December 31, 2004

World Issue :: Tsunami...

It was panicking, shocking and sorrowful.

It begins with the worst earthquake in the sea for the past 40 years with 9.0 on Richter Scale reading. Depends on the location and place, the earthquake has possibly produced waves that travels along the sea, gaining momentum over the distance and hitting most of the lands or copast facing the the Hindi Ocean.

The quake was sensed at almost the whole peninsular of Malaysia. My brother, who was in seremban, felt dizzy as the world was like shaken for a few minutes. The Window panes in Sogo was cracked. In Kelantan, people get off their building as the shakening was too obvious.

Acheh, the nearest place to the earthquake. was getting the largest impact of the earthquake. Land connecting routes and road were totally destroyed. All sort of communication were a total disablement.

For 5 minutes of quake, it's not an end. A big wave was later come to take lives of living people....

The sea that carries the waves resulting from the eartquake was like being lifted upside down. Seawaves coming out of nowhere, swallowing every single thing foudn at the beach/coastal area. Worse, it colonized the land and took as many victims as possible......




Leaving nothing behind. Thousand of solns were taken. Up to today's paper, almost 18k of people were found dead. In Sri Lanka, the waves reaches almost 10 km towards the land. The wave even reached Penang and Langkawi. Opps, and I haven't mentioned about India, Somalia, Phuket.

The latest quake happened in Andaman Islands.


As I myself hardly recalling, I remembered not a tale story but true, within the era of Prophets of Allah were still exist on the earth.

It's about people who were not so thankful to God for thing He granted to people living on the earth. The prophet has alarmed his people thanking the God for whatever things He granted but people take it too for granted.

God promised good things for good deeds and of course instead. So, the people there were given with more food, more income so that people would be thankful. Anyway, people were getting too rich for such thing and they've forgotten that everything does copme from the God.

(concentrate from this point)

Fishermen were getting more and more fish from the sea. Then there were time where fishes even come to the land and people would easily take and get them. But, as they were having fun catching all the fish surrenderring to them, something happened and all died (as it was not clearly mentioned what was happening but, it can be summarised as all the people die)

(Get the point and relate it with what I'm trying to say)


The people around the world should be more educated on knowing the signs of quakes or such wave.

  • A few days before, fishermen were getting more fish than usual.
  • All the animals in the Sri Lankan Zoo were found missing from their places, just before the waves hit 'em.
  • The waves had pushed the fish towards the beaches and people were catching 'em (just like in the story) before they were taken with the wave in to the sea.


    People were talking about God's punishment to human

    I would understand this. Relate it to the story. But why Acheh?


    Call for volunteers

    The world is calling for volunteers. The govt. servant of Malaysia will be given off record leave for being the volunteers.


    Stop all the New Year Celebrations

    And the people asked for the money to be reverted, to be used to help the victim of Tsunamis.


    The increment of the found dead bodies...

    As the helping hands are now trying to reach the West Coast of Sumatera which is not yet being reached by any Emergency Troops.


    In the world's havoc of the tsunami, Ye-Yann cremation was peacefully completed on Tuesday. Rosli was there, as a respect to a best friend, colleague and everything. I wasn't able to reach KL on time as I was busy handling new things in JB.

    I reached KL on Wednesday, took Rosli to Mid Valley and we started to talk heart to heart abt what were we losing and missing. It's all about YeYann, and how the jealous-ful wife of him has now understand why he'd become so close to YeYann. I cried. He cried too.

    As we completed packing Yann's thing in the office, to Taman Desa we headed and met her sister, YeShin. She was so thankful to us, the best friend, colleague and supporters of YeYann while she was still alive. I sent him back to the office and went to see Ieda in Jalan Duta to discuss on a few things with her Mom, and on my way back to Seremban, I dropped by Beranang and had my long chat with Rosie as I won't be able to attend his Bro's wedding this Sunday.

    For sure, I'll miss talking to her, and I am now.

    So back in JB, doing nothing, I'm preparing to help my Father for his Family Day.

    In JB now, I miss people in KL a lot....!
  • December 30, 2004

    .: Visit to Tanjung Pinang (Last Episode) :.


    On the third day, everyone was pretty cautious for the things that happened yesterday. Tsunami had attacked most of the coast facing the Hindi Ocean. Some friends called me asking whether I'm safe or instead as they really have no idea where exactly I was.

    Nothing much for today except for the visit to RRI, which stands for Radio Republik Indonesia or Radio of Republic Indonesia. Well, Indonesians pronounced RRI not as "arr-arr-i", instead, it is pronounced "err-err-ee". I wonder why but it's true..

    As in the picture, they were standing in front of the building of RRI for Tanjung Pinang. They even have the special Malay Edition of their radio, which meant for Melayu-Riau, listener, which they aired their programmes in Malay language (not indonesian). The channel can be captured quite clearly in Mersing, but not in the other parts of Johor or Malaysia.

    Then we were taken to a Tea packing factory. I don;t really care as the people there were so unfriendly.. so what..

    Then we went for shopping in the area aroung the hotel we stayed. I planned to buy a few things for friends back in Malaysia. Well, my mood was totally switched as I've got the call from Malaysia about the death of my friend. Then I bought nothing at all, except for a few pieces of Batik cloth.

