March 25, 2005

People and what they're doing now... (25-3-2005 9:30 AM)

Me :: Doing this


Abah :: Work / Ular
Mak :: Watching TV or reading newspapers
Ikhwan :: Busy working
Ina :: In the lab, doing experiments
Adik :: In the exam maybe..
Izzat :: In the library probably with his gf
Farah :: Schooling and blur blur blur...
Nenek Hulu :: Probably washing clothes
Nenek Hilir :: Lying on the bed, not feeling well
Mak Lang Hulu :: UMNO!
Pak Lang Hulu :: RIP
Mak Lang Hilir :: Round the kampung
Pak Lang Hilir :: RIP
Abg Man :: Ular
Pak Long Din :: Work / Ular
Mak Long Bibah :: Work Hard
Abg Fendi :: Ular
Hafiizh :: Work as cashier, no chance to ular
Hafiiqh :: Internship
Wani :: Schooling
Ati :: Probably schooling
Hakim :: Schooling
Arifah :: At home playing


Romdzi :: Ular
Wira :: Ular
Taiko :: Ular because her wife just gave birth
Eric :: Missing in Action at uptown hahaha
Lego :: Work and Ular
Hemsem :: Bz with meeting
Kimi :: MIA, bz with Majlis Perbandaran Seremban
Farok :: Sleeping maybe?
Bisu :: Ular
Gee :: Maybe ular? Or having breakfast
Telur :: MIA
Chili :: Ular
Rosli Talib :: Wandering around level 8-10 Menara Muamalat
Chang Ye-Yann :: RIP
Munir :: Chatting, Linux linux linux..
Langsuir :: just like Munir
Cop :: Blur blur, nothing much to do, waste time
Buddyholy :: MIA
Samsuri :: Driving
Rizal Bulat :: Surrounded by girls
Sultanmuzaffar :: Working or...?
Ikmal :: Busy.. yelah tu..
Badlisham :: Ular
Flash :: Batu pahat
Gjoule :: Bz with work
Muna :: MIA
Nyahche :: Ular
Pakcik :: Biggest Ular in Telekom
PittDin :: Ular
Robot :: Moving on LRT
Saieenan :: Sleeping @ home
Siput :: MIA
Bahar :: Just married
Zaidee :: MIA
Chote :: High on drugs
Penan :: In class
Fizam :: Just got baby!
Kerol :: Eating Grass (god of goat)
Fendi IBMS :: Online Game @ Ular
Elizany :: Biggest Ular @ TMRND
Shafarizan :: Ular
Botak :: Tired from Futsal
Ah Yap :: Ular
Syafique :: Just got a daughter!


Tasha :: In her wide body plane class
Ogy :: Sleeping
Azreena :: Bz, bz, bz, bz, bz.. no time to talk...
Abbylina Jolie :: Preparing for XM or in the XM.
Fiza :: She's not online @ YM @ Ular
Fixa :: Probably sleeping
Hasna :: Work? or Ular? Telekom people always ular.
Sheyna :: Work? or ular too?
Ermie :: Work, karaoke, makan, work.... Ular!
Toyon :: Ular
Noni Nik :: She had just found me!
Hazanita :: Just had breakfast
Ekin :: Hmm..... sad again?
Ailina :: In the office
Nur Aniza :: Working
Suzanne :: Ular
Tracy :: Ular
Kak Zi :: Preparing to come to KL
Kak Sid :: MIA
Amelia :: Probably at home, not working
Julie Chinoz :: At home, mad at me
Julie Elle :: Acting
Husniyah :: Pregnant
Ieda :: XM, XM
Ija :: in the office, doing work
Ila :: Online@Yahoo, just done with XMs.
Laila :: Working
Helena :: Still ni sarawak, her gramp passed away
Maisarah :: Missing in action
Manja :: XM, XM
Sazuan :: XM, XM
Mel :: Probably looking for new customers
Harliyan :: Blur, unemployed in one month time.
Itik :: Bz with kids
CTK :: Bz travelling, going to CT Nurhaliza concert. Jeles!
Voviana :: Teaching
Aisha :: XM, XM
Erein Shell :: BZ, BZ, BZ
Suzie :: Always sad, her BF MIA
Ayu :: Depressed, sleeping, crazy
Azmah :: Ular probably
Chot :: Sleeping

* Lemme know if u're not listed

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