March 3, 2005

A celebration that made me stranded in JB's traffic..!

On the last Tuesday Night, I was home quite late, which caused me to go jog after the prayer, only to get back home during the Isya's Azan. Then I asked Ikhwan to drive me to town in order for me pay all my debts and bank in some money into my account.

Moving around in JB, even at night would be miserable if there's no one to accompany. I was going to Citibank, which is one of its 3 branches in Malaysia. As in any Citibank branches, as it's having the 24 hours banking facilities, it was always flooded with people almost everytime.

What the heck happened to me was :: It was quite a long and time-consuming queue. When it comes to be my turn to use the machine, the machine went wrong and the officer there just simply put a notice, THIS MACHINE IS OUT OF ORDER.

Cow shit!

Then I've to do another queue, while Tasha SMSing me telling that she's having dinner in JB, and I was trying to maybe join in but later on she didn't pick up my call. As usual, she is maybe busy easting like a vampire, or the surroundings was too noisy.

Done in Citibank, we moved out of the place, and I was trying to plan carefully with the possible traffic congestions all over JB for the reason I was figuring out.

But, my brother has mistakenly taken the wrong lane and we're into a slow-moving traffic and...

There was a huge parade! No wonder there were a lot of cars parking everywhere as if the road is their father's.

After a wasted 45 minutes in the Citibank, then I was stranded in a traffic jam, ridiculously at night! Figured out to get the way out of the traffic jams, we headed to HSBC in the middle of the town, but out of Jalan Air Molek, the traffic was moving slowly again, as it was figured out that a few cars parked by a narrow end of the roadside. Such an *ssh*le!!!!

I passed by a car and asked please do not park, as her companion's car is still there behind a car parked at the roadside of the narrow road's end. She referred to the car in front by not admitting her car is there too and causing the traffic jams! What a Malaysian!!!

My brother drove through the first car and our left side mirror had a small clash with the next car and again I wind down my screen and without being asked, a traffic cop there smiling and saying,

"Ok ok, I've put a summonse at this car"

"Brother, just tow this car away laaaaaaaaaa", wondering to myself where's the MBJB at this hour of time, while they were busy towing cars and motorbikes that were not directly effect the moving traffic during the daytime.

Madly I replied to him and we drove off to HSBC. The traffic was not that bad, I asked my brother to leave me by the roadside and asked him drive around. Business in HSBC was fast, then we drove back towards Skudai, banked in some money and go for Satay Warisan Wak Radol, no wonder they picked the Wak Radol's name, out of nowhere, maybe they just created it.

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