    I was half crying as I accompanied Izzat, Nain and Adzni shopping their things. As we have lunch, Yann's image was like appearing by my side. I started to miss her so so much by then.

    Then we went off for Malaysia. Would you remember the face above? It's Ali Mamak (Jantan bin Osman) which was populared by the Santan Berlada comedy sitcom, years ago..

    We reached Stulang Laut at about 5.30 pm and get back home.

    It was a wonderful visit, but you know..

    - Visit to Tanjung Pinang 2 -


    So today is my first breakfast ever in Tanjung Pinang. They prepared fried rice, fried noodles and half boiled eggs.

    I was about to wear shorts but as I was told that we're going to visit a mosque, I just wear my jeans.

    So today we're actually going to Penyengat Island. It was actually called as Pulau Penyengat Indera Sakti. It used to be the center of the Riau Monarchy Empire.

    At last, a picture of me being snapped. From left :: Unkle Fikri, his youngest son, his daughter, Me, Farah and Adzni, his eldest son.

    We were on the boat to pulau penyengat. The most left is my mom. The rest is Unkle Fikri's Family members. The back there I don't know.

    As we arrived on the island, we were first brought to the mosque. It was so special as some of the structure of the mosque was strengthen using the eggs.

    This is the mosque.

    Then we're brought to graveyards of the well known people like Raja Haji, all the sultans and so on. Pictures would tell...

    In the picture was my uncle, his wife, my mom, farah and Izzat. Read the board behind 'em.

    It was me standing at the entrace of the next graveyard.

    This is a grave. Would u believe it? You must see the first one.

    Then we were brought to the old shopping complex of the island.

    An old well which was found here and still being used as I can still sniff the fragranced soap smells.

    Then, we were brought to a series of castle, graveyard, shopping complex and a fort.

    The castle. It is still being used. Renovation work in progress.


    The fort which is situated on top of a hill. There were more 40 cannons were in use. Nowadays, only 11 of them left.

    Izzat was sitting on an 8 feet cannon. Dun play play huh..!

    When we finished the tour around the island, we were asked to wait as the locals were going to treat us with lunch. When I first sat and waiting, I thought they're goinna serve us with Tapai, instead it's nasi dagang wrapped with the leaves of Banana, and it does look like tapai.

    Then we moved back to Tanjung Pinang island. I like this picture very much. It's my father. Do u like this picture?

    Went back to our room, and relaxed. We were taken to Ramayana Shopping Complex. There's a Fun Zone. You know what..? In Malaysia, we pay RM1 for a token. In Indonesia they just need to pay Rupiah1000, equivalent of less than 50sen Malaysia.

    Without wasting so much time, I played at the fun Zone and, I spent about rupiah 100,000 just to play games. I managed to get a tupperware for my mom and 2 Elephant dolls, one for Adzni's brother and anither one is for Farah.

    At nite, there was a dinner, karaoke but I went out early as I went out with Izzat, Adzni and Nain.

    Then we get sleepy as I do now..


    (to be continued)

    December 29, 2004

    - Visit to Tanjung Pinang 1 -

    I had a chance for the 1st time of my life to pay a visit to Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia. It's a visit conducted by the Welfare and Sports Club of Forestry Dept. of Johor. I'm supposed to write this journal earlier but it just that, you know it.

    Tanjung Pinang is located somewhere south of Singapore, so for all other folks, I was safe and sound from the earthquake impact and the tsunami effect. Thank God.

    It was the last Saturday, I woke up early and get myself ready for the visit. Reached Stulang at around 9.30 am and there was a sea of indonesian illegal immigrants waiting for their turn to take off back to Indonesia, either by ferry or by boat.

    The immigration people there treat us quite well. It's quite easy for to walk in and out of the immigration. Once we're in we picked our seats and wait.

    Suddenly, the ferry become full with more people coming in. I can see frightened faces of the visit group of people. They seems to be uneasy and uncomfortable. The taking off delayed till one hour. Anyway, we took off at 11, a delay of an hour. In fact, I tried talking to a few indonesians and they seems to be friendly.


    Reached the port of Tanjung Pinang at around 2 o'clock. The captain has asked the indonesians to wait for their turn as to let people from Malaysia to get off the boat first. As the ferry reached the port, they disobeyed the captain's order and I myself is getting worried to be having to rush in squeeze myself with those people. Luckily, the attendant at the door asked the Malaysian to come out first. Kewl..

    We walked to the hotel. It's Hotel Tanjung Pinang. It's just 5 mins walk from the port. We had quite a nice Lunch, and I get to know this one girl named Diana. She seems to be nice but not so pretty. She offered me her cell no. Hihi..

    Visit Time :: We took bus to this one place known as the Village of the Fisherman, at Batu 10, Tanjung Pinang. We started with going to a place of handcrafts using sand. Then we move to a place selling Kerepek and later on we moved to the said Village. And we're supposed to be playing Volleyball!!!

    @ Nite :: Own activity. Me and My Family went to dinner at a very special place. They even have special menu too!!

    I was enjoying the food. Voluptiously tasteful!

    Have u ever ate this? Ask for this when u went to Tg Pinang!!!

    After dinner, went back home and zzzZZZZZZZZZZ....

    (to be continued)

    .: In Memory of Chang Ye Yann :.

