April 29, 2013

Hiring Decision :: Do it based on Big 5 Personality Traits

How does Big 5 personality framework affect a manager decision in hiring a subordinates. Big 5 traits had become a topic that was widely discussed in Organizational Behaviour or Management in Organization subject for years. Some would highly depend on it but some just took it as a steering guide without having to be steered exactly by the trait.

Let's have a look at the Big 5 Personality traits.

It is the level to indicate how outgoing or how shy a person is. Extroverts or high extraversion person have a tendency to seek a place and being comfortable in a social situation while seek stimulation within company of others. Introverts or low extraversion people tend to seem quiet, low-key, deliberate and shy away from social situation
The level of how approachable and welcoming a person is. People with high degree of agreeableness have a tendency to be cooperative, compassionate and warm. People with low degree of agreeableness would normally suspicious and an antagonist towards others and always make an excuse not to be in a social situation
Person with high conscientiousness is a person with high self-discipline and rather approachable, very organized, very focus on achievement, never take responsibilities for granted, reliable, dependable and accountable. Person with low conscientiousness is disorganized, easily distracted, no discipline, not someone you can rely or account to and will always try to give excuses when assigned a task or responsibility iv.
Emotional stability
Also known as neuroticism (high emotional stability = low neuroticism). This is indicating how good a person may understand and manage stress level. People with high emotional stability tend to have high self esteem and self confidence. People with low emotional stability have the tendency to experience unpleasant emotions easily, such as anger, anxiety, depression, or vulnerability while showing signs of nervousness, anxiety and insecurity 
Openness to experience
It is a magnitude that typify the level and range of interest or curiosity of a person towards creativity and a preference for novelty and variety. People who are very open to experience appreciate arts, emotion, adventure, unusual ideas, very curious and may offer variety of experiences (creative). People who are less open to experience tend to be ‘old-school’ conventional type and prefer not to take risks of trying new things 

How these attributes might affect a manager’s own behaviour in dealing with subordinates?  By understanding Big 5 Personality Framework, a manager may find ways to deal with subordinates in many better ways.

A manager may have hired a subordinates based on the Big 5 Personality Framework attributes, based on the job scope or role of a position, or a manager may use this Big 5 Personality framework to assign a role or tasks to subordinates. A subordinate will be comfortable doing tasks assigned, based on their attributes and it may help a subordinate to perform in his tasks or roles. For example, to get a sales person or a Public Relation executive, a manager would want to hire someone who is high in Extraversion and Agreeableness trait as people from this trait were easy going, approachable and welcoming. By doing this, it will help a manager to appraise or evaluate subordinates as objectively as possible because it may impose significant effects in people progress, rewards and satisfaction level and may help locate the subordinates in a specific status socially, and this is much easier as people were doing job suits their traits,

A manager may also avoid perceptual distortion caused by stereotyping, halo effects, projection and self-fulfilling prophecy in understanding process of a subordinate. This will help to maintain good relationship with the subordinates while giving good impression of these subordinates to the higher levels. A manager may be seen as a manager who is successful in managing subordinates.

A manager may also learn subordinates uniqueness and respond differently to stimuli and subordinate request or retaliation based on the knowledge of the person attributes. Generally Big 5 Personality Framework will help a manager to find commonalities and differences between subordinates. This is useful when assigning tasks that requires group/team work effort. Unnecessary conflicts can be avoided in advance.


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