL, ya know.. -sigh-

Just back from outing, sending forms here and there, paying the customers and lunch at home.

I was amazed, truly excited and grateful after reading someone's blog with a true beautiful mind, someone I knew very well, and I was laughing reading at 'em. It's really that person talking from the heart out to the mouth, as I used to hear from day to day.

I've to agree that our needs and desire judgemental become pickier, day to day.

And i just can't find anyone else, having a mind, as beautiful as that someone i know.

Kuala Lumpur..

An addition to the things around me ::

1. A friend who hit herself withan ashtray for having a boyfriend who was just blur!

I've been to KL again but what's the big deal?

It's because there's a lot of things in KL that i've been missing in JB.

All the things, my room, specialties, privilleges, chili's, ikan bakar tang ling, ikan bakar jalan kuchai lama, ikan bakar jalan bellamy near the national palace, hard rock and the most i missed, friends.

This time i've spent a lot with friends from my previous company, whom i'd been staying with for about more than a year, especialy elizany, fendi, shafarizan and my hard rock best mate, chili.

I missed chili's but i couldn't get a chance to be at one. So eventually, I was at last, finally, managed to be able to ask my favourite person to talk with, azrina, to go out with me for a lunch date yesterday. She's been so busy, she is as pretty as i could have imagined and see in the photos, but she was always thinking that she's fat, which i think she's really nice to see, and even to hold too! The most important, she had a nice attracting scent which i've been missing for so long.

I would say, she has nice dark skin.. and an eye-catcher. No one would ever miss the opportunity of looking at her when we're walking inside Alamanda, Putrajaya. You would have imagine how i was walking with a lot of pride, beside a lady who, even a makcik was looking at her without a blink of eyes!

In Alamanda, we've been to a restaurant, which is exactly trying to be chili's with all the menu are exactly the same, and the menu itself, is exactly like chili's Gosh! The positioning of the food list in the chili's are exactly the same. WOW!

But well, the food is not as good as what we can have in chili's. I've wasted about RM60++ for something that i can have better at chili's and Azrina just deserved a better place like chili's. We were talking about who the hell owned this place, with a mixed up of blurred theme. I was saying that it should be malay, not indian or chinese because it's really odd, and it does look like an odd job by a non-experienced people, non knowledgable people.

At last, the chinese owner appeared, and i just 'owh'ed..!

It was a sweet lunch moment, and I'm looking for another outing with her, she's a really nice gal, and worth to go out with, even to be my gf. And she's the friend I was mentioning up there.. haha..

Then I drove down to Seremban to see my Tasha.

While waiting for her, i was sitting on a cradle outside of her adopting family's house, i felt this sudden feeling, flashback towards my younger days in kampong, where there was a cradle under the tree of rambutans, calm weather, i swing and swing, and sing..

I used to stay with my granma, and sometimes when I missed my mom, i will sit on the swing and sang and even cried.

Yesterday, I could see the rubber leaves waving, blown by the wind, I could hear the sound of the leaves.


I actually missed my kampong with all the rambutan trees, which will drop a lot of dried leaves everyday and i will swipe them off the ground, put 'em in one place and burn 'em. I miss the smell of the burning leaves. I miss my wooden kampong house, it was old and ugly but it's good enough to be with it and be happy with my granma.

Now, it was all replaced with a new better house. I hate it. It's really hot when it comes to the night. I can't sleep well.

Then Tasha came and cut dead all my playbacks.


As she came, she was happily reporting about her passing moments of the driving test, I would have respected her for passing only doing it once, but she still payed the tester RM50. Well, at least she passed and I knew that she's gonna drive me around after this.

As a beautiful grown up lady, who would not be so eager, so excited to be around her, as she was telling about how she was surrounded by the people in JPJ after the test, asking her this and that, and the best part was when one of the officers told the other group of test passers, which mainly males, sorry because we had a nice lady here.. haha..

Walking in Seremban town with her is a really a face-smiling moments. I was not the only who noticed that she looks much prettier without her make ups by just wearing simple t-shirts and jeans. It woken up everyone in that Bus Station when we are about to go to Dunkin Donuts. I saw a gal hit her boy's head when he turned his head to look at her.

Went back home, i dd my solat and we had a long talk at the cradle again. She's been so worried of her spending habits and she sounded a bit relieved as I assure to help her in anything she's having problem with. I think I've to. We talked till her adopting mom comes out and i had another long talk with auntie, about things happened here and there, about her biz and we might be doing a joint biz later.

I drove home, from Seremban to JB for about 2 and a half hours. Besides doing tuning tests of my car and really pushing the car to the limit, i wasted fuel too. Full in seremban and i used nearly 3/4 of the tank when I reached JB. So bad the speed cut is still there, and I can't see how fast my car can go as it keeps jerking when it exceeds 180 km/h.

How could my father drove from JB to Seremban in an hour? I'm just still wondering.......