    Location :: Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia
    Date :: 27/11/2004
    Time :: Around 12:40 pm

    I was walking within the bazaar of Tanjung Pinang when I received a call..

    Caller :: Hei bai, where are u, what are u doin?
    Me :: Hmm, I'm still in Indonesia. Goin back today..
    Caller :: There's a bad news. Ye Yann passed away.
    Me :: What???????????????????????????????????

    I thought she was only kidding when she was always mentioning about terminating her own life. Yeah, she had problems, and I keep telling her that everyone got their fuckin' own problem and she's not so special for not be having one.

    The last time I saw her was last Wednesday, when I pay a visit to both her and rosli in Muamalat, just before I left for JB. She seems to be happy, and keep saying that she missed the existence of me in the office, the one she is so used to.

    The last thing I knew about her was, I'd really hope that she really went to church to join in the christmas recital when I was teasing her by saying you're a buddhist..

    And now, why do i have to waste my tears for someone who doesn't want to listen to me, even though i was fuckin care and treasure all the things about her??

    Yann, you know what....

    I feel bad, you were having so much problems and then I left. I feel too bad for that. I love you just like if I have my own sister which I've longed for.

    I will always be the 1st to arrive in the office, then rosli and you'll be the last to complete our members to have breakfast. Then we may go lunch together, or even sometimes when we're bored, we go out and chit chat, or even had walk in KLCC.

    Yann, I miss u so much. Who do u have to? I even dreamt of you last nite, when I was getting so hard to get my eyes closed tight, I really dreamt seeing you and asked you WHY? You were half-smiling and you went away..

    Yann, I miss u so much, and I'll be missing you so so much a lot. I miss the time we went to KLCC and look for your dresses. I'll miss the time when we go to Mid Valley and you will always tease Rosli to be introduced to all your friends. I miss to ride in your car and browsing thru all your cd collections.

    I'll miss going shopping with you. I'll miss going to the wantan mee shop with you. Goin to bangi. I'll miss your laughs when I was looking at girls in Cyberjaya.

    Then, I knew that I won't be able to talk to a lot as I leave EDS, but I don't know that it's forever.

    Yann, I know you'll read this. Listen to me. I want you to know that I will always be missing you. No matter what, we're always a good friend. Come in my dream and I can always listen to you as we always do..

    December 23, 2004

    Ain't it pain......

    This is not easy for me. I was always been thinking that getting into a new place would be always alright and full of fun. Well, back then, I knew that I'd be leaving all the best thing i have in KL.

    When it come to friends, I will always had Hemsem in my mind. Then my best buddy Romdzi and Wira is next. When I need an ear, Farok will always lend me his ears. And there were Taiko and Lego to share laugh and pain.. And Eric happened to be my best accompany.

    Hemsem, the kewlest person i've ever met. I just realized that he was always there, by my side whatever, whenever bad things happened to me. He took a very good care of me when i was hospitalized back then. He and some other friends stayed back in the hospital. We slept altogether in the hospital. I was like a child, asking for this and that, Hemsem, Wira and Romdzi is always there for me. His ears were just like mine, I can have it whenever I need it.

    I remembered there was once both of us, for nothing was sitting on a rotting wood at the Klebang Beach, talking and most of the time in silence, replacing the cigarettes after another. I was the one who asked him to accompany me that night. He just went with me even though I know he had a lot of other things to do.

    I'd been working with him in Amstek for about a year. He had been so patience for all the circumstances we've been facing, i backed off as I've other important things to go for. As usual, he will always light his cigarette and just be kewl, anything happens.

    Wira is always a gadget and network person. Everytime I'm in USJ, he'll do things with his laptop. He is very helpful. SO I would say, I would do anything for him, just say it. When he's gonna get married, I'm so happy for him but I know he won't be available as much as we normally have before this. And I would say, he was there too when I face the worst incident in my life, he was there, saw it and till now he understands what's going on with me. Not everyone can understand my very self.

    One special thing about Romdzi is that he shared birthday with me. Exactly the same day, same year. A straight forward person, very kind and he was there too, witnessing and sharing every hardship I'd ever been too. I would not forgive myself if anything bad ever happened to him. I wish, his wife will get pregnant soon. That is all his wish as I can understand. As we've been to karaoke, even though he's happy, I can feel it that he's hoping for this one thing. I know.. I know..

    Taiko and Lego was my housemate back then. We share laughs, hardships and even we used to shared a pack of Maggi mee. It ain't easy when life were so hard upon us. Taiko cried seeing me laying in the hospital, I was so touched how did my friend so in love and care about me. There was once, Eric was with me all the time and he was there crying there like a child, regretting the cause of my accident. Where else in the world I'm gonna get friends like this? Lego always helped me in my exams, studies. I'm not the studying type so I just need a friend to feed me with all this. Lego is the person.

    When I first entered the English course in Seremban, I only knoe this one guy named Farok. Started with nice conversation, and later knowing that he's smoking too, and we became buddies. We stayed nearby, even being a roommate. Like a couple, sometimes we do fight and quarrelling, but we know we just care for each other. He is nothing but a kind and brilliant person, well, who loves to play sojourn.

    Those are only true friends I have. Even though, of course I do know a lot of people, I dare to ask anything just from these people. Not to anyone else. I know they won't let me down.

