March 8, 2005

Kuala Lumpur..

An addition to the things around me ::

1. A friend who hit herself withan ashtray for having a boyfriend who was just blur!

I've been to KL again but what's the big deal?

It's because there's a lot of things in KL that i've been missing in JB.

All the things, my room, specialties, privilleges, chili's, ikan bakar tang ling, ikan bakar jalan kuchai lama, ikan bakar jalan bellamy near the national palace, hard rock and the most i missed, friends.

This time i've spent a lot with friends from my previous company, whom i'd been staying with for about more than a year, especialy elizany, fendi, shafarizan and my hard rock best mate, chili.

I missed chili's but i couldn't get a chance to be at one. So eventually, I was at last, finally, managed to be able to ask my favourite person to talk with, azrina, to go out with me for a lunch date yesterday. She's been so busy, she is as pretty as i could have imagined and see in the photos, but she was always thinking that she's fat, which i think she's really nice to see, and even to hold too! The most important, she had a nice attracting scent which i've been missing for so long.

I would say, she has nice dark skin.. and an eye-catcher. No one would ever miss the opportunity of looking at her when we're walking inside Alamanda, Putrajaya. You would have imagine how i was walking with a lot of pride, beside a lady who, even a makcik was looking at her without a blink of eyes!

In Alamanda, we've been to a restaurant, which is exactly trying to be chili's with all the menu are exactly the same, and the menu itself, is exactly like chili's Gosh! The positioning of the food list in the chili's are exactly the same. WOW!

But well, the food is not as good as what we can have in chili's. I've wasted about RM60++ for something that i can have better at chili's and Azrina just deserved a better place like chili's. We were talking about who the hell owned this place, with a mixed up of blurred theme. I was saying that it should be malay, not indian or chinese because it's really odd, and it does look like an odd job by a non-experienced people, non knowledgable people.

At last, the chinese owner appeared, and i just 'owh'ed..!

It was a sweet lunch moment, and I'm looking for another outing with her, she's a really nice gal, and worth to go out with, even to be my gf. And she's the friend I was mentioning up there.. haha..

Then I drove down to Seremban to see my Tasha.

While waiting for her, i was sitting on a cradle outside of her adopting family's house, i felt this sudden feeling, flashback towards my younger days in kampong, where there was a cradle under the tree of rambutans, calm weather, i swing and swing, and sing..

I used to stay with my granma, and sometimes when I missed my mom, i will sit on the swing and sang and even cried.

Yesterday, I could see the rubber leaves waving, blown by the wind, I could hear the sound of the leaves.


I actually missed my kampong with all the rambutan trees, which will drop a lot of dried leaves everyday and i will swipe them off the ground, put 'em in one place and burn 'em. I miss the smell of the burning leaves. I miss my wooden kampong house, it was old and ugly but it's good enough to be with it and be happy with my granma.

Now, it was all replaced with a new better house. I hate it. It's really hot when it comes to the night. I can't sleep well.

Then Tasha came and cut dead all my playbacks.


As she came, she was happily reporting about her passing moments of the driving test, I would have respected her for passing only doing it once, but she still payed the tester RM50. Well, at least she passed and I knew that she's gonna drive me around after this.

As a beautiful grown up lady, who would not be so eager, so excited to be around her, as she was telling about how she was surrounded by the people in JPJ after the test, asking her this and that, and the best part was when one of the officers told the other group of test passers, which mainly males, sorry because we had a nice lady here.. haha..

Walking in Seremban town with her is a really a face-smiling moments. I was not the only who noticed that she looks much prettier without her make ups by just wearing simple t-shirts and jeans. It woken up everyone in that Bus Station when we are about to go to Dunkin Donuts. I saw a gal hit her boy's head when he turned his head to look at her.

Went back home, i dd my solat and we had a long talk at the cradle again. She's been so worried of her spending habits and she sounded a bit relieved as I assure to help her in anything she's having problem with. I think I've to. We talked till her adopting mom comes out and i had another long talk with auntie, about things happened here and there, about her biz and we might be doing a joint biz later.

I drove home, from Seremban to JB for about 2 and a half hours. Besides doing tuning tests of my car and really pushing the car to the limit, i wasted fuel too. Full in seremban and i used nearly 3/4 of the tank when I reached JB. So bad the speed cut is still there, and I can't see how fast my car can go as it keeps jerking when it exceeds 180 km/h.

How could my father drove from JB to Seremban in an hour? I'm just still wondering.......

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