December 23, 2004

Ain't it pain......

This is not easy for me. I was always been thinking that getting into a new place would be always alright and full of fun. Well, back then, I knew that I'd be leaving all the best thing i have in KL.

When it come to friends, I will always had Hemsem in my mind. Then my best buddy Romdzi and Wira is next. When I need an ear, Farok will always lend me his ears. And there were Taiko and Lego to share laugh and pain.. And Eric happened to be my best accompany.

Hemsem, the kewlest person i've ever met. I just realized that he was always there, by my side whatever, whenever bad things happened to me. He took a very good care of me when i was hospitalized back then. He and some other friends stayed back in the hospital. We slept altogether in the hospital. I was like a child, asking for this and that, Hemsem, Wira and Romdzi is always there for me. His ears were just like mine, I can have it whenever I need it.

I remembered there was once both of us, for nothing was sitting on a rotting wood at the Klebang Beach, talking and most of the time in silence, replacing the cigarettes after another. I was the one who asked him to accompany me that night. He just went with me even though I know he had a lot of other things to do.

I'd been working with him in Amstek for about a year. He had been so patience for all the circumstances we've been facing, i backed off as I've other important things to go for. As usual, he will always light his cigarette and just be kewl, anything happens.

Wira is always a gadget and network person. Everytime I'm in USJ, he'll do things with his laptop. He is very helpful. SO I would say, I would do anything for him, just say it. When he's gonna get married, I'm so happy for him but I know he won't be available as much as we normally have before this. And I would say, he was there too when I face the worst incident in my life, he was there, saw it and till now he understands what's going on with me. Not everyone can understand my very self.

One special thing about Romdzi is that he shared birthday with me. Exactly the same day, same year. A straight forward person, very kind and he was there too, witnessing and sharing every hardship I'd ever been too. I would not forgive myself if anything bad ever happened to him. I wish, his wife will get pregnant soon. That is all his wish as I can understand. As we've been to karaoke, even though he's happy, I can feel it that he's hoping for this one thing. I know.. I know..

Taiko and Lego was my housemate back then. We share laughs, hardships and even we used to shared a pack of Maggi mee. It ain't easy when life were so hard upon us. Taiko cried seeing me laying in the hospital, I was so touched how did my friend so in love and care about me. There was once, Eric was with me all the time and he was there crying there like a child, regretting the cause of my accident. Where else in the world I'm gonna get friends like this? Lego always helped me in my exams, studies. I'm not the studying type so I just need a friend to feed me with all this. Lego is the person.

When I first entered the English course in Seremban, I only knoe this one guy named Farok. Started with nice conversation, and later knowing that he's smoking too, and we became buddies. We stayed nearby, even being a roommate. Like a couple, sometimes we do fight and quarrelling, but we know we just care for each other. He is nothing but a kind and brilliant person, well, who loves to play sojourn.

Those are only true friends I have. Even though, of course I do know a lot of people, I dare to ask anything just from these people. Not to anyone else. I know they won't let me down.

But being for a year with a very nice boss, Rosli, has been the best working moment in my life. Some people would say good friends cannot work together. It seems to be quite wrong for me as I developed friendship and fellowship with Rosli through things we do in the office and outside of the office.

Ye-Yann who is now in the depression mode, seems to be so happy and excited, playing with my little hairs on my head as seeing me coming over the office. I don't know about my boss. He seems to be okay. All he was talking about is to make a move from the current thing he is doing to another thing in Singapore or Indonesia. But I just don't understand, I just can't help it... I was off the place with sadness, which I myself would not understand.

These people are just like family to me. As I always do, any bad thing happened, I will always get back to my family. U know I'm always need to be pampered person. So in KL, I will always get back to these friends of mine, They are just like my family. Even all my family members know them very well.

Off KL, with all the sweat and tears I have, I pray and wish our fellowship remain strong.

I will miss u people a lot.

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