    But being for a year with a very nice boss, Rosli, has been the best working moment in my life. Some people would say good friends cannot work together. It seems to be quite wrong for me as I developed friendship and fellowship with Rosli through things we do in the office and outside of the office.

    Ye-Yann who is now in the depression mode, seems to be so happy and excited, playing with my little hairs on my head as seeing me coming over the office. I don't know about my boss. He seems to be okay. All he was talking about is to make a move from the current thing he is doing to another thing in Singapore or Indonesia. But I just don't understand, I just can't help it... I was off the place with sadness, which I myself would not understand.

    These people are just like family to me. As I always do, any bad thing happened, I will always get back to my family. U know I'm always need to be pampered person. So in KL, I will always get back to these friends of mine, They are just like my family. Even all my family members know them very well.

    Off KL, with all the sweat and tears I have, I pray and wish our fellowship remain strong.

    I will miss u people a lot.

    December 22, 2004

    Jalan-jalan, cari makan...

    Yeah.. last nite.. I was dragged to a chat with a girl named maisarah, out of nowhere. She rocks!

    Then I went to Uptown, with hemsem, rosli and rota. We were looking for this one outlet, lot 1051, then we found..

    .: Nana's Kitchen :.

    Location :: Lot 1051, Uptown Damansara, KL

    Items :: Porridge with variants of ingredients. Fish porridge, chicken porridge, beef porridge (haha.. i was about to type meat porridge).

    Specialty :: Fish porridge, and later on, she's gonna serve Seafood Porridge. Last but not least, the most special thing about it is the pretty Marina :p.

    In Future :: She's gonna have chicken wings.. and a lot more.

    Recommendation :: Come come come.. cheap cheap cheap.. hahaha.. Go for fish porridge..

    Rating :: 3.5 stars and will be increased.


    You know what? I think she purposely put more pepper inside my porridge to sabotage me.. haha.. And it was too hot i burnt my tongue.. hahaha... purposely huh..

    She would be serving more items. It's a complimentable attempt to do biz. I salute her for that. I wish she'll be doing fine with all the things she's doing now. I know she can make it. She's willing to learn for anything that would help her..

    She rocks! All the best...

    December 21, 2004



    I feel so lazy nowadays. Not in the mood even to write my blog.

    Maybe, I've talked so much.. Yesterday I was talking to Ija, today in the morning i talked to Fiza, in the afternoon i talked to a stranger, happened to be Hemsem's friend or maybe someone he's trying to lob for a project in the TNB IT.

    I was then blamed for going out late from the Menara Telekom's 3rd floor cafetaria for showing off what i've done within the execution of the building's Intelligent system. I don't know, I just talked too much...!!!!!

    .: Today :.

    Yeah man... I'm kewl there.. after almost a year i've been keeping this to myself, I must see Fiza no matter what, and it happens today. Such a big event to me huh? Hmm.. I guess it's a 'yes'. As I've finished doing my work earlier in the morning, i didn't realize that it's already 8.30 in the morning. I get online and saw Fiza get online'd' as well. Guess she must be already in the office.

    She warned me to better be quick as she might be called up at anytime since almost of her dept. colleague were away on leave. As I was rushing there, in fact, I drive real slow, no need to rush.. I was thinking how 'cold' or 'keras' she would be.

    Well, she was not. She talked easily as we've been meeting each other for so many times already. Gewd. We were talking about so many things. God I love talking to her. Really. The I was sitting there with her from 9.45 to 12.45. She asked to leave then, my heart is not gonna let her go but I've to.

    I'm gonna miss talking to her. I'm gonna miss her too...

    .: Karaoke??? :.

    Then I called Romdzi to get off his ass from his office to come and see me downstairs. As I can remember, during my working time with Telekom R&D, waiting in front of the Menara Telekom's Lobby was alright but today I was asked to leave after 5 minutes. Waiting for this good friend of mine was quite sometime so I decided to go drive around the tower till he reached the lobby. Well, hemsem asked us to get ourselves to the 3rd floor.

    Here, I talked a lot again.. I'm not actually trying to be kewl, or clever, or what ever. I'm just trying to be nice to people. You know, if I'm about to ignore people, I'll just ignorantly not talking to them and made faces. But I do think that guy is a nice guy so I was there talking till everyone gets bored. Pity them.. haha.. a ruined me..

    I remember Sazuan told me, she can't remember me being talkative during school.

    Well, I think this all happens after the accident. Guess, I've got the blood donated by a talkative person. Worse, I tend to be too active and to excited at times. This is just a bunch of shit I had in my mind.. shit shit shit....

    S we were then went out to KTV bangsar and went in for the Rm8 per head package. I took lunch, and sang. I do think I sang badly nowadays. Ya know, I've not been seen in the KTV for quite sometimes so what do u EXPECT???


    Now I'm home. Gotta plan for he thing next.. 2nite, Uptown, gonna visit Marina's newly opened stall. Gonna try how slurpy she cook there.

    Just, I pitied her for being fooled by a friend of mine....

    A week.....

    That was my worst futsal day...

    Only 6 of us, me, rosli, mie, botak, faiz and hemsem.. too bad.. i was tired like mad... i was about to throw out.. about to faint... my head was not getting enough supply of oxygen.. i was too weak to carry on with the game....

