March 22, 2005

The way life should be..

Back to seremban on the last weekend was a quick one. As usual, i'm quite reluctant to get back to JB after spending some time in Seremban, at least i can drive up to KL for something.

On the way to Seremban, there was a long truck crossed the whole highway of the other side, which caused the highway to be packed and jam. I was lucky, it was not at my side. I called Ija, which was on the way to JB to quit the highway at the Pedas/Linggi exit but she refuses as she guess everything will be okay. I doubt it but i just asked her to call me back if it's really jammed. But then, no one called till i went to sleep.

So the next day, as i arrived back in JB, i rushed to the office to settle a few things while I was away but without my knowledge, everything had been setlled. Kewl.

I called Ija, she had just woke up from her sleep as she told me she only arrived in JB at 8 o'clock this morning. Walla, she didn't want to bother me with her call. So she actually went passed the accident location at around 4 o'clock in the morning, which I called her at around 11 o'clock. That was such a very long time on the highway. Damn it!

Before i get ready to go out that nite, it was blackout. I was entertaining my little sister, Farah with Seether's Broken song. She liked it since I played it over and over in Seremban. Ija told me it was blackout too in her place, so nevermind, we'll just meet at the place she's going to be.

So we met at Stulang, she with her sister, her cousin and her friend, together with their Johor friend, a married man named Syukri. After i introduced myself, the funny part was when I told 'em that I'm staying in Apartment Persiaran Tanjung. They were staying in the same apartment.

A few days back, I've been asking Ija, where would she stay, she said, she would be staying in a condo somewhere near Kempas, but I can't recall any condo in Kempas, only nearby, which is the place I'm staying now.

I'm in Block D and they were in the block C. Funny!

After the dinner, Ija rode with me to the place near Yong Ming, as they tend to go to a disco. I'm a bit reluctant, but Ija assured me that everything's gonna be ok. As we arrived there, the disco stated,

"Kedai Minuman Stephanie"

It sounded like "Kedai Minuman Ah Seng" or "Kedai Kopi Raju" (Kedai = shop, Minuman = drink, so it's quite like a cafe, a restaurant or a kopitiam) but it's actually a disco.

Been inside, argh, it's a disco with a live band. The live band was quite okay, even though they played a lot of chinese song, I would say the sound system was excellent even if they sand badly, it would sound so nicely though. That means, hehe, they're not that okaylah!

Been inside, I hardly see any malays inside there. Mostly chinese. These quite horrifying me since there's a lot of police rushes in JB, especially to such places. I just prayed that this will end soon.

Got a table, situated at the end of the world inside it, I felt so humiliated with that, but anyway, I can still enjoy the football match between MU and other team, I can't remember it's name. After a while, there comes a few more girls, which means to be the sign for Ija and friends to leave, as I can see clearly, they haven't recovered from their fatigueness.

Drove them back home, but they insisted to see Danga Bay, I let them so. Walking out of my car with 4 eye-catching ladies was quite a boastful moment. Even the "White Horses" (traffic policemen) were looking at us, not to mention the people around, i felt like coming from MARS.

We had Dim Sum, Rojak and drinks b4 we went back. Funny, they just stayed nearby, I should have met them earlier.

That Sunday was my sleeping day. I went jogging again with my family. That nite, I went out with another friend from KL, Wan Rohana who visited her Gramp (taken from Ila giler). Refueled my car and fget back home and sleep.

So my father has taken my car to KL. I guess he must be enjoying the car's whatever inside, while I'm driving his Volkswagon (it's mine actually but he took it from me) around in JB, luckily it's equipped with the Air Conditioning, or else I would be dying of Equinox.

Indeed, yesterday was hot and I could see my hand is tanning badly. Not to mention my face, but Ija told me I'm not that tanned yet, so that would be fine.

This week, I would enjoy to come to work but, that old bugger has been quite kind to me, as I just followed everything. This week would have less buying and I would just rest in the office.

I'm planning for KL this weekend. haha. So before going to KL, I'm going to get used of going to town in the daytime.

Afterwards, I'm going window shopping, where? Maybe JB City Square..

I'm so free right now..


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