December 31, 2004

World Issue :: Tsunami...

It was panicking, shocking and sorrowful.

It begins with the worst earthquake in the sea for the past 40 years with 9.0 on Richter Scale reading. Depends on the location and place, the earthquake has possibly produced waves that travels along the sea, gaining momentum over the distance and hitting most of the lands or copast facing the the Hindi Ocean.

The quake was sensed at almost the whole peninsular of Malaysia. My brother, who was in seremban, felt dizzy as the world was like shaken for a few minutes. The Window panes in Sogo was cracked. In Kelantan, people get off their building as the shakening was too obvious.

Acheh, the nearest place to the earthquake. was getting the largest impact of the earthquake. Land connecting routes and road were totally destroyed. All sort of communication were a total disablement.

For 5 minutes of quake, it's not an end. A big wave was later come to take lives of living people....

The sea that carries the waves resulting from the eartquake was like being lifted upside down. Seawaves coming out of nowhere, swallowing every single thing foudn at the beach/coastal area. Worse, it colonized the land and took as many victims as possible......




Leaving nothing behind. Thousand of solns were taken. Up to today's paper, almost 18k of people were found dead. In Sri Lanka, the waves reaches almost 10 km towards the land. The wave even reached Penang and Langkawi. Opps, and I haven't mentioned about India, Somalia, Phuket.

The latest quake happened in Andaman Islands.


As I myself hardly recalling, I remembered not a tale story but true, within the era of Prophets of Allah were still exist on the earth.

It's about people who were not so thankful to God for thing He granted to people living on the earth. The prophet has alarmed his people thanking the God for whatever things He granted but people take it too for granted.

God promised good things for good deeds and of course instead. So, the people there were given with more food, more income so that people would be thankful. Anyway, people were getting too rich for such thing and they've forgotten that everything does copme from the God.

(concentrate from this point)

Fishermen were getting more and more fish from the sea. Then there were time where fishes even come to the land and people would easily take and get them. But, as they were having fun catching all the fish surrenderring to them, something happened and all died (as it was not clearly mentioned what was happening but, it can be summarised as all the people die)

(Get the point and relate it with what I'm trying to say)


The people around the world should be more educated on knowing the signs of quakes or such wave.

  • A few days before, fishermen were getting more fish than usual.
  • All the animals in the Sri Lankan Zoo were found missing from their places, just before the waves hit 'em.
  • The waves had pushed the fish towards the beaches and people were catching 'em (just like in the story) before they were taken with the wave in to the sea.


    People were talking about God's punishment to human

    I would understand this. Relate it to the story. But why Acheh?


    Call for volunteers

    The world is calling for volunteers. The govt. servant of Malaysia will be given off record leave for being the volunteers.


    Stop all the New Year Celebrations

    And the people asked for the money to be reverted, to be used to help the victim of Tsunamis.


    The increment of the found dead bodies...

    As the helping hands are now trying to reach the West Coast of Sumatera which is not yet being reached by any Emergency Troops.


    In the world's havoc of the tsunami, Ye-Yann cremation was peacefully completed on Tuesday. Rosli was there, as a respect to a best friend, colleague and everything. I wasn't able to reach KL on time as I was busy handling new things in JB.

    I reached KL on Wednesday, took Rosli to Mid Valley and we started to talk heart to heart abt what were we losing and missing. It's all about YeYann, and how the jealous-ful wife of him has now understand why he'd become so close to YeYann. I cried. He cried too.

    As we completed packing Yann's thing in the office, to Taman Desa we headed and met her sister, YeShin. She was so thankful to us, the best friend, colleague and supporters of YeYann while she was still alive. I sent him back to the office and went to see Ieda in Jalan Duta to discuss on a few things with her Mom, and on my way back to Seremban, I dropped by Beranang and had my long chat with Rosie as I won't be able to attend his Bro's wedding this Sunday.

    For sure, I'll miss talking to her, and I am now.

    So back in JB, doing nothing, I'm preparing to help my Father for his Family Day.

    In JB now, I miss people in KL a lot....!
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