    The next day... I'm not expecting the farewell dinner to be today... but they have it today. No details.. It just that I invited Ieda to come along.. and there was something terrible happened, but guess it's now settled.

    Then it's Naresh, Rosli, Ieda and of course me...

    Shankar, Jeff, Ash, Chia, Ye-Yann, Rama and Sagar..

    Thursday.. Afterwork, I went out with Ailin.. yeah.. we've lost contact but all this this while she was sick and without telling me, she was hospitalized and not able to get to me.. ridiculous.. but nvm.. i'm fine with it..

    Friday morning, I was busy preparing myself to leave the company.. made backup of everything.. then I went off to bangi. Took rosli and Yann to the 'LOT 10' in bangi and had ikan bakar.. as usual.. haha.. and not going to the Jumaat Prayer.. I and rosli went to the Mines. We both enjoyed looking at the chix.. a very much better sightseeing than in the planet hollywood.

    After that, I went to cyberjaya for the exit interview. it was fun.. but i felt bad for leaving the company.. then me and rosli went to PJ. went to Temenos office. then we went A&W PJ, met yann over there and sit there and talk.

    That nite.. I was supposed to go to Farok's house.. but I fall asleep. Only woke up the next day after Lego called me. Planned to meet at Taman Melawati as we're going to Wira's Wedding.

    Coincidentally, Wira was wearing a red Baju Melayu. I was wearing a red shirt and Lego's whole family was dressed in red too. What a conincidence. People hardly recognise me as the result of my botak-head.

    There I met Gee, Arif Atan, Mizwan, Mohaini, Sally, Rosli, Lim Jan Nee, Hemsem, Bigan, Farok, Lego, Giant, Engku, Bisu, Noral, who else uh.. it was quite a gathering.

    Then I drove back to kampung. It was hakim circumsizing. He was circumsized the day before and there are so many people in the kampung. I talked a lot with Surato. There are so many sweet things during the childhood.

    Sunday nothing happened. I was just playing the PS2 izzat just bought for himself. Then we went back to Seremban.. watched rides, pimp my ride and I selpt early.

    Monday, I went to KL, to take my father to his seminar and I'm gonna fix his car's faulty. Sent him to Kepong. I drove to USJ and wait. Fiza called me up. Hmm I was driving and a white dressed cop was riding his big bike next to my car. Luckily Fiza was okay with that (i lurve this girl for being so understanding)without knowing that later when I call she's gonna tell me that she was merajuk...? Well.. hafta be there for the whole day!!!

    I was only able to drive back to Senawang at around 6 pm and arrived in senawang around 7++pm . Caused by the congested highway. Well, no more checklights on.

    @ nite, I went to fetch Ija and we went to my favorite Yong Tau Foo shop. Then sent her back, went to USJ and started this write up. Then was watching the Us version of the first french version of the Taxi. Damn it.. I thought it's gonna be fun but it's a total copy!

    I'll update with pictures soon...

    December 14, 2004

    Today is my futsal day..

    I went back late for nothing. Was browsing through the internet and try to read all the emails kept in my email account. Most of them were, PORNS!

    Goin out with Harliyan was not as fine as I would expect. Well, I had a very nice dinner, 2 plates of rice with grilled stingray & squids, portuguese style, it has been the all-time-favorite of me and my friends. She wasn't in the mood as I was as usual made a lot of fun about her. Ya know, make fun of people is a lot of fun, to me at least.

    Guess, I was overdoing it. After receiving this one call, she seems to be moody and start to fly kite. She was mad at me, and as you people know me, I always avoid this kind of troubles by staying away. I've nothing to do with her problem anyway. I sent her back and got to bed early, as early as b4 12 midnite. Julie, salmi and ija texted me about so many things that I can just take a look at it in the morning.


    I'm early today. Rosli found my shiny head amongst so many people surprisingly and asking for a brekfast together. As I was sitting and talking..

    I saw this one figure, she seems to be familiar to me. It's Fiza, but..

    I was too shy. So bad, i don't even dare to look at her. I was about to say hi. But.. em... i'm a pathetic guy. feel like wrapping my face with the newspapers. I'm just too shy then, and later an sms from her saying, " I think i saw u. is that u? Kat mamak tadi?"

    Hehe.. i was about to reply but she called. I just say yes..... and...

    ..Chat whole day..

    Then I'm office.. (just like when people say I'm home, is this correct?) I straight away called Fiza about the things happened. She called me again after that.

    Nothing much to say. I'm glad seeing her for the first time after a very long time.

    In the office, nothing to do rather than just chatting. Saieenan as usual talking about all the f*ctable girls she met on the net. I changed thoughts with Ija. Yan would never done with her apology for the last nite. Fiza and I were talking about so many things.

    I asked a few people to come to our futsal game tonite. And Nicolai, the french guy from Murex were asking me about Anne, the new chix that has just reporting to Murex. All I can say about anne, she's not pretty, but just marvellous. I bet she would be hot on bed. I do think she's kinda kinky too.

    Lunch with Rosli and Naresh. We were talking about the problem with BCB. BCB s*cks big time! Not even the bank is a total moron, the system is idiotic and the people running the bank are pathetically retarded, mentally, and obviously the guy heading the IT department is physically retarded, as well as his half eaten brain and smelly mouth.

