March 23, 2005

New :: Maxis 75 PLAN!

It's not that i'm promoting, it's just that, i notice most of you people out there didn't read newspaper, or just ignore certain part of the advertisements in the papers.

First :: Why choose Maxis?

Maxis is the biggest community reaching 6.6 million users in Malaysia. It offers the most in number of services, voice, data, internet, gprs and so on.

Second :: Maxis quality of service

Bet you, if you dial 123 even at 3.30 o'clock in the morning and tend to talk to the operator, someone will pick up your call. Coverage of Maxis has grown all over the country, (except for my own kampung, which does not really matter, as I'd prefer not to be bothered when i'm in kampung). No doubt, people would say MAXIS is the best operator but it WAS expensive!! Maxis also offers better roaming service while going abroad!

Now :: Time for you to switch to MAXIS 75 plan!!

With Maxis 75 plan, (which comes out a few days after DIGI announced their Monthly-Fee Free package), you are no longer have to pay for the Monthly Access Fee which amounted RM60.

Additionally, all Maxis-Maxis call, no matter even if u call Johor from Kedah or Sabah from KL, it will be charged only 15 sen a minute flat for the whole country. Calling other operator will be charged flat 20 sen!

Normal rate was 30sen/min for peak time and 15sen/min for off peak, for local call. Outstation call was charged 1.50/min for peak and off peak was 75sen/min.

For SMS, maxis-maxis will be charge 5 sen, to other operator 15 sen and international 20 sen.

Normal rate was 10 sen for maxis-maxis, 20 sen for other operator and 50 sen for international.

It's best for those who their bills normally exceeds rm100 permonth, this is just a great saving! For me, I minus RM60 for fees and almost 65% of my call charges as I always make outstation calls!

Time for you to switch to Maxis, the best option available with the cheapest rate ever! I'm not promoting, but I'm just trying to help you guys to spend wiser and save more money for ur own! I can't wait for my next bill. Just switched my previous plan to this plan yesterday. Wah, I'm so excited about this!

PS :: Only in Malaysia!

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