March 5, 2005

A funny illogical meant-to-be-touching story...

A girl asked a guy if he thought she was pretty, he

She asked him if he would want to be with her forever.... and he said no.

She asked him if he liked her .... he said no

She then asked him if she were to leave would he
cry, and once again he replied with a no.

She had heard enough. As she walked away, tears
streaming down her face, the boy grabbed her arm
and said....

You're not pretty, you're beautiful.

I dont want to be with you forever I NEED to be with
you forever.


And I wouldnt cry if you walked away...I'd die


It was supposed to be touching at first but there are a few argueable things there..

Pretty - Pleasing or attractive in a graceful or delicate way. See Synonyms at beautiful.
Beautiful - Having qualities that delight the senses, especially the sense of sight.

What's the different between beautiful and pretty. It depends on the eyes of the beholder. English is my non native, maybe it was like comel or cantik or lawa in malay.

Even though both have different meanings, why didn't the boy just tell her, u're not pretty but u're beautiful at the first place

He doesn't want but need to be with her forever because he doesn't have anyone else yet. The girl is so stupid if she took that. It's logical!

He doesn't like her but she loves her? That's the most idiotic things i've ever heard. Do u hate someone u love? Maybe, ur father or ur mom. But I love them both and liked them what ever they did. That boy is just being ridiculously trying to be sweet in a stupid way!

If she chose to leave, I would choose to walk away too. What's the use of forcing someone to love you if he/she doesn't love you. Life must go on. Why die?

In simple words, save all her wasteful tears u stupid boy!

March 4, 2005

Eyesore, why today?

It's been so long without the eye sore. Not to say i miss it but i hate it. It just happened that for the past 2 days, i had to cancel jogging because it was raining.

Wednesday night, my father mad at me for a small reason, i ate up the balance of the Farah's chocolate.

On which hurt me so much, i think i'm just getting older. Getting to be more sensitive, but I can just smile when my mom scolded me. Why?

Yesterday, i took rice for the first time after 5 days, the last time i eat rice was on the last Saturday when I attended Baha's wedding. It was Nasi Goreng Pattaya.

Last nite, we went out for dinner. I know my father cannot stand eating fibres, everyday. Last nite, he ordered nan with chicken tandoori, chapati, rojak..

And today, I've got an eyesore. Holy f*ck!

Happenings around me ::

1 :: A friend is battling with problem of two of her family members is now hospitalized.
2 :: Another friend is having a low self-esteem problem, which she is so scared to send an ice-breaker sms to her crush.
3 :: Another friend has just broke off with her boyfriend.
4 :: Another friend left her boyfriend after he was caught red handed kissing with another girl in a car.
5 :: Another friend is now high with love, but she's trying to test whether the guy is falling for her too.
6 :: Another friend, who is engaged for 4 years, is struggling to maintain the relationship.
7 :: Another friend is paranoia for nothing, who had just settled her C++ problem when she smsed me last nite.
8 :: I've a friend who is now considering in every aspects to be a Moslem. Her intention was since her schooltime and now she's trying to put it into paper and realize it.
9 :: A friend who was trying to get back to KL from Genting at nite just because of her friend quarrelled with the bf. I managed to persuade her not to as it's too dangerous, and she has no driving license!
10 :: A friend who admitted she gonna get married this June
11 :: Another who's gonna get married next week.
12 :: A friend who thanxed me gratefully for accompanying his and his wife visit to JB during Baha's marriage.
13 :: An ex boss who is in singapore, who always not forgetting me. Always. Wish Ye-Yann is there too, surely they'll come visit me in JB.
14 :: A lovely friend who went back to Alor Setar after her visit to Singapore and keep updating me where she is, haha...!
15 :: A crazy friend who is willing to take a day leave and come to JB just to experience driving a forklift. This is really crazy!!!

It's really hard to get new friends at a new place.

March 3, 2005

A celebration that made me stranded in JB's traffic..!

On the last Tuesday Night, I was home quite late, which caused me to go jog after the prayer, only to get back home during the Isya's Azan. Then I asked Ikhwan to drive me to town in order for me pay all my debts and bank in some money into my account.

Moving around in JB, even at night would be miserable if there's no one to accompany. I was going to Citibank, which is one of its 3 branches in Malaysia. As in any Citibank branches, as it's having the 24 hours banking facilities, it was always flooded with people almost everytime.

What the heck happened to me was :: It was quite a long and time-consuming queue. When it comes to be my turn to use the machine, the machine went wrong and the officer there just simply put a notice, THIS MACHINE IS OUT OF ORDER.

Cow shit!

Then I've to do another queue, while Tasha SMSing me telling that she's having dinner in JB, and I was trying to maybe join in but later on she didn't pick up my call. As usual, she is maybe busy easting like a vampire, or the surroundings was too noisy.

Done in Citibank, we moved out of the place, and I was trying to plan carefully with the possible traffic congestions all over JB for the reason I was figuring out.