    Well.. that's how they speak over the table. I was just listening..

    And now I've heard Anne's voice over Nicolai's handset, while he's smiling at me like a cursed bastard. I just don't get him. Anne doesn't like him at all but all this while he was telling me all his fantasy with Anne, and don't ask about how was describing how his spurts after he spanked his thing, visualizing Anne.

    Sometimes, I'm just sick over this. And I do think everyone is not happy with me.. At this point of time.

    I'm f*ckin stressed out.. urgh!!!! (exercise 3x)

    So.. afterwards, I'm gonna meet Ieda @ the Coffee Bean Jalan Telawi Bangsar. Then gotta rush for my futsal session in Sports Planet Subang. Come come come.. cheap cheap..

    Blegh... :p

    December 13, 2004

    Life would never wait for a shiny head!

    "Life goes on..."

    A powerful phrase that i will always remember in my life. A phrase that has torn my heart into pieces. It has never made me feel better but worse.

    This 1-2 weeks seems to be quite dull for me and my colleagues in the office. Why not, Yann has been dumped by her boyfriend and she kept saying that she's so sad after a year+ of relationship, living like husband and wife and being dumped like a stupid idiotic moron.

    She cut her wrist and was sent to the hospital. Her head knocked the sharp end of the wall and her soft jelly-like brain were said to come out from her head. I was called late at midnite since my no was her last number she called before the accident. She was hospitalized for a week..

    Well.. haha.. i made up the exaggeration part :p

    Because of Yann alone, it was like no cheers for all of us. Well, her desperation to recover herself from her sadness seems to be quite a burden to me since she kept asking me out for drink and talking about her problem. I keep telling her that she'll be fine one day, and she asked me how do I faced the same thing sometime ago.

    I told her, I was crying like a baby everyday, but how sad it was, it's has already happened. Her problem is she's not that close to her family and she was alone all the way. I was lucky I've got a mom who would cry for me for whatever hardship and sadness I'm in. Not like my father. He always condemning me for my emotion, despite of his own irrationality when he's mad.

    For the last week, I've been doing a lotsa things. I went out a lot. Been meeting new chicks. Why at this time when I'm leaving the city? Why, why and why? I went out almost everyday, the result of boredom in me.

    I went to hard rock last Friday nite. It was supposed to be more people to come. I was hoping that Shalina would join us, and some other gal like azizah, rika and yann and her friends. As I'm leaving the city, would love to see 'em b4 i go.

    And b4 that, I went to Ieda's open house in Jalan Duta. I was embarassed by the way she welcomed me into her house. You know what, I came alone.. I didn't call her for direction and all of a sudden, I appeared at her house's door and she was screaming when she saw me, especially with my shiny head on! And she looks gorgeous, she's thin and pretty, even though with her braces on.

    Normally, we would hug and cheek-kiss to each other but this is her house ok? I was trying to avoid such things as her parents and all her friends are there, and the best thing, I know none else except for her. So i took up food, and done, and went off. She excorted me to my car just to say thanx and gimme the warmest hug I've ever had.. this week.

    So in the hard rock, it was the Big Band, with Nona from NRG singing. It's a bit weird for such a band like Big Band to hire Nona as the band is not playing woman's song that much. Nona has a wonderful vocal and with such a pretty face, she's a full package but she told me she has got no choice as she kissed me goodnite b4 we all went home. I didn't went home as all 8 of us went bangsar and talk cock until 5 in the morning.

    .: Saturday Morning :.

    Last nite big band did play the Sunday Morning from No Doubt. I wish they made a Saturday Morning song so I can play along too. I slept in USJ and woke up in the morning at 10 just to found out that I forgotten to took off my contact lenses and worse, I forgot to get back home!

    Last week, I've got to know a girl secretary working in cyberjaya, her name is Aza, as I opened up my eyes, she called my handphone and asking me out. I know she was joking but i just say yes.

    At around 2, I drove off home and packed my laundry cloth and had lunch. After lunch, I went home and sleep until 7. Then Aza did call, saying why didn't I call her. I dunno but I just said I'm tired of last nite, headbanging and my neck is still aching. She put off the line and, later, Suzie called me asking for a dinner together.

    I picked her up at the universiti station and went for dinner. Aza called again, but as I hate bluffers, I ignored her calls.

    .: Sunday Morning :.

    For real, so today, I wake up with someone sleeping by my side and I can sing Sunday Morning for real... I wasn't alone the nite earlier so I had someone to chat and jamming with. 11, I went off to serdang and see my father over there. Then to Lego's house, for his simple makan-makan. Her wife cook quite well. I ate a lot till i felt like throwing out. Romdzi (koter) also coming. So we talk a lot about our past time, and we played PS2 like kids, just like the past. We play and as usual we made fun of each others.

    I felt like we were in the past time, in our happy house in Bukit Beruang Melaka, where Tobiaq always breaking the pipes, Taikor was always sleeping with his hands inside his pants, Lego was always studying without his shirt on and the place where we always enjoying playing cards!!! DECLARE!!!!

