December 22, 2004

Jalan-jalan, cari makan...

Yeah.. last nite.. I was dragged to a chat with a girl named maisarah, out of nowhere. She rocks!

Then I went to Uptown, with hemsem, rosli and rota. We were looking for this one outlet, lot 1051, then we found..

.: Nana's Kitchen :.

Location :: Lot 1051, Uptown Damansara, KL

Items :: Porridge with variants of ingredients. Fish porridge, chicken porridge, beef porridge (haha.. i was about to type meat porridge).

Specialty :: Fish porridge, and later on, she's gonna serve Seafood Porridge. Last but not least, the most special thing about it is the pretty Marina :p.

In Future :: She's gonna have chicken wings.. and a lot more.

Recommendation :: Come come come.. cheap cheap cheap.. hahaha.. Go for fish porridge..

Rating :: 3.5 stars and will be increased.


You know what? I think she purposely put more pepper inside my porridge to sabotage me.. haha.. And it was too hot i burnt my tongue.. hahaha... purposely huh..

She would be serving more items. It's a complimentable attempt to do biz. I salute her for that. I wish she'll be doing fine with all the things she's doing now. I know she can make it. She's willing to learn for anything that would help her..

She rocks! All the best...

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