But, my brother has mistakenly taken the wrong lane and we're into a slow-moving traffic and...

There was a huge parade! No wonder there were a lot of cars parking everywhere as if the road is their father's.

After a wasted 45 minutes in the Citibank, then I was stranded in a traffic jam, ridiculously at night! Figured out to get the way out of the traffic jams, we headed to HSBC in the middle of the town, but out of Jalan Air Molek, the traffic was moving slowly again, as it was figured out that a few cars parked by a narrow end of the roadside. Such an *ssh*le!!!!

I passed by a car and asked please do not park, as her companion's car is still there behind a car parked at the roadside of the narrow road's end. She referred to the car in front by not admitting her car is there too and causing the traffic jams! What a Malaysian!!!

My brother drove through the first car and our left side mirror had a small clash with the next car and again I wind down my screen and without being asked, a traffic cop there smiling and saying,

"Ok ok, I've put a summonse at this car"

"Brother, just tow this car away laaaaaaaaaa", wondering to myself where's the MBJB at this hour of time, while they were busy towing cars and motorbikes that were not directly effect the moving traffic during the daytime.

Madly I replied to him and we drove off to HSBC. The traffic was not that bad, I asked my brother to leave me by the roadside and asked him drive around. Business in HSBC was fast, then we drove back towards Skudai, banked in some money and go for Satay Warisan Wak Radol, no wonder they picked the Wak Radol's name, out of nowhere, maybe they just created it.

March 1, 2005

The police chased me?

Hahaha.. I was just laughing when it comes to my mind.

For the first time in my life, the police chased me all the way, for about 4-5 kilometers, and I did not realize it at all!

I'm always driving like a maniac, all the time, but this time with a purpose; i wanted to go back as soon as possible as it's already 6++ pm so I've gotta rush for prayers and jogging.

I was vtec'ing all the way, from the skudai highway, i turned left to Taman Impian Emas as the traffic is much lighter so i can speed all the way.

Without my knowledge, a radio car followed me, but out of my curiosity, if happen they chased me, they should put the siren on. That's why i was just driving as fast as possible, as usual, haha.. so i can get back home on as soon as possible.

Then I turned to Kempas, and drive slowly as the traffic was heavy there. My stereo was so loud so I was busy singing the songs.

When the traffic is a bit ease, i sped up, which suddenly I noticed lights flashing behind me, so i think the car wants a pass so i moved to the right but it was a radio car and they asked me to pull over..

I told myself, wah, this is big, what's my fault now? Speeding?

I switched off the radio, and get out of the car. Both officers came out and asking why am I so fast? they asked whose car was I driving too?

I told them, I'm rushing for prayers and i'm out to jog later on, and it is my car. They asked for my ID and license. I've added that the dirts was all over my body and need a clean up, and it really takes time.

"U better tell me, do u hide anything from us? Do u take any 'thing' with you?"

"No I don't."

"U were from Taman Impian Emas right? We saw u speeding like mad."

"Yeah, I need to be home early. I was from Taman U, paying my customers."

"So where do u work?"

I told them what am I doing, where is the office and so on. One of the office get into my car and started to search in my car and asking me to be tellong them frankly if I really had hide anything in my car. I said negative.

"U better tell me, if u have anything or I'll check your car thoroughly!!!!" he tried to threaten me.

At this moment, i thought that he was thinking that i might be taking illegal things with me, like drugs, or stolen things or whatsoever.

"It's your call, if u think u have to, please do so"

"Alright, open your trunk"

They search all over my trunk and asking about the absorber in my car? In my mind, why do I have to be asked about my own things? I look like a stupid joker standing by the roadside and I heard a voice from one of the passing car saying, "the police must be looking for drug or something..."

Dammit, I knew it then. Then i watched them as to worry if they are going to frame me up. But then nothing was found, and I do think they are not going to frame me unless to get some 'ang-pow' for any wrong thing i'm doing. I can see it obviously then.

They said ok and allowed me to leave. We shaked hands and I say sorry and thanx.

Well, I'm quite embarassed with the incident (with all the people passing by), but it was still okay, as I was not to be framed up.

Caution to people out there ::

1. When u're facing this kind of situation, you have to be very careful, kewl, calm and relaxed. Please check if they are a real police or not. In my case, they were in the radio car, so it's okay.

2. U might be framed for having drugs or what ever. This was once happened to one of my friend, who used to be in street racing, he wasn't trafficking any drugs but in a road block, the police stopped him and made a search to his bike and suddenly found a few tubes of drugs. Instead af being alleged in street racing, he was now suspected for having drugs with him.

By the way, he fought and he won the trial. His urine test was negative. He was asked by the lawyer, before the raid was carried out by the police, has he checked out their hands? He didn't so y'all, be careful, do not let the police simply raid your car and claiming to find drugs in your car. It's in your hands..

Well, I just wonder, where does the police got the drugs to frame the folks?

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