    Then I headed to Cheras, went to see my cousin, as I've not seem him for the past 29 days of raya. And it's the last day of raya. At nite, I went to Yan's open house, and got the chance to see Netty and Iz as well. It's been a very long time not seeing them.

    Went back home and took a long thought about my life. Was in the bathroom, looking at my shiny head. It's becoming shinier over days.

    What's, who's, when's there for me?

    I'm blurred, even at this moment. I've no objectives being in the office now. I keep doing my job over here. There's a lot to configure, as I'm the only one who really knows how to do it.

    I'm having a hard time to actually let myself to say goodbye to my current life. A very good boss, good colleagues like Yann, Naresh. Friends like Lego, Wira, hemsem, Farok, Romdzi (koter).

    It's not as easy as kissing my Nona goodnite, or getting a goodbye kiss from Ija. It's much easier for me to run my fingers over a girl I just knew than doing this. Proven :p

    And now, my colleagues are planning a farewell party for me @ the planet hollywood.

    December 10, 2004

    *giggles* :: Lazy days......

    The rest of my life in KL...

    I woke up everyday just to notice that I'm late. Since last week, I was wasting all my sweet time in the office, and I have to do this as I still have the time to do it.

    I went out late at nite, seeing friends, or do whatever, even sitting at the bench of the bus stop and puffing Dunhil (yezza, I quit quitting smoking and Dunhil is always has been my favourite) alone, and think about what would I do next in my life.

    I'm spending my 'sisa-sisa kehidupan' (the rest of the time I have) living in KL and working with EDS. So i'd be glad to spend time with all my good friends here. To mention everyone, efdza, wira, farok, fendi, chilli, omen, romdzi, gee and whoever else..

    For the last weekend, I've invited to a lot of open houses; no less then 10 invitations but I managed to go to only few of them. And the last Sunday was so hectic. I was driving from KL, to Melaka and the to Seremban and back to KL..

    I was eventually forgotten what has been happening. I remembered on Tuesday went to futsal. What are the good things happened lately..

    Hmm.. Just to update.. I have no idea what to write.. (this edit window has been on since wednesday)

    December 9, 2004

    Movie :: The Shutter & the phenomenon behind it..

    The phenomenon

    It's all started with the study of the extra-ordinary phenomena that has been boggling the mind of so many photography enthusiasts. The unexpected images appearing in photographs since long ago has been put into study by the intellectuals; to discover the reasons and logical behind the weird phenomena.

    As this extraordinary phenomenon has always been related to the multi-cultural and mystical asian people, it was well-known that the phenomenon has been known to be happening in the so-said civilised western people as can be visualized in the pictures below.

    The above picture was taken in the latin america and look at the door behind them. This phenomenon was not only being known to people lately but it has been appearing in the snapped photographs a very long long time ago as in the below picture.

    It is well related to life isn't it? As some people were saying that babies can see these invisible living thing until they can speak. This casper like ghost was being captured in this photograph. It does look like true as the baby was staring at it as we can see in the photograph below.

    The Shutter

    It's all started with Jane, the girlfriend of a photographer named Thun, knocked down a girl in the middle of the night while driving a car but decided to leave the dead body and drive away.

    Later on, he discovered mysterious white shadows in his taken photographs. As he asks around, people were saying that it's an unrest soul that keep following him for a reason.

    Trying to hide the truth behind it as Jane did notice strange things happened, as all his friend died as results of suicide, Thun himself was badly being annoyed by the spirit.

    The Spirit :: Thun was recalling a girl, who used to be his 'bedmate', as I can interpret it, as he never reveal his affair with that girl to any of his friends. The truth is, his friends who died, raped her and caused a very bad trauma to her until she went home to her mother and died. This was unknown to anyone.

    Thun, was having shoulder ache for no reason. He went for checkups and the nurse was amazed for his unbelievable weight at 120 kg. Jane herself find Thun acts really strangely all this while. She insisted Thun to go over the girl's house but when asked, the mother said, she's in the room. Up to their curiosity, they went up and found the dead body of the girl. The belief of the unrest spirit has now fully haunting them.

    As this one fine day, Jane found a series of taken pictures, visualizing a movement of a spirit to look for something in the bookshelf. Taking it as a clue, he dug out the bookshelf and found the pictures of the girl being gangraped by Thun's friends, taken by Thun himself. Jane left Thun, and Thun became a psycho and was mental-hospitalized.

    The girl was all this while riding on his shoulder, that cause his shoulder ache for the rest of his life, and she's still riding!!!

    And I know most of u reading this from your office. The spirit maybe just behind u.


    .: Rating :.
    I Rate :: 3.5 stars

    My Comment :: I was sleeping is some parts of the movie, but I guess, it was quite frightening as I was kept awakened by the people shouting around me..

    * pictures are taken from

    December 6, 2004

    Boring :: Within these few last days..

    .: Google Search for 'Izham' :.

    I was searching through the google. Write in my name 'izham' and click.. Hundreds of results returned. When I was young, I never notice that there are many people has the same name as mine.

    I've went through this one blog Rohadi's Blog. It was about a lady married to a guy named Harriz. But she was never in love with that guy, instead she's in love with a guy named Izham.

    It was like a series of short stories. Go read it now if u don't wanna miss it. But of course it wasn't about me. Of course i've never known Nur Ain bt Hamdi. Guess that guy, Harriz is just being sincere for loving somone. I've never been to london, and being a romeo? Hmm....

    .: Decision has been made :.

    It was not an easy decision for me. I've already tendered my letter of resignation on the last Friday, after finding it to be not so comfortable to submit it on the previous day. In the morning, I've called Naresh and he informed Rosli about it. Later in the evening, he talked to me and we've jumped into conclusion that I'm final.

    Even today, Naresh asked to talk but I'm just saying that it's final. It's sad to do such a thing. I do feel that i'm so harsh to do such thing but it's for myself.

    So I'll just wait for my last day in here.. in EDS..

    December 2, 2004

    A memoir of an Uncle..

    He used to slap my face when I made faces at his back.

    Name :: His name is Mohamad bin Ibrahim. He was an english teacher in my last primary school, SK Pulau Sebang. As the disciplinary teacher, he appointed me to be one of the prefect in the school, no matter what other teachers said.

    My life & him :: I was staying at the kampung for 2 years when my father went to germany. With his Honda C70, he dedicatedly took his wife, his 2 sons and 3 of us to school. 2 rounds everyday and he never complained! In the evening, he'll wait for me from Sekolah Agama. Then, if it's not raining, 3 of us, his eldest son, me and my brother will take a ride on his bike and we go round the kampung, looking for wild roosters or shooting squirrels! It was so fun.

    Hobby :: His hobby was to go hunting. Normally for wild pigeon, deer, mousedeer, which are consumable. But sometimes, when people ask, he'll hunt the squirrels which damages people's plant, or even wild boars. And sometimes we'll go hunt the wild roosters in the jungle.

    Attitude :: And he speaks loud too! I think the whole kampng will hear him talking. Sometimes i found it irritating but I should accept the fact that he was just being himself. He was always make fun of other people, and his laugh was a medicine to me. When he laughs, all of us will smile.

    Leadership :: At the night of Raya every year, he'll be leading the crowd to takbir from house to house in the kampung.

    Lifestyle :: He used to have a lot of singing birds. They were all around the house of my granma. And he trains people football at school too. All I can say, he was an active person. Just that, he was having a lot of bad habits such as smoking and taking sweet drink and food.

    Stroke :: A shocking incident happens during the Raya Haji of 1998. He was getting a stroke and was hospitalized. He was really in a very bad shape when I came to visit him in the hospital. I was just recovered from my accident previously.

    Sadness :: Since then, no more loud laughter. No more jokes from him. He will just sit at the end of my granma's house hall and stare people from there. All his friends were gone. I was sad but my sadness was ended by other bad consequences of his illnesses.



    Last Raya :: I was so wanting to be at the kampung. I want to join in the crowd praying takbir from home to home. I don't know why. The feeling was so strong to celebrate it in the kampung this year. But I've to let my brothers to take their turn this year.

    During Raya :: I was there for just one day and went off to KL with my family. I've wanted to stay longer but my family have other plans. Was in kampung again a few days later but I can't find where my uncle is.

    Till last Sunday :: When I made a call to my father, my mom answered and told me that she was from the kampung and my uncle was in a very bad shape and no longer able to hear anything we say. I was worried but when I called my aunt she said that everything was okay.

    Last Tuesday :: My brother called and told me that he'd passed away at 4.00 pm. I can say nothing but asked him back "Are you serious???"

    Back to kampung :: I was driving as fast as possible to my kampung. Was from KL at 5.30 pm. The traffic was slow from Nilai to Seremban due to road works. After Seremban, I took the highway at 180-200 km/h just to arrive there as soon as I can do. My car cannot go faster than that otherwise I would made it much earlier.

    @Kampung :: People come and visiting. I was so tired. I can't hold myself from sleeping. Everyone else, except me, my father and all other kids seems to be not so in the mood of the funeral. I was acting as usual, as u know, as a muslim, your shouldn't be crying over someone's death.

    Morning :: Started to get busy for the funeral. I was preparing the lahad board, picking up the carrier from the graveyard, and picking up the place to cleanup/bathe the dead body from the mosque.

    Cried... :: It's the time for the last chance to see his face. Everyone came and kiss him. My tears dropped just after I kissed him on his cheeks and forehead. And followed by both my 2 brothers. I burst badly into tears, seeing my brother swiping his tears from his eyes. I was crying like a child when my aunt came and hugged me...


    * If he's still alive and kicking, there'll be a lot of laughter and joke from him .

    * He taught a lot of things about life and living. He planted a lot of fruit trees and said, "these are for y'all, not for me." I was always denying by saying, "no, u'll be there when these trees fruit."

    * I learned to ride motorbike by banging his motorbike into a wall. He was mad but he said nothing to me. Tomorrow, his bike has been back to normal and he let me to ride on it again.

    * He showed me thumbs up when I first time took my gf home (but he didn't like my brother's ex-gf)

    * During his illness, he was always cried seeing me coming back home. I told him not to cry or I'm not coming. Since then he never cries.

    * During this year's raya, I don't have any idea why he acted abnormally. Normally he'll be sad but this time, he asked to be given more and more food. I was thinking that he do not want to how off his sadness, but it's actually something else.

    May Allah bless him. I just want the whole worl to know that I love my Pak Lang so much and no one could replace him as my Pak Lang.


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